April 30, 2010

Movie Review: Baitbuddies, 3rd Edition


Edward James.
Cast: Shane, Orlando, Wes, Jacob, Bobby Clark, Andrea, Rome, TJ, Gregg, Joseph, Scott.

It’s a classic setup: Sleazy pornographer lures unsuspecting model to his studio and proceeds to trick, cajole and coerce said model into posing nude. In the case of Baitbuddies, shady director Edward James gets the models to do much more than pose naked. If you buy the reality-style premise, he drags an alleged straight stud to his tacky leather sofas and makes him think that he’s going to bang some hot babes. But when the fictional bimbos don’t show, the con man director talks them into trying sex with a decoy gay, offering extra money and guaranteeing that the scene will be seen only in a foreign market. It’s all very manipulative and gross, and the real fucking is nothing compared to the mind-fucking that straight-faced liar James gives these naive dudes. The no-name cast (with the exception of a fresh-faced Bobby Clark, who proclaims himself “a titty man”) is average and perhaps they’re all in on the joke, but in our experience, porn stars aren’t this good at acting. If sexual psychodrama turns you on, then Baitbuddies might do the trick. Otherwise, you’ll find it as exploitative, boring and depressing as we did. (Pure Play Media)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2009)

April 29, 2010

Event: Micky’s Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

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April 28, 2010

April 27, 2010

Guy Candy: Vince Ferelli for Rufskin

Another gay porn star is doing the model thang for Rufskin. Following in the oversize footsteps of Leo Giamani, Johnny Hazzard and D.O., Vince Ferelli is the latest stud to model the company’s line of Sheer undies. Ferelli has appeared in numerous movies, including 5 Easy Ways to Fuck a Straight Guy and Loading Zone, and was formerly a Hot House exclusive. More recently, he has caused a stir by appearing in scenes with transsexual models, including two in which T-girl star Natassia Dreams has her way with him. According to Natassia, that is what really gets muscleman Ferelli’s panties in a bunch. Hey, whatever works!

April 26, 2010

April 22, 2010

News: Porn Stars Get Foreign TV Coverage

Who knew porn stars were so telegenic? Or at least on foreign soil they are. A few industry studs were recently featured on TV broadcasts abroad. First, COLT Men supercouple Carlo Masi (above) and Adam Champ appeared on the Italian TV show Chiambretti Night. Now from what we hear, this is one of the most-watched shows in all of Italy. And from the looks of the crazy clip linked here, it’s sort of a parody of a bad variety show—a scarfed Masi holds forth from a throne with his lap dog as a pair of overweight twins (not the Peters!) in matching sweaters twiddle their thumbs and some blonde chick with bunny ears swoops in on a swing. Even though the show is in Italian (no subtitles), we figured out (Vince is Italian, after all) that the real-life boyfriends were talking about their relationship and showing how they cast their famous cocks for COLT’s line of dildos. This is what they show on TV in Italy!? To view the insanity, click here.

Meanwhile, on National Israeli Television, the newsmagazine Channel 1 filmed Lucas Entertainment president and CEO Michael Lucas and exclusive model Jonathan Agassi as they shot the Lucas smash Inside Israel. The show (again with no subtitles) features porn superstar Lucas (whose interview is in English) talking about growing up gay and how he hopes that his current films will attract queer tourists to the country. In one touching segment, Agassi is interviewed with his mother (below). “Watching the news report from Tel Aviv about my Israeli films was amazing,” Lucas says. “This channel is the main news network in the nation. The entire country was watching, and Jonathan Agassi’s mother stood proudly by her son, in full support of his career. I was moved by the love she showed, and it was so nice to see Jonathan being incredibly moved by the words of his mother.” To watch the in-depth report, click here.

April 20, 2010

April 19, 2010

April 16, 2010

New Release: Getting Levi’s Johnson

Okay, the time for hype is over. Levi has arrived! We’ve been writing about Jet Set Men’s latest parody, Getting Levi’s Johnson, for a while. Now the star-studded satire is out and ready to bring the LOLs. This erotic spin on the real-life drama surrounding studly Levi Johnston and his awful almost-mother-in-law, notorious quitter/loser Sarah Palin, features superstars Mark Dalton (in his comeback solo), Brent Corrigan (in a rare major-studio appearance), Jesse Santana (on loan from his online deal with Cockyboys), Diesel Washington (a recent Hookies winner), not to mention Jet Set exclusive Landon Mycles, Dallas Reeves, Luke Marcum, Tommy G. (as young Levi) and newcomer Casey Monroe (making his debut as modern-day Levi). Plus busty Lisa Ann reprises her role as Serra Paylin from the straight XXX satire Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?

Director Chris Steele has brought together this top-notch cast for a five-scene, fun-filled, action-packed take on the actual baby daddy’s misadventures in the media spotlight, from his early years as a hockey player in Alaska to his infamous (and unrevealing) Playgirl photo shoot. Big-mouth talk show host Joy Behar even asked Levi about this very movie when he recently guested on her cable show. You can’t buy better publicity than that! Getting Levi’s Johnson is available now via video-on-demand and on DVD. To get your copy of this instant classic, visit JetSetMen.com.

April 15, 2010

News: Fleshjack Searches for Porn Stars

Fleshjack is looking for porn stars! The sex toy company is on a hunt for three models to represent its line of products, and they will be chosen by fans through an online contest. Eighteen performers are nominated for the title, including Brent Corrigan, Steve Cruz, Steven Daigle, Brent Everett, Matthew Rush and Austin Wilde. The Visconti Triplets (pictured above) previously served as spokesmodels for the company.

“Fleshjack is constantly seeking to improve and expand our product line,” Fleshjack affiliate manager Daniel Pacheco says. “We’re striving to ensure our customers are satisfied. We are working with several of the top and most popular gay porn stars, and all of the guys nominated have worked hard to get where they’re at today. I wish all of the contestants the best of luck.”

Voting is open now, and the competition ends Friday, May 14, at 11:59 pm PT. To vote for your favorite porn star, click here.

April 14, 2010

Seen: Porn Stars at White Party in PS

Before our girl Brit Brit showed up at the White Party in Palm Springs last weekend to check out “Release Me” singer Agnes, the news from the gay circuit event where Chi Chi LaRue made her DJ comeback was mostly about scantily clad porn stars lounging poolside (such as XXXPOSED reality star Steven Daigle and Morning Wood newcomer Landon Conrad, above) and getting painted to dance onstage with that “Blah” gal Ke$ha (like Falcon fun couple Aden and Jordan Jaric, below). Of course Twitter was abuzz with who was coming, who was going, who was drunk, who was puking—you know, exciting stuff. But did everyone agree that Real Housewives of Atlanta “singer” Kim Zolciak sucked? We thought so.

April 13, 2010

April 12, 2010

Short Takes: Rob Romoni Gets Bloggy With It…and More

If you can’t get enough of Rob Romoni and his hysterical tweets on Twitter, now the veteran porn superstar has his very own Web site. “Rob Romoni: Truth and Game” has just launched, and in an exclusive interview with VincentLambert.com, comeback kid Romoni says that the new project is simply the result of supply and demand. “I have been asked by many fans to start a blog,” Rob says, “so they can always have a central location to comment and follow my career and life. I thought it was about time to begin one for them and for myself, so I can express my thoughts on the industry and my personal life.” The blog will feature entries about Romoni’s numerous films, live appearances and upcoming events. There will also be news (such as his recent decision to sign with FabScout Entertainment), photos, music, his notorious Twitter updates, a chat room and video. “Since my return to the industry, I have worked with Falcon Studios, RVD Films, Massive Studios, Suite 703 and Channel 1 Releasing,” he adds, “so there will be much to discuss and comment on when these projects are all out.” We can’t wait to hear what he’ll say next! To check out Rob’s new site, click here.…Speaking of veteran stars, Los Angeles–based gay porn star management company DV8 Casting has announced that Doug Jeffries is joining as the company’s director of live appearances. Jeffries, who has appeared in many movies as a model, is now an award-winning director whose films include Little Big League, Bringing Out Brother and Chosen. “Doug has been booking the biggest names in the business at the biggest clubs in the world for so long now,” DV8 owner Jason Sechrest says, “he’s the best that there is. It’s exciting too because the DV8 Casting boys will be promoting their work with Channel 1 Releasing at these events worldwide, so it’s a great synergy for both companies.” For a look at DV8’s roster of models, visit DV8Casting.com.…Well, it took three years, but Lucas Entertainment is in the clear following a court battle over one of its films. In February 2007, International Media Films (IMF) filed a lawsuit against Lucas alleging that its film Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita violated IMF’s claimed copyright of Federico Fellini’s movie and associated trademarks. IMF subsequently sought an injunction against distribution of Lucas’ award-winning version, but the court ruled against IMF, allowing Lucas to continue distribution and sales of its film. Now a judge has dismissed IMF’s entire lawsuit, concluding that the “plaintiff has failed to show that it has sufficient admissible evidence from which a reasonable fact finder could conclude that it was the copyright owner of the Fellini film.” Lucas Entertainment president and CEO Michael Lucas says, “I’m proud that my company won a case of such magnitude. We believed strongly that we hadn’t done anything wrong even before we learned, through the meticulous, extensive and expensive fieldwork of our lawyers, that IMF doesn’t even own the movie it went to court over.” For more, visit LucasEntertainment.com.

April 7, 2010

Sneak Peek: Twink Pool Party

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April 2, 2010

News: Count Three and Pray

Okay, it’s time to run our annual drool-worthy picture of Rusty Joiner. Trusty Rusty was here when we turned one and two. Now the Icon Men hunk is back to celebrate the third anniversary of VincentLambert.com! Yes, kids, another year has passed and we continue to blog about gay porn in its many incarnations. This year, the industry kept evolving (or devolving, depending on who you asked), and we did our best to keep up and keep y’all informed. We went on porn cruises, attended erotic art fairs and watched as they handed out awards to hookers (yes, they give awards for that!). We interviewed famous directors and photographed veteran ones. We traveled to L.A. and made it to Industry (before it went kaput) and even had Cocktails With the Stars. And of course there were the models, young and, er, classic: We ate lunch with Simon Dexter and dinner with Jeremy Feist (young); we played bingo with Robert Van Damme and hit the road with Mark Dalton (definitely classic). But it was old-timer Dean Phoenix and newcomer Robert Gonzalez who really got us going.

At the movies, we joined in the Best of the Decade group blogging event (here’s Part 1 and Part 2) with numerous other industry writers, spotted trends (twins!), called out a lame documentary and actually found something watchable on MTV! We continued the Should Do Porn posts that first put us on the map (Mr. Joiner was one of the premier subjects), held our annual calendar contest (thanks, Raging Stallion!) and even wrote about video games (we hear the kids like ’em). Although we’ve never been nominated or won an award (hint), sometime in the past year we landed on the Starrfucker.net Top 10 Blog list. Vince showed up as a “porn expert” on The Derek and Romaine Show on Sirius Radio and continued to write for Unzipped, Men, Freshmen and GAYVN, until they folded or downsized! We also did lots of Tweeting over the past 12 months (follow us @VinceLambertNYC)—or at least as much as time (and our scintillating workout schedule) allowed.

So it was a year. It might not sound like much, but we did our best to bring you all the latest gay porn news, gossip and information—or at least the stories that we found interesting and/or amusing. After all, if you can’t get a good giggle from this crazy biz, then what’s the point? Thanks to all the readers who visit on a daily basis (are we really approaching 1.5 million unique visitors!?) and to all the other sites and bloggers who offer links, support and encouragement. Oh, and the studios and porn stars too, who make much of our content possible. And props to anyone who can figure out the origins of our obscure headline today (courtesy of one of our fave ’80s bands). Keep reading, writing in and commenting, guys. The rest is yet to come!

April 1, 2010