January 23, 2009

News Update: Mark Dalton Granted Parole

Mark Dalton fans (and we know you’re out there), the wait is over! Today, veteran agent David Forest announced that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Parole Board has approved the porn superstar for parole on February 16. Dalton, who has been incarcerated for more than 18 months due to a parole violation, has been housed for the past few months at the Mineral Wells facility, east of Ft. Worth. He will be paroled to his hometown of Denton, Texas. The pint-size bodybuilder has appeared in blockbusters such as Mark Meets Zeb: The Texas Two-Step and Super Soaked. According to Forest, in the first few months after his release, Dalton will be available for “fan appreciation meetings” in the Dallas area, set up by Forest’s new company, FORESTmeetings. He says that there are no plans at this time for Dalton to shoot any movies or make live appearances—but hey, a guy’s gotta eat!

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Baxter's Briefs said...

Bet he was a hit in the "big house"!