December 15, 2001

Porn Star Interview: Bryce Pierce


The first thing you may notice about Bryce Pierce is his spectacular multi-pierced member, but he’s also got a perfectly muscled body and a ruggedly handsome face. The 36-year-old New Orleans native made a name for himself in movies such as Raiders of the Lost Arse, Sexpack Two: A Kinky Twist and Initiation. But he really captured the attention of many when he was dubbed Zeus Man of the Year for 2001. In the just-released Second Initiation, Pierce and tattooed sex pig Eddie Moreno take it to a whole new level. We recently caught up with Pierce from his home in Palm Springs where he discussed his films, his duties as Zeus Man and the new Nordic God in his life.

First off, tell us about your amazing pierced penis.
Amazing? Wow, thanks! (laughs)
How many piercings do you have?
Fourteen. Six above the equator and eight below. Three in my ears, two in my nipples, one in my navel, a Prince Albert, plus five in my frenum, one deep dolphin [through the urethra] and one guiche [between the testicles and anus].
When did you start the process?
About five years ago.
What made you get that first one?
I had been fantasizing about being pierced and tattooed since I was a wee leather lad, and I knew that at some point in my life, I would look like the leathermen I drooled over in the dark corners of seedy magazine stores in New Orleans’ French Quarter. I came to my senses one day in my early thirties and realized that if I wanted to be pierced and tattooed, I had to answer to no one except myself. The rest is history. (laughs)
How do all those piercings feel when your dick gets hard?
Honestly? Do you remember those molded plastic handlebar covers on your first bike? It feels a lot like that. Fingers, among other things, fit quite nicely between most of the piercings. (laughs)
And when you cum?
Incredible for me. And from what I’ve heard, well, it’s a pretty intense experience all around. Seems that there is a psychological component to it for the bottom—and definitely for me.
And I have to ask: Your penis size?
A very well-decorated seven inches, unless he’s really turned on and then he just gets bigger and fatter. (laughs)
Also, tell us about your beautiful back tattoo.
It’s the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. The Native Americans believed that these were animated by the fifth, spirit, and man was created. It’s supposed to have an organic feel, as though it’s growing out of or onto my back.
How did you achieve the honor of Zeus Man of the Year? What are your duties, if any? And what is the nature of your relationship with Daddy Zeus?
Daddy Zeus and I met at the Folsom Street Fair two years ago very briefly. I had just started working with Raging Stallion, so the whole thing was quite new to me. I knew who he was because I had seen more Zeus videos than I can hope to count, and I remember standing there awestruck, blathering like an idiot. Apparently he overlooked all that and contacted Chris Ward after seeing Bound, Beaten, and Banged and Sexpack Two. Daddy Zeus and I met again in San Francisco early in 2001 where he offered me the honor and title. We talked for hours about our philosophies, feelings, and beliefs regarding BDSM [Bondage and Sadomasochism] and its purpose, role and function in gay culture, as well as our own personal connections to BDSM and the goals that lie therein. By the end of that conversation, I was only too happy to accept the title, and Daddy Zeus and I had grown wonderfully close. In many instances he has been my mentor and facilitator. As far as my duties are concerned, that’s pretty loosely defined. There are videos to make, of course, and personal appearances, fan mail, photo shoots.
What did you do before getting into porn?
What I do now. I’m an anthropologist (an archaeologist, actually), so you can imagine how much fun it was to do Raiders of the Lost Arse!
So, what was your first porn performance?
Bound, Beaten, and Banged, which won Best Fetish Video at the Grabby Awards.
How did you get into the industry?
About two years ago, Chris Ward, the director of Raging Stallion, asked my partner [Michael Corey] and me if we were interested in coming to San Francisco to work for him. He had seen our pictures online. We were both flattered and discussed it pretty thoroughly with him and each other. After that, we agreed and he flew us up to do Bound, Beaten and Banged. Chris is also an anthropologist, so we hit it off immediately.
How did you get your name?
The Pierce part is self-explanatory. Bryce is the name I picked for my first son.
You have a son?
Not yet, but it’s still a possibility.
What is your favorite thing to do sexually on-screen and off-screen?
On- or off-screen makes no difference to me. It might be easier to tell you what I don’t like to do. Well, the only think I can come up with is scat. Otherwise, all bets are off: leather, rubber, BDSM, fantasy, role play, uniforms, and then the edgier, harder, more intense play for those who can stand it.
Top? Bottom?
Yes, happily and aggressively both.
What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you on a porn set?
I’m almost embarrassed, but I guess after being buck naked onscreen, what’s to be embarrassed about, right? So here goes: During Raiders, one of my good buddies co-starred. We think alike, have all the same kinks, work well together and can terrorize people like no others can. In one scene, he is looking over two archaeologists who are “uncovering” each other, and he begins beating off. Well, when that scene was shot, they had already done the dirty deed and he was on top of a rock imagining. It wasn’t working, and since he has also pulled me out of similar jams by calling on his deep pool of talents, I volunteered to help. So I sat on the rock where the pair had been and started to bind myself while masturbating. It was working, so I kept going. The binding kept getting more and more intricate as I sat there in my boots, stroking, on a huge warm boulder in the middle of the desert in Palm Springs. My buddy made sure that I knew how much this was working and blasted a huge load for the cameras. Just before he shot, I glanced over my shoulder and noticed the crew. They were transfixed, grinning and stroking. A documentary was also being shot on the making of Raiders, and I saw that the cameraman was also documenting my autoeroticism. Well, I was a bit embarrassed that I had gotten as carried away as I had, and that it was all caught on Candid Porn Camera, but it worked! (laughs)
Do you have a favorite co-star? Director?
I have many favorite co-stars, but only two favorite directors, Daddy Zeus and Chris Ward.
May I ask your sexual orientation?
Gay—come on, Vince! (laughs)
Are you single?
Not at the moment. I’ve been swept off my feet by a big, muscular, Nordic type whose nickname is Thor because of his appearance and huge hammer.
Is he in the industry?
He isn’t in the industry and really doesn’t want to be. It’s enough to have one porn star in the family! The whole process fascinates him though, and several directors have offered him contracts on the spot when we’ve gone to industry functions together, but he prefers his day job as an MD.
Do you plan on staying in the business?
That depends on the business. One should never overstay one’s welcome. (laughs)

Reprinted from (2001)

December 8, 2001

Movie Review: Boys on Fire: Fire Island Cruising


Director: Michael Lucas.
Cast: Michael Lucas, Richie Fine, Chad Hunt, Chris Bolt, Erik Martens, Alfanso Vega, Mitch Ryder, Christopher Young, Raul Tasco, Daniel Estevez, Lucas Preor, Aaron Tanner.

Multi-hyphenate Michael Lucas returns to Fire Island with a new set of East Coast cuties. This time around, Richie Fine is out to land “the great porn star Michael Lucas” (guess who wrote the script) and buddy Chris Bolt wants to get fucked by the biggest dick on the island. Together, these two crazy kids set out to make their dreams come true, but first they stop for a rooftop fourgy with Mitch Ryder and Aaron Tanner. Then Fine checks out a poolside orgy where he hopes to meet his idol. Housemate Alfanso Vega and lover Christopher Young get nasty with a beer bottle. And Bolt realizes his goal when he meets Chad Hunt, who steals the show with his massive cock and expert fucking. Fine doesn’t get so lucky when he finally hooks up with Lucas. Their scene starts well enough but soon devolves into a simulated rape, with Fine whimpering, crying and begging for mercy as Lucas steps out of character (himself) and begins directing the action. Only then does Boys on Fire stop being a first-rate film with excellent videography and editing (both by Michael Clift) and becomes a harrowing outtake of a scene gone terribly wrong. Clift should have edited this one right out of the movie. (Lucas Entertainment)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2001)

September 15, 2001

Movie Review: Hungry for Love


Director: Rolf Hammerschmidt.
Cast: Lukas Wink, Jan Voda, Rudolf Valentin, Tobias Haim, Michael Sunny, George Steel, Buddy Flash, Adam Cartier, Denis Aysner, Mark Reeves, Hudson Grant, Dino Vista.

The credits for Hungry for Love tell us that director Rolf Hammerschmidt had some help from the Bel Ami casting department. But all you have to do is take one look at his gorgeous, smooth cast to know that. This romantic tale of a young man who is searching for true love unfolds in a dreamy, erotic fashion that is reminiscent of director George DuRoy’s work. But credibility is strained when our hunky leading man is rejected by numerous guys. Things really get out of control when he lays himself down on some railroad tracks and decides to end it all. Will the love of a good man save our dude in distress? We’ll never tell, but we will divulge that in a whopping eight scenes (and more than two-hour running time) you will see lots of pretty boys frolicking in the water and going at it in all combinations in the French countryside. Lovely videography and mouthwatering meat only add to the fun. Almost enough to overlook the annoying editing effects and the disconcerting way the models play to the camera. But all is forgiven when one stud picks up a guitar and earnestly croons the title theme. Sweet. (Triumverate Productions)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2001)

August 11, 2001

Event: Will Clark’s Bad Boys Pool Party 2001


The porn stars had their day in the sun late last August, gathering at a private home in the Hollywood Hills for Will Clark’s fourth-annual Bad Boys Pool Party. Although only 11 porn stars were advertised for the event—including everyone from veteran Ken Ryker to newcomer Billy Brandt—more than 50 screen studs turned up to support the cause and help raise more than $25,000 for Aid for AIDS, an L.A.-based charity whose Joey Stefano Fund benefits porn stars with AIDS.

And this crew definitely knew how to turn up the heat. By noon, most of the porn studs were in place for photo-ops, and directing diva Chi Chi LaRue was demanding more tequila in her watered-down drink. DJ Steve Hatchett started spinning soon after, as hairy Sergio Real strutted his sexy self in a red bikini. Superhung Chad Hunt looked hot in a cute suit and graciously posed with gifted newcomer Robert Collins. Work-out partners Caesar and Tom Katt showed off their new beefed-up builds. Both hunks are preparing to compete in the Mr. California contest in May and have gained mucho muscle.

Sexy Jason Branch introduced his new boyfriend, Steve Ross (who will be debuting soon in a new movie for MSR Video), and the happy couple posed for their first pictures together. (Branch’s ex Blake Harper was nowhere in sight.) Zeus Man of the Year Bryce Pierce caused a commotion in the hot tub when he stripped and showed off his multipierced member. Nino Bacci looked dapper in purple shades, and Falcon’s Travis Wade arrived late, explaining that his travel plans from Houston had been bungled.

Go-go boys—including Tony Dancer (recent Playgirl cover model) and Mr. Gay Pride 2001 Mondo Moore—entertained the crowd, while Kevin Kramer provided the fan dancing. Drag divas Momma (who took a plunge in her sporty sailor suit) and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence worked the crowd—and, it seemed, the nerves of LaRue, who read them all during her speech. The directrix also seemed less than thrilled when twink Billy Brandt (current Playgirl cover model) did an impromptu strip during her bit and started messing up her massive wig with his junior billy club.

Director Drew Warner brought along his usual assortment of cuties, including Sports & Recreation exclusive Marc Anthony and newcomers Giovanni Corleone and Kirk Kelley. Warner talked up his Inside Porn, a documentary-porno-Entertainment Tonight–esque look behind the scenes of the porn industry. Former porn star Blue Blake, who is now behind the camera directing hit skin flicks, arrived on crutches following a biking mishap. The British import was still in good spirits despite his accident.

But ultimately, it was all about the fans. More than 300 porn enthusiasts paid to meet and mingle with their favorite stars, many of whom served as celebrity bartenders. The guests enjoyed an open bar and a buffet with cheeseburgers, salads, watermelon, and brownies. A silent auction featured donations from porn stars such as Ryan Idol and Jeff Palmer, as well as from the sponsoring video companies. Fans also left with a hefty gift bag containing a DVD, calendar and lube, among other treats.

As the sun set over the hot tub, event producer Will Clark reflected on the day. “This year’s party was a little tougher than previous ones,” he said, “but it was worth it. Working hard is never a problem for me, especially when the payoff is happy faces at the event and knowing that many clients of Aid for AIDS will have a roof over their heads because of the efforts of all the stars, hosts, dancers, studios and, of course, the fans.”

Seen (pictured above, from top): Billy Brandt; Travis Wade; Addison Scott; Logan Reed and Travis Wade.

Reprinted from All-Man magazine (2001)

May 27, 2001

Movie Review: SuperCharge


Director: Bobby Dazzler.
Cast: DC Chandler, Jason Hawke, Jake Hart, Jeremy Jordan, Nino Bacci, Rick Mathews, Ryan Scott, Daniel West and Christian Owen.

The latest release from Studio 2000 is noteworthy for two dazzling debuts: stunning cover model DC Chandler (a big hunk of man with a big manly piece) and writer/director Bobby Dazzler (rumored to be an award-winning director working under a new nom de porn). Together, they make SuperCharge one of the year’s must-see videos. In the opening scene, lanky Chandler realizes that he is out of hair gel, so he reaches deep into his medicine cabinet and discovers a jar labeled “Telepathy.” When applied to his handsome head, the gel enables Chandler to read the (dirty) minds of the men surrounding him. This leads to an encounter with a cop (Rick Mathews) who is secretly lusting after Chandler as he writes him a ticket. This first scene is instantly memorable because it is the one in which Chandler unveils his huge, veiny uncut cock. Guys, this you gotta see.

But Chandler doesn’t use his powers only for himself. In the next surprisingly romantic scene, he fixes up buddy Jeremy Jordan with his cute roommate Jake Hart. These two get all sticky sweet and quote song lyrics, but the scene works. Next, Chandler takes a ride on the subway where he reads the mind of Daniel West and is sucked into his erotic adventure with Nino Bacci. This is the most visually inventive scene in the video, and the sex ain’t so bad either.

But things really get interesting when Chandler’s other roommate, tough guy Jason Hawke, gets a hold of the magical hair gel. He uses his powers to bed twinks Ryan Scott and Christian Owen (weak casting in both cases). All this leads up to an intense finale in which Chandler and Hawke vie for supremacy. There is a some amazing videography by Dazzler as Hawke sucks off Chandler in this scene, as there is throughout the video. Dazzler’s script is a clever gay takeoff on Mel Gibson’s What Women Want, and he uses just the right amount of humor to balance the sex. Chandler is a major find, as is Dazzler, and we look forward to seeing more of their supertalents. (Studio 2000)

Reprinted from HX magazine (2001)

May 12, 2001

Porn Star Interview: Matt Summers


When Chi Chi LaRue calls, you better pick up—something hot new bottom Matt Summers learned last summer. That’s when the directing diva discovered him in his hometown of Orlando, Florida, and handpicked him to become an exclusive for her Rascal Video. Summers made his public debut in August at Will Clark’s Bad Boys Pool Party, where he turned heads and drummed up interest in his first screen appearances in Handpicked, Pillage & Plunder: The Movie and Oral Exams. We caught up with this personable 26-year-old aboard this year’s Pillage & Plunder Cruise.

How were you chosen to be an exclusive for Chi Chi’s company?
In July 2001 I was at the Parliament House, Florida’s first and last gay resort. I was having cocktails, and [porn star] Rob Kirk sent the bar boy over to say I was hot. We went to his room and fooled around. He said, “You need to be in porn,” and I said, “Of course I do!” (laughs) Rob told Chi Chi about me and about three weeks later Steven Walker from Channel 1 Releasing called and said to send pictures because Chi Chi was coming to Orlando for a talent search.
What were you doing at the time?
I worked in accounting for eight years.
Did you know anything about the industry?
I didn’t watch gay porn, but I had read a lot about the porn industry. So I knew about a lot of the guys.
Did you think you had a shot at being discovered in the talent search?
I know I am not ugly. I don’t have the biggest dick or the best body, but I have a combination of things that work for me. And I know how to work them. (laughs) Anyway, a friend won the contest, and we all partied until the sun came up. I guess I impressed Chi Chi because two days later I did my first scene with Alec Martinez and Yuri Breshnev.
Tell us about your relationship with Chi Chi.
Chi Chi is the boss. She gets what she wants. Chi Chi is an icon, and I want to make her proud of me.
How would you define your image?
I’m the all-American boy until I am naked, then I become a nasty pig boy.
What sets you apart from other newbies on the scene?
When I am with someone and I am into it, I let loose and really lose control. When I cum it’s like a grand mal seizure. Cum goes everywhere. Stuff goes flying. I’ve had people call 911. I’ve gotten standing ovations.
Many were in awe of your ability to deep-throat superhung Chad Hunt during the Live and Raw Webcast. Tell us your secret.
I refuse to fail. It’s all a matter of finding the right angle. With Chad, I had to be on my knees. The scene we did for Live and Raw was one of the best ever. It was three hours of sucking and fucking. I was nervous about taking Chad, but I always listen to my partner. I am conscious of what he needs and wants.
What is your favorite scene you have done?
The one in Oral Gang Bang. There were 12 guys, all really hot. I was lying on a desk, and they were all fucking my face and all came on my face.
What is your favorite thing to do sexually?
Being made to service, and I love to give head.
What haven’t you done yet?
I want to be in a sling because you are at the mercy of someone else, and that is hot.
Do you have a type?
Yes, manly men with hairy chests.
Top or bottom?
I top in real life. But onscreen, I bottom. I know my role.
Dick size?
Eight inches—long and pretty.
Has your personal life changed since all this has happened? Have you moved to Los Angeles?
No, I still live in Orlando. My family is there. I am buying a home there. And I do have someone I am intimately involved with, but recently that has changed. It is now an open relationship. It’s like I’m single, but with a best friend.
How does it feel to be the hot new porn stud of the moment?
I don’t see myself as being that well known, but it’s exciting. I don’t think I could become a household name, but I guess I could have a following. As celebrities in the gay community, porn stars have a duty. When you take on this job, you can’t ignore the people who purchase the videos and magazines. You take care of those people. I am a nice person. I would never be rude, and that is what is most important.

Reprinted from
HX magazine (2001)

May 11, 2001

Movie Review: Berlin


Director: Hervé Handsome.
Cast: Stefan Karl, Magnus, Michael Kosma, Stefan Hammer, Derik Glenn, Karl Heinz, Alfredo Tobias, Heinze Carsten.

Reality TV takes a new turn with this talky yet original view of Berlin’s seamy underside. Hunky Stefan Karl drives all around the town, giving a twisted tour of the legendary German city. Along the way, he picks up guys and entices them into sexual situations. At a roadside rest stop he convinces cohort Magnus to seduce an innocent bystander and do him right there in the woods. Of course, Karl can’t help but join in. He also reminds Magnus to get the guy to sign a model release when the fun is over! Three other episodes follow, including the introduction of some of Germany’s finest hustlers and the initiation of a slave into Karl’s wacky world. A stunning fourway wraps up the tour and the film. While some may tire of the long driving sequences in which Karl talks to the camera on a variety of topics (in subtitles), patient viewers will be rewarded with some gritty sex that is the real thing. (High Octane 2)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2001)

May 6, 2001

Interview: Director Drew Warner


Drew Warner is on a schedule. “Chi Chi’s been here shooting for Odyssey for the past few days,” he says, referring, of course, to everyone’s favorite drag-queen directress, who has been working at his Sports & Recreation studio in Hollywood. Now, Warner is helping to clean up the New York–style loft, where he also lives, before heading off to an awards ceremony in West Hollywood with LaRue and her porn posse. So he only has an hour to talk. “Chi Chi is always great about being organized and not leaving a mess, unlike some other people,” Warner says, although he stops short of naming the culprits, which is unusual for the outspoken 29-year-old director who has made a fast name for himself in the porn industry.

During the past two years, Warner (pictured above with model Rhett O’Hara) has produced and directed numerous films for his own company—such as Man Trade Solos, which won a GAYVN Award last year for Best Solo Video—and for others, including Exhibition and Gang Bang Jocks for Channel One Releasing’s Mandatory Pictures. He has also won a Grabby Award for Best Newcomer Director. But his initial exposure to the business wasn’t in Los Angeles, even though he was born there. Warner lived in Miami for 11 years, where he got a degree in business management from the University of Miami. It was there that he first got involved in the porn industry.

“I had done a lot of commercial work,” Warner recalls, “shooting mainstream fashion campaigns and other stuff when I was approached at a party in Miami. They needed someone who could shoot some underwater video for a porn movie called South Beach Heat. I didn’t have any problem with shooting the scene, so I did it.”

And what did Warner take away from the controversial Phil St. John production that featured a notorious bareback scene? “Well, I learned everything not to do on a porn movie from that film,” Warner laughs. “And I realized it wasn’t that difficult to produce these kinds of movies from a production point of view. So I decided to head back to L.A. and get involved in the business.”

Something else he got from that movie was his first porn-star boyfriend. “Yeah, I started dating Dax Kelly, a cute blond guy who was in the movie,” Warner admits. “I also had no problem with that!”

As if on cue, Warner’s most recent porn-star boyfriend, Dillon Pierce, calls in on the other line. The couple, who dated for a year and broke up last fall, has maintained a friendship despite an industry that Warner claims would rather see them apart. “I’m doing an interview,” he tells Pierce, “but can I call you tomorrow?” It’s obvious that there are still a lot of warm feelings between the two.

“I learned very quickly that porn is a cannibalistic industry,” Warner continues. “It builds up and creates egos that it tears down just as fast. It is a miniature version of any shark pool. The gay community is very small, and the porn industry is even smaller. It makes it difficult to have a relationship in it. People are not happy with themselves, so they try to make others unhappy. I get slack all the time for being friends and having relationships with my models, but I don’t care.”

So would he get involved with another porn star? “Of course,” he says without hesitation. “I have no problem with a partner having sex with others on film. But if the relationship is unstable, then it’s a problem. But sex is not an issue if you care for and love each other.”

And speaking of porn models, what does Warner look for when casting one of his films? “I look for all-American type guys,” he says, “good-looking, good personality, easygoing. Guys like Dean Phoenix, Corey Summers and Jack Ryan. They are all great.”

And how about some who aren’t so great? “Well, I don’t like models who show up to the set in a rush,” Warner says. “I did one movie with Chase Allen called Locked Up!, and he showed up and all he could say was that he had to be at happy hour by five o’clock. That was all he cared about. I would never work with him again. Some models are just too high maintenance. You just get through the day and then don’t hire them again. Everybody is replaceable. I say, Do your job well and be happy you are there—or you won’t last. I mean why would anyone put up with a bitchy, whiny queen—and then you have to pay ’em too!”

Warner says that in his experience most models who have reputations for being divas don’t deserve the label. But he does have a theory for what makes a successful porn star. “I believe that models should be in it for the sex, not for the money,” he says. “If that is what they want, they shouldn’t be in the business. And it’s not about the acting either. Acting isn’t typically what porn viewers want to see. Most people who watch porn want to see sex. If they want to see acting, they’ll go rent a video at Blockbuster.”

Warner goes on to recount some favorite moments from his sets that sound worthy of a video rental. “We were filming High Desert out in Joshua Tree,” Warner recalls. “It was a big shoot with 10 models and a large crew. There weren’t many places to eat, so every night we would have dinner at the local Sizzler. Well, the second night the waitress was looking at us and asked, ‘Hey, are you guys in a boy band?’ We thought that was hysterical, so we told her, ‘Yeah, we’re filming a music video.’ ”

Then there was the time that leather daddy Cole Tucker gave Warner and crew a good scare. “On the movie MANeuvers: Agony of Victory, Cole was doing one of the vignettes,” Warner says, “and it was the one about water sports, and he had to urinate in a cup. And before, he asked us how far he could go and we said, ‘Just go as far as the law will allow.’ So Cole pisses in the cup, sticks his finger in it and brings the cup up to his mouth, and we really thought he was going to drink it, but instead he put his underwear in it and then wrung it out over his body. My cameraman and I just looked at each other and we were like, ‘Whew, that was a close call!’ ”

Warner describes his own preference in porn as softer and more romantic. “I don’t do real nasty, in-your-face type movies,” he says. This may explain why in a world full of piss-swilling daddies Warner hasn’t ruled out a crossover to the other side of the camera. “I have been thinking of going in front of the camera, showing more of myself than in the past,” Warner admits. “I had hoped to do a scene with Dillon, but that never happened. I used to dance as a go-go boy in Miami Beach 10 years ago. Hey, if it saves me money by being in a scene in one of my movies, why not?” Warner asks with a laugh.

Obviously the bottom line is never far from the mind of this savvy businessman. When Warner isn’t busy producing and directing movies for Sports & Recreation Video—such as the popular Leather Trade solo series, the Open Trench series for the younger fetish fan and the upcoming Poolside With Dean Phoenix and Drew Warner On Location—he works as a videographer for other studios. He also does his own editing and oversees his Web sites, which feature live Web cams and sell merchandise. This doesn’t leave a lot of free time, but Warner isn’t complaining. In fact, he is due at that awards show with LaRue, so it’s time to wrap up the interview. But before he goes, Warner has one last confession: He has never been a big fan of his own industry. “Porn has never turned me on,” he says. “I never watched it. It never did much for me. For me, it’s just a business.”

Reprinted from All-Man magazine (2001)

April 17, 2001

Movie Review: Sex Without Rules


Director: Hoyt Verlooten
Cast: Miles Andrew, Jack Wyman, Sean Storm, Jack Trade, Peter Jones, Skor Michaels, Jerry Bravo, Lane Nathaniel, Bill Skully, Cockwalk, Tommy Haas, Rocco, Alfred Calif “The Cyclop”, Butch Leifer

In the first Mitch Koch thriller of the new millennium, detectives Toothpick Joe Baker (Miles Andrew) and Jack Wyman hunt down lowlifes in the gritty streets of Chicago. Based on Koch’s novel Gay Ransom, Sex Without Rules follows the coppers as they investigate two cases. The first involves fraternity hazing, which leads them to an on-campus party where Sean Storm spills the beans (and more) about what kinky fun the sexy inductees must endure (paddling, bondage, shrimping, butt worship and blindfolding). As the poor things doff their Calvin Klein undies, an orgy ensues and Wyman recites the rules in twangy voice-over (“Your rectum will serve as a manpussy for any member who wants to penetrate you”).

The second case deals with the Rocco Gang, who kidnap the son (adorable Tommy Haas) of a rich industrialist and hold him for $3 million ransom. While they wait for the cash, this nasty crew forces Tommy Boy to suck their dicks and toes, lick their boots and provide golden showers for their pleasure. Torture has never been so hot!

Artfully photographed and inventively conceived, Sex Without Rules offers a touch of quirky comedy with its twisted sex acts. Director Hoyt Verlooten and producer Toby Ross serve up a gritty kinkfest and absorbing story line that will appeal to fetishists and mystery fans, too. But the overbearing true-crime soundtrack will have you begging for mercy. After all, there is only so much punishment we can take. (VideoSpoon)

Reprinted from (2001)

April 15, 2001

Movie Review: Jackhammer


Director: Uncredited.
Cast: Brett Mycles, Dante, Alex LeMonde, Mycle Roc, Curt Baldwin, Eric Lang, Christian Taylor, Jordan Austin, Tuck Johnson.

They don’t call muscleman Brett Mycles “the jackhammer” for nothing. He certainly knows how to fuck a face, but viewers will have to be patient if they want to see him do just that. The beautifully built stud doesn’t do much of anything in Jackhammer until the final moments when he graciously allows himself to be serviced (think early Billy Herrington). But he does tie the threads of the minimal story line together as the boss of Jackhammer Construction. In four scenes, we see a multitude of attractive men. One couple ogles pictures and videos of Mycles, which leads to a major fuck session. Two co-workers (one is a dead ringer for Ricky Martin, if only he were…never mind) goof off and fuck after the boss man warns them not to. Tuck Johnson (sporting a bizarre Veronica Lake hairdo) gets nasty with a new guy on the job, introducing him to the Brett Mycles dildo. And finally, we get to see the man himself pumping iron, showering and preening in the mirror. Not that it isn’t worth the wait. Mycles is a gorgeous hunk of man, even if his acting and sexual repertoire are limited at this point. Jackhammer boasts some titillating moments, but the scenes tend to drag on for too long and the editing could be tighter—unlike the star’s amazing physique. (Jet Set Men)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2001)

March 16, 2001

Event: The Men of Raging Stallion/Zeus


The GayVN Awards in Los Angeles on March 16, 2001, brought out porn’s biggest and brightest stars, but only a couple of leather and/or kink films took home the gold. (Falcon’s Bad Behavior was named Best Leather Video, and Club Inferno/Hot House Entertainment’s Hand Over Fist won for Best Specialty Release.) Porn star Will Clark made up for this the following night at Micky’s in West Hollywood, where he hosted a tribute to the men of Raging Stallion/Zeus.

To get the festivities going, Daddy Zeus showed up with a box of his finest videos to give away and his bikini-clad boy Robert Black (1999 Zeus Boy of the Year). Big Daddy Ferguson contributed copies of Gay Chicago magazine and gave out magnets for the upcoming Grabby Awards in Chicago on Memorial Day weekend. Birthday boy (and recent Raging Stallion model) Chris Steele wore a revealing black leather vest and puffed on a stogie before receiving his birthday whacks from drag queens Sister Buffy and Sister Ida of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Steele also seemed to enjoy his other “gift”—veteran stud Zak Spears being brought onstage by Clark for a surprise smooch.

Also seen in the crowd: Corey Summers; Spike; Michael Knight; Dino Phillips; Kurt Young; Andrew Addams; director Drew Warner; Men of Odyssey honchos Bob East, Hans, and Dennis; 2001 Zeus Man of the Year Bryce Pierce; Buzz; Cameron Cruise; Anthony DeAngelo; Simon Cox; Mark Everett; Jeff Allen; and many others. The event raised $450 in raffle-ticket sales for Aid for AIDS—an L.A.-based charity benefiting porn stars—which was matched by Men of Odyssey for a total of $900. So who needs an award anyway?

Reprinted from (2001)

March 5, 2001

Porn Star Interview: Chad Hunt


Newcomer Chad Hunt has made a splash in the porn world thanks in large part to his large endowment. But we like him because he is that rarity among porn stars: a New Yorker. The 27-year-old Ohio native has been working steadily in the industry (14 movies in the past six months) but refuses to relocate to the porn capital, Los Angeles. “I’m more of a New York boy,” Hunt says. He got his start in movies such as Fire Island Cruising and Top to Bottom for model-turned-director Michael Lucas. Since then he has worked on In Gear with Chi Chi LaRue and Falcon Studios’ The Other Side of Aspen 5, among others. We caught up with Hunt on the eve of his departure for his premier engagement at the Nob Hill Theatre in San Francisco.

Okay, let’s talk size. How big is it?
Oh, about 10 x 7 cut. Usually in this business you use your best asset, so that is what I am known for. I wish it were otherwise. I wish it were because I was hot! [Laughs]
When did you first know you had a big dick?
I always thought I had a small one. I was a late bloomer. I was 16 and hadn’t gone through puberty yet. People made fun of me. I used to lie in bed and pray for a big one. Then when I was 17, I grew and grew. It worked!
Is it true that a dildo is being made of you?
Yes, John Rutherford of Falcon asked me to do a dildo. We just signed the contracts.
Do you know how it will be made?
Well, my dick goes in a tube, and I have to stay hard for five minutes while they pour casting material over it.
Sounds like fun.
I may have to do Viagra for that one. [Laughs]
So, how did you get into the industry?
Ever since I was young, I found that guys always want to give me money—whether it was for dancing or escorting or whatever. So when I met Michael Lucas through the photographer Chuck in New York, it seemed like a good way for me to make money.
What did you do before getting into porn?
I was a certified preschool teacher.
How did you get your porn name?
Chad is a name I always used for dancing. And for a last name, I tried to think of one that could be used in a title, in case I became a big star—like Hunting for the Perfect Fit or something. Because not many people can take my dick.
Tell us about your most memorable on-screen performance.
That would be with Anthony Ferrat in Fire Island Cruising, when I gave him a beer bottle douche and he squirted it back on me.
And your most memorable real-life performance?
Well, I could tell you about a time in the Ramble in Central Park with my boyfriend, Kevin, and another guy. [Laughs]
Do you have a favorite co-star?
I like Enrico Vega. He’s easy to work with.
Favorite sex act?
I love to get good head and eat ass.
Are you excited about performing live at the Nob Hill?
Yeah, but I don’t know what to expect. I hear it can get pretty wild there.
Any long-term goals?
Well, I’d like to milk this porn thing while I am still considered good eye candy. I wouldn’t want to be a schmuck and keep doing this when no one wants to see me. But before that, I’d like to do as many movies as possible. Just to have that thrill. Then I’d like to go back to school.
Would you ever consider moving to L.A.?
Nah, I like Puerto Ricans, Latins, banjee boys. You just can’t get that in L.A.

Reprinted from HX magazine (2001)

Movie Review: Steal the Night


Director: Chi Chi LaRue.
Cast: Matt Skyler, Joey Hart, Marco Antonio, Nino Bacci, Doug Jeffries, Lee Driver, Dale Summer, Patrick Allen.

In Steal the Night, Matt Skyler plays a horny houseboy who spies on his guests and even steals their used condoms and underwear. Director Chi Chi LaRue maintains the usual Jocks Studios high standards with good production values, lighting, sets and of course, hot guys. And while Skyler does his best to live up to his leading-man status (taking both a fist and a huge dildo up his butt), only a very verbal Doug Jeffries manages to make much of an impression. The rest of the buffed-and-fluffed cast seems to blend into one another. Only the feverish fourgy finale heats up the proceedings and saves this from being standard-issue porn.(Jocks)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2001)

February 15, 2001

On the Set Report: Manhattan Sex Party


“Do you have what it takes to be an MSR sex pig?” reads a banner at the Lure, a leather bar in the meat-packing district of New York City. This is exactly what Los Angeles–based MSR Video has come to town to find out. There, amid the cigars, flannel and chaps, co-directors Tony Alizzi and Jack Francis work the crowd, hoping to find some fresh talent for the sex-party video they are filming one weekend in early February. “We’re looking for a certain gritty New York mentality,” Alizzi says. “New York is a melting pot,” Francis chimes in, “and that is what we want this movie to be about.”

As the Lure fills up with its usual assortment of manly men, several tentatively approach the MSR table and inquire about the shoot. The adventurous ones fill out a form asking for their vital statistics, including cock size. Then they are taken to a private area to be photographed. The following day the co-directors will interview the most promising candidates.

Three days later, on the other side of town, Alizzi and crew arrive at El Mirage, an underground sex club in the East Village. (Francis has returned to L.A. for emergency foot surgery following a fall.) It is 8am, and they begin to set up the scenery and lights. The cast of 22 guys begins to gather to shoot the main orgy sequence. Most of the models pass right by the muffins, fruit and energy bars that have been laid out for them. Well-known performers such as Max Grand, Jack Simmons, Chad Hunt, Michel Mattel, Gabriel Cortez, and Rick Allen mingle with many newcomers and first-timers (four of whom were discovered at the Lure talent search).

Still photographer Chuck sets up his equipment and begins doing glamour shots of the leads. By 11am, the filming is ready to begin. Cortez is casually draped in a sling, and Hunt is getting blown by Grand, but many of the models mill around, not quite sure what or whom to do. Alizzi surveys the two monitors (although there are three cameras) and decides to reorganize the action. He splits the guys into two decidedly A and B groups. Most of the well-known models gather in the front, while the remainder, about eight guys, are relegated to a back corner. One unexpected star of the A group turns out to be a certain masked man named Guy, who confesses that he has a “real career as a modern dancer” and cannot risk showing his face. But this doesn’t stop him from showing everything else, including his perfect body and huge cock.

The action continues for about 40 minutes when Alizzi calls for a break. The guys drink water and smoke cigarettes. Simmons clowns around, donning Guy’s black leather mask and strutting about with an oversize black dildo. But there is no time for fun—the shoot is on a tight schedule as the sex club must be open for business that night. After a few minutes, the guys are repositioned, new partners are chosen and it is back to work.

Alizzi paces, asking for “more verbal commands” from the group. They moan and offer a few “Fuck that ass!” type responses. While a Will Clark look-alike attempts his first cum shot, Carlos Morales sucks Grand and Hunt through adjacent glory holes. Meanwhile, Coral Sands, another newcomer who doesn’t want his handsome face seen (he is also legit), goes behind a curtain and gets his pierced dick sucked through a hole by Cortez.

Soon it is time for cum shots. “This is when I feel like an expectant mother,” Alizzi whispers. Following a few hours of work, several members of the B group begin leaving the set and dressing. They have only been paid for a half day, and it is already about 1:30pm. Lunch has arrived (cold-cut platters, salads and rolls), but most of the guys are too busy to eat.

By 3pm everything has been shot, and the film is wrapped. (Some location scenes of the models on subways and in taxis were filmed in Times Square the previous night.) The remaining guys dress and snack on leftovers. Checks are written, and the crew begins cleaning up. “I can’t believe we finished early and underbudget,” Alizzi says with amazement. “I was going for the feel of the classic Joe Gage movie Closed Set, and I think we got it.” He looks at the food and realizes that he hasn’t eaten anything all day. “I’m gonna make a baloney sandwich with potato chips on it,” Alizzi says. “I always used to eat that as a kid.” It’s a well-deserved treat for a hard-working porn director.

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2001)