March 16, 2001

Event: The Men of Raging Stallion/Zeus


The GayVN Awards in Los Angeles on March 16, 2001, brought out porn’s biggest and brightest stars, but only a couple of leather and/or kink films took home the gold. (Falcon’s Bad Behavior was named Best Leather Video, and Club Inferno/Hot House Entertainment’s Hand Over Fist won for Best Specialty Release.) Porn star Will Clark made up for this the following night at Micky’s in West Hollywood, where he hosted a tribute to the men of Raging Stallion/Zeus.

To get the festivities going, Daddy Zeus showed up with a box of his finest videos to give away and his bikini-clad boy Robert Black (1999 Zeus Boy of the Year). Big Daddy Ferguson contributed copies of Gay Chicago magazine and gave out magnets for the upcoming Grabby Awards in Chicago on Memorial Day weekend. Birthday boy (and recent Raging Stallion model) Chris Steele wore a revealing black leather vest and puffed on a stogie before receiving his birthday whacks from drag queens Sister Buffy and Sister Ida of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Steele also seemed to enjoy his other “gift”—veteran stud Zak Spears being brought onstage by Clark for a surprise smooch.

Also seen in the crowd: Corey Summers; Spike; Michael Knight; Dino Phillips; Kurt Young; Andrew Addams; director Drew Warner; Men of Odyssey honchos Bob East, Hans, and Dennis; 2001 Zeus Man of the Year Bryce Pierce; Buzz; Cameron Cruise; Anthony DeAngelo; Simon Cox; Mark Everett; Jeff Allen; and many others. The event raised $450 in raffle-ticket sales for Aid for AIDS—an L.A.-based charity benefiting porn stars—which was matched by Men of Odyssey for a total of $900. So who needs an award anyway?

Reprinted from (2001)

March 5, 2001

Porn Star Interview: Chad Hunt


Newcomer Chad Hunt has made a splash in the porn world thanks in large part to his large endowment. But we like him because he is that rarity among porn stars: a New Yorker. The 27-year-old Ohio native has been working steadily in the industry (14 movies in the past six months) but refuses to relocate to the porn capital, Los Angeles. “I’m more of a New York boy,” Hunt says. He got his start in movies such as Fire Island Cruising and Top to Bottom for model-turned-director Michael Lucas. Since then he has worked on In Gear with Chi Chi LaRue and Falcon Studios’ The Other Side of Aspen 5, among others. We caught up with Hunt on the eve of his departure for his premier engagement at the Nob Hill Theatre in San Francisco.

Okay, let’s talk size. How big is it?
Oh, about 10 x 7 cut. Usually in this business you use your best asset, so that is what I am known for. I wish it were otherwise. I wish it were because I was hot! [Laughs]
When did you first know you had a big dick?
I always thought I had a small one. I was a late bloomer. I was 16 and hadn’t gone through puberty yet. People made fun of me. I used to lie in bed and pray for a big one. Then when I was 17, I grew and grew. It worked!
Is it true that a dildo is being made of you?
Yes, John Rutherford of Falcon asked me to do a dildo. We just signed the contracts.
Do you know how it will be made?
Well, my dick goes in a tube, and I have to stay hard for five minutes while they pour casting material over it.
Sounds like fun.
I may have to do Viagra for that one. [Laughs]
So, how did you get into the industry?
Ever since I was young, I found that guys always want to give me money—whether it was for dancing or escorting or whatever. So when I met Michael Lucas through the photographer Chuck in New York, it seemed like a good way for me to make money.
What did you do before getting into porn?
I was a certified preschool teacher.
How did you get your porn name?
Chad is a name I always used for dancing. And for a last name, I tried to think of one that could be used in a title, in case I became a big star—like Hunting for the Perfect Fit or something. Because not many people can take my dick.
Tell us about your most memorable on-screen performance.
That would be with Anthony Ferrat in Fire Island Cruising, when I gave him a beer bottle douche and he squirted it back on me.
And your most memorable real-life performance?
Well, I could tell you about a time in the Ramble in Central Park with my boyfriend, Kevin, and another guy. [Laughs]
Do you have a favorite co-star?
I like Enrico Vega. He’s easy to work with.
Favorite sex act?
I love to get good head and eat ass.
Are you excited about performing live at the Nob Hill?
Yeah, but I don’t know what to expect. I hear it can get pretty wild there.
Any long-term goals?
Well, I’d like to milk this porn thing while I am still considered good eye candy. I wouldn’t want to be a schmuck and keep doing this when no one wants to see me. But before that, I’d like to do as many movies as possible. Just to have that thrill. Then I’d like to go back to school.
Would you ever consider moving to L.A.?
Nah, I like Puerto Ricans, Latins, banjee boys. You just can’t get that in L.A.

Reprinted from HX magazine (2001)

Movie Review: Steal the Night


Director: Chi Chi LaRue.
Cast: Matt Skyler, Joey Hart, Marco Antonio, Nino Bacci, Doug Jeffries, Lee Driver, Dale Summer, Patrick Allen.

In Steal the Night, Matt Skyler plays a horny houseboy who spies on his guests and even steals their used condoms and underwear. Director Chi Chi LaRue maintains the usual Jocks Studios high standards with good production values, lighting, sets and of course, hot guys. And while Skyler does his best to live up to his leading-man status (taking both a fist and a huge dildo up his butt), only a very verbal Doug Jeffries manages to make much of an impression. The rest of the buffed-and-fluffed cast seems to blend into one another. Only the feverish fourgy finale heats up the proceedings and saves this from being standard-issue porn.(Jocks)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2001)