December 12, 2006

On the Set Report: Enrico Vega’s Sexpload


Can lightning strike twice? New York–based porn star Enrico Vega sure hopes so. A veteran of more than 50 films over the past six years, Vega is producing and directing the second feature for his own Enrico Vega Productions. The first film, The Adventures of Enrico Vega, was nominated for two GAYVN Awards, so the stakes are high as he prepares for the release of Sexpload.

On a rainy Saturday in June on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Vega is getting ready to shoot the final scene for the movie. And he is basically a one-man band. He has created a set with black fabric in a corner of his living room, set up lights and is waiting for his cast. “I decided to use a simple set for this movie so all the focus is on the models,” he explains.

The buzzer rings and model Zach Jayden arrives. Though briefly a Lucas Entertainment exclusive, Jayden has displayed his boyish good looks and stunning bubble butt in only a couple of movies. So, understandably, he seems tentative as he disrobes. “I am always nervous before a scene,” he says. His co-star Berto, who has appeared in a video for Latino Fan Club, shows up wet from the rain and dirty from his job. “I just came from work,” he says, taking off his shirt to reveal an array of tattoos. “I work construction, so I get dirty. Is it okay if I shower first?”

All cleaned up, Berto joins Jayden for a photo shoot. Vega poses the models and starts taking pictures for the box cover. Then, the shoot is ready to begin. The scene has no acting and no plot. The models begin naked and get right to the good stuff. “I want this movie to be all about the sex,” Vega says later. “I want it to be like a straight porn movie, where they just cut right to the hard-core action. I always think about the viewer at home who is watching and jacking off. What will make him happy?”

Hmm, the two sexy models about to have sex might do the trick. Vega positions Berto on a pillow and Jayden squats between his legs, eyeing his huge cock. He doesn’t seem to be nervous anymore as he starts chowing down. Vega turns off the air-conditioning and begins filming the action. With little prompting, the models go through the oral sequence quickly. Vega occasionally calls out an instruction, but for the most part he is quiet and allows the guys to do their thing. After about 20 minutes of deep-throating, Jayden asks for a break. Vega rushes in with towels and water. “Are you guys okay?” he asks. “Can I get you anything?”

After a few minutes, it’s time for penetration. The guys begin with doggie. Jayden moans and grits his teeth. Berto performs like a pro. Soon they get into a rhythm and Vega scurries to capture it. Three positions later, the director calls for pop shots. A sweaty Berto pounds Zach to completion then delivers his own load. Still horned, Jayden jacks himself to a surprise second orgasm. It’s the icing on the cake…so to speak!

Vega puts down his camera and again moves in with towels. “That was great!” he tells them. “It looked so hot!” The models dry off as Vega hits the A/C button. He goes to the kitchen and returns with a tray of homemade sandwiches. Yes, the man does his own catering, too!

The models’ work is done, but Vega still has a way to go. Now that the last scene is complete, Sexpload can be edited and is that much closer to release. “I can produce only about one movie a year,” he says. “I just don’t have the time to do much more than that.” Although the film features many local newcomers—along with popular models Viper and Dimitri Santiago—Vega promises that he will make an appearance. “I am not in a scene,” he says, “but I will be in the DVD extras and some behind-the-scenes footage.”

Now that’s something that will make his fans happy!

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2006)