November 29, 2007

Movie Review: California Creamin’


Director: Landon.
Cast: Dempsy Sterns, Keegan Kox, Ash Thomas, Ty Biggs, Brennan Krupp, Dorian Randall, Gaige Paxton, Brady Hunt, Justyn Jay.

Boyride Films returns with California Creamin’, a top-notch movie with models and situations so real that viewers will feel as if they’re watching cinema verité. In four scenes, a bevy of skate and surf punks interact in their natural habitats. Dempsy Sterns and Keegan Kox are just two average guys hanging out in a seedy hotel. They listen to their earphones and read skater magazines, but when their unexpected passion erupts in a steamy shower, the audience feels like a very horny fly on the wall. The twinks kiss and paw each other, smacking their rock-hard cocks together. Eventually they move to a bed where they 69 and fuck. Their almost adolescent cuddling tops off a nearly perfect scenario. Next, Ash Thomas is nonchalantly jacking on his couch when friends Ty Biggs and Brennan Krupp burst in and catch him. They all end up watching a porno, but when Ty and Brennan get carried away with their mutual cock-sucking, Ash reminds them, “Dudes, you know I’m not into that shit!” Luckily it doesn’t stop him or them from pumping out major loads. Dorian Randall (also featured in a DVD extra solo) and Gaige Paxton are drinking buds who let things go to far. Their encounter feels very believable as the tattooed duo experiment with oral and even dildos. The final flip-flop scene doesn’t compare to the others (Brady Hunt looks a bit long in the tooth for his board), but no matter, California Creamin’ offers excellent picture quality along with authentic amateurs who will make you wish you lived near a beach. (Boyride Films)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

November 28, 2007

New Release: Hunger

Black Scorpion Entertainment debuts the first in its trio of fall releases: Hunger, an homage to fine dining and sexual fantasies—a film that serves up enough steamy action to satisfy even the most voracious appetite.

Shot entirely on location in New York City, Hunger takes viewers on a culinary thrill ride that explores the magical, sexual mystery of what happens when fine food and sexual desire collide. Not one fine dining image escapes sexual exploration—from waiters and bartenders to sous chefs and luxury-bathroom attendants.

“Let’s face it, fine dining is an aphrodisiac, and the marriage of food and sex is one of the most exquisite pleasures a man can enjoy,” says Black Scorpion executive James Ian. “Black Scorpion is committed to producing the industry’s most sophisticated gay adult films, and Hunger succeeds by bringing life to the underlying erotic nature of fine dining.”

Hunger is Black Scorpion’s third feature, following Dreams of Rafael and Obsession of D.O., and hits the market with a deluxe three-disc package. The first features four sex scenes, including an 11-man finale orgy. The second has exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, guided by Rafael Alencar. And the third is a bonus CD featuring Hunger’s musical collection, composed by Argentine musician Dardo and remixed by Damegoodz.

Starring Rafael Alencar, Black Scorpion exclusive D.O., Greg David, Kyle Lewis, Alexi Chevalier, Rocko, Marco Sanchez, David Handsome, Joe, Jonathan Lowe, Arpad Miklos and C.J. Knight. Directed by Rafael Alencar. For more information, visit

November 27, 2007

November 21, 2007

Exclusive Porn Star Interview: Johnny Castle

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New Release: Just Add Water

What’s the recipe for a wild afternoon orgy of sex? Well, you take 10 great-looking, well-hung, horny young guys (including Jet Set exclusives Nickolay Petrov and Jesse Santana), invite them all to a beautiful house on a hot sunny afternoon, and throw in a pool. Lust will do the rest. As the new Chris Steele film for Jet Set Men explains, Just Add Water.

Starring Nickolay Petrov, Jesse Santana, Andy Kirra, Tyler Saint, Jordan Vaughn, Erik West, Jason White, Mason Wyler, T.J. Young. Directed by Chris Steel. For more information, visit

November 20, 2007

Movie Review: Full Throttle Heat


Director: Andree M. Cruse.
Cast: Tom, John, Marlon, Sven, Pit, Mario, Marko.

A foreign cast and scenic outdoor locations are the highlights of Full Throttle Heat. The cheesy Muzak soundtrack is not. In six average scenes, a young and shaved cast of uncut cuties suck and fuck atop a mountaintop and a motorcycle. There is one solo shower jacker who pops copious cream, but the rest of the scenes are duos and threeways. Static camera work, too-hot lighting and less-than-pristine picture quality mar the production, but it’s the mind-numbing music that will have viewers reaching for the mute button. These guys don’t speak English anyway, so feel free. (Arena Entertainment)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

Sneak Peek: Kane O’Farrell Returns for Buckshot

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November 19, 2007

News: Titan Media Establishes Folsom Fund

Titan Media announced this week that it has donated a total of $25,000 to Folsom Street Events and established the TitanMen/Folsom Fund. Titan Media, parent company of gay adult brands TitanMen, TitanMen Fresh, ManPlay and MSR Video, said that the majority of the $25,000 will go toward establishing the TitanMen/Folsom Fund and the remainder to underwrite the costs of producing Up Your Alley and Folsom Street Fair.

“Titan Media’s sponsorship gives back to our community in two ways,” say Keith Webb, vice president of Titan Media, “the TitanMen/Folsom Fund provides grants directly to organizations focusing on gay men’s health and our fair sponsorship helps keep event costs down, so all of the proceeds from the gates and beverage sales can go directly to local charities.”

The new TitanMen/Folsom Fund will support nonprofit organizations specializing in gay men’s health and education across the nation and will be wholly administered by Folsom Street Events. Folsom Street Events will match this money with additional national grants, so the 2007 national grants program will give out a total of $27,500.

Titan Media has also created a co-branded TitanMen/Folsom line of hardcore leather/fetish films that have been designated the “Exclusive Leather/Fetish Films of the Folsom Street Fair.” A portion of sales from the co-branded DVDs finances the grants. The first film in the series, Folsom Filth, won Best Specialty Film-Extreme at the 2006 GAYVN Awards and was followed by the hugely successful and best-selling films Folsom Leather and FEAR. Due to the overwhelming success of the films, Titan Media was able to exceed its guaranteed minimum contribution of $20,000 by $5,000, for a total contribution of $25,000 to Folsom Street Events for 2007.

“As a leader within the gay adult industry, TitanMen is proud to be one of the largest studio contributors to nonprofit organizations specializing in gay men’s health and education,” says Bruce Cam, founder and CEO of Titan Media. “We have been able to show that protection and profit can go hand-in-hand by producing the best-selling gay adult films in the world while still maintaining a condom only/safer sex policy. The greatest gift we can give back to the community is the portrayal of safer sex and the use of condoms in our films. The value of a single human life is worth more than any amount of money we could ever contribute.”

News: Lucas Unveils Gigolo Trailers

Lucas Entertainment has released both X-rated and R-rated trailers for its new feature Michael Lucas’ Gigolo on and, respectively. The film will be available in stores and at on November 27.

Directed by Michael Lucas and Tony Dimarco—the team that won the Best Director GAYVN this year for Michael Lucas’ La Dolce VitaMichael Lucas’ Gigolo takes place in the dark underground world of a New York City escort. Following the tragic death of his lover, ex-hustler Louis McMann (Michael Lucas) is thrust back into that sordid world in order to survive and gets caught in a web of deceit, lies and murder. The film also stars Lucas exclusives Ray Star, Ben Andrews, Erik Grant and J., as well as Anthony Marks, Arpad Miklos, Zack Randall, Jason Ridge, Jason Sparks, Lars Svenson, Scott Tanner, Jimmy Trips and Kurt Wild.

“This is an epic porn film in the same dramatic vein as Dangerous Liaisons and Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita,” says Lucas Entertainment president and CEO Michael Lucas. “Gigolo is more like a real feature that just so happens to have hot sex in it. The plot is in-depth with much attention to the acting, the videography is beautiful and as always, it is a collective effort of many people, from fashion stylists to interior designers, cameramen to photographers, and models to nonsexual extras.”

To see the X-rated trailer, go to:

For the R-rated trailer, visit:

November 16, 2007

Guy Candy: Fratman Collin

Fratman Collin arrived at the Frat pad with his deep voice, intoxicating smile and sexy hairy chest. The hunk from Tennessee has spent most of his life working on a farm, but we hear that he secretly wants to be a lifeguard on Malibu Beach in sunny California. With those big arms and furry pecs, we’d gladly get swept away if we knew he’d come to the rescue. For more Collin, visit

November 15, 2007

News: Johnny Castle Named Man of the Year

Men Magazine has named porn star Johnny Castle its 2007 Man of the Year. Specialty Publications, the owner of Men, announced that after more than 10,000 votes from readers around the world, Castle has claimed the top spot. “The Man of the Year competition is almost always a photo finish,” says Men editor-in-chief David Kalmansohn. “Our top finalists are some of the sexiest, studliest guys in the world. Still, Johnny seemed to stay just ahead of the pack all the way in. He really gives the readers what they want!”

Castle, who has starred in such films as Sun Soaked and Hustle and Cruise, is also the cover model for Men’s 2008 calendar and was featured on the cover and inside of its March 2007 issue. He succeeds 2006 winner Zeb Atlas.

When reached for comment, Castle said, “I’m in Pennsylvania visiting family for the holidays. I’m still not believing that I won. I called [agent] David [Forest] back three times just in case they had made a mistake. This has really been a great year!”

The 27-year-old model, who also appeared in Playgirl magazine this year, began performing live in gay nightclubs last summer. Next weekend, November 23 and 24, he will do his first Florida shows at Cupids Sports Bar in West Palm Beach.

The January 2008 issue of Men, which features new and exclusive photos of Castle and his four hottest rivals, will hit newsstands December 4, 2007.

November 14, 2007

Movie Review: Mark Meets Zeb: Texas Two-Step


Director: Uncredited.
Cast: Zeb Atlas, Mark Dalton.

Mark Meets Zeb: The Texas Two-Step brings together two of porn’s biggest muscle hunks, so it’s no wonder the film has set sales records, zooming to number one on the TLA top 10 chart last summer and remaining there. And once you get a look at the physical perfection that both Zeb Atlas and Mark Dalton have achieved, you’ll understand why.

From the opening scene, in which the two hotties meet and settle in as roommates, it becomes obvious what will happen next. When Atlas dozes off naked, Dalton can’t help but spy on his big beautiful body. Before you know it, Dalton is jacking out a thick load. The buff buds hit the gym to compare workout techniques. They spot each other, offer encouragement and also slyly check each other out. These gritty black-and-white gym scenes are juxtaposed with a dreamy fantasy in which the studs grope each other in living color. The rubbing of huge muscles and close-ups of well-oiled pecs will make fans sit up and take notice—and if there are any aspiring bodybuilders in the audience, this scene will not only turn you on, it will also give you some great weightlifting tips!

The men hit the shower, where Dalton shows off his stunning six-pack (and some new tattoos) and Zeb displays his enormous biceps. The water fun continues back at home when Mark showers and Zeb returns the favor by spying on him and rubbing one out. In the final scene, the bodybuilders (who both have the cutest Southern accents) finally hunker down to watch a porno and end up jerking side by side on the sofa.

Mark Meets Zeb lots of posing, flexing and preening, some touching and a big dose of sensuality throughout, but actual sex never occurs (which is hard to believe considering the totally fagged-out DVD extra scene in which the guys go shopping, pick out bathing suits for each other and then model them!). Even though this is a disappointment, with the level of hotness and physical beauty going on here, you will barely notice. The great picture quality and classy production values offer a first-class vehicle for these worthy screen studs. And who knows? Maybe next time they’ll get around to sucking. (Zeb Atlas Productions)

November 13, 2007

Seen: Ryan Idol Relaxing After Work

Porn superstar Ryan Idol was spotted posing for fans outside the theater district’s popular Joe Allen Restaurant following a performance of his hit Broadway debut, The Ritz. The Roundabout Theatre’s revival of the show, directed by Joe Mantello, has been extended at Studio 54 through December 9.

November 12, 2007

News: Michael Lucas Rages at Raging Stallion

In a statement released late last week, director Michael Lucas accused Raging Stallion Studios of being the source behind incorrect information that has fueled the trademark and copyright infringement lawsuit against him for his Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita film. “It’s been nearly a year since this baseless, pointless, frivolous lawsuit has been torturing me and my employees,” Lucas writes. “Demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars, my accusers have on numerous occasions claimed that they know that my film made millions of dollars for me, citing a ‘very reliable source,’ that knows the industry from within. I viewed this as mere gossip, but my accusers chose to believe it, despite my repeated offers to let my accusers’ accountants review our books and see the earnings of my films for themselves. Under pressure from my lawyers, the ‘very reliable source’ was revealed. This mysterious ‘source’ that supposedly knows my business so well turns out to be none other than Raging Stallion. The relevant documentation cannot yet be made public. But I knew anyway from other sources that Raging Stallion is inaccurately and maliciously representing that I am making millions of dollars in sales, including foreign sales, and accusing me of illegally duplicating Fellini’s film in China. They are advising the party suing me not to trust me. The list of lies is long.”

In response, Kent Taylor of Raging Stallion released the following statement: “Raging Stallion has never provided any information to any attorneys for the Fellini estate. Raging Stallion has had no contact whatsoever with the Fellini estate or its representatives. Raging Stallion, its partners, and its employees do not even know the name of any attorney for the Fellini estate nor do we know who owns the Fellini estate. We do not know anyone connected in any way with the Fellini estate. We do not know how to contact them, nor do we desire to contact them on this or any other matter. The studio, its representatives, its employees, and its shareholders have never had any contact whatsoever with the Fellini estate on this or on any other matter.”

Lucas countered by saying it was not the Fellini estate that was suing him. “I am being sued by International Media Films,” he wrote, “the company that claims to own the rights to the Fellini film. And that is the company which Raging Stallion had their communication with. A communication that I have. A communication that at this point is attorney-client privileged only. I promise I will make it public as soon as this pointless lawsuit is over. And this lawsuit will be over soon, as the whole mess is heading straight to trial.” Lucas goes on to say, “Enough bullshit, Raging Stallion, you snitches. Your continuous lying to the entire industry is ridiculous and disrespectful, to say the least. Do you think everyone is that stupid?”

In an interview with on Friday, Lucas said that he was “drained” by the whole experience. He stands firm that there was no wrongdoing on his part and that the lawsuit is “frivolous.” He also shared the privileged documents mentioned above (off the record), so we cannot comment until further notice. But trust us, this story is to be continued…

News: COLT 2008 Calendars Released

The manly men of COLT are ready to be there for you on a daily basis in 2008. Just pick up one of six COLT calendars that feature the studs who will make the year ahead unforgettable. Calendars choices include: Hairy-Chested Men, COLT Couple, COLT Men, COLT Cowboy, Bare-Chested Men and COLT Leather. For more information, visit

November 9, 2007

Should Do Porn: James Ellis

James Ellis is a fitness model. Can you tell? He recently appeared on the cover of Exercise for Men Only magazine and has a spread in Men’s Exercise. He has also modeled in runway shows, acted in TV commercials and starred in fitness DVDs. A cross-country runner, James is a graduate of Indiana State University, where he minored in physical education. He discovered bodybuilding there and went on to compete for and win the Mr. Indiana title.

Until recently, James worked as a supervisor for a San Diego parking company. Now he plans to move to Los Angeles to pursue his career. “My goal is to get into the movies,” he says. “I’ve made a lot of networking contacts, and I’ll start with small things and work into the bigger ones.” Bigger is better, James. And about those movies…Should Do Porn!

November 8, 2007

Movie Review: Ride ’Em Rough


Director: Csaba Borbely.
Cast: Dirk Jager, Lucien Dickson, Rod Stevens, Darryl Dominguez, Fernando Mangiatti, Fabrizio Mangiatti, Mad Stefano, Demitri Kazakh, Breno Lopez, Delangiorna.

Director Csaba Borbely is back with his usual assortment of hot foreign men in Ride ’Em Rough. This time, the studs are living and loving on a remote horse ranch, where they bond in the great outdoors. Sexy Rod Stevens shows off his exquisite butt in the opening flip-flop fuck scene. He also wears knee-high rubber boots—as do all the guys—in every scene! But don’t let that distract you from the great bods, intense oral action and anal pounding these models give and take. Of course, there is some convoluted plot involving rivalry at the ranch, but honestly, who can follow when the subtitles are so loosely translated? There is lovely videography, and Borbely has fun composing beautifully symmetrical shots, including scenes featuring the hunky Mangiatti brothers. Letterbox formatting classes up the production, and picture quality is mostly good, although some of the sunny scenes tend to wash out. This is more of the same from Borbely and Pacific Sun, but with a product this solid, viewers will surely want to go along for the Ride. (Pacific Sun Entertainment)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

New Release: In Too Deep

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