December 13, 1999

Event: Pillage & Plunder Cruise


The inaugural Pillage & Plunder Cruise set sail from Port Manatee, Florida, on Thursday, December 9, 1999, for a four-day whirlwind of porn-related events. Benefiting Pride Tampa Bay, the trip brought together more than 600 gay cruisers from 26 states and such porn superstars as Cole Tucker, Ray Harley, Steve Rambo, Tuck Johnson and many others, some of whom filmed the upcoming Catalina release Voyager onboard.

On Friday, the Regal Empress ship docked in Key West, Florida, for a full day of events, including a happy hour at the Bourbon Street Pub hosted by porn director Chi Chi LaRue. Newcomers Gordon Gage and Caesar performed alongside such porn veterans as Mark Mason, Tucker and Rambo. There were also video giveaways and lap-dancing rooms where patrons making a contribution to Pride Tampa Bay could enjoy a private moment with their favorite porn star. At the Meet the Stars Reception at the Holiday Inn La Concha, LaRue and her porn posse signed autographs and mingled with fans and locals while taking in amazing views of Key West from the rooftop lounge. Later, Pornapalooza by the Sea, a dance party with DJ Abel at the turntables, was held at Conch Republic Seafood Company. This was followed by the Lock-Down Party, a clothing-optional event held at One Saloon, where Catalina’s Tom Walker spun for a hot and horny crowd.

Director Josh Eliot filmed scenes for Voyager on the upper level of the ship on Saturday as curious passengers looked on. Although certain sequences were shot on closed sets, passersby were treated to the sight of new Latin sensation Enrico Vega getting busy with Mike Radcliffe. Other scenes featured Johnson topping Rambo and Caesar plowing Harley.

All of which led up to Saturday night’s main event, a no-holds-barred live sex show featuring Matthew Anders and boyfriend Chris Michaels, Paul Morgan (delivering one of his world-renowned money shots), Johnson, Tucker, Radcliffe and Gage, who performed for an appreciative standing-room-only crowd. Following the anything-goes stage show, the stars signed autographs and DJ Rick Mitchell spun the happy cruisers into the wee hours.

Other highlights of the trip included a silent auction—in which passengers bid for dinner with their favorite Catalina star—and performances by singer Mona Q and drag stars Jackie Beat, Honey West and Joey Brooks. There was also an underwear party and a toga party onboard, plus a model search sponsored by Allboy magazine, which was won by Illinois native Gordon Gage.

“We were ecstatic at the response to our first cruise,” said Pride Tampa Bay president Donald Bentz. “Everyone had a great time, and the porn stars were all very cooperative and did a fantastic job.”

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (1999)

December 11, 1999

On the Set Report: Voyager


Saturday, December 11, 1999
The setting couldn’t be more perfect—clear blue skies, fresh sea air, the aqua-green waters of the Caribbean and a ship full of porn stars. It’s all aboard for the inaugural Pillage & Plunder Cruise to benefit Pride Tampa Bay, and more than 650 gay cruisers from 25 states are spending four fun-filled days sailing to Key West, Florida. But as the passengers are enjoying all the amenities of the ship (which include a pool deck, casino and three dance floors), members of the film crew from Catalina Video are hard at work, preparing to shoot scenes for the upcoming release Voyager. After some filming in Los Angeles and Vermont, director Josh Eliot and his technicians are now ready to shoot the core of the movie (the sex scenes), and they are expecting to do it all in one day aboard the Regal Empress cruise ship. Today is the day.

11:30 A.M.
Arriving on the set, the crew begins setting up the lights and getting their equipment in order for the first scene. An unexpected power surge renders one of the two video cameras unusable, so Eliot will have to work at a disadvantage. He lights up the first of many cigarettes and surveys two video monitors and two tape decks; one of each will now remain blank. As the models begin showing up, makeup artist Bradley Picklesimer ushers Catalina superstar Steve Rambo to a chair and starts fiddling with his hair. Latin newcomer Enrico Vega doffs his swimsuit and begins posing provocatively for Catalina still photographer Jeff Burton.

“Most of these guys are so gorgeous, they don’t need makeup,” Picklesimer says, only half-joking. The veteran makeup artist and drag star, who has been working on porn sets for about five years, explains that he applies mostly face makeup, although sometimes body makeup is needed to cover up problems like sunburn or blemishes. Because the scenes being filmed today are mostly being shot outdoors, Picklesimer says that the makeup he’s applying is more natural, unlike the style he would use for a box-cover shoot. As he finishes off Rambo, Picklesimer beckons Mike Radcliffe into the makeup chair and asks in a bright, sunny voice, “Any special cuts or bruises I need to know about, hon?”

As Burton shoots Rambo and Catalina superbottom Ray Harley in an embrace nearby, Eliot sips coffee and explains the plot of Voyager. Basically, he says, it about a group of men on a cruise. “It’s like a sexual infomercial,” he laughs. “Tuck Johnson plays a stowaway. He comes onboard and is hiding out.…” Eliot is interrupted by a crew member to deal with a lighting problem. It seems that there are not enough electrical outlets to accommodate all the equipment. Eliot tells me that the movie is being shot with a chip camera, which is a broadcast-quality video camera that makes it easier to light. “You could shoot by candlelight,” he says. They are using natural sunlight for some scenes, but additional lights are needed to fill in, and these instruments have to be plugged in somewhere. Eventually, some long extension cords running to Eliot’s suite two decks below do the trick, and the problem is solved—for now. “God forbid we blow a fuse, though,” Eliot says with a worried expression.

12:30 P.M. After much preparation, it is time for the first shot of the day. As the other cast members joke good-naturedly with one another, Vega prepares to get sucked off by Mike Radcliffe. As he leans against a railing, Radcliffe falls to his knees and waits to hear the call for action. When it comes, the camera zooms in and Radcliffe goes to town. Eliot wears headphones and stares intently at the monitors. He cues the production assistant, who cues Ray Harley to enter the scene. Both men suck Vega’s uncut cock. Eliot directs through a mic on the headset as he watches the action. Videographer Mark Jensen, who also wears a headset, is directed to remove the camera from the tripod. As the scene progresses, Eliot suddenly exclaims, “Shit, we lost power!” The action stops and the technicians go to check on a blown fuse. Thirty feet away, onlookers peer over a rail with great curiosity. In a few minutes the problem is fixed, and shooting is resumed.

Now Jensen climbs over the railing with camera in hand and gets an over-the-shoulder shot of the blowjob. As the models once again focus on their work, the batteries in Eliot’s headset go dead. After a brief delay, Picklesimer is dispatched to get some new ones, then it’s back to work. “Keep kissing, you guys,” Eliot tells the models. “Okay, pan down to the sucking,” he tells Jensen. “Get the cock and the kissing, then go back up the railing.” The shots on the monitor reflect Eliot’s instructions.
“Now, zoom into the cocksucking,” Eliot commands. “Ray, go down. Mike, work on the balls.” The models follow directions. Photographer Burton climbs up onto the top deck to get some action shots from above. After a few more minutes, the filming stops and the lighting is adjusted. Because there is only one camera being used, it is repositioned during the break. About 40 minutes later, the blowjob scene is wrapped, and the crew is ready to move on to the next setup.

1:20 P.M.
It is now time for Steve Rambo’s first scene with Tuck Johnson. The lights and camera have been moved to a more private location, between a passageway entry. Passengers are still milling around hoping to catch a glimpse of some porn-star sex. Production supervisor Brad Austin opens two large doors, which manage to obscure much of the view. His main concern is to give the models as much privacy as possible.

As Rambo leans against the wall, Johnson begins jerking off. Eliot is back at the monitors and puffing on another cigarette. “Okay, Steve, on your knees,” he says. As the scene begins, an electrical plug falls out of its socket. “Fuck!” Eliot shouts. They stop shooting. “It’s the evil sea witch,” he jokes. When the plug is reinserted, Eliot calls out, “Action! Okay, snap it with your mouth, Steve. ECU [extreme close-up] of that.” Rambo and Johnson lock hands as Rambo sucks Johnson’s cock and Johnson throws back his head. The videographer moves in with a lighting guy in tow. He aims the light as Jensen zooms in on the blowjob.

From the sidelines, buffed blond Caesar sports a hard-on as he watches, ready for action. After several minutes, Eliot cues him to join in. Caesar enters the scene and begins jerking off as the blowjob continues. “Go to a wide shot,” Eliot tells Jensen. Caesar and Johnson begin kissing as Rambo sucks off both of them. “Steve, five strokes on each cock then go back to the other,” Eliot says. Rambo does as he is told. “Rub the heads around each other. And keep your shoulders back!” Next, Johnson is directed to suck Caesar. He does so, and this goes on for many minutes. After capturing Rambo’s oral handiwork, the camera moves in for close-ups of each model’s face. Both Caesar and Johnson simulate the blowjob from the neck up, re-creating every bit of pleasure on their faces.

2:20 P.M.
The crew snacks on pizza brought in from the ever-present cruise-ship buffet. Picklesimer touches up Caesar’s makeup and admonishes Johnson, who keeps licking his dry lips. On the set, Ray Harley is positioned on some boxes for the upcoming scene in which he will be topped by Caesar. Harley prepares by lubing his ass, and Caesar places a condom on his still-erect penis. When all is ready, Eliot calls for action and requests a close-up of the fucking. “Rub your hands on his cheeks, Caesar,” Eliot says. Picklesimer stands off to the side, patiently waiting with more condoms and lube at the ready. “Besides makeup, I’m the condoms-and-lube girl, too,” he whispers with a smile.

4:10 P.M.
Nearly four hours after their blowjob scene this morning, Enrico Vega and Mike Radcliffe are about to shoot their fuck scene. Radcliffe is positioned by a railing and Vega is behind him. Vega is hard and wearing a condom, all set to go. When the scene begins, he enters Radcliffe and begins thrusting. The camera moves in and captures the fucking. After a while, Vega pulls off the condom and simulates orgasm with his facial expression. The guys switch positions and Vega shoots for real. As he orgasms, the spectators break into spontaneous applause. Their hours of standing in the hot sun have been rewarded. Vega appears surprised that he has had an audience the whole time, but he makes the best of it and bows for the passengers. Radcliffe is positioned on a towel for his cum shot, and Jensen moves in with a handheld camera. This takes another 15 minutes or so, before Radcliffe shoots. He is handed a towel, and the crew moves on.

4:45 P.M.
It is time for the final scene of the day. Everyone seems to be moving in fast motion because Eliot is worried that they are losing light. Due to the late hour, he decides that the last sequence will be shot in the boiler room of the ship. Although it is very hot inside, it will afford the models, Rambo and Johnson, more privacy, and it can be lit artificially so the crew won’t have to worry about the fading sunlight. Johnson will be topping Rambo in the scene, and both move into place. The action begins. Eliot hovers over the monitors. As Johnson enters and fucks Rambo, Eliot whispers, “Look at Tuck. He’s trembling! Now that’s good acting.”

The scene proceeds smoothly and quite quickly. The guys switch to another position, and the camera moves in for close-ups. Eventually, both orgasm. It is almost 6 P.M. when Eliot announces, “That’s it. That’s a wrap.” Everyone applauds, but there is no time to linger. The models gather their belongings and retreat to their cabins to rest for tonight’s live sex show, and the crew begins packing up their equipment. But Eliot’s work is far from done. When he returns to L.A. he will begin the process of editing the film, adding music and doing the post-production work that will make Voyager presentable to all the porn fans back on dry land.

Reprinted from
Manshots magazine (2000)

Porn Star Interview: Matthew Anders


Matthew Anders is looking scruffy, sporting stubble and walking around his cabin in bare feet. The blond bottom from Warsaw, Poland, is one of the featured performers aboard the inaugural Pillage & Plunder Cruise to Key West, Florida, and tonight is the no-holds-barred live sex show that many of the passengers have been waiting for. At age 27, Anders has gone from appearing in softcore features for Pride Video to starring in Falcon productions such as High Tide. Recently, he has taken to performing exclusively with his boyfriend, Chris Michaels. The duo, who sport matching tattoos, has appeared together in The Cream Team and Daddy Please. As Michaels chats with friends in the other room, Anders sips water and talks about his adventures in porn. It is December 11, 1999.

How did you get started in the porn industry?
It all began in 1995 when I moved to London. I was living in Canada.
But you are from Poland.
Yes, I moved to Canada when I was 15. My parents moved there.
What was it like growing up there?
It was great. I love Canada. But in 1995, I moved to London for two years and I saw an advertisement in Gay Times, which is a gay magazine there. They were looking for models, and I sent my snapshot and they liked it. And I did a layout.
It was nude modeling?
Yeah, I did a layout for the magazine, then I started getting phone calls.
How did you feel about posing nude?
Weird. Just because I had never done it before. I had to ask the photographer to leave the room every two seconds—especially when he needed the hard-on shot.
Did you feel secure in your looks?
No, I think I look better now, but some people like the little-boy look. And that is what I looked like.
How old were you?
I was 22, but I looked 18.
Did you like that first layout?
I didn’t, but everyone else did.
And from that you got other offers?
Yes, for regular modeling and movies and nudes.
So, what made you decide to go the porn route?
Actually, I did a little bit of everything, but the main reason I stayed with the gay porn was because it was a new experience. And it was weird, but I just loved showing my body naked. That’s the truth. But I am probably more shy now than I was before.
Do you enjoy it?
I just love looking at naked models, especially myself. I hope that doesn’t sound too conceited. (Laughs)
Growing up, were you attractive?
I was okay. I wasn’t on the top-10 list, but I looked good. My mother would always dress me up. She was a seamstress. I took care of myself. I think that is when I started coming out of the closet.
Does your family know you’re gay?
Yes, they do.
And how do they deal with that?
I never really told them. It just happened on its own. There is no problem. They love me whether I fuck ass or I fuck pussy.
How old were you?
About 16, I guess. That is when I started going to gay clubs in Canada.
When was the first time you were with a guy?
When I was 17.
Had you been with women?
Yes, and I still can find women beautiful and sexy, but that is not what I want. I am definitely gay. I made that choice many years ago.
Did you jerk off a lot when you were younger?
I used to beat off a lot when I was younger and single, but now that I have my boyfriend, I don’t have to jerk off anymore. We fuck like bunny rabbits all the time.
What was your experience with porn growing up?
I saw some magazines when I was 12.
And what did you think?
It was kind of interesting. It was men and women. Then, in Poland, because of religion, homosexuality was banned completely.
Did you ever think you would do it?
No. If you were to tell me six years ago that I would be working for Falcon or Catalina, I wouldn’t believe it. I used to watch guys in porn movies, then all of a sudden you are friends with them. It changes the whole thing.
So, what was the first movie?
The first one I ever did was for Pride Video and [director] Mike Esser. I did three or four for him. Then some for Euro Boy, Fowler Press. It seemed so easy. Everything was basically faked, except for kissing. All they needed was nudity. Then I went back to Canada from Britain and sent my pictures to Falcon. Then I did High Tide for Falcon Studios in ’97. And they put me as a main star; it was kind of scary.
Because I don’t sleep around, and I was always very picky about who I would be doing anything with. And having anal sex for me is very personal. So going and doing a movie and not having anal sex for a year and then being fucked by three guys, one after another with nine-inch cocks, wasn’t easy.
Who were the guys?
Mike Branson, Sebastian Cruz and someone else. It was scary and different. And the crew was so big. I was, like, Oh, my God, I have an audience. I had never experienced that. I am a very private person. No one knew anything about me. No one knows who I sleep with. No one knew if I was a top or a bottom, then all of a sudden, I am having sex with three guys in front of 12 people!
Did Falcon sign you up as an exclusive?
No, I didn’t want to. But I did three movies for them. I wanted to work with other video companies, too.
Do you have a favorite movie that you’ve done?
I think High Tide is one of the best. I love Soaked, which Chi Chi LaRue directed. Nice-looking men, clean-cut, good energy in the scene.
Do you have a type?
I like guys with brown eyes, dark hair. My boyfriend, Chris, has everything I like in a man. That is my perfect type.
Any favorite scene or partner?
It’s hard to say one. I don’t get to pick my partners. I would say 97 percent of the guys are not my type. I did a scene with Mike Henson in California Kings, but there were no sparks flying. It was work.
When were the sparks flying?
I have fun with most of the guys. I would say the scenes in High Tide and Soaked. I liked the cast. I give the credit to Falcon Studios. (Laughs)
Any truth to the rumors that you and Tom Chase did not get along on High Tide?
Everything is a rumor! (Laughs) I got along with Tom very well. It was fun working with him, and he is a unique person, in every way and size.
Was doing porn a premeditated career choice for you?
No, I was just doing it for fun. There was no particular reason I got into it. I just wanted to experience it. I liked the money, too. Of course, after doing the Falcon movie, I never got an agent. I am an agent for myself. I can promote myself very well. I sent out my photos to all the video companies, and they all responded. The second movie I did was Catalinaville, then I worked for All Worlds and other smaller companies. Then it became a career because I was doing one movie a week. It was great. I didn’t have to do a regular job. I never went into escorting or massage.
What did your family know at this point?
They knew I did movies, but they will never see them. I don’t keep secrets from my family. We are very open.
How did you feel about watching yourself?
Embarrassed. I’ve watched a couple, just out of curiosity. I like seeing myself naked, but I can’t get off to myself. I’d rather rent a movie with someone else.
How did you meet your boyfriend, Chris Michaels?
I met Chris at a gay club in West Hollywood.
Was he in the business?
Did he know who you were?
No, he didn’t find out until a week or two later.
And then you started dating?
We started dating heavily, then three weeks after that we moved in with each other.
When was that?
We’ve been together two and a half years.
When did he get into the porn industry?
About a year after we met. We’ve done about five movies together.
And how was that?
Very good. Very comfortable. We are very hot for each other, so there are no limp dicks. (Laughs)
Did you have any reservations about getting him involved?
I was in control. I already knew the whole business, so he wouldn’t do anything stupid. I prepared him for it. After a while, we decided we were only going to do scenes together—to protect ourselves against diseases.
So, you guys are monogamous?
In every way.
So, you wouldn’t work with anyone else?
That’s out of the question.
No threeways?
No, I don’t think that would work.
How do people in the industry react to that?
I am not desperate for money. We both have good jobs. We have a nice condo. I don’t really worry if people will hire me with him or not. It’s just extra money.
With barebacking films such a controversial topic in the business these days, I wonder whether you and Chris would ever consider doing a bareback scene.
I don’t like the idea of barebacking. I am against having unprotected sex, and I know we would never do it in front of the camera or off.
What do you guys do for work?
Chris has his own business, and I am a hairstylist. I work in a salon in Orange County, California. That is my main source of income. I think people can only see so many scenes of the same people, but I think people like me and they like him, and it’s hot seeing two lovers having great sex in front of the camera. I think the movies with him sell well.
What are your plans for the future?
I don’t know. Eventually, Matthew Anders will leave the building. (Laughs) Eventually, I will leave. It’s a natural progression. I think people have seen enough of me and my boyfriend, and you can only do so much. I want people to remember me the way I look now, not how I will look 10 years from now. I’m not interested in aging in front of the camera. I want them to keep that image.
And what is that image?
Down-to-earth, regular Joe. I’m not conceited. I don’t think much of myself. I am very critical of myself as well. It’s up to my friends and fans how they see me. I see myself as normal. I carry myself well, but other than that…
Do you enjoy touring and performing live?
I love going to different places and performing. It’s a bigger high than doing movies. The fans know all the movies and what I did in each. People are very generous and nice.
What has been your experience with fans?
They love me. (Laughs) And they put me on a pedestal, but I must tell you, once you get off that stage, you’re on the same level as everyone else. And that’s fine with me.

Previously unpublished (1999)

December 10, 1999

Porn Star Interview: Tuck Johnson


Tuck Johnson is sitting on the top deck of the Regal Empress cruise ship taking in a stunning view of the sea. The 26-year-old newcomer is a featured performer on the inaugural Pillage & Plunder Cruise, where he will dance before a live audience and film scenes for the Catalina release Voyager. Settling in for a chat before disembarking to spend the day in Key West, Florida, Johnson looks tanned and comfortable in shorts and a tank top.

How did you end up here as a porn star on a porn cruise?
Well, I came out to L.A. to be an actor and a model.
Where are you from?
I grew up in Thousand Oaks, California, outside L.A. where the clean air is.
And how did you get into movies?
I met this one guy, and we had a business situation where he could use my credit and my car and I could stay at his place for free. I was gonna be an extra, and I thought I could pay my expenses, but I was only getting $40 a day, so I needed money. Extra work doesn’t pay the bills. He was an escort, and he went to Numbers in L.A. And I told him I would go too. And he didn’t know, but I was getting offers and asking for $500. Then I was talking to my sister about getting a job at Paramount as a security guard and getting $13 an hour. And she said, “I babysit the children of someone who works there.” And then it dragged on, getting the application, and then I didn’t get it. The funny thing is I still wonder if I had waited maybe I could have gotten that job instead of doing porn, but it didn’t happen so…I needed money and I looked in Frontiers magazine and I saw Johnny Johnston’s, my agent, ad.
And are you enjoying it?
I don’t mind doing porn, because I try to be very mature, but for my soul it is hard. The sex gets hard.
Are you a religious person?
I’m very spiritual but not religious, if that makes sense. I believe as long as I’m a kind person, it doesn’t matter if I go heaven or not. It doesn’t matter because if God doesn’t want me for being kind, then I don’t want to be there.
So you talked to Johnny Johnston?
I called him up and went down there, and then got pictures and it went from there.
What was the first movie?
Lost Exit. It was directed by Billy Wyatt. I like the end where I mysteriously disappear.
Were you nervous about that first movie?
I was a little nervous at first.
Was it a tough decision to do it or not?
No, because right when I decided to do it, I did it. I had already thought about it.
Did you think about your family?
Well, my parents are divorced. I thought about my mom. She’ll be the last person to know.
Do you identity as gay or straight?
Actually, I’m bi. I don’t like saying that because gay people hate me ’cause I’m part straight and straight people hate me ’cause I’m part gay, but I’m attracted to both. I’m sexually attracted to women, but I want to find love with men. I can get horny with men. I know how to do it. But now with this work, I can get sex, but I’m looking for love. It’s hard with all the stuff about sexually transmitted diseases.
Did you have girlfriends?
I had girlfriends, but that is one of the reasons I like gay people but I hate fags. I put gay people into two categories: the good gay people are the nice people I like hanging out with, and the fags are the ones who only try to use people and are snooty.
And which have you met more of?
I’ve met more faggy people because of this industry. The good gay people are calm and are at their houses. And a lot of gay people, you don’t even know they’re gay because they act normal. They act straight. So, you never know.
Does your family know about your work?
No, not about porn. They think I’m acting and modeling.
Is it hard to keep it a secret?
It is and it isn’t. I’m a good actor.
Tell us about growing up. When did you first discover sex?
I guess I never knew the word “homosexuality.” When I was in fifth grade, there was this blond guy and there was something about him that I was attracted to. The funny thing is, I said something about finding him attractive and all the kids said, “Oh, my God, are you gay?” And then, that was that. The whole subject stopped right there. That was the first thing I remember. It’s hard to remember how I felt. I found him attractive. There were girls I was attracted to too.
When did you first have sex?
When I was 15, there was a girl I was friends with. We talked about sex and just did it.
What about with guys?
I thought about guys, but being gay is hard.
Because it’s not really a normal thing. You can’t really have friends. You never know if they want to be friends or just want your body. I’d love to be friends with everyone, but if I don’t want to have sex, then they get mad.
What was your first clue that you might like guys?
There was a newsstand that came to Thousand Oaks, and they had gay magazines out in the open. I looked at one and that made me think more about guys. And then I went to a club with a friend in West Hollywood. She didn’t know I liked guys. Then I saw the magazine, and it all came together. I was open to it.
Did you jerk off a lot as a kid?
When I was 20, I’d be in the library jerking off. In the restroom. (Laughs)
Did you watch a lot of porn?
I didn’t do anything gay until I was 23 years old. The first porno, I don’t remember. I did jack off to those magazines with guys when I was 20.
So how did you meet the first guy you were with?
I went to Micky’s or Rage in West Hollywood and a guy came up to me, and I had a friend and we went to his place and had a threeway. That was the first time. He was teaching me to suck dick.
How did you like it?
It was kind of weird. And he told me not to use my teeth. I was mostly scared. Unless I get horny or make myself horny, I still get nervous and shake when I’m with a guy. I don’t always enjoy it. In magazines, handsome guys turn me on, but I get nervous. That’s why I’m looking for love.
Have you had any relationships?
I’ve never had a boyfriend, I guess because I’m looking for the perfect guy.
And what is the perfect guy?
Someone who has a kind heart and is normal. Someone who doesn’t take drugs. I don’t smoke, drink or take drugs. I don’t even drink coffee. I believe health is beauty. I’m very life conscious. Don’t buy me flowers! (Laughs)
Have you had more sex onscreen than off?
Yes. I’m trying to find a guy that I’m in love with and attracted to.
So, how many movies have you done?
About 10, I think.
Any favorites?
Lost Exit. Actually, that is the only one I’ve seen. I like that I mysteriously disappear, because that is the type of person I try to be. I see all the evil in the world, and I try to do something better. I try to be a next-generation person.
Any favorite people you’ve worked with?
I like [director] Jim Steel because he’s been really nice to me.
Do you have a specific type of guy that you like?
I like the pure look, not all the muscle and such.
Are you a top or a bottom?
I prefer being a top because people usually don’t know how to fuck. (Laughs) So I’d rather top.
Do you ever watch your own movies?
I don’t really. I do watch porn, but not me. I do it to see myself better.
Is there anything special you’d like to do onscreen?
I’d like to realistically experience something that happened. I like college jocks. That is the kind of guy I want to fall in love with. And if I could have sex with a straight guy in a football uniform or in his truck, that would turn me on.
How would you define your image?
Very athletic. Very strong. Like that image from Lost Exit—that I am strong, but I am also mysterious.
What do you see for the future? Will you stay in the industry?
My plan is to do this and make as much money as possible. I want to go to school and become a mechanical engineer. And because of how I feel about sex, it’s not really a job I can tell my mom about, so it’s probably not something I can stay with.
Do you ever think about the repercussions of doing porn?
I don’t think I’ll have a problem with that, except if I want to be an actor or a model, which I would love to do—more of a model because I like those kind of people. I’m afraid that some news jerk might tell everyone I was in porn and ruin it. I don’t care if people know, but I don’t want someone telling everyone and hurting me.
How do you feel knowing that people are jerking off to your image?
I don’t really have a problem with it. It’s just a job. I go there and try to do my job better and hopefully get a raise. It doesn’t phase me. I guess the only problem with the porn industry is if I am looking for love and [my potential lover] is not in the porn industry and what he thinks of that. That’s what I really want. I want to fall in love and wake up in the morning and look in his eyes and say, “I love you.”

Reprinted from Manshots magazine (2000)