June 11, 2004

Movie Review: Packers


Directors: Brian Mills and Harold Creg.
Cast: Marcos David, Rick Randy, PJ Dixon, Joey Russo, Mario Ortiz, Erik Campbell, Nick Costes, Andy Dill, Troy Banner, Brad Benton, Tyler Boots, Asoka.

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Titan Media? Well, if the four scenes in Packers are any indication, the mail room is the place to be! Directors Brian Mills and Harold Creg have assembled the usual assortment of hot and horny Titan men and placed them in a masculine warehouse setting where they can jack, suck and fuck freely. Titan exclusive Marcos David leads the action with an impressive threeway featuring sexy Mario Ortiz and boyish Brad Benton. This trio gets together in every possible combination! Their scene is long but the sexual tension never flags, especially when David and Ortiz put together their gorgeous uncut pieces. Next, PJ Dixon and Asoka nicely illustrate the joys of muscle worship. In the third scene, hirsute studs Rick Randy and Andy Dill unpack a shipment of lube, which keeps them occupied for a good while. Randy delivers an especially tantalizing pop shot, and Dill bottoms loudly and shoots dramatically. Good work from this hairy team! Finally, a five-man orgy caps the fun, as Joey Russo, Erik Campbell, Nick Costes, Troy Banner and Tyler Boots share lots of cock, ass and multiple cum shots among the shipping materials. In all, Packers features the usual high-quality work we have come to expect from Titan Media. The transfer is also first-rate, and the many extras include a bonus cum shot from Marcos David, behind-the-scenes footage and a look at the photo shoots in which Brian Mills creates his excellent still work. There are also interviews with most of the cast, including the orgy models giving a tour of their tattoos. These guys can pack our bags anytime! (Titan Media)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2004)

June 6, 2004

Movie Review: Bad Boys Club


Directors: Doug Jeffries, Derek Kent, John Travis.
Cast: Trevor Knight, Ryan Alexander, Rafael Alencar, Matt Van Dorn, Tommy Brant, Cody Cash, Luciano Haas, Chip Knoll.

Three of Studio 2000’s top directors (Doug Jeffries, Derek Kent and John Travis) contribute four scenes with the inexplicable title Bad Boys Club. Sure, the cast sucks and fucks, but does that make them bad boys? And what constitutes a club? Who knows? All that viewers will care about is that five hot Studio 2000 exclusives (Trevor Knight, Ryan Alexander, Rafael Alencar, Matt Van Dorn and Tommy Brant) showed up to join this engaging gang. First, beautiful Brazilian Rafael Alencar seduces supposedly straight Chip Knoll (back in the jizz biz after a layoff) in a locker room. This coupling is a study in contrasts, as Alencar’s dark good looks and manly physique are nicely juxtaposed with Knoll’s pale, still boyish frame and cock. Together, they get wet in the shower, with Knoll swallowing Alencar’s many uncut inches. Rafael reciprocates by initiating Knoll into the joys of butt fucking, pounding a nice load out of him before delivering a juicy one of his own. Next, Luciano Haas takes a piss in an alley, where he is accosted by unruly Trevor Knight. This is another mismatched couple, as the gangly Hass towers over the diminutive Knight, who ends up as an unlikely top. He tries his best, but this scene is instantly forgettable. Inconsistent lighting also mars the action. The next scene is a highlight, as perfectly paired cuties Ryan Alexander and Tommy Brant go at each other in their dorm room. Alexander claims to be straight, but in a fit of horniness agrees to blow Brant. And for a supposed hetero, Ryan sure sucks cock like a pro! This kid knows how to use his tongue with expert effect. Fucking soon follows, and Alexander and Brant show how they earned their exclusive contracts. Finally, Matt Van Dorn jacks off at his window for an appreciative audience, including a cop (Cody Cash) who decides to take matters in his own hands. This sequence is like a battle of bad accents as Van Dorn’s prissy South African inflection clashes with Cash’s self-conscious Bawstin tawk. Things improve a bit when they get to the sex. Van Dorn is as smooth and nubile as ever, but newcomer Cash is average at best (face, body, dick—and, no, he is not an exclusive). He does flip-flop nicely though and displays a good sense of humor on the extra bloopers reel. On the whole, Bad Boys Club is serviceable porn but doesn’t quite meet the usual high standards of Studio 2000—even with all these directors and exclusive talents. Picture quality is great for the most part, and every vein on Alencar’s luscious cock is clearly visible to prove it. Now that’s something most real-life bad boys will appreciate. (Studio 2000)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2004)