July 31, 2009

Seen: Mark Dalton on the Road

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July 30, 2009

Seen: Bad Boys on the Hudson on Final Cruise


It’s farewell to the high seas for the Bad Boys on the Hudson. The sixth (and final) cruise set sail last Sunday, July 26. Founder Will Clark and his guys, including Mike Dreyden and Torez (above), got cozy with passengers and one another, despite some torrential rain that fell right before boarding. But the Queen of Hearts boat, which hosts the weekly Sea Tea party, braved the elements, as did the horny cast and guests. There was dinner, dancing (DJ Phillip Kimball spun the tunes) and an auction. The event helped raise funds for Team Eagle, which is taking part in the Braking the Cycle charity ride from Boston to New York in September. Seen: Jase Woodruff, Tyger Hudson, Duke Rivers, Jonny Mack, Colin Steele, plus veteran porn stars Enrico Vega and Spike. So long, Bad Boys!

July 29, 2009

Event: Van Damme Live in Atlanta Tonight!

Porn superstar Robert Van Damme got in touch this week to let us know that he’s hitting the road for some upcoming tour dates. First up, Hotlanta (do they still call it that!?) tonight for an appearance at Blake’s on the Park (227 10th Street) at midnight, then shows in Orlando (August 8) and Milwaukee (September 4). Van Damme has been keeping busy with his RVD Productions. The studio’s new film is titled Cocks in Paradise and stars Van Damme along with Matthew Rush and is co-directed by Gino Colbert (we’re giving readers an exclusive first peek at the très tropical cover below), and Robert tells us that it’s his best yet. He says it’s even better than Private Party 3 (the movie in which he bottoms for Tyler Saint, so this has got to be good, people!). Van Damme also mentioned that he has traded scenes with Nick Capra for content that will appear on both their Web sites. “I think the scene is brilliant,” he says. “Nick bottomed for me, and he took it like a soldier! I really enjoyed the afternoon, and [director] Jett Blakk was behind the camera, so I knew it would turn out fantastic!” The muscle hunk also revealed that he is working on a secret project that would shoot in NYC in September. So stay tuned for more on that. In the meantime, go see this superstud live. He’s known for giving his all onstage and for rewarding his audience with lots of complimentary DVDs, T-shirts and assorted swag. For more information, visit RobertVanDamme.net.

July 28, 2009

News: Mark Dalton Plugs Tour on Radio Show


In case you haven’t heard, Mark Dalton is busting out all over. Or at least that’s the title of his new dance tour, which kicked off in New York City last weekend. The porn superstar flew into town from Texas to shake his moneymaker at Splash on Friday night, then it was back home for a show on Saturday at the Bonham Exchange in San Antonio. These were his first live appearances in three years, so no wonder they caused a fuss. But before he took to his go-go box, the 29-year-old bodybuilder stopped by The Derek and Romaine Show on Sirius OutQ 109.

Dalton gave a brief but fun interview (and we know the guy has a lot to say because he gave his very first post-prison sit-down to VincentLambert.com), and topics of conversation ranged from Mark’s spray-on tan to his many new tattoos (which he got in Miami, not jail!). Romaine seemed to be especially taken with one of a cute little bunny rabbit on Dalton’s right arm. (After the show, Mark gave us a closer look and revealed that the word inscribed inside the bunny is his three-year-old daughter’s name.) Of course Derek and Romaine got around to questioning Dalton about his time in prison (“The food and company sucked,” he said) and whether he plans a return to on-screen sex work (“I’m a good boy,” he said. “It’s just not my thing.” Sorry, guys!).

Then, after taking off his shirt (hawt!) and posing for some pictures, Dalton was off, returning to his hotel to rest up for that night’s gig at Splash, where he got a respectable turnout (although the two drug dealers we watched get arrested on the sidewalk outside were less than respectable, but that’s another post. More later this week). For additional dates on the Busting Out All Over Tour, visit MarkDaltonXXX.com and ThePremiereArtists.com.

July 24, 2009

Event: Bad Boys Cruise Sails Off Into Sunset

The Bad Boys on the Hudson cruise is set to take its sixth and final sail this Sunday, July 26. (We don’t know why it’s the final. We asked founder Will Clark and he’s not telling. Maybe after throwing five Bad Boys Pool Parties in Los Angeles, five in Palm Springs, three Bad Boys Burlesque shows in San Francisco and raising half a million dollars for various charities, the old gal needs a rest!) Clark and his guests—porn stars Mike Dreyden, Tyger Hudson, Duke Rivers and Jonny Mack, plus go-go stud Torez and Mr. New York Leather 2009 Jase Woodruff—will hit the high seas one last time. DJ Phillip Kimball will spin and dragster Amanda Takehometomother will raise funds for Team Eagle’s Braking the Cycle ride. The cast will be wearing jockstraps that will be auctioned off later (after they’re all sweaty, grimy and covered with fingerprints), and photographer Joe Oppendisano has donated a print for the auction. (VincentLambert.com will also be digging deep into our porn inventory to donate some swag for the always-fun raffle goodie bags.) We’ve done this cruise before and before that. This has got to be the horniest boat in the fleet. So, all aboard and we’ll see you there! Boarding starts at 6 pm at Pier 41, and the boat leaves the dock at 7:30 pm and returns at 10 pm. For more information, visit willclarkworld.com, and for tickets, go to seatea.com.

Movie Review: Dealers


Director: Roman Senko.
Cast: Jiri, Thomas, Pavel, Jan, Erik, David, Robert.

The shady characters of Dealers hang out in a seedy bar and play video games. They sit at little tables and whip out big bags of cocaine. They also seduce the bartender into having sex with them. At least that’s what happens in the first scene. Three models from the Czech Republic act like scumbags, wheeling and drug dealing, then one of them grabs the bartender and starts making out with him. Soon the four men are going at it right there on the video machines. There’s the usual sucking, fucking and cumming, eventually right on the video machine! Next, two horny cops accost a nerdy businessman (the “plot” is hard to decipher as there are no subtitles) and spank him on top of a Star Trek video game. The cops blow him, he blows them but in a twist, the bespectacled twink winds up on top (and he keeps his glasses on for both the oral and the anal!). This studious stud also delivers a major cum shot. In the final scene, two cuties play a race car game at the video arcade before playing with each other. They are young and thin, but someone should have taught them how to kiss. Their butterfly tonguing is almost as annoying as the dreadful disco soundtrack that pounds throughout the movie. In a puzzling ending, they are taken away in handcuffs. Guess these dealers will have to deal with prison. Sequel, anyone? (Galaxia Entertainment)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2009)

July 23, 2009

News: Bruno Gmünder to Release Falcon Book

International publishing house Bruno Gmünder is paying tribute to Falcon Studios with an extensive 400-page photography book titled Ultimate Falcon. It will feature images from the historic studio and tell the story of Falcon, including how Chuck Holmes founded the company. “The look that was shaped with these pictures is by now legendary and an unmistakable signature: male, muscular dreams-come-true, portrayed in high-gloss style,” a Bruno Gmünder rep says. Featured porn stars include classic studs such as Al Parker and Casey Donovan and recent models like Brent Corrigan and Matthew Rush. “These 400 pages of male flawlessness prove in a spectacular way that the exciting blend of sex appeal with a glamorous aesthetic has often been copied but never reached by anyone but Falcon.” (Okay, so that’s a massive overstatement, but this dude is trying to sell product—that’s his job!) The book will be available in Europe next month and is slated for an American release in October. For more information, visit BrunoGmuender.com.

July 21, 2009

News: Bel Ami/Corbin Fisher Debut First Scene

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July 17, 2009

Rewind: Pickle Lickers


Directors: Uncredited.
Cast: Wes Daniels, Dylan Fox, Tony Belmonte, Buster, Chuck Grady, Don Edward, Tony Miles, Jason Broderick, Ron Nelson, Beau David, Sean Carrera, Mark Steel, Grant King, Rob Cryston, B.J. Slater, Flex Gamble, Rickey Parker, York Powers, Rod Abbott, Miguel Perez, Chad Lowe, Giorgio Falconi, Ty Thomas.

The vintage scenes in Pickle Lickers will bring back fond memories of movies and porn stars past. Most of the scenes in this solid compilation are from at least 10 years ago (including a few pre-condom) and feature some familiar faces, including Wes Daniels (so hot and hairy being worked over by two undercover cops in a scene from Body Search), Mark Steel (sporting a scoop-neck tank top for his duo in Cruising Park) and even B.J. Slater (in an early scene with Dylan Fox in The Drifters). The quality of the transfer varies widely here, with lots of fuzzy pictures, discoloration, faded colors and overall graininess, but the integrity of these seminal works remains in tact. There once was a time when making porn was creative, artistic and edgy, almost an act of rebellion, and these 14 classic scenes, weighing in at a whopping four hours, convey that with every bad ’80s hairdo, ripped pair of jeans and squishy waterbed. (HIS Video/Tool Factory)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

July 16, 2009

Should Do Porn: Ashley Parker Angel

No, he’s not a gay porn star, but he should be! Just look at that hot bod! We’ve been following blond supercutie Ashley Parker Angel since his days of boy-band fame with O-Town on Making the Band. Who can forget his steamy shower scene? And remember how pervy manager Lou Pearlman (now rotting in jail for shady business dealings) used to show up and leer at the guys? O-Town was a “band” from Florida that was manufactured by MTV for the ABC reality show (before it got all urban with Diddy). The group made two albums before calling it quits. Ashley landed another crap MTV show titled There & Back about his attempts to make it as a solo artist in the music industry (it was also about his relationship with the mother of his son, Lyric). When the couple went bust, he moved to New York and made his Broadway debut as Link in Hairspray. Now, he’s turned up on Twitter (follow us @ VinceLambertNYC) looking buffed and puffed and tan and gorgeous. The guy can carry a tune too, so we may never get our wish, but we still say: Should Do Porn!

July 15, 2009

July 14, 2009

News: Blake Riley to Retire From Gay Porn

Porn star Blake Riley is leaving the building! Our colleague Jason Sechrest of JasonCurious.com is reporting that the Rascal Video/Channel 1 Releasing exclusive has decided to retire from the industry. Riley has been telling friends that he’s “over the whole porn thing” for a while, and his decision may or may not be affected by the fact that he is in a relationship. The onetime Unzipped cover model was discovered by director Chi Chi LaRue and has appeared in numerous films, including Unknown, Chosen, Excess and the newly released Taken: To the Lowest Level and Rascal: A Toy Story. Riley also famously went bi in the controversial Shifting Gears. During his brief time in the big biz, he won Best Newcomer at both the GAYVN and Grabby awards and also had his photogenic butt (see above) molded for the Rascal Toy Line. Riley is still under contract to Channel 1 and the door remains open if and when he changes his mind (as one or two other porn stars, including Benjamin Bradley, have done in the past). For more info on Blake, visit C1R.com.

July 10, 2009

Movie Review: Hot Jocks Nice Cocks, Vol. 3


Jim Steel.
Cast: Rod Daily, Tommy Blade, Dempsey Stearns, Kirk Cummings, Nash Lawler, Tristan Mathews, Jasper St. John, Lee Stephens, Tommy Defendi, Felix Andrews, Victor Steele.

Veteran director Jim Steel is back for another go with his Hot Jocks Nice Cocks series. In this third group of scenes produced for the Internet, the focus is once again on athletes. Cover models Rod Daily and Tommy Blade are baseball players who share a tender makeout session in the locker room. Their excellent kissing is followed by Blade moving directly to Daily’s butthole. From there, they suck and jack. Hairy Dempsey Stearns is running sprints in the gym with cutie Kirk Cummings. When Cummings gets a cramp, Stearns moves in to massage it and ends up topping and delivering a long-distance pop shot. Nash Lawler is a built yoga teacher who stretches client Tristan Mathews before giving him a hard fuck. The high point is Lawler shouting “Motherfucker!” as he jacks on Mathews’ pierced and tattooed chest.

Lee Stephens and Tommy Defendi are working out with bud Jasper St. John, but when the wispy blond can’t keep up, they tell him they’re going to “fuck him like a bitch.” St. John is coaxed (yeah, right!) into blowing them before going bottoms up. He also takes their major loads on his smooth chest. In the final scene, boxing coach Victor Steele gives some pointers to student Felix Andrews. Again, this leads to love—or at least lust—in the locker room. When Steele and Andrews rub their lubed dicks together while kissing and making eye contact, the scene soars. Steele, who has a perfect body, tops and the guys cum on each other. Score! All the scenes here are tightly edited and to the point, and the action is mostly inspired. If fans missed these scenes online, this is a great way for them to catch up. (Suite 703)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

July 9, 2009

News: The Jarics Extend Contract With Falcon

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July 8, 2009

New Release: 5 Easy Ways to Fuck…

Jet Set Men’s newest exclusive Adam Campbell (top photo) makes his debut in 5 Easy Ways to Fuck a Straight Guy. Chris Steele directs the hunky Midwesterner, who recently graced the cover of Freshmen magazine, as he gives advice on how to nail the straight guy in your life. The cast of 10 horny and hung models in five hard-core scenes mirrors reality, as each describes himself as “gay-for-pay” in real life. According to Steele, the casting was a conscious decision on his part. “Who could be better to show how to get in a straight boy’s pants than straight guys themselves?” he asks.

Cutie Campbell demonstrates two of the five ways, appearing in the opening scene with Vince Ferelli at the gym and ending it by topping the ever-controversial Patrick Bateman, making his own debut as a bottom on DVD. In between, in a scene inspired by the Internet game of gay chicken played by straight guys, Jet Set exclusive Marcus Steele gets busy with Ryan Rockford and Mason Alexander. Then Cody Carter and Austin Wrigley briefly debate scientific myths before giving in to their hard cocks, and blond twink Jason Pitt shows hairy dude Dempsey Stearns how to relieve stress. For more information, visit www.jetsetmen.com.

July 7, 2009

Press: Unzipped Mag Makes History With Cho

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Web Watch: Men at Play Holds Model Search

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July 6, 2009

Short Takes: Titan Media Gets Rough…and More

Like it rough? If so, Titan Media has launched a new hard-core fetish line called Rough that will be right up your alley. So far two movies have been shot and released that showcase documentary-style footage with real-life fetish players. The first, Shock Treatment, features Titan exclusive and co-director Tony Buff and takes viewers behind the scenes of the BDSM world (Paul Wilde co-directs). The second, Fist and Piss, promises an extreme ride soaked in spit, piss, lube and cum. Sounds soggy! For more information, visit www.titanmen.com. You can also see the box covers and more there since we had to sort through a slew of pics in order to find just one image that we could show on a family-friendly gay porn site like ours. And no, that is not beer flowing into his mask in the pic above!…Director Chi Chi LaRue and her eponymous West Hollywood emporium have been nominated for the StorErotica Independent Store of the Year Award. This is an annual award that honors the best in the erotic retail industry and is presented by StorErotica Magazine. Who knew? “I’m overjoyed at this news,” LaRue says. “My entire company and I are so honored and thankful that our store is so well received by the public and industry alike.” On our recent L.A. trip, we checked out the new shop on Santa Monica Blvd. and were impressed with the extensive back catalog of product from the Channel 1 Releasing family, not to mention the display of Chi Chi’s awards and the various books, lubes, boas and other products that porn fans can pick up there. The StorErotica Awards will be held at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on September 21.…It was just last week that we mentioned seeing veteran director Jerry Douglas at the Bigger Than Life book event. What we didn’t mention was that Jerry excitedly told us about his planned return to the theater this fall. Now we can share that Douglas will be directing a new play by David Bertolino titled The Deep Throat Sex Scandal. The off-Broadway play, which will open at the Ha! Theater on West 46th Street in September, will delve into the controversial tale of how a hairdresser from the Bronx made a porn movie that went on to gross more than $600 million and helped ignite the sexual revolution in the early 1970s. (It was just last year that the life of deceased Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace was turned into a rock opera in Los Angeles.) Sounds like a perfect match! For more information, visit www.deepthroattheplay.com.

July 3, 2009

Fourth of July Hotness!

Another pic of Mark Dalton, you say? And we say, Why not!? Before we head out for the long Fourth of July weekend, we thought that we would share one more bonus photo of gay porn’s returning superstar, who is hitting the road later this month and gave VincentLambert.com his first interview in three years. (The pic you see above is from his first shoot in the same amount of time.) Special thanks to Mark, agent David Forest and everyone who linked to our exclusive story and photos. It helped last weekend be our biggest traffic weekend ever! And keep reading, guys, because we will be hanging with Mr. Dalton when he appears on The Derek & Romaine Show and then hits up Splash in New York City on Friday, July 24. In the meantime, have a happy, healthy and safe Fourth. Go shoot off…er, some fireworks!

July 2, 2009

Web Watch: Johan Volny Debuts New Site

Czech porn star Johan Volny has launched his own personal Web site. The 24-year-old model has appeared in more than 50 movies for European studios such as AYOR and Eurocreme. He has also toured as a dancer. “I am very proud about my new site,” Volny says, “as it is my very own project, which I developed on my own and also managing on my own. It shows everything about me and gives the best insight view of my (horny) private life. But it shows also all about my cute colleagues and actors.”

Okay, so his English isn’t the greatest. Who cares? If you visit, you’ll see clips of solos, duos and group scenes with Volny and other hairless twinks—all produced and edited by Johan himself exclusively for the site. There are also photo galleries, and a personal blog is on the way in which Volny will report directly from the set of his porn shoots. For more information, visit Johan-Volny.com.

July 1, 2009

Seen: Mike Dreyden & Ricky Sinz at HX Awards


The HX Awards rolled around again for the 18th (!) time last week, just in time for New York City’s Gay Pride festivities. Held at the Chelsea Clearview Cinemas on West 23rd Street, the show featured the usual assortment of drag queens, go-go boys, club promoters and eager readers crowding the open bar and vying for some guacamole dip. Hostess Peppermint ran a tight ship, alternately bitching out the crowd for booing then getting teary when she won the coveted Drag Queen of the Year award. Other winners included Milk for Best Film, Equus for Best Play and Billy Elliot for Best Musical. Mayor Michael Bloomberg even showed up to accept his New Yorker of the Year award and gave an impromptu press conference on the red carpet.

On the porn side of life, we spotted sex stars Mike Dreyden (who plugged his new movie for Titan Media, Bad Conduct) and Ricky Sinz (who is always winning one award or another). Also Seen: Ben Andrews, Spike, Robin Byrd, Hedda Lettuce, soap actor Scott Evans (brother of überhottie Chris) and Broadway baby Nick Adams. Sadly, we’ve just learned that this could be the very last HX Awards ever as late yesterday publisher Matthew Bank released a statement saying that HX Magazine and the hx.com Web site have been sold. He did not say who had bought the properties, only that more information would be available soon. His last issue will hit the stands this Friday, July 3.

First Farrah, then Michael Jackson, now this! Truly the end of an era, kids. Sad face here.