October 2, 2009

Movie Review: Brothers’ Reunion


Director: Michael Lucas.
Cast: Wilfried Knight, Arpad Miklos, Ben Andrews, Tommy Deluca, Jason Crew, Jackson Wild, Anthony Marks, Lady Bunny.

Lucas Entertainment capitalizes on the return of Wilfried Knight and his uncanny resemblance to Anthony Marks in Brothers’ Reunion. In the opening, Knight chats on his cell phone as he walks the mean streets of New York City, telling a friend that his long-lost brother has surfaced and he is about to meet him for the first time. Along the way, he stops to have a hot duo with manly Arpad Miklos, who also looks a bit like Knight with his scruffy beard and bulging muscles. This scene features what have become some Lucas standards, including pit licking and toe sucking, besides cocksucking and butt munching. Both guys perform admirably, especially Knight when he ends up on the bottom. As the city traffic streams by the window (a nice touch of verisimilitude), Miklos pumps the cum out of Knight then jacks on his foot.

Next, big Ben Andrews phones his buddy Wilfried and asks whether he knows any twinks that want his oversize cock. Tommy Deluca appears and goes to town, doing his best to deep throat and take it all up his small-framed ass. A big black buttplug also factors into the fun, and Deluca even manages to fist himself! We never thought we’d see the day when Andrews’ monster cock gets upstaged, but Deluca’s fisting feat comes close. An oral pop shot and some graphic snowballing cap the scene.

Jogger Jackson Wild meets a drunk Jason Crew (below) in a city park, and the guys retire to Crew’s aunt’s apartment to have a few beers. Of course this leads to wild sex on the dining room table. Crew, who sucks dick like a man possessed, is not one to be outdone, and he actually fucks himself (with his own dick!) in this scene. Eventually the cuties get around to flip-flop fucking and more oral cum shots. (Drag queen Lady Bunny ends the scene with an over-the-top cameo as Aunt Judy, who discovers the pair post-fuck and goes hysterical, collapsing into a blonde heap on the floor. Priceless!)

The final scene has Knight finally meeting up with look-alike sibling Marks. Obviously these bros have no problem making out and more, as long as their dad never finds out. Following Knight’s perfect match with Miklos, this duo feels anticlimactic and a bit rote. There is the same pits/toes/oral/anal scenario, but both models are into the sweaty action and perform to Lucas’s usual high standards. Extras disc includes watersports (with Wild and Crew, and Deluca soaking himself in both urine and a milk enema) and some amusing behind-the-scenes footage that Lady Bunny steals with her manic charms. Bring back Aunt Judy! (Lucas Entertainment)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2009)

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