January 26, 2011

Fresh Face: Anthony Romero

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January 21, 2011

January 20, 2011

Event: Tom of Finland Retrospective

So you know the iconic gay artist Tom of Finland? Well, he’s actually from Finland! Who knew? And a new retrospective is taking him back (or his work at least) to Turku, Finland, as part of the 2011 European Capital of Culture celebrations. The exhibition, which is up now and runs throughout the year till December 18, features more than 70 rare drawings and paintings on paper that were done from 1928 to 1990.

Tom of Finland was born Touko Laaksonen in 1920 in the village of Kaarina, Finland. At age 19, he moved to Helsinki to attend art school, where he created his first homoerotic drawings. Following his release from the army after World War II, Laaksonen worked in advertising and continued drawing. He submitted his work to Physique Pictorial magazine, where he was first published in 1957 under the pseudonym Tom of Finland. His brilliant work soon became synonymous with gay culture and perhaps for the first time in art joined masculinity with homosexuality.

“Tom’s artwork provided generation after generation healthy and happy imagery with which they could identify,” president and cofounder of the Tom of Finland Foundation Durk Dehner says, “something that Western culture had been unwilling to supply and, in fact, did its utmost to curtail.”

Though he passed in 1991, Tom lives on through the more than 3,000 illustrations he created over four decades. International readers, get your butts to Finland! For more info, click here.

January 14, 2011

Guy Candy: Damon

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January 13, 2011

January 12, 2011

Event: The Will Clark Show Hits 300!

Guess who’s turning 300? No, not Barbara Walters! The Will Clark Show (featuring Porno Bingo) is celebrating its 300th show tonight. Actually, this is the first of three events commemorating the popular night’s anniversary. “We’ve outlasted most of the shows in New York gay nightlife,” founder and host Will Clark says, “and might eventually run longer than Cats!” The guest list includes hysterical Sirius Radio host Frank DeCaro, singer Molly Pope, plus a special appearance by Mr. Eagle NYC 2011, CB Kirby. DJ Chris Padilla spins the tunes. As always, there will be fabulous prizes and lots of fund-raising. Tonight’s beneficiary is Pos Pedalers and Braking the Cycle, who bike from Boston to New York each year and donate the proceeds to various HIV/AIDS services. Part game show, part talk show and all fund-raiser, The Will Clark Show has raised more than $140,000 for local NYC LGBT charities over the past six years. For more information, visit willclarkworld.com.

January 11, 2011

Seen: Bel Ami Models at Splash in NYC

So what’d you guys end up doing for New Year’s Eve? We can’t remember that far back, but the Bel Ami twinks pictured here bid 2010 a fond farewell with a major bash at New York’s Splash bar. The smooth exclusives of BelAmiOnline, including Peter Fleming (above from left), Jean-Daniel Chagall, Dolph Lambert and Luke Hamill, popped the ole champers at the stroke of midnight for a crowd of more than 1,000 rowdy revelers. As veteran DJ Junior Vasquez spun into the wee hours, the models showed their abs (and more), signed autographs and gave away Bel Ami DVDs and condoms. We hear it was memorable.

January 10, 2011

Short Takes: Riley Price Breaks Out…and More

Well, we were gonna open this week with an item about the new Manhunt app for both iPhone and Android, but it sucks. (Seriously, it takes forever to load, the GPS is way off, every other pic says “Too hot for iPhone” and you can’t even text on it! Back to the drawing board, Manhunt. Stick with Grindr, you guys.) So instead, we’ll tell you about Riley Price (above) and his new plans for the new year. The onetime Randy Blue exclusive (and ex of fellow porn star Trent Locke) has just signed with DV8 Casting and will now be pursuing major-studio work. He’s already booked an episode of Naked Sword’s online series Golden Gate and will be shooting for Falcon Studios later this month. “His enthusiasm for this industry is unparalleled,” DV8 owner/operator Jason Sechrest says of Price. “He loves what he does for a living and his passion for it is contagious.” That’ll help! For more info, visit DV8Casting.com.…On the biz side of the biz, XBIZ magazine is reporting that COLT Studio Group (and its current operators John Rutherford and Thomas Settle) has agreed to pay former COLT owner and founder Jim French and his Jim French Studios a $500,000 settlement. Earlier this year, French said that his studio still hadn’t been paid the bulk of a $2.2 million promissory note related to the sale of the company more than seven years ago. Renowned photographer and industry vet French founded the studio in 1967. The COLT line now includes subsidiary imprints Buckshot Productions, Minute Men and Olympus, in addition to a COLT-branded line of products that features fashion apparel, leather gear and novelties such as calendars and books. Let’s hope that the venerable studio will continue to showcase models and produce movies like this one.…Speaking of industry vets, director Lucas Kazan and his studio were the subject of an Italian documentary that recently aired on Sky/CurrentTV. Italian filmmakers Alberto D’Onofrio and Alessandra Ugolini spent a couple of days in October 2009 on the set of a Kazan film. The cast and crew, including porn stars Ettore Tosi (below), Jean Franko, Jordan Fox, Alex Magnum and Federico D’Angelo, were filmed for the 30-minute episode, which aired as part of the Business of Sex series. To see a clip from the show, click here.

January 7, 2011

January 6, 2011

News: C1R to Reward Webcast Viewer

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January 5, 2011

News: Blu Kennedy Joins Hot House Team

Look who’s back! Was he ever really gone? Let’s just say that redheaded muscle stud Blu Kennedy has been missing in action for a little bit. Seems like just yesterday that he changed our lives with his boiling-hot kitchen fuck with jailbird Nickolay Petrov in Andrew Rosen’s Code Violators. Sure, he’s auditioned for Lucas Entertainment, visited the Jet Set Men offices and most recently did some 3-D work for Dominic Ford, but the last time we saw Blu, he was wandering around the basement of NYC’s Splash bar in his undies (not a bad porn star sight to see!). Anyway, the ginger cutie has just announced that he will once again go before the cameras to film for Hot House Entertainment. He was kinda sorta semiretired when he told a Hot House rep (Sister Roma!?) that he would be happy to unretire exclusively for the San Francisco–based company. “We obviously jumped at the chance to sign him,” the big drag queen rep told our friends at TheSword.com. A new scene from Head Hunters 3 featuring Kennedy will be available at the Backroom site next week. Enjoy, ginge fans! For more information, visit hothouse.com.