November 26, 2002

On the Set Report: Peep Show


Porn stars and their lusty admirers hit the high seas once again for the third-annual Pillage & Plunder Cruise this past fall. About 800 gay passengers from 39 states and 11 nations made their way from Port Manatee, Florida, to Cozumel, Mexico, aboard the Regal Empress cruise ship. The five-day journey benefited the local Pride Tampa Bay organization, but it also gave porn directrix Chi Chi LaRue a chance to shoot a scene for her upcoming Peep Show. This new sex-only movie—starring Rascal exclusives Matt Summers (pictured, above) and Julian Pierce, Aaron Tanner, Bailey Parks, Andy Hunter, Sebastian Cole, John Ashe and Travis Reed—will be released through LaRue’s own Rascal Video production company in association with Channel 1 Releasing.

The ship has already been at sea for a couple of days when LaRue (out of drag) and her crew gather to film a sequence with supercouple Lance Gear and Peter Raeg and newcomer Evan Taylor. It’s a hot Saturday afternoon, and while most of the passengers are luxuriating in the sun, the crew begins setting up their equipment in the ship’s theater. Videographer Steven Walker prepares the first shot in front of a big screen onto which a porn video will be projected. “This movie is like an attack on the senses,” LaRue says. “It is very visual and has great art direction.”

The doors leading into the theater have been blocked so the passengers cannot observe the filming. This is a marked change from previous cruises when Josh Eliot helmed Catalina’s Voyager and LaRue filmed Pillage and Plunder: The Movie before an appreciative audience of horny seafarers. “Doing a one-woman show is fun once,” LaRue says. “We were like trained seals out there last year, performing for the crowd. I did it once, and that’s enough.”

LaRue confers with Walker as the three models arrive on the set looking fit and tan (that’s what a few days at sea with a boatload of gay men will do). After a brief fluffing (hair and makeup, that is), the guys are led to a space in front of the screen and the oral sequence begins. Makeup artist Mistress Mona helps with a handheld light, and Walker circles the models with his camera. LaRue sits in the darkness of the theater, watching the proceedings on a video monitor. She decides that the lighting “looks weird” and requests that the red gels be removed from the lights. In typical fashion, the princess of porn directs the models with loud enthusiastic commands. “Suck it!” “Snap his dick!” and “Oh, my God! That’s hot!” are all heard regularly on a LaRue set.

During a break, porn journalist Mickey Skee chats with Mona and the crew. The models drink water, and Gear admits that he doesn’t feel completely comfortable seeing his own likeness onscreen (his debut film, In Gear, has been playing in the background throughout the shoot). “I hate watching myself,” he says. But lover Raeg doesn’t share the sentiment. “I like the scene he did with Logan Reed,” he says. “It’s hot.” Meanwhile, Minnesotan LaRue is debating the accuracy of the film Fargo with several crew members.

Almost an hour has gone by, and the shoot seems to be proceeding on schedule. But outside the barricaded doors, the Joan Rivers impersonator who is scheduled to host Bingo in the theater following the shoot is chomping at the bit. When LaRue is told that the Rivers impersonator wants in, she barks, “Who the fuck is that?” and continues staring at the monitor. When informed that several passengers would also like to come in and witness the porn stars at work, she counters, “Tell them if they pay an extra $500, they can watch!”

And then it’s back to the action. Bar stools are moved in, and the trio set their minds to buttmunching. Gear spits with gusto as LaRue looks on approvingly. When the stools are repositioned for the fucking sequence, LaRue steps onto the set and demonstrates exactly what she wants. Gear gets topped—first by Taylor and then by Raeg—as Mona stands by with condoms and lube. Between setups, LaRue offers encouragement and accolades to the guys. Next, Gear drops to his knees and prepares to receive a facial. As Taylor and Raeg cream on Gear’s face, LaRue screams with joy, “That is hot!” When the spent models adjust their positions, she yells, “Don’t move!” as Walker moves in for a closeup. Then it’s time for cleanup and strike. A mere two hours have gone by, and the scene is done. LaRue comments on how smoothly everything went and how great the cast and crew did. Then in her trademark growl she calls out, “Okay, you can let Joan Rivers in!”

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2002)

November 25, 2002

Movie Review: Cowboy


Director: Blue Blake.
Cast: Caesar, Brad Rock, Tom Katt, Rhett O'Hara, Dane Brando, Sal Lombardi, Staten McCormack, Ray Stone, Kelly Madison, Evan Taylor, Blue Blake.

The long-discussed Blue Blake’s Cowboy rides into town this month, and it was well worth the wait. Superstar Caesar is back on-screen in the lead role of Cowboy O’Connor, a pumped-up bodybuilder who hits the road. Along the way he encounters twinks such as Rhett O’Hara (supercute in an auspicious debut) and Dane Brando (who also shows promise). But Cowboy has a secret, and it takes the love of a good man to draw it out.

When we first see Cowboy, he is waking from a restless sleep, haunted by dreams of mansex. This leads to Caesar’s oral-only scene with O’Hara. These two tattooed loveboys complement each other perfectly. Cowboy proceeds to rob poor little Rhett before heading out of town. He is picked up by Brando, who inexplicably flashes back to the family mechanic (Sal Lombardi) fixing his father’s truck. This scene makes no sense in the scheme of the story, but the built Lombardi is so beautiful and delivers such a juicy cum shot, any lapses in the plotline are forgiven.

Back to the story, we learn that loner Cowboy has lost his entire family in a fire. Brando offers to help by putting him to work on his ranch and ends up sucking his dick. This is a beautiful outdoor sequence, as Caesar gives a focused, ferocious performance. He pounds Brando on a table, on a chair and then splooges on his face.

The affections of the fledging lovebirds don’t go unnoticed by farmhands Tom Katt and Evan Taylor. They speculate on the nature of the new relationship before getting busy themselves, enjoying a strenuous fuck on a tractor.

In the next scene, we get to the heart of Cowboy’s family secret with a steamy shower threeway featuring Staten McCormack, Kelly Madison and Ray Stone. This one is for all the manly men lovers out there. (One quibble: Cowboy says that this flashback happened “years ago,” so we’d like to know why his father, uncle and cousin are all wearing very current Ralph Lauren Polo undies!)

After a fun cameo from director Blue Blake as Detective Cooper, a no-nonsense gumshoe, we get a high-energy chase scene that ends with another hot coupling, which this time has Caesar bottoming for sexy cop Brad Rock. We won’t give away the mystery (or surprise ending) here, but Caesar’s final chilling moments will surely earn him a Best Actor nod at next year’s GAYVN Awards.

Blue Blake’s Cowboy
is a neat little thriller. It is lovely to look at, has a meaty story line, good performances and, most important, hot man action. We even like the catchy “Cowboy” theme song by Rock Hard. (Maybe because it sounds like it was inspired by Madonna’s own dancing-cowboy video, “Don’t Tell Me.”) Cowboy should ride off into the sunset with a slew of accolades. (Big Blue Productions/Arena)

Reprinted from HX magazine (2002)

November 21, 2002

Movie Review: Slammer


Directors: Brian Mills and Harold Creg.
Cast: Jon Galt, Dred Scott, Billy Wild, Ben, Jake Marshall, Papi Moreno, Toby O’Connor, Josh O’Hara, Riley Porter, Raul Tasco, Chad Williams.

The Titan hit Slammer makes it way to DVD this month. Titan exclusive Dred Scott is as stunning as ever playing the warden of a free-for-all prison. His opening scene with new inmate Billy Wild (also an exclusive) is about as rough and tumble as it gets, but bottom boy Wild holds up nicely under all the punching, slapping and spitting. A close runner-up in intensity is the pairing of Scott with exclusive Jon Galt. These two do it all, and Scott’s amazing physique and skill as a top will leave you breathless. Although he is in three of the six scenes, Scott isn’t the only find here. Jake Marshall and Raul Tasco both deliver two eye-popping cum shots each, and newcomer Riley Porter eats ass with style. Clocking in at a long two hours and 20 minutes, Slammer gives viewers a lot of bang for their buck. The visuals are top-notch, which makes the poor sound quality all the more surprising. At several points the dialogue is inaudible, but besides that minor flaw, Slammer will have you happily chained to your DVD player. (Titan Media)

Reprinted from Inside Porn magazine (2002)

November 9, 2002

Porn Star Interview: Jason Land


Originally from: State College, Pennsylvania
Age: 24
Height: 5’ 9’’
Weight: 165
Distinguishing features: Wholesome good looks, defined body and sweet ass.
Tattoos/piercings: “Two. One on my back of a sun, and the other on my head is of a dragon.”
Penis size: 7 inches, cut
Sexual orientation: “Just gay, as far as I know.”
Ethnic background: Austrian, Hungarian and Polish
Education: “Two years of Culinary Arts and a degree in Fiber Optics Communication.”
First adult performance: Colton (All Worlds Video)
Subsequent performances: Knight Spot (All Worlds Video), After Shock 1 and 2 (Falcon Studios)
What did you do before getting into porn? “Escorting. It helped out. I really got to know myself and what works for me.”
How did you get into the industry? “By luck. I was working in San Diego and was bored one day. So I decided to go walking around the city and ended up in an adult book store. I found a couple of movies from All Worlds Video, which peaked my interest in the industry to the point where I called them up—and the rest is on film!”
How did you get your name? “Jason is my real first name, but my last name is so messed up that I knew no one would be able to pronounce it. So I looked for an easier last name, and how could I go wrong with Land?”
Most memorable on-screen performance: “My first movie with Colton Ford really stands out in my mind. It was my first movie, my first scene. I really didn’t know what to expect.”
Most memorable on-set performance not captured on tape: “I don’t have one yet. Ask me in five years!”
Favorite co-star? “Rob Romoni. Talk about a hunk. He’s funny, good-looking and great in bed!”
Favorite sex act: “In my personal life, I am versatile. When I top, it’s all doggie style.”
What are your long-term goals? “One word: real estate. Okay, it’s two words!”

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2002)