October 20, 2005

October 14, 2005

On the Set Report: OhBoyEscorts.com


It’s Saturday afternoon on Manhattan’s trendy Upper West Side. As students of nearby Columbia University enjoy the crisp fall weather outside, Tyson Cane and his crew are working up a sweat inside. Cane, casually dressed in a dark shirt and jeans, is padding around a friend’s apartment in white socks. He is busy prepping a scene for his third video as writer-producer-director. His first two (Manhattan Fantasies and Freak Factor) were produced with former business partner Enrico Vega. Now on his own, Tyson is a multihyphenate on a mission.

In the living room, two models are positioned on a green leather sofa as Cane sets up a shot. Though the air conditioner is on, the elaborate lighting is quickly heating up the area. Photographer Junior (who is also a part-time model) is taking pictures with a digital camera as Cane grabs his 35mm. They both do some glamour shots of the models before the scene begins. Cane explains that due to requests from different publications, he usually shoots both digital and 35mm film.

Also on-set are porn stars Mario Ortiz, a close friend of Cane’s, who is consulting, and Felipe Eller, who co-stars and also inspired the movie being shot today. Eller and Cane met online several months ago. When Cane discovered that Eller was starting his own escort agency, he was intrigued. “I know people are fascinated by escorts, so I said to Felipe, ‘We should make a movie about your new agency.’ ” Sensing a promotional bonanza in the making, Eller quickly agreed. They even decided to title the film after the agency, OhBoyEscorts.com.

The now-naked models—Dimitri Santiago, who has appeared in numerous videos over the past six years, and Igor, a boyish Brazilian making his porn debut—pose and get playful with each other. Cane gets behind his tripod and dons headphones. He instructs Junior to turn off the A/C (too noisy) and directs the models to kiss. The scene is officially under way with kissing, tongue-fucking, blowjobs. After about 20 minutes, Cane calls for a break. The sweaty models towel off while Junior mops up the leather sofa. The A/C goes back on. Igor is excited about the progress of his first scene. “This is fun!” he exclaims to Eller. “I get to have sex with a gorgeous guy. I like it!”

Cane calls the models over to touch up their makeup and discuss the next setup with them. He jumps on the sofa and demonstrates exactly what he wants. Next, he debates how to get a safer-sex message into the movie. A line he has scripted about condom use ends up sounding preachy when Dimitri rehearses it. So it is decided that when Dimitri reaches for a condom, he will hold it up and instruct Igor, who plays a newbie escort learning the ropes, “And whenever you’re on the job, don’t forget these!” After Dimitri repeats the line a couple of times, Cane seems pleased.

While Igor is photographed solo on the sofa, Dimitri focuses on his wood. After a couple of minutes, Dimitri is hard. Igor stares at his erection. “That is big!” he says, wide-eyed. Cane calls for action, and Dimitri enters Igor doggy-style. It goes without a hitch. Ortiz and Eller exchange a silent glance with raised eyebrows. Igor used both hands to spread his cheeks. This part of the scene goes smoothly. However, as Dimitri pounds away at Igor’s tight bottom, the sofa starts to zip across the floor. Cane adjusts his camera accordingly. After several minutes, Cane ask, “Igor, are you doing okay?” Igor says he needs a break, and Cane immediately complies.

After a few minutes of rest, the fucking resumes. A couple of positions later, it’s time for cum shots. Igor is feeling a bit shy, so Cane sets the camera and he and the other on-set observers retire to the bathroom, providing some privacy for the video virgin. Several minutes later some loud moans are heard from the set. Dimitri calls out, “Okay, he’s done!” and we all regroup to witness Dimitri’s cum shot. Being the professional he is, it doesn’t take long or require privacy. As the scene winds down, the models starts to kiss. Almost immediately, the lights and camera die!

The culprit is a blown fuse, which Junior promptly fixes. Cane is relieved that the scene was completed. Cool air streams in, and Igor jumps up and hits the shower. Dimitri lounges in a towel and gives a tour of his tattoos. (“I designed them all myself,” he says. “My cousin did most of them, but then he went to jail.”) Cane and Junior begin packing up the equipment, but not before watching some footage on the camera’s display. “It looks really good, ” Cane says. Then to Eller, “I really hope we can make this a series!”

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2005)