October 31, 2008

Movie Review: Big Dick Society


Director: Chris Steele.
Cast: Darren Rodman, Sebastian Young, Barrett Long, Trevor Knight, Antonio Madiera, Cam Kurtz, Cort Donovan, Jonathan Lowe, Chad Hunt, Jason White, Tommy DeLuca.

A gifted cast helps director Chris Steele’s Big Dick Society live up to its title. In the opening scene, Trevor Knight is working on a new contraption called the Size-O-Matic that measures a guy’s dick when he places it through the glory hole. If it meets Knight’s specifications, a green light flashes and the stud is deemed worthy of his elite club. While Knight runs out to do errands, good buddy Cort Donovan decides to try out the machine with Cam Kurtz, who must have passed the test because Donovan sucks him through the hole before banging him. But this is only the beginning of the well-endowed guys who show up. Knight soon has a bevy of big dicks in his living room, ready to measure up and pair off.

Antonio Madiera and Tommy DeLuca are the first to separate from the group for a nice flip-flop fuck. Madiera isn’t especially hung, but his big balls make up for it. DeLuca is no slouch in the size department, but he also works hard here, tongue-fucking Madiera before giving him a good pounding. The dicks keep growing as superstar Chad Hunt delivers his massive meat to twink Jonathan Lowe, who eagerly chows down on Hunt’s amazing piece. Sure, the newbie gags, but who wouldn’t? Hunt eats and preps Lowe’s sweet ass before giving it a no-mercy fuck. Next, big Barrett Long takes on Jason White, who is coached to “breathe” by the hung stud with stunning low-hangers. There’s a great shot of Long stretching White’s mouth with his fingers so he can take every inch of manmeat. Long does the same to White’s butthole.

Knight finally gets to enjoy the fruits of his labor when cover model Darren Rodman and his friend Sebastian Young scam their way into the party by offering up Young’s virgin ass. This scene has been hyped as the bottoming debut of Jet Set exclusive Young, and while he does manage to take all of Knight, he doesn’t exactly look thrilled to be doing so. He actually does better as top man to Rodman. In the end, the oversize cast shows what it means to be blessed with a large member—and to know how to use it, too. Picture quality is good, and the extras include a fun cameo by veteran star Chad Donovan (owner of another big dick!) as a crotchety old neighbor. (Jet Set Men)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

October 30, 2008

Press: Freshmen November Issue on Stands

It’s a twinkfest as usual in the November issue of Freshmen. Jet Set exclusive (and MTV wannabe) Aaron James and hottie Max Schutler are featured inside, but it’s supercute Kirk Cummings who makes the cover. The 21-year-old Denver native shares how he jacks twice a day every day. Kirk was pursuing a music career when he happened into the jizz biz. “Porn pays a lot of money for the little amount of time you work,” he says, “and I need a lot of free time to work on my album.” Who knows? Maybe when he’s not pulling his pud the guy can carry a tune!

Also in the issue is Vincent Lambert’s review of Jocks/Falcon Studio’s Snow Trip Vol. 5: Big Bear, in which attractive models frolic in the great outdoors, doing manly stuff like skiing, sledding and having snowball fights. But the real fun begins when this horny crew gets back to the secluded cabin and gets intimate by the fireplace. Here’s an excerpt:

Zane Jacobs and Shawn Romano are getting busy when a nosy cameraman sneaks into their room to capture the action. They act all shy and demure at the start but end up trading oral and getting into some intense ass play. Shawn does most of the work as he licks and fingers Zane’s willing hole and prods him with a dildo. This seems to do the trick as Zane spews soon after, leaving Shawn to hit the slopes with full nuts. That’s cold!

To read the full review, get the November issue of Freshmen.

October 29, 2008

Short Takes: Lucas Sets a Date…and More

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Guy Candy: Kyle Bornheimer

Is it just us or is this guy hot? Kyle Bornheimer is the star of CBS’s new Monday night sitcom Worst Week. If you live in New York City, you’ve probably seen his picture plastered on subways and bus stops all over town. He is usually scantily clad in his plastic diaper (above), thanks to a plot device in the first episode. His character is a bumbling regular guy who is trying to win over his future in-laws, and he’s been shirtless in a couple of episodes so far, which is not a bad thing—if you ask us anyway. Kyle has a nice beefy bod, plus he’s funny and cute. And look at that sexy hairy chest (not to mention the breast pumps. Kinky!). Readers, you say? Should this post really be a Should Do Porn item?

October 28, 2008

Seen: Cockyboys at Hustlaball in Berlin

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October 26, 2008

October 24, 2008

Movie Review: No Rest in This Room


Director: Alexander.
Cast: Miguel Torres, Cristo Torres, Hernan Medina, Daniel Trejo, Omar Juarez, Esteban Mendoza, Miguel Montalvo, Victor Jimenez, Christian Duarte, Tommy Lima, Niko Tomiar, Manuel Lozano, Gregorio Guerrero, Pedro Pineda.

The sexy foreign men of No Rest in This Room certainly know how to make the most of the secluded mall bathroom they frequent. There is tons of hot cruising and action going on, which newbie Hernan Medina soon discovers when he takes a break from some shopping to enter the tea room with his just purchased dildo and porn mags. The brazen cutie strips down and begins prodding himself when two security guards (Miguel Torres and Cristo Torres) show up and decide to help him. Miguel has a great hairy body and big uncut cock, and he handcuffs Medina and uses his nightstick to get him ready for it. He also tops coworker Cristo before creaming on Medina’s sweet face.

The guards leave but Medina hangs out in a stall until another couple shows up and starts to play. A janitor in a hideous orange jumpsuit (Victor Jimenez) sweeps in and fucks both of them. In an interesting effect, they all jack onto a clear glass pane and we see it from below. Medina still hasn’t gotten his fill, so he watches as hot-bodied Omar Juarez comes in to tinkle and winds up screwing another twink, after eating his butt in extreme close-up. These two unload on the counter, creating more work for that horny janitor! Bearded Manuel Lozano hooks up with big-titted Gregorio Guerrero, taking his cum on his ass, then he moves on to Pedro Pineda, who covers his facial fur with jizz. At this point, Medina dresses and leaves the restroom one happy man—and he even remembers to wash his hands!

The picture quality is good—although some of the camera work is shaky—but the sound seems to drop out at several points, and because there is no music, the scenes have a certain lifeless quality to them regardless of the action we are seeing. But that’s no reason to flush this entertaining foreign fare. (Alexander Pictures)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

October 23, 2008

October 22, 2008

Seen: Adam Champ and Carlo Masi at Bday Bash

COLT men Adam Champ and Carlo Masi celebrated their joint birthdays last Saturday in Rome. More than 3,000 guests were present to send birthday wishes to the screen studs, who performed a sexy striptease and served ice cream to family, friends and fans in the VIP area. To see more pictures from the event, visit their site www.FushFushGroup.com.

Press: Zeb Atlas on New Unzipped Cover

Muscle god (and now full-fledged man-on-man porn star) Zeb Atlas graces the cover of the new issue of Unzipped. In an exclusive interview, the notoriously “straight” bodybuilder talks about his topping debut in Falcon Studio’s upcoming Best Men, the last-minute casting of co-star Adam Killian and how he was “looking to add a little boost to my image.” Zeb, consider yourself boosted!

Also in the issue, you’ll find Vincent Lambert’s review of Titan Media’s Warehouse, where hot men roam around in the dark, groping one another and searching in vain for the exit signs. Here’s an excerpt:

Damien Crosse shows up, whips out his big cock and starts peeing all over himself. He’s not shy about drinking it, either. Once Damien is soaked, handsome Dak Ramsey wanders over and starts sucking him. Dak doesn’t even seem to mind the glistening piss dripping down. These two studs trade intense oral and have a thing for spitting at each other. After swapping loogies and popping a load each, the guys discover that Ago Viara has been spying on them. They tie him up and Damien proceeds to slap him around and unleash more piss on him. Then they eat his ass and take turns pounding him, with Damien showing his skill at jackhammer fucking and Dak using his meaty ass and legs to power his thrusts. There is a serious, dark vibe to this scene, and by the time the trio spews again, there isn’t a dry body part in the house.

To read the full review, pick up the November issue of Unzipped.

October 21, 2008

News: Titan Signs New Exclusive Marco Blaze

Titan Media has announced the signing of Marco Blaze as its newest exclusive model. Blaze is an Argentinean native, has a nine-inch uncut cock and is 100-percent versatile. He stars in and appears on the box covers of two soon-to-be-released TitanMen Fresh features. Blaze also just finished filming three scenes for upcoming TitanMen movies; his first TitanMen release will be Overdrive, scheduled for release in December, in which he performs with François Sagat.

“I have always wanted to work with TitanMen,” Blaze says. “They represent the very highest quality in the industry, and I am proud to be a TitanMen exclusive.”

“Marco’s presence at the TitanMen booth during Folsom Street Fair caused quite a stir,” says Keith Webb, VP of marketing for Titan Media. “Once Marco’s films are released, I’m sure everyone will know his name and face. He’s got everything we could ever hope for in a performer and then some!”

“We are very proud that Marco has chosen to sign with Titan Media,” adds Brian Mills, director and partner of Titan Media. “Marco is movie-star handsome, physically stunning and a natural performer. He will quickly become one of the most highly sought-after performers in the gay adult industry.”

Blaze, 26, is also launching his own Web site, which will feature his personal blog, photo galleries, streaming previews and trailers of his upcoming films. For more information, visit www.MarcoBlaze.com and www.TitanMedia.com.

October 20, 2008

Short Takes: Mavericks for Real…and More

Hot on the heels of The Village Voice’s spot-on cover proclaiming “Mavericks, My Ass,” Studio 2000 is jumping on the political bandwagon by offering a special on two of its Mavericks movies. From now until Election Day, both classic films Mavericks and Mavericks 2, starring Logan Reed and Blake Harper, are available for just $29.95. Well, golly-gee dang it, that’s a bargain! For more information, visit www.studio2000video.com.…Athletic Model Guild has announced the launch of AMG Podcast, which is available in iTunes by searching “Athletic Model Guild” and “AMG Brasil.” The podcasts will feature trailers, teasers, exclusive on-set footage and other short-format video content, including interviews from the company’s upcoming release, Rio. “It’s a movie unlike any other ever produced by AMG,” says promotions manager Christopher Trout, “and we figured this was the perfect opportunity to prove that just because we’re an old studio doesn’t mean we can’t learn new tricks.”…Lucas Entertainment has wrapped production of its big holiday release, Return to Fire Island Parts I & II. Filming took place entirely in the Cherry Grove section of Fire Island at the historic Belvedere Hotel. “This was the perfect backdrop for our elegant and steamy sex romp,” co-director Mr. Pam says. New groom Michael Lucas (below) adds, “This is our return to Fire Island, but we had such a great time it’s as if we never left.” The films feature Ben Andrews, Wilfried Knight, Rafael Alencar, Rod Barry, Nick Capra, Jason Crew, Mike Dreyden and Jackson Wild.

October 17, 2008

Event: More From the HX Gay Erotic Expo 2008


We’re still sorting through our images from last weekend’s HX Gay Erotic Expo at the Manhattan Center in New York City. Here are some more to help you make it to this weekend. Seen (from top): Sexy Paul from CraigSebastian.com, winner of our own personal best torso award; Jason Crew and Jackson Wild (whose scene with Lady Bunny in Lucas Entertainment’s Brothers’ Reunion is a scream) were reunited and it felt so good; veteran superstar Bobby Blake walking the main floor and shilling for his autobiography My Life in Porn; Vinnie D’Angelo checking out Torez’s assets before moving on to his studded leather jockstrap; porn star Tré Xavier and Knight Stick Films director Ben Marksman, who is currently shooting the company’s second release, Breaking Him In, a prison drama that Marksman told us will surprise fans; veteran model Andy Hunter, who is still working and just moved to NYC from L.A.; and the men of Jake Cruise’s new CockSureMen.com site, who provided a fitting end to the weekend fun.

October 16, 2008

Movie Review: Neighborhood Buddies, Volume 8


Director: Uncredited.
Cast: Clark Kent, Tom, Dan, Mack, Kevin, Tyler, Denny, Victor.

The Neighborhood Buddies are back and working the same old, same old mojo. This overly long entry starts on a decidedly low note with a very pale and very blank Kevin going through the usual jacking routine. This guy barely has enough energy to lift the remote! Tyler is young and cute, and he stretches and strips to show off his smooth body before hitting the shower to ’bate. Tom works his meat in the kitchen before delivering a splashy load in bed. But these average buds don’t live up to cover model Clark Kent. Yes, dumb name but hot guy. This hunk with a great body starts his scene in shades and a hoodie as he settles in to peruse some girlie magazines. Slowly but surely he unveils his bulging pecs (the good picture quality shows some faint stubble) and taut abs. Eventually the sunglasses come off and Clark retires to a couch, where he pumps his meat. Later, he flexes and poses in the bedroom mirror before giving his cock a serious pounding. This guy works hard for the orgasm! This uninspired eighth installment of the solo series might have been more interesting if all the models were up to Clark’s standards. There is one duo scene in which Denny and Victor have a competition to see who can shoot the most times in a half hour, but it doesn’t turn out to be much of a contest as Denny squeezes out a whopping six pop shots to Victor’s puny two. Which only proves that Clark Kent is still Superman in our book!

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

October 15, 2008

News: Michael Lucas to Wed Longtime Partner

Porn superstar Michael Lucas has announced his upcoming marriage to longtime love Richard Winger. A private ceremony will be held in West Hollywood and performed by Councilmember John Duran. Lucas is president and CEO of New York-based porn production company Lucas Entertainment, and Winger is an international businessman and President Emeritus of New York City’s LGBT Center. The couple met eight years ago at a holiday party. Their wedding will also serve as a fund-raiser for Equality California, a leading statewide lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights and advocacy organization.

“I’m very excited about the upcoming ceremony, and I’m proud to be having it in a state that accepts our relationship,” Lucas says. “This is not only a declaration of our love but as a way to show that gay people can marry just like heterosexual couples. While it’s difficult to believe these rights may be swept away by such ignorance, it’s moments such as this when we need to come together and fight for a cause.” Following their nuptials in California, Lucas and Winger plan to commemorate the ceremony with a gathering in New York City in November.

New Release: Mug Shots

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October 14, 2008

Event: HX Gay Erotic Expo 2008


While Madonna trotted out her Sticky and Sweet tour at Madison Square Garden, the sixth-annual HX Gay Erotic Expo unfolded across the street in the Grand Ballroom of the Manhattan Center. Exhibitors at this year’s two-day event included Cybersocket.com, Unzipped Media, Pjur Lubricants, Rentboy.com, JustUsBoys.com and TLA Video, among many others. Drag queen Sherry Vine hosted live shows throughout the weekend featuring porn stars, exotic dancers and fetish fashions. Seen (from top): Barrett Long promoting his new dildo (available at LongToy.com) and sharing plans to launch his own production company in 2009; Brad Benton and Johnny Hazzard talking up their here! cable TV show The Lair. Luckily Benton was his usual gregarious self because Hazzard was playing the part of reticent porn star and only uttered a single word (“No”) during their on-stage “patter”; always cute and fun Jason Crew, who’s been shooting for Lucas Entertainment lately; studly Vinnie D’Angelo; newly named Raging Stallion Man of the Year Ricky Sinz; hot couple Angel Skye and Brad Star plugging their AngelSlutGarden.com site; Jake Cruise with his posse, including handsome Zack Cook (far right), announcing the debut of his new CockSureMen.com site, which will feature a mix of old and new material with some fetish stuff thrown in for good measure; model Colton with the vivacious Jackson Wild (right), who told us that he’s relocating to Manhattan from his native Chicago in December. Watch out, NYC!; and sexy Mike Dreyden, who was seen everywhere this weekend because the hirsute hunk was the poster boy for the Erotic Expo. Mike revealed to us that he just finished shooting his first movie for Raging Stallion and was directed by the award-winning Tony Dimarco in a scene with tattooed hottie Logan McCree. Sounds like this local go-go god is on his way!

October 13, 2008

Short Takes: Dean Coxx Takes Cock…and More

We’ve written about Dean Coxx (left) before. Now the “straight” Internet stud has finally gone bottoms up for his official Web site, clubdean.com. Stevan, one of Coxx’s own discoveries, is the lucky guy who does the (on-screen) deflowering, banging Dean’s bubble butt in the long-awaited scene. It looks like Dean tops Stevan, too. Multitalented!…COLT Men Adam Champ and Carlo Masi are launching a new Web site that will organize and promote live performances of various artists, events and shows around Europe, Mexico and South America. The site will also feature videos and picture galleries from their parties. “Every weekend is an all-new adventure for us,” Champ says. The COLT exclusives have already scheduled shows in Naples, Rome, Madrid and Paris, and other top models, including Buckshot Man Matthias Vanelli, COLT Man Eric Valentin and Mr. Gay Italia Fabio Falco, are booked to appear with them. For more information, visit www.FushFushGroup.com.…Defamer.com is reporting that former gay porn star Jordan Young has been named VP of casting and talent for a reality TV production company (see article below). They even used an original picture we took and linked to our interview with the Asian twink from 1997. The item was also picked up by QueerMeNow, Banana Guide and Vote for the Worst blogs. Congrats, Jordan—and thanks for the traffic, guys!

October 10, 2008

Movie Review: Overtime


Director: Jett Blakk.
Cast: Erik Rhodes, Roman Heart, Cal Skye, Trevor Knight, Kyle Pierce, Tory Mason, Hayden Stephens, Koen Bradshaw.

It’s just another day at the office for the sexy men of Falcon Studios’ Overtime, only without all the boring parts and lots of sucking and fucking instead. A bleached blond Roman Heart sends assistant Koen Bradshaw to the supply room for some paper clips but ends up giving him a killer knob job. These two had great energy, and Heart tops in a couple of positions—and both models keep their black shoes and knee socks on the whole time! Cover model Tory Mason (looking vaguely orange) is having trouble with the copy machine, so gorgeous newcomer Hayden Stephens (top photo) pounds his pert posterior to make up for his trouble. Stephens has a meaty ass himself, not to mention a hot bod and a huge cock—and he repairs machinery, too. What else do you need?

Big-dicked Trevor Knight is a doctor on the job who can’t help being attracted to balding patient Kyle Pierce. This is one rectal exam that goes a bit too far (Knight has an amazingly long tongue!), until doc and patient are performing some inspired 69 action and Knight hops on the table to bang. Pierce rides his face and then his cock. In the end, Knight gets his sperm sample. And once again, the black socks stay on. Is this a new fashion trend? Beefy Erik Rhodes is at his desk, jacking to the Falcon Web site when he decides to pounce on assistant Cal Skye. First, Rhodes licks his sweet pink hole in close-up, then he rams it. Skye gets loud, especially when a daddyish Rhodes fucks his cute face. After some more pounding, a red-faced Rhodes unloads on Skye’s boyish mug—and so ends another day on the job. Videography and picture quality are good, and Overtime comes in at a tight 90 minutes, perfect for viewing over a long lunch hour. Bon appétit. (Falcon Studios)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)