December 14, 2000

Movie Review: Fire Island Cruising


Director: Michael Lucas
Cast: Chad Hunt, Enrico Vega, Anthony Ferrat, Kyle Krystoff, Phillipe Siren, Michael Rock, Nico Arroyo, Mitch Ryder, Michael Lucas

The seventh release from Lucas Entertainment goes behind the sand dunes of New York’s mythic gay summer resort. Former Falcon exclusive Michael Lucas has reinvented himself as a prolific producer/director, and Fire Island Cruising is his latest offering. He also serves as narrator—linking the plotlines together with his heavily accented voice-over—and appears in a solo jerk-off scene.

In the opening, we learn that the handsome Russian native has taken a job on a boat that ferries fags out to Fire Island. While cruising the beach, Lucas happens upon superstar discovery Chad Hunt, who sports an amazing Jeff Stryker look-alike cock. Hunt invites Lucas to a poolside orgy, but Lucas leaves before the fun begins. Luckily beefy Enrico Vega, hunky Michael Rock, and several others hang out long enough to get off.

However, Lucas saves the best for last: Hunt and Anthony Ferrat’s strenuous outdoor encounter, which includes a golden shower with a beer-enema chaser (mail-order version only). Newcomer Hunt is hung huge and fucks like a dream. In fact, the entire cast is a nice mix of multiracial, tattooed, pierced, uncut hotties. These sexy boys of summer will have you thinking about getting wild on the beach regardless of the season. (Lucas Entertainment)

Reprinted from
Unzipped magazine (2000)

December 8, 2000

Movie Review: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!


Directors: Tony Alizzi and Jack Francis.
Cast: Cole Tucker, Jason Branch, Steve Cassidy, Thom Barron, Blake Harper, Chad Johnson, Tuck Johnson, Logan Reed, Matt Bradshaw, Anthony DeAngelo, Cameron Cruise.

MSR’s new release Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell! tackles the big issue of gays in the military from the perspective of an insider. Cole Tucker (pictured, top) plays a colonel who is called before a grand jury to determine the effectiveness of President Clinton’s inane “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. In the course of the proceedings, Tucker reveals his personal experiences and, in a dramatic high point, is ultimately outed on the stand by attorney Jason Branch.

But the thrilling courtroom theatrics are nothing compared to the stunning sex scenes that play out as Tucker testifies. In flashbacks, we see buff Tuck Johnson performing a major knob job on the major knob of Thom Barron. Then there’s the amazing tearoom trio of veteran Chad Johnson (still beautifully hairy and built to last), Matt Bradshaw (also back and a bit beefier than before) and the cock-hungry Blake Harper. But this isn’t the only hot threeway. Branch’s own dirty deeds are exposed in a surprise video that Tucker screens in the courtroom. It it, Branch does his duty with Logan Reed and Steve Cassidy. All of which leads up to an epic barroom orgy, with Tucker in full glory, puffing on his cigar and talking trash as only he can. This is an eight-man free-for-all that is the perfect capper to an exceptional film that mixes the political and the personal to great effect.

From its gripping script by Tony Alizzi to the top-notch direction by Alizzi and Jack Francis, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell! is about as good as gay porn gets. (MSR Video)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2000)

Porn Star Interview: Eric Hanson


It is the weekend of the GAYVN Awards in Los Angeles, and Eric Hanson is running late. He turns up at the West Hollywood studio of photographer Dean Keefer a bit behind schedule after getting lost on the way. But it’s no big deal for the easygoing, soft-spoken star of such films as French Connections, California Kings and Summer Reunion. He is in town to serve as a presenter at the awards and to shoot scenes for his first film in more than a year, Studio 2000’s The Size of It. As he digs into his breakfast (two protein bars), Hanson strips off his T-shirt and settles his 5-foot-11, 175-pound frame into a chair to be prepped for the photo shoot. For the 26-year-old Gemini, who was a Falcon exclusive for two years, the world of porn is more a hobby than anything else. And even though he has left Falcon, the studio recently issued the Eric Hanson Supercock dildo so the entire world can enjoy his ample gifts. As Hanson gossips about the awards and his adventures in L.A., his buff body and Italian good looks make it clear why he is still one of porn’s few new superstars.

So, is this your big comeback?

No, it’s not a comeback. It didn’t even seem like any time passed. It was only a year.
So, what have you been up to?

Just working. Getting caught up in my life and where I live. I didn’t even think about porn.
How did you get started in the industry in the first place?
A talent scout came to a club, the Copa, in Fort Lauderdale.
Is that where you are from? Florida?
Yeah. I was there hanging out at this club. Someone came up and said, “Hey, wanna be a model?” I was like, “Okay.” They didn’t tell me what it was for. I was with a friend of mine, and they wanted both of us. We both flew out to L.A. the next weekend.
Who was the friend?

I can’t even think of his porn name. He only did one movie.
And so they asked you to do a movie?
Yeah, and then Falcon signed me as an exclusive for a couple of years.
Did you have any qualms about doing gay porn?
I was a little nervous, but to me it was no big deal.
Were you gay? Are you gay?
I would say more bi, but now more gay.
How old were you?
I was 23.
And what was the first movie?
The Freshmen.
What do you remember about your first scene?
I remember a big black cock that was coming at me (laughs), and I ran for the hills.
And who was it attached to?
Jack Simmons. And they said, “This is what you are getting fucked by.” And if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have done it. It took like three hours just to get the head in! (laughs) They don’t train you or teach you or show you what to do. You are just flown to L.A., taken to a set, and they say, “Okay, get a hard-on and have sex.” And if you’re the bottom, it’s even worse. They just tell you to bend over.
And that was your only bottoming experience onscreen?
Yeah, all that douching is just too much work. (laughs)
What is your favorite thing to do onscreen?
Um, giving head. Like in the new movie, The Size of It, my scene with Jeremy Tucker went really well.
Is he your type?
I like tall, dark and handsome—Italians, Latins—and hairy. I like very natural men. I don’t like all that clipped hair you see in South Beach. I like a guy who’s a guy. I like dominant guys, real men.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Well, I have someone special in my life. No one really knows, but we’ve been together a long time.
Really? How long have you been together?
Two days. (laughs) Hey, you’re talking gay relationships here. Two days is a long time; a whole 48 hours to put up with someone’s shit. (laughs) No, I am very happy.
So, how many movies have you done?
About six or seven.
Do you have a favorite?
I would say French Connections because of the traveling and being in Paris and the guy I worked with [Antonio Romano]. Plus, out of the whole month I was there, I only worked about three days. It was like a complete vacation. And I had never been out of the country before, so it was great.
Do you have a favorite scene partner?
Kurt Stefano was really good to work with in Summer Reunion. That was a really hot scene.
Do you remember the first time you jerked off?
Yeah, I was watching my best friend take a shower in his house. I was 15. He had one of those clear shower curtains, and I could see through a crack in the door. He was beating off in the shower, and I was beating off outside and he didn’t know.
Did you think you were gay then?
No, I was just being sexual. I didn’t even know the term “gay” or “lesbian.” I was just turned on.
Did you jerk off a lot as a teenager?
I remember jerking off three or four times a day.
Did you use any special technique? Any lubricant?
No, I did it dry ’cause I have loose foreskin. That was my natural lube.
Do you still do it?
Oh yeah, of course. When someone is not around to help out.
Does your family know about your work?
I’m close to my mom. She’s knows everything. She’s not stupid. My mom figures me out like anybody’s mother knows their son. They can read your eyes, your emotions. They know when you lie. I told her about the magazines and she said, “Go for it. Can I show my friends?” I said, “Ma!” And she said, “Well, I’ve seen it all before.” And I said, “Yeah, when I was two years old. It’s a little bigger now!” (laughs)
So, how big is it now?
It’s nine by six.
And now there is the Eric Hanson dildo.
I know. Isn’t that weird? I did [the mold] a while ago, but it is just coming out now.
Do you watch your own movies?
Do you watch any porn?
Actually, I watch straight porn. I don’t get off on gay porn.
Is there anyone special you’d like to work with?
Yeah, I want to work with Mason Jarr and Marco Rossi. They’re hot.
So, do you consider this a career?
No, I sell real estate in Florida for a living. If anyone needs a house… (laughs)
Do you get recognized a lot?
No one ever approaches me in Miami, maybe because there are so many people there who do porn. It’s strange, but I get noticed more in L.A.
Do guys who hit on you know who you are?
The guys I go after, it’s a world they’re not interested in. But I do tell them eventually.
And do they ever have a problem with it?
No. Actually, I tried to get rid of a few people that way! (laughs) But it didn’t work. I was waiting for them to grab their keys and run, and they didn’t. And I’m like, “Shit, what else can I say?” (laughs)
What would you like to do onscreen that you haven’t done already?
They wanted me to bottom again, and I wasn’t ready. I am still a top. I would bottom again with the right costar.
Is there any special fantasy you’d like to act out?
I would love to be gang-banged by an entire football team—right there on the field, right during half-time. And televised! (laughs) That would be hot. They could shoot their loads all over me—totally flood me.
Would you say you’re an exhibitionist?
But you said on TV!
You said fantasy! (laughs) In real life, I am very shy.
What is the best sex you’ve ever had?
There’s a big cable company near where I live, and I got fucked in a huge satellite dish. It was hot. And the whole thing was covered with lube, and we couldn’t get out because we kept slipping. It was really funny. We kept sliding back to the center. (laughs)
What are your plans for the future?
Just to do what I am doing now. Having a happy, quiet life.
And what is a happy life for Eric Hanson?
Very simple—being in love, being comfortable, having the things I want, helping my family, supporting a local charity. That’s happiness.

Reprinted from All-Man magazine (2000)