March 25, 2002

Porn Star Interview: Diego Alvarez


Sexy Diego Alvarez lives in two worlds. After working as one of New York City’s premier DJs (aka Carlos Pertuz) for more than a decade, the 36-year-old superstud decided to make the leap into the world of porn. And he is doing it in a big way, filming five movies (including Closed Set and Prowl 3 for MSR Videos and After Shock for Falcon Studios) in the past few months with some of the industry’s top directors. We recently caught up with the Colombian hunk at home, where he took a break from both of his demanding careers.

What made you want to go from being a top DJ to being a top porn star?
Well, I have always been an exhibitionist, so I thought I would just do it more openly.
How does being a superstar DJ compare with being a porn star?
Oh, it’s two completely different worlds, but they are almost the same. Doing porn has given me the opportunity to meet people in a different aspect. Before, it was, “I love your music”; now, it’s more of a sexual vibe, which I like.
Was it a difficult transition to make?
No, I have no problem having sex in front of people. I’m used to it as a DJ, always having people watch me spin, seeing what vibe I’m giving. It’s the same in porn.
When and where did you start DJing?
I started in 1990, and I played in clubs like Roxy, Tunnel, Palladium, Sound Factory Bar, pretty much all the major clubs in New York.
And how did you get into the porn industry?
I was approached at IML [International Mr. Leather] in Chicago last May by [director] Tony Alizzi’s assistant, a guy named Patrick Allen, from MSR Video. I was walking around, checking out the booths, and MSR had a booth. Patrick asked if I would be interested in doing a movie, and I said I would have to think about it, but I knew instantly that I would do it.
How did you feel about having sex in front of the cameras?
Well, I have always videotaped myself at home, so it was fine. It was my own little thing. I destroyed the tapes afterward, so my lovers have nothing to worry about. Besides, I am always the one on the bottom anyway! (laughs)
What appealed to you about doing a movie?
I wanted to do it, the fantasy was there, but it was also a learning experience. Everything I do in life is to find out who I am. I wanted to learn more about the sexual part of putting it all together. In my music, I am very sexual. So by doing it, I wanted to see how I could channel the porn experience and apply it to my music.
And what did you learn?
I accomplished what I wanted to. It is work. I am very much a performer. I learned how much more sexual I can be in front of the camera because I am more in control. In porn, I know the audience is watching me, so I might as well perform, but I’m not performing for them, I’m performing for myself, doing what makes me feel good.
So, what is your favorite thing to do on-screen?
I love kink. I like leather-oriented material. I like spanking. But my favorite thing is to role play.
And what is your favorite role play?
I love to be a soldier boy who will do whatever needs to get done. I love to serve.
Okay, favorite sex act?
I love getting fucked. I love topping as well, but I have to have both to be happy. I am really very versatile, but sometimes I scare men when I try to top them. I am very aggressive.
Will you continue to do both music and porn?
Yes, I want to do both. For me, porn is just another creative outlet, a way for me to express myself. When I get in front of a camera, someone is paying me to do a job, to perform. DJing is a performance too. It’s all work. Porn is a hobby right now. I don’t think it will be a career for me. I have done it more for the experience than anything.

Reprinted from
HX magazine (2002)

March 22, 2002

Event: GAYVN Awards 2002


The porn industry celebrated its own at the fourth-annual GAYVN Awards on Friday, March 22, 2002. The festivities, which were held in an elegant ballroom at the Universal Hilton in Los Angeles, attracted more than 800 glittery porn stars and their fans. So it was only fitting that Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony, a film that celebrates the many looks and styles of porn over the years, swept in several major categories and won writer/director Wash West the night’s top prize.

Host Taylor Negron started the ceremony with a bang, telling jokes (“I hate watching gay porn—it takes time away from fucking guys!”) and performing the night’s only cheesy musical number. And then it was on with the show: Last year’s winner Tony Donovan tied for Best Actor with Zak Spears. Falcon exclusive Matthew Rush took Best Newcomer, and Tuck Johnson “pulled a Christine Lahti,” hanging out in the men’s room when his name was called for Best Solo Performance. Industry veteran Kevin Kramer accepted the Best Supporting Actor award, and New York’s own Michael Lucas won for Vengeance (Best Threesome) and Top to Bottom (Best Ethnic-Themed Video), thanking Chad Hunt and calling him “the best thing to happen to porn this year.” First lady of XXX Sharon Kane received both Best Non-Sex Performance and Best Music awards for the second year in a row. And an overwrought Michael Brandon was named Gay Performer of the Year, making Halle Berry’s acceptance speech at the Oscars look restrained.

But this year’s biggest winner was Wash West’s Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony, the tale of a forever-young porn stud starring Eric Hanson. West joked that it was the one sin in the popular All Worlds Video series that none of the other top-name directors wanted. He also thanked Oscar Wilde, who penned the inspiration for this gay-porn takeoff on The Picture of Dorian Gray. West, who also wrote and co-directed the recent indie hit The Fluffer with partner Richard Glatzer, told us he is working on a new film titled Porn Academy, which will feature Ron Jeremy as the headmaster of a sexy school and Chi Chi LaRue teaching the students how to give head. Sounds educational!

Porn legend Jeff Stryker closed the show by presenting the Best Gay Video award to West. Stryker stunned the audience by dropping the drawers of his Armani pin-striped suit and mooning the audience. He then shouted “Fuck you!” before fumbling with the envelope, eventually handing it over to the bandleader who opened it and read the winner. Stryker also reportedly had the producers sweating it out backstage as he threatened to unveil that special part of himself that has made and kept him a porn superstar.

The two-hour show, which benefited the Adult Industry Medical charity, also featured several special presentations, including the Hall of Fame induction of long-time favorites Jim Bentley (1984’s Best Newcomer!), Chad Johnson and Ken Ryker by director Gino Colbert, who recently completed filming Motel Sex. LaRue, working a wavy-perm hairdo, inducted directors Josh Elliot, John Rutherford, Steven Scarborough and Jim Steel, showing a montage of clips featuring...herself, of course.

But the GayVN Awards weren’t the only party in town. Prior to the show, superagent David Forest held a reception in the Governor’s Suite at the Universal Hilton. Rod Barry was there, celebrating his return to porn following a two-year hiatus with All World’s Bringing Out Brother. Billy Brandt denied rumors that he is retiring following a bottoming scene with Jeremy Jordan in Falcon’s No Way Out. (Guess Brandt is eating his words to Unzipped Monthly, where he claimed that he would only bottom in his final film.) Hot new columnist Jason Sechrest of sported a sexy Gothic look, and Billy Masters of revealed that his first play, Hollywood Uncovered, will play New York for Gay Pride.

On Thursday night, Will Clark hosted a special edition of his weekly Cocktails With the Stars night at Micky’s featuring Falcon stars. There, director Drew Warner chatted about his new Inside Porn magazine, which is due out in May, and Hans Ebson hinted that he might be leaving the industry. Immediately following, invited guests headed over to the ritzy Park Plaza Hotel for Falcon Studios 30th-anniversary party, where there was food, open bar, gift bags and Lady Bunny DJing. A huge cake was wheeled out at midnight, and Falcon head Rutherford blew out the candles with the help of LaRue and many of Falcon’s top stars. Among them: Derek Cameron, who was just back from a European promotional tour for Falcon. Jackson Price, who has moved to Palm Springs and is working as director of casting for a new video company. And Jeremy Penn, who has resurfaced and is back with Falcon. Also seen: Bruce Vilanch, taking a break from his Oscar writing duties; Enrico Vega; Billy Herrington; Jack Simmons; Addison Scott; Blake Harper and Colton Ford; Jason Branch and Steve Ross; Lance Gear and Peter Raeg; Chad Donovan and Antonio Madiera; Jeff Palmer; Tom Chase; Jeremy Tucker; RuPaul; Blue Blake; Nino Bacci; Caesar; Tom Katt; a once-again buff Ryan Idol, who has been training with Katt; Sam Dixon; Michael Lucas and teenage brother Paul; Kurt Young; Sergio Real; Chuck; and many others.

Reprinted from HX magazine (2002)

March 11, 2002

Porn Dictionary

Ever wonder the meaning of all those big words you hear every time you’re on a porn set? Us too! Here's a glossary of commonly used terms in the porn industry. See how many you know!

hard-core sex film showing genital penetration

softcore castrated hard-core

performer one who has the proven ability to deliver a scene

b-roll footage establishing the prenuptial narrative

money shot an ejaculation at the end of a sex scene, ensuring payment in full

tunnel shot close-up footage of genital penetration

simulation various shots of a performer pretending to have sex cut into a scene

cum face facial contortions suggesting orgasm

power fuck sex act delivered with minimum sensitivity and maximum machismo

strong top performer with proven ability to stay erect during sex

power bottom a bottom who assumes dominance of the sex act

bossy bottom a bitchy power bottom

wood a full erection

stunt dick
a phallic stand-in used in the event of a wood crisis

chicken a boyish model

orange roughy a no-longer boyish model who’s been under the sunlamp too long

c light a small mobile lamp used to illuminate areas where the sun doesn’t shine

pornologue the dialogue that sets up the sex

loop an editing technique of repeating footage in order to extend a scene

cowgirl position sex position with top lying on his back and bottom sitting on top

reverse cowgirl position cowgirl rides backward in the saddle

bush whacking
pruning of pubic bush to give the optical illusion of a longer penis

Hitler mustache the result of extreme bush whacking

d.p. double penetration

fluffer one who provides extracurricular stimulation, enabling the model to perform

viagra a gift from the god of porn, which is rendering fluffers obsolete

March 2, 2002

Porn Star Interview: Caesar and Tom Katt


When porn superstars Caesar and Tom Katt blow into town next week for two shows at SBNY on March 2, 2002, it will be the first time either has been here in a while. Caesar, 29, whose last New York appearance was more than two years ago, has gone on to become one of porn’s brightest stars, headlining such name-in-the-title films as Hail Caesar and Caesar’s Hardhat Gang Bang. Katt, 32, who hasn’t worked in the Big Apple for nearly six years, has been one of porn’s most enduring studs, appearing in numerous films since 1991 and currently enjoying a comeback with three new movies, including Conquered, in which he “deflowers” Billy Herrington. Together, these two musclemen extraordinaire—who have reached new heights (and weights) physically as they prepare to compete for the title of Mr. California this May—will christen SBNY’s new “Men Only Room.” We recently caught up with this dynamic duo from their home in West Hollywood.

So, boys, what can we expect from your shows at SBNY?
Tom: We will perform our separate acts, then we will do something together if the club lets us.
Caesar: We will do some muscle-worship stuff, hopefully naked. People will have to come and see. (laughs)
Tom: Let them imagine, and then come and see. Everyone will leave breathless. We promise! (laughs)
Have you guys performed together before?
Tom: Yes, at Toronto Gay Pride in June 2001.
Is that when you met?
Tom: Yes, I met Caesar picking him up for the airport to go to Toronto. We both weren’t awake yet.
And you guys just hit it off?
Caesar: Yeah, it went well.
Tom: It was cool. After that, we started going to the gym together and…
Caesar: …and getting stoned. (both laugh)
Do a lot of bodybuilders do that?
Tom: Yeah, because it makes you hungry, and when you gotta put on that size like we have, you have to eat all the time.
Caesar: I am now at 245 pounds, and I feel great.
What do you eat to get that big?
Caesar: Our diet is about 7,000 calories a day. We eat every hour or two.
Tom: We eat fish, turkey, sweet potatoes—and a lot of them. Plus, a quart of ice cream before bed. (laughs)
So what is in your refrigerator right now?
Tom: Let me look: eggs, steak, carrot juice, spinach, broccoli, fish. Lots of good stuff. (laughs)
What is your workout like?
Caesar: We go to the gym six days a week, sometimes twice a day. We do cardio for 25 minutes and ab work. Then we do one body part in the morning, then a second in the afternoon.
How would you compare competing in bodybuilding with doing porn?
Caesar: Well, in both you are judged on how you look. In porn though, the idea is that the viewer gets off. It’s about sex. But bodybuilding is about symmetry, shape and perfection.
Tom: Getting ready to do a movie is nothing compared to what you have to do to prepare for a competition.
So you two live together now. How did that come about?
Tom: We were hanging out together so much, we said, let’s save some money and just live together.
Caesar: Plus, I had some freaky fans who knew where my old apartment was, so I wanted to move anyway.
Tom: Yeah, he was on the Hollywood Stars Map. (laughs)
Tom, how is your comeback going?
Tom: It’s good to be back. I am taking it slow. I have only done three movies in the past year: The Missing Link, Crash of the Titans and I got to nail Billy Herrington in Conquered.
And what was it like getting his cherry?
Tom: It was a great scene to do. I had a good time laying some pipe. And Billy did very well for his first time.
Caesar, what have you been up to?
Caesar: I have been working on my Web site, And I only did one movie last year, The Coach. I needed a break. I was getting too caught up in the shit.
Would you ever do a scene together?
Caesar: We are more like brothers. But we are pros, and we would do it if we had to.
Tom: Yeah, and we would be cracking up the whole time.
Are you guys single these days?
Caesar: Let’s not talk about that. (laughs)
Tom: There is no man in my life. I am available. For more info, see our ad! (laughs)
Anything else, guys?
Tom: It’s time to eat! (laughs)
Caesar: Gotta go! (laughs)

Reprinted from
HX magazine (2002)