December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

The Fratmen are on the move (including our supercutie Santa Doug, above), and so are we—but just for the holidays. We’ll be taking a few days of R&R but will be back soon with all the porn news, gossip and information you need. We’d like to thank our faithful readers for their support this year, and we have some surprises in store for you in the new year, so stay tuned. In the meantime, a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

December 23, 2007

News: Fratpad on the Move

In a press release this week, Fratpad owner John announced that the cast and crew of the popular Web site would abruptly be moving to a new location. Since June 2006, the Fratpad has been Webcasting shows from a luxury apartment building complex in Hollywood with the full knowledge and support of the landlord. But recently, there has been “a specific and credible threat against several current cast members by a former and apparently disgruntled employee of the Pad.” John says they are working with the appropriate authorities to assure the cast’s safety, but he has been advised that it would be unwise to continue to house the cast at its present location in Los Angeles. So, this week, the sexy young residents were seen packing and by today, the Pad should be mostly empty. Fratpad expects to continue to Webcast shows through next week, culminating with a goodbye party on Friday, December 28. The Season One cast will then be introduced at a new location. For more information, visit

December 22, 2007

Separated at Birth: Dean

Dean’s got fans—or at least we think they’re fans! After we wrote about “straight boy” Dean of, it became evident that lots of guys like him. Thanks to everyone who wrote in and commented. One astute reader even took the time to create these images, which view the pornster’s obvious hair problems in a comical light. And who knows? Maybe in the new year someone will withhold Dean’s killer combo of gel, mousse and cement. We can only hope…

December 21, 2007

Guy Candy: Dean of Club Dean

After building a strong fan base with his online dorm scenes, hot-bodied Dean took home the 2006 GAYVN Award for Best Amateur Video for Straight College Men 23. Then earlier this year, he started his own site, And because Dean is mainly gay for pay, it pretty much covers all the bases with its wide-ranging content (guy/guy, girl/guy and solo scenes). The site also adds a new video and photo gallery once a week, along with exclusive pics, daily diaries and Dean’s workout tips. Okay, so he is supposedly “straight,” ridiculously smooth and seems to be having a bad hair year (not to mention dye job!). But who knows? He just might turn your crank. To find out, visit

December 20, 2007

Movie Review: Collin O’Neal’s Spain


Director: Collin O’Neal.
Cast: Robert Brankov, Lucas Andradez, Collin O’Neal, Aitor Crash, Dennis D’Nello, Igor Bad, Daniel, Fabio, Leo Rocca, Pablo Santana, Tito.

Collin O’Neal takes his World of Men series to Spain for five sexy scenes (and one bonus). The opening finds hirsute hunk O’Neal lost on the streets and seeking help from Lucas Andradez, who ends up sharing more than directions. The studs retire to a hotel where they do lots of passionate kissing and sucking. O’Neal tops like the pro he is, showing off his manly body and far-and-wide cum shot. Next, couple Dennis D’Nello and Aitor Crash welcome Igor Bad to their apartment for a threeway. This sequence starts in a brightly lit white room then, for some reason, crosses over to the dark side when the models retreat to a black room with minimal lighting. Shadows and grainy picture detract from the scene, although the sexual energy is maintained and the models achieve a difficult-to-execute double fuck. Daniel and Fabio are two cuties on a rooftop who engage in some of the usual oral and anal, though sexual chemistry is clearly lacking in their joyless pairing. Hairy daddy Leo Rocca obviously knows better, and his rimming of Pablo Santana is expert. Together, they also do some flip-flop fucking, which highlights both of their skills. O’Neal returns to top Robert Brankov and his sweet ass in the final scene. The guys walk along a path in the woods and stop to play. The beautifully hairy O’Neal contrasts perfectly with the smooth-as-silk Brankov, who pumps out a nice load while bottoming. The colors in this outdoor scene are faded and washed-out, but the action between the models makes up for it. As a director, O’Neal keeps the action moving along, although a couple of the scenes could be shorter. And while he tries to introduce a diverse group of new models in this series, he often ends up being the hottest guy on board. (Collin O’Neal Productions/Raging Stallion Studios)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

December 19, 2007

News: American Gladiator’s Porn Past Revealed

COLT Studios has announced that COLT Man Elian Cortez, who first modeled for founder Jim French in 2001 (bottom photo), will be making his prime-time television debut on NBC’s revival of American Gladiators. He will appear on the action show using the name Alex “Militia” Castro. His official bio for the series states that he is 6-foot-3, weighs 220 pound and is “well equipped for any operation.” Judging by the pictures we’ve seen from his COLT past, the network knows what it’s talking about. American Gladiators premieres Sunday, January 6, and is hosted by Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali.

December 18, 2007

Seen: Gigolo Stars at Premiere Party

Gigolo hit the streets last Friday as Lucas Entertainment held the official release party for its new movie at HK Lounge in New York. The event was part of HK Fridays, hosted by Beto, S(he)quida and Dougie, and DJ Scotty Thomson spun the tunes. Director Michael Lucas dropped his pants and the crowd went wild. So, what else is new? Seen (from top): Lucas exclusive and The Intern star Ben Andrews; Lucas and friends; Gigolo models J. and Jimmy Trips. For more on Michael Lucas’ Gigolo, visit

December 17, 2007

News: Raging Stallion Launches New Latin Line

San Francisco–based Raging Stallion Studios has announced the debut of a new international line of videos. The project is being developed in association with Gavin Lowe, former producer for Matt Sterling and head of, and the first release in the series is Tall, Dark and Latin.

“Gavin makes great movies and he has this uncanny ability to find some of the hottest men on Earth!” says RSS president Chris Ward. “A year or so ago he brought to our network [], and we have wanted to release his erotica on DVD ever since. It’s great stuff and I am very proud to have him as part of the Raging Stallion team!”

The new series, to be marketed under the Raging Stallion general brand, will have between three and six releases per year. These fit in as part of an ambitious release schedule for Raging Stallion that calls for a new movie on DVD every seven days throughout 2008 (for a total of 50 releases).

“Our DVD sales are really going through the roof,” Ward says. “The BangBangBoys line will give us a strong continuing presence in the Latin niche.”

For more information, visit

December 15, 2007

News: Men of Odyssey Releases Gift Sets

Just in time for the holiday season (and that one wacky hard-to-buy-for uncle!), Men of Odyssey has packaged its top-selling DVDs into two library-case gift sets. Volume 1 features the classics Idol in the Sky (Ryan Idol), Jerry Douglas’s Top Secret, Lucas Kazan’s Journey to Italy (Derek Cameron) and Chi Chi LaRue’s Uniform. Volume 2 has Ken Ryker in Ryker’s Revenge, the time travel epic Pharaoh’s Curse, Jim Steel’s Carnal Intentions (Tony Donovan) and Hardbody Magazine (LaRue’s gossip-and-sex homage to Entertainment Tonight).

“This is a great gift idea for the porn lover, especially if they are into big movies with major stars,” says Men of Odyssey’s Bob East. “The combined nominations and awards for each set is staggering! Best actors. Best directors. Best screenplays. And almost every one of these won awards for sex of all kinds! What more could you ask for? These are truly from the golden age of Men of Odyssey.”

The sets are available for a limited time and in limited quantities. For more information, visit

December 14, 2007

Event: Lucas Hosts Gigolo Release Party Tonight

Lucas Entertainment will host the official release party for Michael Lucas’ Gigolo tonight, Friday, December 14, at 10 pm at HK Lounge (located at 523 Ninth Avenue at 39th Street). Cast members Michael Lucas, Ben Andrews, J., Anthony Marks, Jason Sparks and Jimmy Trips are scheduled to appear. The event will be part of HK Fridays hosted by Beto, S(he)quida and Dougie, with music by DJ Scotty Thomson. There will be free giveaways, a live erotic show and complimentary vodka shots courtesy of Imperia Vodka. Scenes from the latest Lucas release were shot at HK Lounge earlier this year. For more information, visit

December 13, 2007

Movie Review: Tropical Sensations


Director: Cristian Ferrero.
Cast: Kaio de Castro, Rico Puentes, Felix Stulback, Junior Carioca, Adam Persio, Kaua Riberio, Leo dos Passos, Thiago Pavanello, Kaua Canalta, Victor Martin, Andre Dumont, Rick.

The men of Tropical Sensations are preparing for one hell of a party. They’re decorating a lovely outdoor patio with flowers and balloons and creating a gorgeous fruit centerpiece. In fact, the food styling and sumptuous close-ups of dripping watermelon are so good here that viewers might find themselves drooling before the first uncut cock appears! Leo dos Passos and Adam Persio are horny caterers who take a break to feed each other some dick. They end up fucking on a table, but at least they fix the linens when they’re done. Bouncer Junior Carioca shows up to check on security for the bash and ends up stealing the movie. This built black stud is generously hung and makes a big impression in his pairing with Kaua Riberio, who rides Carioca like a champ. Throw in a verbal bartender top and a couple of randy guests who get busy in the pool house and you’ve got a good time for all. Picture quality is fine, with mostly vivid colors. One quibble: At many points, there is no sound or just annoying music and what appears to be some poor dubbing of moans and groans—not very sexy, but the foreign cast makes up for it. Party on! (Icaro Studios/Arena Entertainment)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

December 12, 2007

News: Ridgeline Films Signs First Exclusive

Ridgeline Films has announced the signing of its first exclusive, Damian Rios, the hot Latino star of the company’s soon-to-be-released Beyond Malibu and Up Country. The versatile hunk has a seven-inch cut cock and a sweet bubble butt that Ridgeline is putting to good use (he has bottomed in three scenes for the company, including a flip-flop with Braxton Bond in Beyond Malibu).

Rios was born in Dallas and raised in Florida, where he currently lives in Key West. He began working as a go-go dancer and stripper in 1999 but didn’t enter the industry until this year. “I decided I didn’t want to let it go by without me saying I at least did it,” Rios says. “Right now I am just enjoying it for what it is. I never thought when I did my first shoot in Los Angeles that I would ever be signed as an exclusive to a company, but Ridgeline has treated me like gold on every set, better than any other company. I knew right away they were the company I wanted to shoot for all the time, so I can’t believe it’s actually happened.”

Ridgeline Films CEO and president Jason Ridge says of the tattooed stud, “Damian embodies what I look for in a performer. He’s versatile, he’s energetic, he’s photogenic, he’s a dream to work with. We’re very lucky to have him as part of our family.”

For more on Rios and his upcoming projects, visit

December 11, 2007

New Release: Playback

Raging Stallion Studios and director Ben Leon return with a brand-new double-disc set of nonstop fucking action in Playback. With an eye for good angles, soft light and hard dick, Leon brings the viewer into the shadows of an empty warehouse where Raging Stallion’s finest perform at the top of their game. What happens when no one is paying attention but the security cameras are on record? A lot of hot sex in every corner, that’s what. “I couldn’t wait to shoot Jake Deckard and Remy Delaine,” Leon says. “I've worked with both of them before, and I know that they both bring sex to new heights.” New heights indeed. Starring Dirk Jager, Jake Deckard, Justin Christopher, Marcos David, Remy Delaine, Roman Ragazzi, Trey Casteel, Barrett Long, Max Blue, Martin Mazza, J. St. Miguel. For more information, visit

December 10, 2007

News: Atlas Hits Airwaves With Stern Tomorrow

Porn superstar Zeb Atlas has been confirmed for a live radio appearance with the King of All Media, Howard Stern. Atlas, whose newest self-produced and directed movie, Zeb’s Vegas Adventure has just been released, will be a guest on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday, December 11, at 7:45 am EST/10:45 am PST. Stern’s daily show is broadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Zeb Atlas Productions has released three movies this year, including the best-selling Mark Meets Zeb: The Texas Two-Step, and is currently in preproduction for its first “full gay sex” feature, which Atlas will produce, direct, write and star in. Production is planned for early next year.

On the same day as he appears on the Stern Show, Atlas, who is currently TLA Video’s top adult seller, will be an in-studio guest on The Derek & Romaine Show at 8:30 pm EST/5:30 pm PST, also on Sirius Satellite Radio (OutQ 109).

“I’m excited about both live appearances,” Atlas says. “I love the idea of doing a morning and an evening radio show. I’m particularly looking forward to my chat with Howard Stern. As for my new production, viewers will see me venture into some new activities on film.”

For more information, visit

News: Castle and Forest to Manage New Talent

Top photo courtesy
Bottom photo courtesy Men magazine

Porn star Johnny Castle and veteran talent manager David Forest have announced that they are joining forces to oversee the gay porn careers of two hot new stars, Tony Capucci and Wes Brody.

According to Forest, “The gay adult industry has been screaming at me to develop new stars to replace the now retired Forest Men: Ryan Idol, Ken Ryker, Billy Brandt, Shane Rollins and others I have handled. Johnny Castle came to me and said that he was beginning to meet some fabulous new guys that would enter the gay XXX world if he would help guide them in the right direction. The writing was on the wall. I’m partnering up with the hottest new male erotic star in the adult world. He’s already brought us two incredible boys.”

Capucci, 22, (top photo) is already creating a buzz with his solo and duo scenes at He has also done scenes for JakeCruise and, which will be available online soon, and is shooting for Freshmen magazine next week.

Brody, 21, (middle photo) hails from Wichita, Kansas, and just filmed a solo and duo for JakeCruise, which have not been released yet.

Castle, who was recently named Men magazine’s 2007 Man of the Year, says, “My career has really taken off. Now I want to bring a few special new stars into the gay adult business and make sure they are given the same excellent personal direction that I’ve enjoyed. David is the only man I’d do this with. He manages talent the way it should be done. He’s from the old school and knows the true Hollywood way of developing careers.”

For more on Castle, Capucci and Brody, visit

December 7, 2007

Guy Candy: Fratman Doug

Here’s the latest Fratman, Doug. He’s from Arkansas and loves to show off and be naughty. Can you tell? Jasun at Fratman told us that it took Doug only half an hour in the house to drop his pants and hop in the shower with studly Chase. “You can tell that he’s gonna be the good kind of trouble that we like at the pad,” Jasun says. We can’t wait! For more Doug, visit

December 6, 2007

Movie Review: Dante


Directors: Jett Blakk and Ty Hudson.
Cast: Logan Robbins, Trent Atkins, Eddie Stone, Chad Hunt, Damon Phoenix, Zackary Pierce, Trevor Knight, Ty Hudson.

It’s obvious that a lot of people put a lot of hard work into Dante, which only makes you wish that it worked better. Among the hardest workers are director Jett Blakk and writer/co-director Ty Hudson (who also plays three roles). These guys took on an ambitious adaptation of Dante Alighieri’s Inferno, which Hudson explains the origins of in a long-winded DVD extra intro. (The co-directors also do an extensive audio commentary that fills in every detail of the production.) There are sketches of the characters and schematics of the sets—all very impressive and indicative of the care that went into many aspects of this Red Devil production. But, as they say, if it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the stage. And even the most attractive models and hottest sex can’t make up for a muddled script and a silly, unsatisfying ending that resorts to a lame “to be continued” line.

This epic tale of the battle between good and evil begins with some dramatic music and a mysterious monastery, where a bearded Hudson works his dark angels (Trevor Knight and Zachary Pierce) into a sweaty frenzy. This unlikely threeway sets the stage with its elaborate set and moody lighting. In the second scene, we meet main character Dante (Logan Robbins), who is given a letter with an odd symbol by his weird professor (Hudson again, in glasses). We learn that Dante’s boyfriend, Joss (Trent Atkins), is a former escort—or is he? Jealousy between the lovers causes a breakup, and Dante’s study partner Ben (Damon Phoenix) is only too happy to comfort him. Or is he? The plot gets more convoluted as Chad Hunt (with a strange dye job) and Eddie Stone show up to accost Atkins, and Hudson (now clean-shaven) returns to bed Phoenix. In the end, there’s a dramatic shooting, some light bondage and even a bit of stigmata! There’s also some solid work by Hunt (whose monster cock does him proud as always), Stone and Atkins. Their scene at the monastery is a highlight, with great oral and top honors going to Hunt and Stone. And Phoenix is as cute as a button, delivering a cum-flying orgasm that elicits an adorable giggle from the newbie model. On the other hand, fresh face Robbins is nowhere near ready for a leading role. His wooden delivery and stiff, awkward performance is a weak leak in Dante’s chain. And Hudson’s hammy over-the-top work, in all his roles, doesn’t help either. There is some grainy night photography and poor sound quality in spots, but we’d rather see a movie set high goals and not reach them, then not try at all. And on that level, Dante works just fine. (Red Devil Entertainment)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2007)

December 5, 2007

Behind the Scenes: Just Add Water

We recently told you about Just Add Water, the latest from Jet Set Men and director Chris Steele. Now, we go behind the scenes with some pics from the set. The movie stars nine hot young studs (including Jet Set exclusives Nickolay Petrov and Jesse Santana) who enjoy one horny pool party. Here, you see the sexy cast (Andy Kirra, Tyler Saint, Jordan Vaughn, Erik West, Jason White, Mason Wyler and T.J. Young) as they play—in and out of the water—and Steele himself even takes time out to clown with the cuties (above). For more information, visit