November 24, 2003

Movie Review: The Innkeeper: Hotel Italia 2


Director: Lucas Kazan.
Cast: Matthias Vannelli, Sasha Byazrov, Vilem Cage, Max Veneziano, Giorgio Salieri, Eric Flower, Mamo Vallicelli, Paolo Tarantino, Michele Luppo, Matt Van Dorn.

Director Lucas Kazan returns to Italy for a stunning sequel to Hotel Italia. This time around, gorgeous hotel owner Sasha Byazrov has his pick of some equally pretty guests. Filmed entirely on location at a beautiful Italian location, The Innkeeper offers five excellent scenes with an impressive cast. Supercute Matt Van Dorn (on loan from Studio 2000) bottoms nicely for hunky Matthias Vannelli. Beefy Vilem Cage and Max Veneziano get busy on a stairway—sucking, fucking and delivering juicy cum shots (though we could do without the gum-chewing!). Byazrov witnesses some sexy doings at his place, but the one man he desires (Michele Luppo) is oblivious to his charms. (In one hysterical sequence, Byazrov attempts to woo Luppo by doing suggestive things with a log. No wonder he fails to win him with these ridiculous moves!) However, Byazrov eventually entices the man of his dreams, but lucky for us he soon dumps him for Vannelli, which makes for the video’s hottest scene. Vannelli has an amazing physique, and he fucks like a dream. The lovely lighting and expert videography only enhance this dynamic duo. The great picture quality makes Kazan’s already attractive men look even more delectable. We can only hope a third visit to Hotel Italia is in the works. (Lucas Kazan Productions)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2003)