December 9, 2004

Movie Review: Ranch Hand Rehab

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Movie Review: Bang of Brothers


Director: Tom Bradford.
Adam Gervay, Attila Rajnay, Norbert Somlay, Frantisek Dvorak, Arpad Majoros, Roberto Giorgio, Ivan Rasilov, Pavel Nemec, Massimo Ferzetti, Daniel Kilmer, Rick Bauer.

Some newbie soldiers are frantically hunting for a house in the woods. Is this a gay-porn version of The Blair Witch Project? Actually, Bang of Brothers, a stylish thriller from director Tom Bradford, plays out more like a limp-wristed homage to The Amazing Race. Among five middling sex scenes, the warriors in training compete to win drills made up by their hard-edged (and hard-cocked) commander. Clocking in at more than two hours, Bang has too many action sequences that go on for too long. Who wants to watch a bunch of clothed foreigners playing games when Fear Factor is just a flip of the dial away? In the muddled plot, newcomer Adam Gervay is training to become a soldier, but his shyness and orphan past are holding him back. His mates try to be supportive, when they aren’t busy sucking and fucking. Three of the scenes are standard threeways among the other soldiers and officers. In the last scene, the commander takes Gervay under his wing and into his bed. The sex throughout tends toward the mechanical. And while most of the models are smooth and buff with plenty of uncut meat, hairy Norbert Somlay deserves a medal for his thick piece and versatility. Twink Gervay is cute, though he doesn’t have much to do besides look vacant and upset. Picture quality lacks crispness. The colors are overly saturated, and skin tones tend to look too yellow. Maybe these babes should have stayed lost in the woods. (Pacific Sun Entertainment)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2004)

December 6, 2004

Movie Review: The Big Catch


Cast: Marcelo Lagoas, Ken Masters, Marcelo Garcia, Ramon Gonzales, Guilherme Maia, Alan Bueno, Igor Santos, Marcelo Toniette, Jonathan Kawã, Marcelo Moura.

Messenger boy Marcelo Lagoas stumbles onto a secret sex society in The Big Catch. Lucky for us, he decides to join. In this by-the-book orgy flick, 10 Brazilian studs give their all in one extended scene. The adorable Lagoas, after trying to deliver a package to a mysterious warehouse, is initiated into this club by two hunks wearing masks and capes. These guys are gayer than Batman and Robin! In an overly drawn-out setup, the superheroes strip him and give him a white bow tie to wear (they have a bizarre bow tie color system that is sort of like a hankie code). Then they walk him down some very long hallways until they finally arrive at the orgy room. Soon, Lagoas is sucking numerous cocks and ultimately getting fucked. From the attractive uncut group, top man Ramon Gonzalez stands out (for his amazing body), as does Guilherme Maia (for his prodigious pop shot). The action tends to get old over the hour that this scene lasts, although director Pietro spices things up with a double penetration sequence (courtesy bottom Marcelo Moura). Eventually, Lagoas takes the cum shots with grace and is hungry for another initiation even though he has been accepted to the club! Good videography and picture quality as marred by some hot lighting and pixelation. Also, the annoying music that loops over and over is thoroughly maddening. Most members would quit after being subjected to this droning noise. Turn off the volume—or enter at your own risk. (Video 10/Pau Brasil)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2004)