January 30, 2009

On the Set Report: Cock Stalker


Mr. Pam is multitasking. Not only is the veteran videographer and editor directing her first feature for Lucas Entertainment, the New York–based company that she moved across the country to work for, but she is also getting ready to shoot a scene between two of the stars of Cock Stalker, Nick Capra and Lars Svenson (below). In between, she is applying makeup to newcomer James Hawk (above) as he is prepping for a photo shoot.

It’s a typically busy day at Lucas Entertainment, even though boss man Michael Lucas is nowhere to be found (out of the country on business, we are told). As Pam dabs makeup on Hawk’s handsome face (he hardly needs it!), she tells us about the movie that she also wrote the screenplay for. “It’s like a cross between Single White Female and Jerry Maguire,” she laughs.

Pam goes on to explain that Cock Stalker tells the story of a guy (Hawk) who moves to the big city to pursue his dream of becoming a sports agent but winds up getting a job in casting at a porn company. Soon, he’s living at the studio—a situation that echoes Pam’s own experience. “When I first moved here from L.A, I was sleeping here for a bit,” she says. “It does get a bit creepy being alone here at night, but you get used to it.”

For today’s scene, there are plenty of people around. A Lucas publicist talks on his cell phone as an intern cruises MySpace profiles. The crew prepares the set while a Wilsonmodels.com photographer takes pictures of a tanned Capra, fresh from his home in San Diego, and a pasty Svenson. They kiss, pose and fluff each other between shots. After a bit, Nick warns Lars to stop sucking. They still have to shoot their on-camera sex!

The photos are done, but Nick continues to lounge around naked with a hard-on as they wait for the filming to begin. Mr. Pam charges in, ready to work. She is clearly excited about her Lucas directing debut. “I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to bring my ideas to life!” she says. Then, “Okay, guys, let’s get started!”

Cock Stalker is out now, and stars James Hawk, Ben Andrews, Brendon, Nick Capra, Tom D., Murphy Maxwell, Ryan Raz, Lars Svenson, Treshawn Valentino and Jackson Wild. For more information, visit LucasEntertainment.com.

Note to New York readers:
The Cock Stalker cast will celebrate its release with a party tonight at Excelsior Bar (390 Fifth Street) in Brooklyn from 11pm to 2am. So stalkers, get your cocks out!

January 29, 2009

Movie Review: Tropical Men


Director: Paulo Desanto.
Cast: Adan, Alber Charles, Alex Junior, Andre Werneck, Apollo Max, Dennys, Felix Stulbach, Lucas, Lucas Leal, Poax, Rick.

The attractive cast of Tropical Men has an unusual form of foreplay. Before the handsome Brazilian studs get down and dirty, they dance around, caress their bodies and primp and pose for the camera. In some scenes, this odd cavorting goes on for up to 15 minutes before any sex happens, which is about 14 minutes too long. The first scene takes place in a gorgeous setting on the water as two exotic-looking models get nasty on a boat. There’s lots of wet sucking and strenuous fucking before the top unloads—but the bottom doesn’t. Selfish fucker! Next, two queens sweat it out in silly rubber outfits, complete with spiked collars and leopard jockstraps, before the chunky bottom rides the top and takes his load on his chest. A cutie in a wet suit does a provocative striptease and then has a threeway, again on a boat, in the next scene. These three guys look awkward and uncomfortable, but they do manage to get off. The final two scenes take place on the beach as hung sunbathers rub each other with lotion before rubbing one out. Overall, the picture quality and locations are superior, but director Paulo Desanto often misses the action due to poor camera placement and a good editor might have helped by cutting out most of that interminable preening and posing. (Maximus)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

Should Do Porn: The Real World’s Scott Herman

MTV is subjecting viewers to another tired season of the original lame reality show The Real World. This year, producers have dragged a bunch of unsuspecting wannabes to remote Brooklyn and set them up in a glamorous waterside residence that is so not Brooklyn. In an attempt to mix things up, there are eight roommates this season (wow! edgy!), among them an obnoxious Iraq war vet, an aspiring hip-hop dancer, a former lesbian, a cute token gay guy who trains dolphins (?) and even a transgender chick named Katelynn. (Warmonger Ryan, though hot, loses major points when he refers to cute Kate as “It.” Luckily NYC drag diva Peppermint shows up in the second episode to punk him.)

The least interesting roomie is probably personal trainer Scott Herman. As soon as the show debuted, these sexy pics of the Men’s Health model from New Hampshire surfaced, which at least got the straight stud some attention. And speaking of straight, can any show on MTV be gayer than Brody Jenner’s Bromance? His recent gratuitous shower scene really got our gaydar going. Regular guys always shower in front of their buds, right? Right? This shameless reality whore is the one who really Should Do Porn!

January 28, 2009

Seen: Last Man Stars at Movie Premiere

In case you live under a rock, Raging Stallion has a new movie. It’s called To the Last Man, and it’s an often violent, controversial best-selling hit. To celebrate, the studio hosted a glamorous old-fashioned movie opening in Hollywood last week. Sponsored by Unzipped Media, the premiere was held at the Showcase Theater. Although the four-disc DVD weighs in at a whopping six hours (plus extras!), the version screened for the sold-out crowd was thankfully a shorter (and tamed-down) edit. Seen: Last Man stars Antonio Biaggi (above), Scott Tanner and Ricky Sinz (below) and Damian Rios; co-directors Chris Ward, Tony Dimarco and Ben Leon; RSS photographer Kent Taylor; Andrew Rosen; Drew Warner; Mick Hicks; Phil St. John; and Harker Jones. There was also an afterparty at the Eagle L.A. Now all we need to complete the Last Man experience is the coffee-table book from Bruno Gmunder! For more information, visit www.ragingstallion.com.

January 27, 2009

News: New Brett Mycles Footage Uncovered

Muscle stud Brett Mycles may be gone, but he’s not forgotten. This week, Jet Set Men released a new DVD featuring never-before-seen scenes of the deceased screen stud. Brett Mycles: Unseen contains footage that was recently unearthened from the studio’s tape vault.

“Brett Mycles was one of the biggest stars in porn,” says Jet Set head Chris Steele, ”so he deserves a definitive, technically perfect collection of his work. And Unseen is definitely it.” It was Steele who discovered the rare material while doing a routine inventory of the vault. The lost video contains the only known footage of Mycles giving head to two of the three guys he appeared with in Jet Set’s Prime Cuts 6. (Steele doesn’t know why the blowjob sequence was cut from the scene.)

In addition, the DVD features all of Mycles work for Jet Set, which is seven scenes, including Jackhammer and three wrestling matches that were shot for Can-Am Productions. Each of the scenes has been reedited and digitally remastered from the original source footage, with complete color correction and the addition of previously unused footage. Also on the DVD is a candid interview with a nervous Mycles as he prepares to do his first scene.

Hmmm, we wonder what else is in that vault! For more information, visit www.JetSetMen.com.

January 26, 2009

Short Takes: Tony Buff to Direct…and More

Titan Media has announced the signing of porn star Tony Buff (above) to a multiyear contract to direct and star in a new line of hard-core fetish films. “Tony is the most exciting new fetish performer to come along in years,” says Bruce Cam, CEO of Titan Media. “His natural abilities to direct became apparent over the past year of filming. We are very excited to transition this amazing performer into a director.” Buff joined Titan Media in late 2007 as an exclusive performer and has appeared in films such as Breakers, Chainsaw, Fear and Folsom Prison, which he also co-directed. “My work with Titan Media has been exceptionally rewarding on a multitude of levels,” Buff says. “I am thrilled our relationship is continuing through the launch of this new line that will bring extremely heavy yet responsible BDSM play to the screen.” The movies are expected to debut this spring.…More news about the upcoming GAYVN Awards (set for March 28 in San Francisco) is trickling in. While the nominees have not been decided yet (names and titles are being considered as we speak), we’re hearing that those on the short list for the job of host (held in past years by Kathy Griffin, Lady Bunny and Chi Chi LaRue, among others) is being narrowed to former supermodel (and current reality “star”) Janice Dickinson, funny lady Margaret Cho and comedian Alec Mapa (Ugly Betty). Stay tuned!…Singer (and former porn star) Colton Ford (below) is following up his excellent Tug of War album with two hot new singles. One is a muscular reworking of our girl Brit-Brit’s b-side club hit “Trouble.” The other is a remake of Stardust’s “Music Sounds Better With You.” Both will be featured on Ford’s new album of cover tunes, appropriately titled Under the Covers, due in March. Sounds like a good place to be with Colton!

January 23, 2009

News Update: Mark Dalton Granted Parole

Mark Dalton fans (and we know you’re out there), the wait is over! Today, veteran agent David Forest announced that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Parole Board has approved the porn superstar for parole on February 16. Dalton, who has been incarcerated for more than 18 months due to a parole violation, has been housed for the past few months at the Mineral Wells facility, east of Ft. Worth. He will be paroled to his hometown of Denton, Texas. The pint-size bodybuilder has appeared in blockbusters such as Mark Meets Zeb: The Texas Two-Step and Super Soaked. According to Forest, in the first few months after his release, Dalton will be available for “fan appreciation meetings” in the Dallas area, set up by Forest’s new company, FORESTmeetings. He says that there are no plans at this time for Dalton to shoot any movies or make live appearances—but hey, a guy’s gotta eat!

Scene Stealer: Zeb Atlas in Best Men

Falcon Studios is sure to snag its share of award nominations in major categories for Best Men. This two-part story of a gay groom (Tony Capucci) who heads to Las Vegas with a group of buddies for a wild bachelor party before he ties the knot with his studly boyfriend (Andrew Blue) is full of big-name stars (Erik Rhodes, Roman Heart, the Jarics), hot sex and even a fun story line. But the mountain of muscle that is Zeb Atlas has garnered the most attention for his two scenes. Pre-release, his oral-only scene caused a stir when co-star Matthew Rush took to the Interwebs with his weepy tale of working with Atlas. (Rush was eventually replaced for the second, full-on fuck scene by newbie model Adam Killian.) Now that both scenes are available (and eligible for award consideration), do they live up to the hype?

The first scene finds bodybuilder Atlas looking as pumped as ever, as he and Rush meet for a hot tub rendezvous that is impressive if just for the sight of their big muscled bodies together in the same frame. Sure, there’s the usual cheesy setup dialogue, but when Rush gets down to business (he does most of the sucking and ass eating here), the scene isn’t half bad. Although Atlas remains distant for the most part, he does seem to get comfortable near the end when he jacks on Rush’s heaving chest (before he got his huge new tattoo).

The second scene seems to be a better match for Atlas as he showers and flirts with the videographer (Killian) for his bud’s wedding. The two end up bathing together and Killian gets to worship Atlas’s massive muscles (who wouldn’t?) before blowing him. Atlas does a bit of tentative sucking himself before bending Killian over to do his first on-screen fucking. Atlas does not disappoint as a top (must be all those years spent banging chicks), and the duo even moves out of the shower to rut in two more positions. It’s no wonder Killian has a smile plastered on his handsome face throughout!

Best Men: Part 1: The Bachelor Party
and Part 2: The Wedding Party have turned out to be huge sellers for Falcon, but it remains to be seen whether this will translate into nominations and awards for the big-budget film—and for fledgling man-fucker Atlas. For more information, visit www.falconstudios.com.

January 22, 2009

Movie Review: Wassup’ Bro 2


Director: Uncredited.
Cast: Uncredited.

It’s back to the basement for the foreign street toughs who make up the cast of the second installment of Wassup’ Bro. The nameless models have sex in a deserted, graffiti-covered factory and in dark cave-like settings. It doesn’t get much dirtier than this—or edgier as the first model shows up in a leather jacket, smoking a cigarette and toting a handgun! The shaved-headed youth plays with the gun and his dick. This grimy solo sets the stage for the rest of the film. One dude is blindfolded and performs a blowjob; another couple meet up at a rundown squat to jerk off together. There is French narration throughout, and subtitles announce that the fourth scene had to be edited because it contains footage that is “illegal in the U.S.” Hmmm, we do get to see a masked man and another blindfolded oralist in some blurry footage, but the truncated scene leaves us wondering what got cut out. Must have been the interesting part. Picture quality is average, lighting is dim, and by the time the last couple do the nasty and jump in the shower afterward, it’s long overdue. (Citebeur)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

Guy Candy: Marc Dievo on LucasKazan.com

Director Lucas Kazan sent over news of his latest model, 21-year-old Marc Dievo. Kazan tells us that Marc is cheerful and outgoing. He’s seriously into bodybuilding (can you tell?) and has an elaborate tattoo on his left shoulder (see pics). And if you don’t care about muscles and tattoos, according to Luca, “His eyes and his buns will make you swoon.” He knows what he’s talking about! For more Marc, visit LucasKazan.com.

January 21, 2009

News: Tyra Banks to Host Gay-for-Pay Models

Talk show host Tyra Banks will welcome some of gay porn’s biggest gay-for-pay stars to her syndicated chatfest this week. Jet Set Men exclusive Aaron James, who was profiled on an episode of MTV’s True Life series last year, sits down with Banks this Thursday, January 22, to talk about his work in gay porn and what it’s like to get paid to have sex with men on camera while maintaining a straight lifestyle. James has starred in Jet Set hits such as Jock Tease, Ass Cruisin’ With Aaron James, Hollywood Sex Club and the smash On Fire!

He will be joined on the show by porn star Kurt Wild, who has starred in films such as My Brother’s Hot Friend and made news of his own last year after being fired from his job at a Subway store after a customer complained about his porn work. Wild, who is married with two children, says that while he was excited about his appearance, it was difficult to talk on national TV about his porn career, firing and the effect it has had on his family. Also on the show is “straight” model Dean Coxx, among others.

The Tyra Banks Show is syndicated nationwide on local broadcast stations. Check local listings for the time of Thursday’s show. Hopefully the self-centered host will let the guys get a word in!

January 20, 2009

Short Takes: Last Man Film Premiere…and More

Raging Stallion continues the media blitz that has accompanied the release of its To the Last Man megahit. This Wednesday, January 21, the studio will host a private screening of the epic (and violent) Western at an actual movie theater! Cast members, including Scott Tanner, Ricky Sinz, Jake Deckard, Damian Rios and Antonio Biaggi, will join invited guests at the Regent Showcase Theater in Los Angeles for a special screening. A private reception will follow at the Eagle L.A. These events come on the heels of news that the movie has sold out all 5,000 copies of its initial run. “We are astounded at the demand for this film,” says RSS president Chris Ward. (On a side note, following Raging Stallion’s announcement, Lucas Entertainment sent out a press release saying that it was “smart enough” to stock up on its competing Return to Fire Island release. Play nice, kids!)…It’s a done deal. LGBT media company PlanetOut Inc. has completed its merger with Here Networks LLC (which airs shows such as Dante’s Cove and The Lair) and Regent Entertainment Media Inc. (publisher of magazines such as The Advocate and Out) to form a new public entity known as Here Media Inc. All three companies will remain separate subsidiaries of the new corporation. However, Unzipped Media—publisher of gay porn mags Unzipped, Freshmen and Men and their Web sites, which Regent also owns—will not be a part of the new Here Media.…It’s hard to believe that it’s been 13 years since director Chip Daniels graced us with the original Hot Cops movie (starring yummy Vince Rockland in his prime). Now the porn star-turned-director is back with Young Guns, the latest in the Centaur Films series, which stars Derrick Vinyard, Austin Grant, Kurt Wild, Carter Longway, Jason Reynolds, Jesse Zane, Drew Peters, Kyle Lewis, Riley Scott and TJ Young. Just like the original, the new release reimagines the Cops reality show, but only with hard-core sex! “Young Guns allowed me to continue the exploration of hot male fantasies in real-world settings,” Daniels says. “In particular, the stellar cast of first-rate models was a delight for both [co-director and Jet Set Men head] Chris Steele and me to work with. I can promise you that their performances will get you off!” For more information, visit www.centaurfilms.com.

January 16, 2009

New Release: Return to Fire Island

Superstar Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment enter the award-season rush with numerous releases to consider, but Return to Fire Island is the kind of big-budget, multidisc extravaganza that the Russian director has become known for—and won awards for in years past (think Dangerous Liaisons and La Dolce Vita, not Gigolo). This time Lucas ventures back to the beach he made famous in the Fire Island Cruising series.

Return to Fire Island features 10 steamy sex scenes shot on location at the glamorous Belvedere Hotel. Newcomer Jackson Wild (top photo) gets pounded by both hunky vets Rod Barry and Rafael Alencar (not at the same time). Lucas exclusive Wilfried Knight keeps busy in three scenes, plowing his way through Mike Dreyden (lots of fur in this pairing) and a duo with twinks Ryan Raz and Andy Kay (below). Muscular Jacob Samson humps horse-hung Jason Crew, and Raz is cornholed by studs Nick Capra and Ridge Michaels. Capra also cruises Fire Island’s infamous Meat Rack (who hasn’t?) and discovers Rusty Stevens among the trees. Lucas exclusive Ben Andrews plunges his major piece into slender Danny Parker. Crew, Luca Ciccone and Travis Irons get into one another’s swimwear in an explosive scene on the beach, while Wild and Knight return for a stunning finale with Lucas himself as the sun sets on their mind-blowing sexcapades.

Return to Fire Island, Parts I and II (three-disc set, including 40-page photo book, watersports extras, behind-the-scenes footage, model interviews and two bonus sex scenes featuring Lucas with Raz and Stevens). Directed by Michael Lucas and Mr. Pam. Starring Lucas exclusives Michael Lucas, Ben Andrews and Wilfried Knight, with Rafael Alencar, Rod Barry, Nick Capra, Luca Ciccone, Jason Crew, Mike Dreyden, Travis Irons, Andy Kay, Ridge Michaels, Danny Parker, Ryan Raz, Jacob Samson, Rusty Stevens and Jackson Wild. For more information, visit www.lucasentertainment.com.

January 15, 2009

Movie Review: Hot Jocks, Nice Cocks, Volume 2


Jim Steel.
Cast: Jude Collin, Antonio Madiera, Trevor Knight, Antonio Milan, Tristan Tucker, Kevin Gotti, Shane Erickson, Riley Burke, Spencer Reed, Guy Parker, Jackson Wild.

Director Jim Steel sends his well-built models back to the gym for volume 2 of Hot Jocks, Nice Cocks. Handsome Jude Collin graces the cover and dominates in his scene with Antonio Madiera. The guys are wrestling when Collin starts barking orders, telling Madiera to stick out his tongue and lap up his sweet cock. This leads to major oral (complete with gagging) and ass-eating before Madiera rides Collin, who eventually jacks on Madiera’s pretty face. Trevor Knight also rules in a scene with Antonio Milan and Tristan Tucker, who blows and bottoms for both. Knight’s verbal skills are strong as always, and he goes the extra mile to make this scene fly, delivering three cum shots (although the last one is in a cutaway and looks suspicious) and gallantly eating Tucker’s nuts as the twink jacks himself to completion. Jackson Wild also makes a nice showing as a trainer who can’t resist when client Guy Parker is all pumped from lifting weights. First, he caresses Parker’s hard muscles then he sucks his hard dick. Wild also gives him a good pounding, but it’s Parker’s long-and-wide cum shot that will get the attention. His jizz flies so far that he hits himself in the face, mouth and eye! There are two other scenes that feature sex on an exercise ball and a locker room tryst, but the scenes and models mentioned above are the standouts. (Suite 703)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

January 14, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Boy Country

COLT Studio Group is back with Boy Country, and director Kristofer Weston (top photo) wrote to dish the dirt about the filming of the first scene in the movie. Luckily, he sent some pics, too! Kris tell us that the scene between cuties David West and Bobby Clark (below) was shot at a luxurious 17-acre estate. “It could not be more beautiful,” Weston says, “but I have never shot a scene on a rocking rowboat before.” After prepping everything on-set with videographer Todd Montgomery, Kris was ready for the Buckshot Boys to get the scene started. “I look up to see two beautiful boys bouncing down the hill toward us,” Kris recalls. “The first one is Bobby Clark, and I knew instantly this kid was full of energy and charisma. The second boy named David West was quieter but had a twinkle in his eye when he saw the boat. I told them to get in and row out to the middle of the lake. He did it without hesitation and with boyish excitement. I was very pleased and could tell that this was going to be something special.”

Even though he was nervous about the shoot, Kris says that Bobby kept the crew laughing on breaks and was constantly mugging for the cameras. He adds that David was perfection and “had a butt and uncut piece that would not quit! His lips knew how to keep Bobby rock-hard, and he ended up being quite the carnival ride for young Bobby!” Sounds like fun! To see the results of their, um, hard work and all of Boy Country, visit www.coltstudiogroup.com.

January 13, 2009

News: ManNet Releases Annual Best List

ManNet has released it annual Best Videos list for 2008. Compiled by publisher Butch Harris and his editorial team, the ManNet.com 12th-Annual Best 100 Videos of the Year list represents the highest-quality and highest-review-rated films of the year.

Raging Stallion Studios and Titan Media lead the list with numerous titles. San Francisco–based RSS claimed 16 entries for the studio’s main brands, plus seven additional movies produced or distributed by the Raging Stallion family of companies (High Octane, Cazzo and Colin O’Neal Productions). Featured films include The 4th Floor, Big, Bigger, Biggest (Parts 1 and 2), Jock Itch (Parts 1 and 2) and the new To the Last Man (Parts 1 and 2). “We are very happy to have so many releases singled out for inclusion,” says RSS president Chris Ward. “We strive to make sure that every movie we release has the high standards that customers have come to expect and enjoy.”

Titan Media, parent company of TitanMen, TitanMen Fresh and ManPlay, had all 11 TitanMen releases for 2008, including Breakers, Chainsaw and Telescope, named to the list. And four of the six TitanMen Fresh films released in 2008, including Open House and Hot Shots, also won recognition, bringing the San Francisco–based studio’s total to 15 films for 2008. “We are very pleased that all 11 TitanMen films released in 2008 have been honored on the prestigious ManNet.com Best of 2008 list,” says Keith Webb, vice president of sales and marketing for Titan Media. “This confirms the commitment to quality and consistency in our product line.”

As for other studios, Jet Set Men received 10 nods, including spots for Big Dick Society, Ass Cruisin’ With Aaron James, Hollywood Sex Club, Jock Tease and Muscle Mountain. And Lucas Entertainment was represented with seven releases, including the new Return to Fire Island, Brothers’ Reunion, Cruising Budapest V: The Mangiatti Twins and Flatiron Fuckers.

For the complete list, visit www.ManNet.com.