July 29, 2011

Press: Lucky Daniels on Next Mag Cover

Yes, that’s the face (and rockin’ bod) of Lucky Daniels you see smiling from the cover of New York’s Next Magazine. The porn superstar has recently returned to the scene following a brief hiatus. Besides gracing the weekly’s gorgeous cover, shot by Wilsonmodels, Daniels is doing live appearances and is also back in a new film for Buckshot directed by Max Phillips. Lucky Dreams explores those daytime and nighttime fantasies that we all experience when hot naked guys are involved. Lucky shares a scene (and a bed) with humpy AJ Irons. Also starring Alex Eden, Devin Moss, Dominik Rider, Jacob Marteny, Tyler Andrews and Zac Blake. For more information, visit ColtStudioGroup.com.

July 28, 2011

News: Phenix Saint Returns to Cockyboys

Horse-hung porn star Phenix Saint is back in the Cockyboys stable. After being signed by the popular Web site in 2007, Saint filmed more than a dozen scenes and made a name for himself over a couple of years. The 29-year-old stud then went on to work for other studios, including Raging Stallion and Jet Set Men, but he has now returned as an exclusive model. Saint will also serve as a creative force behind the camera, and the online studio says that in some cases he will even direct scenes.

“I’m thrilled about working only with Cockyboys again for the foreseeable future,” Saint says. “Although I have worked with other companies in the past, there is no doubt that on Cockyboys is where my most memorable and certainly hottest performances exist. This time around not only are they are giving me a voice in how the scenes unfold, but they gave me a creative license to do whatever I want, so you can expect some pretty heavy stuff.”

Creative director Benny Morecock adds, “Phenix just knows his way around a set like few people we have seen. And his no-nonsense attitude really helps get things done and gets the best performances for the camera. Having Phenix direct and help develop the productions will be a great asset to our new lineup of truly unique and exciting original programming.”

Saint has already filmed a threeway with fellow exclusive Mason Star and Jimmy Clay. And a compliation DVD, One Night in Phenix: Tattooed, Tough & Sexy, co-starring Jesse Santana, Andrew Blue and Cameron Adams, is also available. For more information, visit Cockyboys.com.

July 26, 2011

News: Chris Crocker to Make Gay Porn Debut

Talk about a femme fatale! Britney Spears fan Chris Crocker is set to make his gay porn debut. It was announced today that the onetime Internet sensation/“Leave Britney Alone” crybaby will be filming a movie for Channel 1 Releasing with director Chi Chi LaRue this fall. The 23-year-old “singer” and former drag queen has been butching up his image in recent days, posting suggestive pics of himself on his Tumblr account.

“I’ve already exposed every other part of myself on camera, haven’t I?” Crocker asks in a press release. “Having sex on camera with a stranger is actually a lot less revealing than many of the things I’ve posted on YouTube. The real question for me is: What is porn? Is it a lewd and lascivious exposure of yourself? Because I’ve done that clothed.”

It is not known who will co-star with the existential wannabe, but LaRue sounds excited about the collaboration. “I’m a big Chris Crocker fan,” she says. “As a DJ, I play his music a lot and I love his videos where he tells it like it is. I want this movie to leave people asking themselves about the very nature of pornography and I want it to incorporate everything that Chris Crocker is: the video diary entries, the music, the artist, the freak!”

Freak, indeed. For more information, visit C1R.com.

July 21, 2011

Seen: Tigris Wood at Micky’s in Weho

So it was supposed to be the night that Jason Adonis made his co-hosting debut at Cocktails With the Stars at Micky’s in West Hollywood (as he revealed in our recent exclusive interview). Instead, the porn superstar abruptly retired from the industry (again…and for good!?). Who knows what the hell happened, but in his place, newcomer Tigris Wood (above) made a splashy debut last night, courtesy talent manager David Forest. Wood, who has yet to make a movie but will soon be shooting for Raging Stallion Studios, was also celebrating his 23rd birthday. Host Scotty B presented the personal trainer who hails from Egypt with a cupcake. Awwww. Also seen: RSS exclusives Tommy Defendi (below with Wood) and Jesse Santana; Casey Daniels (co-star of the new film Zeb Atlas Is The Boyfriend); Topher DiMaggio; Brandon Wilde; DJ and porn star Dominic Pacifico; and porn vets Damian Ford and Chris Green. For more information on the Wood man, visit ThePremiereArtists.com.

July 20, 2011

News: Morecock Signs Deal With EuroMedia

Benny Morecock, creative director of the popular Cockyboys Web site, has signed a worldwide DVD distribution, brand management and licensing deal with EuroMedia. First up, the company will launch a new Benny Morecock Presents DVD line. The premier release, Ride My Disco Stick (hmmm, wonder where they got that title!?), will feature new Cockyboys exclusive Mason Star (above).

“I thought Mason was a perfect choice to feature on my first DVD,” says the 23-year-old Morecock. “He’s hot, has a giant cock, and he’s got terrific energy in front of the camera. He’s a performer in every sense of the word, and he embodies exactly what I want my DVD line to be about.”

“The inspiration for my new line was simple,” continues Morecock, who is also the creator of BennyMorecock.com. “I wanted to deliver customers more cock at a great price! I want my DVD line to be lighthearted and fun, taking small cues and inspiration from pop culture. When someone hears Benny Morecock, I don’t want them to think just porn blog or DVD line—I want it to be a destination.”

Disco Stick will be followed by Kink Ink, which will star models with tattoos. For more information, visit Cockyboys.com.

July 15, 2011

New Release: Jersey Score 2

Time to get your Snooki on again! Jet Set Men has announced a sequel to the award-winning Jersey Score. Studio chief Chris Steele has written and directed Jersey Score 2, a brand-new parody of MTV’s redonkulous crap show. This time around, Jet Set exclusive Billy Heights is cast as Mike “The Stimulation” (played by Dean Coxx in the original), and newcomer Jimmy Clay is his cute sidekick Nookie. Ha! Jersey Score 2 introduces some new characters and features the return of Derrick Vinyard, who reprises the role of D-Wow. Newcomers Connor Maguire, Tyler Ford and Tyler Hunt are also along for the ride, joining porn stars Jimmy Durano and Phenix Saint in four sexy scenes. Jet Set Director of Casting Rob Romoni says, “Jersey Score 2 puts it out there hard, and everybody will want to see it.” We wanna see! For more information, visit JetSetMen.com.

July 11, 2011

Guy Candy: Victor Lucca

For those old-time porn fans who remember buff bodybuilder Mark Wolff, he’s still at it, working in the big biz and traveling the world to bring hot models our way. Handsome Victor Lucca is the latest. The Italian stud has “one of the most symmetrical physiques we have shot in a long time,” Wolff says. “Huge cannonball delts, small tight waist and abs all tied together with perfect smooth olive skin.” Mmmm, sounds like one of our favorite spicy dishes! For more information, visit MarkWolff.com.

July 7, 2011

Event: Bad Boys on the Hudson 8

It’s time to set sail again, guys. Porn veteran Will Clark returns to host (for the eighth time!) his Bad Boys on the Hudson fund-raiser this Sunday, July 10. Join porn superstar Michael Brandon (and his renowned Monster appendage), Mike Dreyden (back in NYC, where he belongs), Lance Navarro, Scott Spears, Clay Towers, Chad Brock, LeNair Xavier and our old buddy Spike as they circle Lady Liberty. DJ Jonny Mack spins the tunes. The boat departs at 7:30 pm from Pier 40 (at the end of Christopher Street on the Hudson River), so don’t be late. You won’t want to miss the buffet dinner, sexy “dance show” and raffle. For more information, visit WillClarkWorld.com.

Seen: Randy Blue Stars at Splash for NYC Pride


New York City’s Gay Pride celebration was as gay as it wanted to be this year. Besides getting our groove on with friend of the community Miss Wendy Williams at the LGBT Center, we also romped down Fifth Avenue on Sunday looking for someone to marry. When that didn’t quite pan out, we zipped by Splash later in the evening to check out some of Randy Blue’s finest specimens. Besides Raphael Cedano (above) and Trent Davis (below), we feasted our eyes on site hotties Jay Stone, Cayden Ross, Danny Harper and Derek Atlas. What a way to end a star-spangled Pride. Now, which one of you dudes will say I do!?

July 6, 2011

News: Trent Locke Signs With RSS

Raging Stallion has scooped up another top model. The San Francisco–based megastudio has announced that porn star Trent Locke has signed an exclusive contract to appear in films for both Raging Stallion and Falcon Studios. Locke, who has previously worked for other companies and dated other porn stars, recently starred in Season 1 of Naked Sword’s Golden Gate. “When Raging Stallion approached me about signing exclusively, little thought was needed,” Locke says. “They’re a great company with excellent content and staff. They encourage me to be unique, and let me be as furry as I want. They want me to be myself. I am really excited to be part of the Raging Stallion–Falcon family!”

RSS president Chris Ward says of Locke, “He has a killer body and very, very nice coating of beautiful chest hair. He is the ideal Raging Stallion stud! He reminds me very much of Steve Cruz when he started in porn. We look forward to working with him over the next few years, and I hope to create some excellent erotica with him!”

Okay, we get it. He’s hairy (see above), and we love it! The hirsute hunk can also be seen in Mustang’s Man Up and additional titles will be released later this year. Locke will also appear at Cocktails With the Stars at Micky’s in West Hollywood on July 27. For more information, visit RagingStallion.com.

July 1, 2011

Interview Exclusive: Jason Adonis

Look who’s back! Though if you ask Jason Adonis, he’s never really been gone. “I’ve been here all along,” the 30-year-old porn superstar told VincentLambert.com in an exclusive interview this week. Hot on the heels of signing his exclusive contract with Raging Stallion last fall, Adonis appeared in the award-winning film Brutal for director Tony Dimarco. Now, he’s returned for two new movies for the studio: Dominus, which features him topping Race Cooper, and its sequel, Animus.

“I always wanted to do a leather/bondage-type scene,” Adonis says. “And I have also never done an interracial scene, so as part of my new deal with Raging Stallion, I figured I would try and do some things I haven’t done before.”

Although Adonis, who is married and has a 12-year-old daughter, has been plagued by gay-for-pay put-downs throughout his 10 years in the industry, he says that he has never understood the labels. “I have always found those names weird and kind of tacky,” he says. “I’m sexual. That’s all. I like getting attention from guys and girls.”

So when the scene with Cooper came up, Adonis saw it as a chance to prove he was no “gay-for-pay diva.” RSS president Chris Ward offered him the chance to ram muscle hunk Cooper and Adonis saw it as “the perfect opportunity to show what I can do. Plus, Race was easy to work with and has a huge dick.”

Besides broadening his range, Adonis seems to be happy with his new rough-and-tumble image. “Now I look more like a young man than an old boy,” he laughs. And that harder edge will be on display in two new scenes he will be filming for RSS this month—including one in which he will bottom. “Staying hard becomes so exhausting,” Adonis says of his usual role of top man. “Bottoming is going to be a welcome change. I want to start taking a more submissive role. I mean, as a bottom, all you have to do is get cleaned out and loosened up, and you’re good to go!” But is he nervous about taking it like a man on-screen? “I have a good selection of toys at home,” he admits. “No one is going to be as big as one of those!”

In addition to his latest film work, Adonis is also slated to co-host (with Scotty B) Cocktails With the Stars at Micky’s in West Hollywood on July 20. “I’m looking forward to that,” Adonis says. “I have never hosted before, and I am fairly quick-witted and like having fun with that. So it should be good.” He also doesn’t rule out other future live appearances. “I will take the right offers if they come along,” he adds.

But for now Adonis is content to ride out his contract with RSS. “It’s so much easier being an exclusive,” he says. “You don’t make as much money as when you’re a free agent, but the studio deals with all the politics and bullshit, so it’s worth it.” While he looks back fondly at some of the past 10 years of making porn (Falcon Studios’ Taking Flight was one of his favorite experiences because “I got to go to London and hang out and work with my friend Josh Weston”), Adonis isn’t sure exactly what his future holds. He owns a small business in the Midwest and prides himself on keeping his family together. “Balancing porn and a family is not easy to do,” he says. “But my family always comes first. People can call me flaky and unreliable, but the only times I have acted that way were when I had to make my family a priority.”

As he preps for his upcoming scenes with daily workouts and a strict diet regimen, Adonis seems resigned to the facts of his life. “I’m done trying to figure out why so much BS goes on in this industry,” he says with a sigh. “It’s just too stressful. From now on, I’m just going with the flow.”

To keep up with Jason, visit ThePremiereArtists.com.