April 3, 1998

Movie Review: Hand of Fate


Director: Derek Kent.
Cast: Richie Fine, Drew Andrews, Rod Barry, Casey Morgan, Michael Rivera, Chris Rock, Troy Ryder, Sandy Sloane, Aaron Wilde.

Porn stardom seems to be in the cards for newcomer Richie Fine, and the latest release from Studio 2000 gives him a chance to show his stuff—in and out of clothes. In Hand of Fate, Fine plays Raymond, a wannabe actor who is stuck in a bad relationship with Darren, a sleazy businessman. Poor Ray even has to coax Darren into having sex with him. One look at Fine’s taut torso and big dick, and you’ll wonder whether the guy’s crazy, too! When his friends force him to go our for a night on the town, Raymond meets up with Bevan Ramsey (Troy Ryder), a psychic who reads his tarot cards and attempts to give him the strength to leave his cheating lover. When the session is over, Ramsey decides to have his way with Raymond’s friends—and the butler (sexy Drew Andrews) even joins in for good measure. The ensuing fourway is one of the film’s hottest scenes, as these men take turns sucking and fucking one another. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Darren arrives with another new discovery, Brad (Rod Barry), and Raymond realizes that he must leave for good. But not before man-stealer Barry drags home a trick (Casey Morgan) and does him in the guest bedroom. Barry also turns out to be a scene stealer as he delivers some of the film’s funniest and bitchiest dialogue in campy Mommie Dearest fashion. Raymond ultimately finds his way out of this losing situation and into the arms of a good-looking stranger (Sandy Sloane). Along the way, we are treated to many lingering close-ups of a sad or pensive Fine, who handles his leading role with sensitivity and a minimum of wooden line readings. More important, this superstar-waiting-to-happen is never at a loss for wood. (Studio 2000)

Reprinted from HX magazine (1998)