May 29, 2009

Event: Robert Van Damme Party in L.A.


Porn superstar Robert Van Damme will celebrate the launch of his new studio, RVD Productions, at North Hollywood’s premier leather bar this Sunday, May 31. The Bullet Bar (10522 Burbank Blvd.) will host the event/DVD giveaway from 5 to 9 pm, which will feature surprise guest porn stars from Van Damme’s new releases, a BBQ and go-go boys.

Van Damme, who is a native of the Czech Republic, began his porn career in 2002 with director Blue Blake. Since then, he has starred in more than 25 movies as a model, and now he is starting his own studio with the help of veteran director Gino Colbert. Together, they have produced six movies (Private Party 1, 2 and 3; Anal Intruder; Butt Bouncers; and Cocks in Paradise) under his new label. (And yes, the rumors are true: Van Damme bottoms for Tyler Saint in the final installment of Private Party. We have an advance copy and it is worth the wait, guys!)

We are also hearing that Van Damme, who was a professional hockey player before he became a screen stud, will be taking the stage to strip out of his leather gear. Sounds like a night to remember! For more information, visit

May 28, 2009

Seen: Newlyweds D’Macho and Crosse in Spain

The grooms cut the cake! How cute is that? Diesel Washington was telling truths when he announced at the Grabbys that two of his good buddies were busy tying the knot. Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse were indeed married in Spain last weekend. The porn star couple exchanged vows at a country house just outside Madrid before a small gathering of family and friends who came from all over the world. We hear that the ceremony was quite touching, and Francesco cried like a little girl when Damien was reading his promise. Awwww. See? Porn stars have feelings too! Good thing these Stag Homme Studios studs don’t live in California.

Web Watch: Francois Sagat Relaunches Site

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May 26, 2009

Short Takes: Blue Blake Unretires…and More

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May 22, 2009

Movie Review: Roman’s Holiday


Director: John Bruno.
Cast: Roman Heart, Max Schutler, Pedro Andreas, Daniel Marvin, Robinho DeSilva, Ulises Falcon, German Roja, Michael Amerika, Alejandro Bravo, Bruno Bordas, Thomas Achaval, Damian Ferreyra.

Falcon exclusive Roman Heart headlines a trip to Argentina in Roman’s Holiday. The onetime fair-haired twink has matured quite a bit since Falcon plucked him practically out of high school for porn stardom. He still has the same smooth tanned body, but his hair is darker and his demeanor is more serious. In the opening, he wanders the streets of Buenos Aires with buddy Max Schutler. Heart meets hunky Robinho DeSilva and they engage in some outdoor action until they strip down to their matching Calvin Klein underwear (oddly, everyone in the country seems to wear the same brand of tighty whiteys!) and take it indoors. This scene is brief and cuts right to the chase as DeSilva immediately goes for Heart’s hole, eating it before fucking it. Roman appears to be less than thrilled, burying his face in the sofa and looking distracted as he takes a pounding. He also takes a faceful of jizz, which almost makes up for the lack of chemistry between him and DeSilva.

The models in the next scene fare a bit better, as neighbors Ulises Falcon and German Rojas rub their nearly identical perfect bodies together. They also do the first sucking in the movie then move on to ass-eating and anal, but again, their connection is lacking. Thomas Achaval and Damian Ferreyra are also look-alikes, both sporting beards and some other nice fur. But more important, they seem to be into each other. They kiss passionately and share their uncut cocks in an erotic 69 session. By the time they fuck, the sweat is flowing. Ferreyra pumps the jizz out of Achaval before jacking into his gaping asshole (hey, is that even safe? We’re adding this to the list of questionable activities that have been taking place in Falcon releases of late).

Heart returns for the final two scenes—one is a fiveway in which he charms Schutler’s friends by topping two of them (Max shows his versatility by topping and bottoming). Now Heart has such a killer ass that it’s easy to forget that he can be an aggressive top man too. He actually seems more natural on top, especially considering what comes next. In the last scene, Heart hooks up with muscular couple Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin. After blowing the beefy studs, Heart accommodates both in a double-penetration sequence that made us wince. Heart just looks uncomfortable as he takes both dicks; but this is also thankfully brief, so he doesn’t have to endure the tight fit for long. In the end, he takes both loads orally and then jacks, ending his vacation with a jizzy cocktail. Picture quality is average and the sex doesn’t always live up to Falcon’s usual high standards. As for Heart, he looks like he might have been happier just staying at home. (Falcon Studios)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2008)

May 21, 2009

Web Watch: Nick Capra Launches New Site

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May 20, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Beg for It

COLT Studio Group is back with Beg for It, and director Kristofer Weston wrote to give us a look behind one of it hottest scenes, which stars Nash Lawler and Derek Nicks (below). “Everyone knows what a big fan of rope play I’ve always been, so I really was excited about shooting this special scene for Buckshot,” Weston says. “Derek Nicks was hired because he has the most innocent face of a cherub I’ve ever seen, but little did I know that he also had never bottomed before and was a bit apprehensive. Nash Lawler naturally has the personality of the older brother jock that is kind of a bully that teases you relentlessly. So I knew the two of them were going to create the power dynamic that I wanted.”

The scene takes place on a pool table, where Nicks is bound at the ankles. “When we tied his hands behind his back, Derek sort of broke out into a nervous giggle,” Weston recalls. “As we rolled the camera, his giggle didn’t stop, he just couldn’t help himself. The growing bulge in his pants told us he was enjoying the helplessness of the situation though! Once Nash entered the room, he took complete control and teased his helpless victim unmercifully. He pulled out Derek’s rock-hard piece and took some shots at it with the pool balls causing Derek to yelp as they made contact. Nash then pulled his own dick out, removed Derek’s sock gag and waved his dick under his nose, making him beg for the chance to put his lips on it.”

To see how the scene turned out, visit

May 19, 2009

News: Wolf Hudson to Direct for Cockyboys

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May 15, 2009

Movie Review: Missionary in Argentina


Director: Chad Donovan.
Cast: Max Schutler, Rod Daily, German Rojas, Lucas, Michael Amerika, Ulises Falcon, Bruno Bordas, Juan Pablo.

Cover model Rod Daily is a man on a mission. In director Chad Donovan’s Missionary in Argentina, the Texas cutie travels to spread the word of God but ends up spreading his seed on foreign soil. The opening scene finds Brother Rod meeting his co-workers at the seminary and hitting the books, but it turns out that neighbors Lucas and Ulises Falcon have other things on their mind as they suck and fuck nearby. Lucas is a big beefy top and he works Falcon’s hole until he explodes. Brothers German Rojas and Michael Amerika get distracted from their studies in the next scene. The two studs are sleeping side-by-side in separate beds, but once their hands reach out and touch, they soon end up sharing a bed and their uncut cocks. Rojas, who has the most perfect five-o’clock shadow you’re likely to see, eats Amerika’s surprisingly hairy butt before ramming into him. There are some great tight pole-in-hole action shots here.

Daily spies his buddies going at it, which leads him to check out the local cruise park where Bruno Bordas and Juan Pablo meet. They get together in another hot scene, but Daily still needs to get his needs met. Along the way, he hooks up with local stud Max Schutler, who shows him around the town. Although Rod’s main mission is to get people to attend his church, Max convinces him that he can also have some fun. He tells Daily that they will “go slowly,” but their sex is pretty much full throttle. They start with deep sucking and Schutler shows his expertise as an oralist, but he also fucks Daily’s face. Then he chows down on Rod’s ass and pounds him in two positions. But Daily wants his turn on top, so Schutler flips and rides his pole with ease. They both produce juicy cum shots, and Daily announces that he now has a new mission in life! Production values are high and the foreign locations exotic. Joe Wilson’s choral soundtrack also adds a bit of gravitas and a touch of class. (Jet Set Men/Latin Heat Productions)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

May 13, 2009

Web Watch: iPhone It In

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May 8, 2009

Guy Candy: Johnathon Schaech

So what do you do when your career is in the toilet and your latest movie is about to go straight to DVD? Well, put out a sexy naked pic of yourself to remind everyone what a great body you have! That’s what actor Johnathon Schaech did last week to trumpet the release of his new film, The Poker Club. Schaech has appeared in The Doom Generation, That Thing You Do! and a 1998 TV movie about Houdini. He was also married to actress Christina Applegate. At age 39, he is still looking hot and hairy to us. Maybe straight-to-DVD isn’t so bad after all!

May 7, 2009

News: Director Joe Gage Re-signs With Titan

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May 6, 2009

Interview: Director Tony Dimarco on The Visitor


How do you follow up a multiple-award-winning monster smash like To the Last Man? Well, for writer/director Tony Dimarco and Raging Stallion Studios, you take a futuristic sci-fi plot and cast tattooed porn star Logan McCree as a space alien who visits Earth to study gay men’s energies during sex. The Visitor is just the latest ambitious production from RSS, and Dimarco recently gave an exclusive look at some images from the upcoming release. He also told us what inspired the movie, which was produced by Chris Ward and also stars Bruno Bond, David Taylor, Damian Rios, Lucky Daniels and new exclusives Junior Stellano and Angelo Marconi, and how it breaks all the rules.

Sounds like a cool concept, Tony. Tell us how The Visitor came together.
The Visitor is a cross between The Man Who Fell to Earth and Wings of Desire. It’s a voyeuristic view of gay sexual behavior seen through the eyes of a man from another planet. The film came from a few different ideas that I wanted to make into a movie. I always loved the beautiful images in Wings of Desire, where angels mingled among mortals and viewed human behavior. I thought, What if they weren’t viewing the mundane lives of these people but their sex lives instead? I think we all have a voyeuristic side and I wanted to expand on that to see what goes on behind closed doors. The Visitor is about observing sex and is a story that’s told through visuals. There’s only around four lines of dialogue in the whole movie.

I bet that helped the models! So how did The Man Who Fell to Earth come into it? Are you a Bowie fan?
I like David Bowie’s work as an actor and an artist, but I wouldn’t say that I’m a Bowie fanatic. Nicolas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell to Earth is an esoteric film with very iconic imagery. I hadn’t seen the film up until this year, but I had seen images from the film when I was growing up and they always stuck in my mind. In Roeg’s film, Bowie’s character has an emotional journey while in this film Logan has a sexual journey.

What are the production values like? Is this another big-budget RSS production, like Grunts and To the Last Man?

No, it’s more of a big-concept film with a modest budget. The budget is closer to the scale of The Drifter, which I made the year before. Only one set was built in the studio, which is the alien laboratory where Logan’s character works. Most of the scenes in this film are in actual locations, so in that sense it looks like a larger movie.

Logan McCree has an otherworldly quality about him. What made him right for this role? Was he your first choice?

I actually created this role specifically for Logan. I’ve worked with him several times, and I wanted to create a role for Logan that would show a different side from what we’ve seen of him. Working with him for a year I learned more about him as a person, and this role came out of that. Logan is a very interesting and intelligent person. When you look at The Drifter and The Visitor, they are two distinct sides of his personality. Both films are about who he really is as a person and not his perceived image. Logan talks about this on the behind-the-scenes interview on the bonus disc for the film.

It’s rumored that Logan and Vinnie D’Angelo fell for each other on the set of The Drifter. Are you putting something in the water?
I guess you can call me a matchmaker [laughs]. When casting The Drifter I asked Logan, “What’s your idea of the perfect man that you’d fall in love with?” Because that’s what the story is about; it’s a love story. He told me what his ideal man was and I said, “Great! I have the perfect guy for you!” Little did I know how true that statement was. I was just trying to make good casting decisions, not pairing boyfriends. Who knew? What’s ironic is that The Drifter is a film about two guys falling in love and that’s what happens in the movie and that’s what happened in real life. We were lucky to be able to capture what was going on between them on film.

Tell us about RSS’s new exclusive Junior Stellano (bottom picture, left), who debuts here. Did you discover him?

Junior Stellano applied to us through our Web site, so I can’t claim discovering him. He’s Italian and Portuguese and lives in Staten Island. So although we grew up close to each other and went to the same clubs, we never met before. He sought out Raging Stallion on his own. He felt that he was better suited to Raging Stallion than any other studio, and I couldn’t agree with him more. Junior is going to have a big career. His scene in The Visitor was his first, and he’s a natural-born performer in front of the camera. His scene with another new exclusive Angelo Marconi was smoking hot to film. I think people are going to like it. It got me going!

Is The Visitor the next logical step in your work?
At this point in my career I’ve done various types of films—drama, comedy, love stories, a murder mystery and now, with To the Last Man, a Western. I thought, I haven’t done a science fiction film yet. I always wanted to do one. It’s a great genre, especially for porn, because you can break the rules of reality and make up your own. The audience is more willing to believe extraordinary circumstances. But The Visitor is not your typical sci-fi porn. There’s no big-headed aliens, no anal probing, no huge alien spaceships. I considered it to be more of a sci-fi/art film/porn. To do a sci-fi film with all the special effects like what we expect to see in the theaters, you would need a huge budget to do it right. Those kinds of budgets don’t exist in porn, so you have to be creative with it conceptually.

How do you top a megahit like To the Last Man? Do you even think about that?
By the time you finish a blockbuster like To the Last Man, you’re already onto the next project, so you don’t really have time to think about what you’re going to do next, which can be a good thing. I finished working on Last Man back in November, since then I’ve worked on five more films, so to me it seems like a long time ago. Also as a creative person, once I’ve completed one project, I’m always looking for the next challenge.

The Visitor is slated for a July release. For more information, visit

May 5, 2009

Short Takes: RSS’s New Visitor…and More

Director Tony Dimarco has announced his next project for Raging Stallion Studios, and the recent To the Last Man award winner has given an advance look at some images from the top-secret shoot. RSS exclusive Logan McCree (above) will star as a space alien in the sci-fi fantasy titled The Visitor. “It’s The Man Who Fell to Earth meets Wings of Desire,” Dimarco says. “I shot some really beautiful stuff. I think it’s going to be a great film.” Sounds like Dimarco and RSS are pushing the envelope once again. We’ll have more of our exclusive pics and interview with Tony tomorrow.…Another award-winning director rang up to dish on his latest project. Gino Colbert wanted us know that he was in Florida last weekend filming a new movie with screen-stud-turned-producer Robert Van Damme. Gino says that he and Robert (who also stars) put together a great cast and shot five scenes at the très gay Coral Reef Guesthouse in Fort Lauderdale. Some of that cast includes a certain superstar named Matthew Rush, plus Drake Jaden, Tim Kelly, Dustin Michaels, Dallas Reeves and newcomer Brenn Wyson, who is a tattooed prize fighter from Boston. The movie is tentatively titled Cheating in Paradise and will be released later this year.…Porn star Kirk Cummings (below) is planning to celebrate his 22nd birthday on Wednesday, May 6, by releasing his debut single, “Badass,” to iTunes and other digital music outlets. The song is the first single from his forthcoming debut album, Guilty as Charged. Cummings, who is an American Idol reject, has appeared in movies including My Brother’s Hot Friend 2 and will be in director Chi Chi LaRue’s upcoming Fuckin’ Around.