October 30, 2009

Porn Star Interview: Simon Dexter

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October 29, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Friday the Fuckteenth

Halloween is almost here, so today we’re taking a look behind the scenes of the new ASG Entertainment release, Halloweiner: Friday the Fuckteenth. As we recently reported, this is a gay porn horror movie that was shot in the wilds of New Jersey (horrors!). Angel Skye (who co-directs with Frank Fuder) is making his return with the new film, and he tells VincentLambert.com that the shoot got a bit too real when the model who plays the killer got way into character and nearly drowned one of the other models. “We all thought he was just playing,” Skye says, “but the poor kid was fighting for his life for real!” Skye also recalls that during the shoot then-boyfriend Brad Star (they are pictured below in happier times) had blood gushing all over when he was struck by an object. “I remember him saying that he wanted to be hit for real to add shock and authenticity to the scene,” Skye says. But overall, he adds, “this was an outstanding movie to make.”

You can view an unedited trailer at ASGEI.com, and there’s also a 10-minute making-of video on YouTube that shows some funny outtakes, such as Luke Riley admitting “I like to be naked!” (duh!) and Star shamelessly plugging his dildo. The cast (pictured above getting cheeky) also includes Kurt Wild (taking a break from the wife, kids and Tyra), Sean Preston, Dallas Reeves, Jarrod, Shane Frost and Roland Haye.

Sneak Peek: Simon Dexter (aka Harley)

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October 28, 2009

Guy Candy: Daniele Montana

Director Lucas Kazan recently shared another of his amazing models with us. Sexy Daniele Montana has been a Lucas Kazan exclusive since last fall. He is 26 years old and has made a (porn) name for himself in films such as Italians and Other Strangers and the newly released Daniele and His Buddies. Luca tells us that fans can’t seem to get enough of this hot Italian stud and his sweet bubble butt, and we can see why! For more information, visit LucasKazan.com.

October 27, 2009

News: AMG Launches New DVD Line

Athletic Model Guild has announced the launch of a new line of DVDs dubbed “The Complete Collection” under the AMG Classics brand. Each DVD from the line focuses on an iconic figure from the studio’s past, presenting the model’s film and photo portfolios in their entirety. The first two releases in the series are The Complete Monte Hanson and The Complete Jim Paris.

“We wanted to a create comprehensive collection of those models who were the bread and butter of this business so many years ago,” AMG president Dennis Bell says. “It’s a nostalgic collection, so we gave it a look that harkens back to Bob Mizer’s AMG. They are a gorgeous product, and we’re extremely proud of them. They reflect a dedication to quality that Bob initiated over half a century ago.”

There’s some great historic work here. Oh, and is it just us or does anyone else think the photo below inspired Cher’s “Half-Breed” costume!? For more information on the AMG Classics brand, visit AthleticModelGuild.com.

October 23, 2009

Event: MightyMen.com Turns 12

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Event: Van Damme at Midtowne Spa Tonight


Porn superstar Robert Van Damme is helping the Midtowne Spa celebrate its 37th anniversary at a party in Los Angeles tonight. The screen stud will give a special performance at 9 pm before a buffet and drinks are served at 10 pm. The Midtowne Spa is located at 615 Kohler Street. For more information, visit midtowne.com.

In other Van Damme news, the first of the six films produced by RVD Films has made its VOD debut. Private Party: The Mystery Begins is currently streaming at AEBN.com. It is the first in a three-part series that Van Damme co-directed with industry veteran Gino Colbert. The company’s latest film, which stars Van Damme and Matthew Rush, is titled Cocks in Paradise. For more information, visit RobertVanDamme.net.

October 20, 2009

Press: Unzipped Mag Debuts New Format

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October 19, 2009

October 16, 2009

Movie Review: Fired on the Set! Auditions 25


Director: Michael Lucas.
Cast: Joe Strong, Ago Viara, Colby Mitchell, Marco Rodriguez, Eddie Diaz, Sean Preston, Mike Adams, Tucker Forrest, Caleb Cole, Jason White, Michael Lucas.

There are six scenes in the 25th edition of Lucas Entertainment’s long-running Auditions series, including cute newbies Sean Preston and Mike Adams swapping blowjobs and handjobs, and director Michael Lucas performing his patented helicopter fuck on muscle queen Colby Mitchell. But let’s face it, the only scene anyone will remember or talk about is the titular tryout in which 18-year-old model Caleb Cole dares to speak out and stand up to the porn mogul and ends up getting sacked mid-scene.

It all starts well enough when Cole is paired with Tucker Forrest, who sucks the teenager’s surprisingly big dick. The oral goes on for a bit when Lucas begins giving direction from the sidelines. Cole seems to have a problem with some of the things he is being asked to do, especially when Lucas directs Forrest to start licking his feet. Cole calls bullshit and says, “I don’t do that!” He also doesn’t do armpit play, although he does agree to bottom! As the youngster makes his boundaries known, Lucas gets madder and madder, telling the model he is “a little difficult” and eventually calling a time-out. The director and crew depart, but a camera is left running (by chance?) on a side table as Cole plays with his cell phone and sits to ponder his future as a porn star. Eventually the scene is called off and the twink gets dressed and leaves the set—and despite the title, it’s unclear whether he quit or got fired. All of this makes for riveting cinema verité but lousy porn. Fortunately, the scenes mentioned above (most include facial cum shots) and the hot pairing of Italian Ago Viara (a former monk!) and Latino Joe Strong make this new entry worth a look, although Lucas’s preinterview with Viara and Strong goes on for an agonizing 20 minutes before any sex happens—which makes for lousy talk and lousy porn.

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

October 15, 2009

Press: Zeb Atlas Gets Hairy for Bear Magazine

Bear magazine has landed one of porn’s biggest names and gotten him to go natural for its latest issue. Yes, that’s superstar Zeb Atlas in all his manly glory on the cover of the recently revived hair lover’s publication. And to celebrate, Bear Omnimedia has announced that the quarterly magazine will now be available at Borders and Bookworld national chain stores. “Beginning with issue 69, Bear will join the two large chains for increased exposure and to further meet the needs of our bear customers,” a company rep says. Adds editor-in-chief Steven Wolfe, “Despite the economy and various naysayers, Bear’s growth has been unstoppable in an evolving industry. I’m also rather pleased that they’ve put us in the ‘men’s sophisticate’ category, alongside Playboy. It’s a great acknowledgment and entrance into the mainstream.” Bear magazine, which focuses on “the unapologetically hypermasculine gay male,” has been around for 22 years (including a six-year layoff) and was taken over by Bear Omnimedia a year ago. For more information, visit bearomnimedia.com.

October 14, 2009

Seen: Reese Rideout In Ironic Twist

Talk about your mixed emotions! Or is this what Alanis would refer to as irony? Porn star Reese Rideout posted the above pic via his Twitter account, noting how he got some conflicting messages while traveling recently. Check out the dueling signage and decide for yourself which the Randy Blue model believes to be true! PS. You can follow our daily updates on Twitter @ VinceLambertNYC.

October 13, 2009

News: Jet Set Men Signs Landon Mycles

Jet Set Men has announced the signing of Landon Mycles to an exclusive contract. The 20-year-old model from Southern California makes his bottoming debut in the upcoming Chris Steele/John Tegan film CarJackers, in which he is paired with fellow Jet Set exclusive Hayden Stephens. Mycles has previously performed under the name Marcus Mojo and earlier this year was one of five finalists for Freshmen magazine’s Freshman of the Year (Zack Randall won). He follows in the footsteps of other similarly named Jet Set stars, the late superstar Brett Mycles and his “brother” Justin Mycles.

“Mycles will blow you away in this scene,” co-director Steele says, “when he swallows Stephen’s dick whole with no gagging whatsoever. Landon’s performance can be summed up in three words: No. Gag. Reflex.” Screenwriter and co-director John Tegan, who has filmed Mycles in three additional scenes for Jet Set’s Straight Edge Web site, agrees that Mycles will gain instant fame in porn as a result. “This kid knows how to perform for the camera,” Tegan says. “That first scene wasn’t a fluke—it was the first real glimpse of a superstar.” For more information, visit jetsetmen.com.

October 12, 2009

October 9, 2009

October 8, 2009

Press: Ben Cohen on Attitude Magazine Cover

The cover of the October issue of Britain’s Attitude magazine trumpets “Big Ben Cohen.” Do they know something we don’t? Actually, we’ve been lusting after this humpy English rugby player for a while now, and although we still think that he Should Do Porn, at least he’s posed from some (more) revealing new pics. Attitude even dubs Cohen “a bear icon.” Inside the issue, he talks about his gay fans (there’s got to be tons!), athletes who come out of the closet and what he really thinks of his own body. Cohen tells the mag, “Mate, seriously, I don’t think I’ve got a good body.” WTF?! We see all sorts of furry yumminess going on here! For more, visit attitude.co.uk.

October 7, 2009

Book Review: Bob’s World

Athletic Model Guild has joined forces with international publisher TASCHEN and book editor Dian Hanson to celebrate Bob Mizer’s late-period color photography in the hardcover book Bob’s World: The Life and Boys of AMG’s Bob Mizer. It consists of 288 pages of Mizer’s color work and an oral history of AMG. This is the first publication to look exclusively at Mizer’s color photos. Mizer’s groundbreaking black-and-white photography was prominently featured in The Big Penis Book (also from TASCHEN and Hanson), and it was in the editing of that book that Bob’s World was born.

“I wanted to do this book as soon as I saw the color photos provided for The Big Penis Book,” Hanson says. “The quirky backdrops, the vibrant gels, the playful attitudes of the models, their straight hoodlum charm, and Bob’s eccentricity shining through all grabbed me immediately.”

There are more than 250 photos in the book, and the accompanying oral history is provided in quotes from David Hockney, Jack Pierson, David Hurles and Hal Roth, among others. The book also includes a one-hour DVD of Mizer films spanning from 1958–1980, specially edited for this edition. “Bob was an extremely reserved person,” says AMG president Dennis Bell. “He hardly ever granted interviews. Bob’s World blows the top off of his closely guarded persona. It’s the most honest, most original book ever published about the reigning king of beefcake.” For more information, visit athleticmodelguild.com.

News: Hot House Signs Craig Reynolds

Hot House Entertainment has added another hottie to its roster. Newcomer Craig Reynolds is the latest to sign an exclusive contract. He was discovered in a local gym. “I had been curious about doing porn for awhile,” Reynolds says. “Living in San Francisco, you hear different things about the studios and the people who work there. I’d always heard good things about Hot House, so when they asked me I decided to check it out.”

Hot House CEO Steven Scarborough says, “We weren’t the only studio to notice Craig. After his first scene with us, he decided to sign an exclusive contract and we couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Reynolds will be seen in the upcoming movie Reckless with fellow exclusive Kyle King. And both models will also appear in the Backroom Live! Webcast tonight, October 7, at 10 pm ET. For more information, visit backroom.hothouse.com/live.

October 6, 2009

News: Dean Flynn and Tony Buff Get Molded

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October 5, 2009

News: Jason Ridge Announces Retirement

Porn superstar Jason Ridge has taken to his blog to let fans know that he is retiring from the adult industry. In a post from last Thursday, Ridge writes, “There are more pressing issues in my life that are more important than this silly lifestyle that I have created known as Jason Ridge. Maybe I will be back or maybe I will find something new and creative to become a part of my life.” He goes on to say that he is proud to have been a part of the porn business. Ridge, who appeared in numerous films, including Nasty Nasty, Hole Patrol and Up Country, and went on to direct and form his own RidgeLine Films studio, has been a popular and often controversial model since his debut in 2003. In light of that, he adds, “Honestly I never wanted to be talked about. I just wanted a little fun and maybe some fame to come my way. I’ve enjoyed the ride, my friends, but it’s time for me to grow up and take my life and responsibilities that have been handed to me and take them seriously.” To read the full entry, visit jasonridge.blogspot.com.

Short Takes: Matthew Rush on Fire…and More

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October 2, 2009

Movie Review: Brothers’ Reunion


Director: Michael Lucas.
Cast: Wilfried Knight, Arpad Miklos, Ben Andrews, Tommy Deluca, Jason Crew, Jackson Wild, Anthony Marks, Lady Bunny.

Lucas Entertainment capitalizes on the return of Wilfried Knight and his uncanny resemblance to Anthony Marks in Brothers’ Reunion. In the opening, Knight chats on his cell phone as he walks the mean streets of New York City, telling a friend that his long-lost brother has surfaced and he is about to meet him for the first time. Along the way, he stops to have a hot duo with manly Arpad Miklos, who also looks a bit like Knight with his scruffy beard and bulging muscles. This scene features what have become some Lucas standards, including pit licking and toe sucking, besides cocksucking and butt munching. Both guys perform admirably, especially Knight when he ends up on the bottom. As the city traffic streams by the window (a nice touch of verisimilitude), Miklos pumps the cum out of Knight then jacks on his foot.

Next, big Ben Andrews phones his buddy Wilfried and asks whether he knows any twinks that want his oversize cock. Tommy Deluca appears and goes to town, doing his best to deep throat and take it all up his small-framed ass. A big black buttplug also factors into the fun, and Deluca even manages to fist himself! We never thought we’d see the day when Andrews’ monster cock gets upstaged, but Deluca’s fisting feat comes close. An oral pop shot and some graphic snowballing cap the scene.

Jogger Jackson Wild meets a drunk Jason Crew (below) in a city park, and the guys retire to Crew’s aunt’s apartment to have a few beers. Of course this leads to wild sex on the dining room table. Crew, who sucks dick like a man possessed, is not one to be outdone, and he actually fucks himself (with his own dick!) in this scene. Eventually the cuties get around to flip-flop fucking and more oral cum shots. (Drag queen Lady Bunny ends the scene with an over-the-top cameo as Aunt Judy, who discovers the pair post-fuck and goes hysterical, collapsing into a blonde heap on the floor. Priceless!)

The final scene has Knight finally meeting up with look-alike sibling Marks. Obviously these bros have no problem making out and more, as long as their dad never finds out. Following Knight’s perfect match with Miklos, this duo feels anticlimactic and a bit rote. There is the same pits/toes/oral/anal scenario, but both models are into the sweaty action and perform to Lucas’s usual high standards. Extras disc includes watersports (with Wild and Crew, and Deluca soaking himself in both urine and a milk enema) and some amusing behind-the-scenes footage that Lady Bunny steals with her manic charms. Bring back Aunt Judy! (Lucas Entertainment)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2009)