April 18, 2012

News: Cockyboys Signs Max Ryder

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April 13, 2012

April 6, 2012

News: Five (and We’re) Alive!

What do you give for a fifth anniversary!? Is it wood!? VincentLambert.com is still here, kids. Yup, we’re still blogging away as the industry burns around us. We kid! But it’s true—we’ve been typing about gay porn for five years now (on this site, though 16 years total!). The big biz goes up and down, and this year was no different. But first, a brief history of our history: We started year one with a bang (and the controversy surrounding our interview with Johnny Hanson about his decision to bareback); survived year two (this interview with Jordan Young from 1999 got picked up by The Insider when Lara Spencer was the host!); and year three (when we dined with both Simon Dexter and Jeremy Feist); then there was year four (we had the inside scoop on the Robert Van Damme arrest, including his first post-prison photos and interview, and Vince did guest spots on the Cock2Go Show and LA Talk Radio’s The Alternative to plug the site).

Now, in the past 12 months, we were back on the radio for The Barry Kirkey Show (one of our most fun interviews ever!); hung with our favorite talk show host for Gay Pride (how you doin’, lady!?); got exclusives with superstars Zeb Atlas and Jason Adonis (thanks, superagent David Forest!); saw (Randy Blue) stars at Splash; missed the hookers at HustlaBall NYC, but caught them at the International Escort Awards; and sadly reported the loss of this beloved porn star. Vince also branched out, becoming a (paid!) blogger for the fab GayDemon.com. You can read his full-frontal posts here.

And so it goes. As usual, we want to thank the readers and porn fans for visiting, the supportive fellow bloggers (the ones we still like), and the studios and publicists who supply us with their great content. Oh, and the porn stars too, of course. They give more than anyone! It’s our tradition to picture our dream man Rusty Joiner (above) each year. He still hasn’t given in, but we still think he Should Do Porn. Some things never change!

April 2, 2012