June 24, 2002

Porn Star Interview: Mark Dalton


There is nothing more American than an overnight success story. You know, the rag-to-riches kind that can only happen in this fabulous land of crass opportunism. Think Madonna, think Britney, think...Mark Dalton. Yes, it was less than a year ago that this adorable Texas boy seemed to enter the gay collective unconscious at a moment’s notice with his dance appearances, magazine covers and muscle-worship videos. Now, the 22-year-old self-proclaimed “country boy” is ready to make his Gay Pride debut from high atop the HX float. “I’ve never even been to Gay Pride before,” Dalton admits in his sexy Southern drawl. “It should be fun.” So, New York, get ready to stand up and salute the stunning stud. Mark Dalton is here to live out the great American (wet) dream.

Mark, it seems like you just came out of nowhere, that suddenly everyone just knew who you were.
I did. About a year ago, I was dancing at the Gaiety and hanging out at Exit on a Sunday morning. I was approached by a photographer to model for the cover of a local gay rag. The rest is history.
What were you doing before that?
I was doing nothing, literally. I was living with Mom and Dad in Texas, sleeping on the couch while my mom yelled, “Get a job!” I was waiting, though. I didn’t know what I was gonna do, whether I was gonna play pro football or be a wrestler or a model, but I knew I was gonna do something with my body.
Did it ever occur to you that you might become a porn star?
No, not really. I had played semi-pro football with a Texas team. I was in a couple of Tough Man competitions on FX. So I knew it was gonna be something with my body, but porn, no.
How did you end up dancing and modeling?
One of my buddies had done a couple of Muscle Hulk videos and posed for Colt. He told me about this field, and I thought, if he could do it, then I could do it.
And when was the first time you got naked for the camera?
That would be when I went to L.A. about a year ago and was shot for Playgirl.
Was that hard to do?
Nah, I’m good in front of the camera. I’m better at that than just talking. I can be kinda shy. In fact, my manager always tells me that in real life I’m kinda boring. (laughs)
And what was the reaction to those first pictures?
It was huge, phenomenal. In fact, I was just named as one of the top-100 sexiest men ever in the history of Playgirl’s 35 years. I was number 41 and the youngest! That was amazing to me.
How do you explain your popularity?
It’s because I don’t look like the norm of someone who does what I do. What makes me different is that I look too innocent—not that I am. (laughs) But I look like a little preppy boy doing all this stuff, so that makes me stand out.
Not to mention your amazing bod. Do you work out constantly?
I work out five or six times a week, about an hour a day. I do one body part a day. I do very little cardio, if any. My diet consists of lots of protein and low carbs. I eat steak, chicken, fish and a lot of sushi. That is my favorite food in the world.
Okay, so then you moved on to video work.
Yeah, I have done a bunch of solo stuff. For Vista Video, I did the movies Body Storm and Idols. For MuscleHunks.com, I did Naughty Texan 1 and 2. For MuscleGods, I did The Model. And I’m really excited about the new one for Pacific Sun. That was the most elaborate, expensive production. It’s called Ranch Hand Muscle.
How did you get your porn name?
Well, when I worked for Vista Video, they told me my body looked like Mark Wahlberg’s, so that is where Mark came from. And another company came up with Dalton, and that was Patrick Swayze’s name in the movie Roadhouse, so I liked that.
You have done a lot of solos, but do you think you’ll progress to some, er, harder sexual activity?
Well, right now, I will leave that open. Let’s put it this way: If you asked me a year ago if I would be doing some of the things I’m doing now, I would say no way. So, you never know.
Can we discuss your personal life? Are you single?
Yeah, I’m not in a relationship. I travel too much. I’m always gone. I don’t expect anyone to put up with that. And especially because of what I do, how could I expect anyone to sit around and wait for me?
Have you ever been involved?
Yeah, and it’s nice to have someone to call every night and say I love you. I miss that.
And would the person on the other end of the phone be a man or a woman?
Well, let’s just say that all my gay friends think I’m straight and all my straight friends think I’m gay. Or, you could say that I’m the straightest gay guy in the world or the gayest straight guy in the world.
Huh? Well, that will certainly give our readers something to ponder. So anyway, what’s next?
I’m working on my Web site. Matthew Rush is gonna be doing something with me for that. A lot of doors have opened to me that I never thought possible. There are so many opportunities, I just want to stay open. I’m along for the ride.
Do you see porn superstardom in your future?
Anything I do, I want to be the best. If I can only be second-best, then I don’t want to do it. So, if I decide I want to do this, then I want to be the number-one guy. It may sound cocky, but it’s not. I’m just willing to work harder.
Since this is our patriotic issue, do you have any feelings you’d like to share about New York?
Well, I lived in New York for about six months when I was 18 to do some modeling. It was very different from my hillbilly town, but I liked it. Then when 9/11 happened, it was a real bad deal. No one would expect that.
Did it change your feelings about this city and country?
No, I’ve always been patriotic. I didn’t need that to bring it out. I’m a Texas boy at heart. I mean, just like there is no place like New York, there is no place like Texas. I love it there. My family is there, and I’m real close to my mom and dad and my granny. Every Sunday we have barbecue at Granny’s, and we even eat apple pie. Can’t get more American than that! (laughs)

Reprinted from
HX magazine (2002)

June 18, 2002

Movie Review: Bringing Out Brother


Director: Doug Jeffries.
Cast: Rod Barry, Devon Barry, Sean Paris, Billy Kincaid, Alex LeMonde, Aaron Tanner, Colton Ford.

Rod Barry makes a stunning return to porn with a starring role in Bringing Out Brother. When Devon Barry is dumped by his girlfriend, big brother Rod invites him to visit. But what Devon winds up getting is an initiation onto the Pink Team by a true master. In the opening scene, we see a very verbal Rod putting his twink lover, Billy Kincaid, through his paces. This scene is a tour de force, and Rod, with his winning smile and abundance of charisma, elevates fucking into an art form. When the younger Barry arrives, he immediately begins fantasizing about lusty pool boy Sean Paris. These two cuties go at it with much gusto. The only thing that mars the scene is Devon’s shaved chest and pubes. Imagine how adorable this newbie would be with a bit of fur? Rod heads to the office, where All Worlds exclusive Colton Ford is working over two workers (Alex LeMonde and Aaron Tanner). The wonderfully hairy Ford proceeds to lure them into a slam-bang double fuck. This threeway is another highlight among many. In the final sequence, big Rod decides it’s time to welcome little Devon into the wonderful world of buttfucking. Some sweet, romantically lit kissing turns into a steamy flip-flop, leaving the audience to believe that brothers really should do it. Director Doug Jeffries improves with each video he makes, and Bringing Out Brother combines a strong cast with a risque plot device. There are also solid production values and good cinematography, making this a sure-fire hit.

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2002)

June 15, 2002

Movie Review: Cornfed Boyz 1


Cast: Matt, Nate, James, A.J., Jacob.

Drew Warner’s Sports & Recreation Video branches out into the amateur field with Cornfed Boyz 1. And despite the disclaimer at the beginning, which addresses the quality of the videos the company received, Warner has nothing to apologize for. The video presents five young college-jock types who unselfishly share themselves with the camera. Matt (the most likely porn star of the bunch) stands in a field and plays with his butt. James offers a goofy grin before jacking in his bathroom. Matt and Nate (who is tattooed and pierced), the only couple in the video, engage in oral and then flip-flop in a second scene. Theirs are the most professional and hottest sequences in the video. (Looks like these two have a videographer friend!) A.J. self-consciously strips and pleasures himself, but not before showing off his great smile. And finally, Jacob has some fun with dildos. These guys are all young, cute, and smooth, and they offer what fans of the home-video craze want: real action from real people. Sure, a couple of the cum shots are out of focus and some of the lighting and video quality are below par, but that is the price to pay for authenticity. (Sports & Recreation Video)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2002)

June 14, 2002

Porn Star Interview: DC Chandler


Sexy DC Chandler made a big splash as a trophy boy—and a nominee for Best Actor for SuperCharge—at this year’s GAYVN Awards in Los Angeles. By show’s end, the 22-year-old hunk was stripped down to his undies, showing off almost all of his big (6 foot 3, 195 pounds) natural build. Chandler, who is of French/German/ Polish/Scotch-Irish descent, had already caused a commotion with his first three films as an exclusive for Studio 2000. Now, the shy Southern boy resides in Washington, D.C., where he spends his days working out and creating a Web site to keep his growing legion of fans up to date. At night, he dances at local bars. We recently rang up this stunning newcomer for an update of our own.

How did you get your start in the porn industry?
I started as a dancer at bars in Washington, D.C., and people were always saying to me, “Why don’t you do porn?” At first I said no, then I thought, why not? So I went and checked it out. I got an agent, and he got me a project working with [director] John Travis and Studio 2000. That was my first movie, Bedtime Stories.
What was it like shooting your first film?
It was very interesting and exciting. At first I was nervous. I was more worried about the acting than the sex. After doing a few scenes, I still get nervous, but I am getting used to it. John Travis was great. He made me feel comfortable. And the setting was nice. I was in a bedroom with Drew Larson. Not bad. (laughs)
Did you watch a lot of porn?
Not really. Sometimes I would see it in clubs on the monitors. I always thought it was hot, and I was very intrigued.
Did you ever expect to make a career of it?
No, when I sent out my pictures, I didn’t think of it as a career. I was just open-minded and wanted to try it out.
Well, I guess you did well because Studio 2000 signed you to an exclusive contract.
Yes, I signed with them for six scenes. So after Bedtime Stories, I did SuperCharge with [director] Wash West, who was awesome. Then I did The Scout Club and Working Stiff.
And how did you get your name?
DC is from the city where I live. The studio suggested it. Chandler came from [porn star] Rex Chandler, because of my height. I thought it sounded like Run-DMC or something, so I liked it.
Do you have a favorite co-star?
My co-star in SuperCharge, Jason Hawke. I don’t have one type, though. I usually like to fuck younger guys, but not always.
So, you are a top?
Well, I was into being a top, but that isn’t set in stone, so keep your eyes peeled. (laughs)
Did you always know you were so well-endowed?
I never thought that much about it. Guys always wanted to mess with me, and in hindsight, I guess that is why. I just took it for granted. I remember I used to wear shorts with tighty-whities, and I had a big bulge. A teacher in school even cruised me once! I thought, what should I do? Tie it down like a drag queen? (laughs)
And are you gay?
Yeah, I am mostly into guys these days. But I am not in a relationship right now. Not that I wouldn’t want one eventually, but that is just where I am at right now.
What was it like being a trophy boy at this year’s GAYVN Awards?
It was fun. It was my first awards show where I got nominated, and I lost, but it was an honor to get nominated. My number-one favorite moment was when Jeff Stryker mooned the audience. He’s such a big shot.
Is it true that you pulled your dick out for the fans backstage?
Well, stranger things have happened. (laughs)
Do you watch your own movies?
I do. My feelings have changed about that. At first I was nervous to see myself, but now I look at it with more of a critical eye. And I even get hot when I remember what the scene was like.
Any plans for the future?
I am not sure what I want to do. I am kind of playing it by ear. I would love to continue doing more roles where I get to play a character, with interesting sex in interesting places with great chemistry.
How does it feel to know others are watching you and getting off?
It’s hot. I like to contribute to the sexual energy on a big scale. It’s a good part of life.

Reprinted from HX magazine (2002)

Movie Review: White Trash


Director: Tony Alizzi.
Cast: Rod Barry, Trent Cougar, Clay Maverick, Bret Wolfe, Anthony Shaw, Luke Pearson, Chad Johnson, Rowdy Carson, Frieda Lay Brown, Sharon Kane.

Straight from the land of Jerry Springer, Ricki Lake and Jenny Jones comes MSR Video’s latest, White Trash. Although the high-concept box cover screams National Enquirer, this funny and twisted comedy owes more to director John Waters than anyone.

In the opening scene, garish Earlene (Rowdy Carson) sets out for the karaoke finals with her trashy friend Kitty (the hysterical Sharon Kane). She’s upset because her husband, Luther (Trent Cougar), wants to stay home and watch bad TV. But when we learn that hot nephew Jeremiah (Bret Wolfe) is coming over to give him a wet and sloppy blowjob, who can blame the guy? Jeremiah is one stud who likes to keep things all in the family, as he then proceeds to blow his cousin, Amos (supercute Rod Barry). Again, who can blame him? The pairing of Wolfe and Barry brings to mind another film classic, Deliverance, as there is much squealing and piggish behavior. Barry even spits beer at Wolfe while fucking him. It doesn’t get much trashier than this scene, but the models manage to make it work.

Meanwhile, Earlene and Kitty are serviced at the gas station by hot mechanic Duke (the beautiful Clay Maverick). After the girls go on their way, Duke gets down to business in the restroom with a horny trucker (veteran Chad Johnson) and a blond slut (Anthony Shaw). Things once again get piggy in this terrific threeway, which includes oral, anal and even some pissing.

Back home, slutty sister Candy (Frieda Lay Brown) divulges that her boyfriend, Leroy (Luke Pearson), stole a pig from the farm. Guess it’s a family favorite because Luther and Amos race over to Leroy’s to get it back. Leroy is busy jacking off, until father and son decide to rape and humiliate him. Again, there is much spitting, whipping and rough play. But fear not, these guys know how to bring home the bacon. (Sorry, that line is straight from Rick Tugger’s cornball script.)

White Trash
has an entertaining storyline, snappy dialogue and some good down-home music by Gian Franco. Director Tony Alizzi gets light, breezy performances from his attractive cast, right down to their perfectly awful Southern accents. The humor and fun never outweigh the hot and dirty sex. Who said trash was bad for you? (MSR Video)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2002)

June 13, 2002

Porn Star Interview: Rob Romoni


Originally from:
“Perth Amboy, New Jersey, or as we say in Jersey, off Exit 10 of the Turnpike.”
Age: 29
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 185
Distinguishing features: “My eyes and my overall bad-boy look.”
Tattoos/piercings: “I have two tattoos: one on my back and one on my lower stomach.”
Penis size: “It’s seven inches, cut and thick.”
Sexual orientation: Gay
Ethnic background: Italian and German
Education: B.S. in Business Management
First adult performance: Colton (All Worlds Video)
Subsequent performances: Knight Spot (All Worlds Video), After Shock 1 and 2 (Falcon Studios), 2 (2 Magazine)
What did you do before getting into porn? “The 9-to-5 thing for a long time. Then I realized that there were so many limitations set on me, and I found myself missing out on life and travel, so I took a chance to leave it.”
How did you get into the industry? “My boyfriend, Jason Land, went out to San Diego and met with All Worlds Video. After he spoke to them, he called and asked if I would be interested in working for the studio too. After we talked about it, I decided to give it a try. Jason gave them a picture of me, and within a week I flew to San Diego and did their live Web show and had a great time. Then they offered me a movie. I accepted and haven’t looked back.”
How did you get your name? “From my Italian background, and I thought it was something different.”
Most memorable on-screen performance: “It has to be the first scene I did in the movie Colton. I was in a bathroom with Colton Ford and Adam Wolfe, and I was a little nervous. But by the end of the day, I knew that I didn’t need to be. This first performance will always be the number-one choice for me.”
Most memorable on-set performance not captured on tape: “There were so many great times filming After Shock. It got me to start carrying my own camera around to take behind-the-scenes shots.”
Favorite co-star? Jason Land
Favorite sex act: “In public and up against the wall—top or bottom.”
What are your long-term goals? “Financial freedom, constant self-improvement, to maintain my down-to-earth personality, laugh each day, and to always remember who has helped me along the way and help them when they need me.”

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2002)