October 22, 2008

Press: Zeb Atlas on New Unzipped Cover

Muscle god (and now full-fledged man-on-man porn star) Zeb Atlas graces the cover of the new issue of Unzipped. In an exclusive interview, the notoriously “straight” bodybuilder talks about his topping debut in Falcon Studio’s upcoming Best Men, the last-minute casting of co-star Adam Killian and how he was “looking to add a little boost to my image.” Zeb, consider yourself boosted!

Also in the issue, you’ll find Vincent Lambert’s review of Titan Media’s Warehouse, where hot men roam around in the dark, groping one another and searching in vain for the exit signs. Here’s an excerpt:

Damien Crosse shows up, whips out his big cock and starts peeing all over himself. He’s not shy about drinking it, either. Once Damien is soaked, handsome Dak Ramsey wanders over and starts sucking him. Dak doesn’t even seem to mind the glistening piss dripping down. These two studs trade intense oral and have a thing for spitting at each other. After swapping loogies and popping a load each, the guys discover that Ago Viara has been spying on them. They tie him up and Damien proceeds to slap him around and unleash more piss on him. Then they eat his ass and take turns pounding him, with Damien showing his skill at jackhammer fucking and Dak using his meaty ass and legs to power his thrusts. There is a serious, dark vibe to this scene, and by the time the trio spews again, there isn’t a dry body part in the house.

To read the full review, pick up the November issue of Unzipped.


Anonymous said...

who cares about this failure. He must have some ptretty good Pr working for him for i don't want him even for free in whatever way and i mean it

Anonymous said...

gee he's popping up everywhere when really nobody needs him?
Porn producers etc are worse than bank directors....