December 12, 2007

News: Ridgeline Films Signs First Exclusive

Ridgeline Films has announced the signing of its first exclusive, Damian Rios, the hot Latino star of the company’s soon-to-be-released Beyond Malibu and Up Country. The versatile hunk has a seven-inch cut cock and a sweet bubble butt that Ridgeline is putting to good use (he has bottomed in three scenes for the company, including a flip-flop with Braxton Bond in Beyond Malibu).

Rios was born in Dallas and raised in Florida, where he currently lives in Key West. He began working as a go-go dancer and stripper in 1999 but didn’t enter the industry until this year. “I decided I didn’t want to let it go by without me saying I at least did it,” Rios says. “Right now I am just enjoying it for what it is. I never thought when I did my first shoot in Los Angeles that I would ever be signed as an exclusive to a company, but Ridgeline has treated me like gold on every set, better than any other company. I knew right away they were the company I wanted to shoot for all the time, so I can’t believe it’s actually happened.”

Ridgeline Films CEO and president Jason Ridge says of the tattooed stud, “Damian embodies what I look for in a performer. He’s versatile, he’s energetic, he’s photogenic, he’s a dream to work with. We’re very lucky to have him as part of our family.”

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Anonymous said...

Love Damian Rios and he will definetely help to bring ridgeline movies in the picture.

Anonymous said...

he's hot, sweet and sexy