December 15, 2001

Porn Star Interview: Bryce Pierce


The first thing you may notice about Bryce Pierce is his spectacular multi-pierced member, but he’s also got a perfectly muscled body and a ruggedly handsome face. The 36-year-old New Orleans native made a name for himself in movies such as Raiders of the Lost Arse, Sexpack Two: A Kinky Twist and Initiation. But he really captured the attention of many when he was dubbed Zeus Man of the Year for 2001. In the just-released Second Initiation, Pierce and tattooed sex pig Eddie Moreno take it to a whole new level. We recently caught up with Pierce from his home in Palm Springs where he discussed his films, his duties as Zeus Man and the new Nordic God in his life.

First off, tell us about your amazing pierced penis.
Amazing? Wow, thanks! (laughs)
How many piercings do you have?
Fourteen. Six above the equator and eight below. Three in my ears, two in my nipples, one in my navel, a Prince Albert, plus five in my frenum, one deep dolphin [through the urethra] and one guiche [between the testicles and anus].
When did you start the process?
About five years ago.
What made you get that first one?
I had been fantasizing about being pierced and tattooed since I was a wee leather lad, and I knew that at some point in my life, I would look like the leathermen I drooled over in the dark corners of seedy magazine stores in New Orleans’ French Quarter. I came to my senses one day in my early thirties and realized that if I wanted to be pierced and tattooed, I had to answer to no one except myself. The rest is history. (laughs)
How do all those piercings feel when your dick gets hard?
Honestly? Do you remember those molded plastic handlebar covers on your first bike? It feels a lot like that. Fingers, among other things, fit quite nicely between most of the piercings. (laughs)
And when you cum?
Incredible for me. And from what I’ve heard, well, it’s a pretty intense experience all around. Seems that there is a psychological component to it for the bottom—and definitely for me.
And I have to ask: Your penis size?
A very well-decorated seven inches, unless he’s really turned on and then he just gets bigger and fatter. (laughs)
Also, tell us about your beautiful back tattoo.
It’s the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. The Native Americans believed that these were animated by the fifth, spirit, and man was created. It’s supposed to have an organic feel, as though it’s growing out of or onto my back.
How did you achieve the honor of Zeus Man of the Year? What are your duties, if any? And what is the nature of your relationship with Daddy Zeus?
Daddy Zeus and I met at the Folsom Street Fair two years ago very briefly. I had just started working with Raging Stallion, so the whole thing was quite new to me. I knew who he was because I had seen more Zeus videos than I can hope to count, and I remember standing there awestruck, blathering like an idiot. Apparently he overlooked all that and contacted Chris Ward after seeing Bound, Beaten, and Banged and Sexpack Two. Daddy Zeus and I met again in San Francisco early in 2001 where he offered me the honor and title. We talked for hours about our philosophies, feelings, and beliefs regarding BDSM [Bondage and Sadomasochism] and its purpose, role and function in gay culture, as well as our own personal connections to BDSM and the goals that lie therein. By the end of that conversation, I was only too happy to accept the title, and Daddy Zeus and I had grown wonderfully close. In many instances he has been my mentor and facilitator. As far as my duties are concerned, that’s pretty loosely defined. There are videos to make, of course, and personal appearances, fan mail, photo shoots.
What did you do before getting into porn?
What I do now. I’m an anthropologist (an archaeologist, actually), so you can imagine how much fun it was to do Raiders of the Lost Arse!
So, what was your first porn performance?
Bound, Beaten, and Banged, which won Best Fetish Video at the Grabby Awards.
How did you get into the industry?
About two years ago, Chris Ward, the director of Raging Stallion, asked my partner [Michael Corey] and me if we were interested in coming to San Francisco to work for him. He had seen our pictures online. We were both flattered and discussed it pretty thoroughly with him and each other. After that, we agreed and he flew us up to do Bound, Beaten and Banged. Chris is also an anthropologist, so we hit it off immediately.
How did you get your name?
The Pierce part is self-explanatory. Bryce is the name I picked for my first son.
You have a son?
Not yet, but it’s still a possibility.
What is your favorite thing to do sexually on-screen and off-screen?
On- or off-screen makes no difference to me. It might be easier to tell you what I don’t like to do. Well, the only think I can come up with is scat. Otherwise, all bets are off: leather, rubber, BDSM, fantasy, role play, uniforms, and then the edgier, harder, more intense play for those who can stand it.
Top? Bottom?
Yes, happily and aggressively both.
What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you on a porn set?
I’m almost embarrassed, but I guess after being buck naked onscreen, what’s to be embarrassed about, right? So here goes: During Raiders, one of my good buddies co-starred. We think alike, have all the same kinks, work well together and can terrorize people like no others can. In one scene, he is looking over two archaeologists who are “uncovering” each other, and he begins beating off. Well, when that scene was shot, they had already done the dirty deed and he was on top of a rock imagining. It wasn’t working, and since he has also pulled me out of similar jams by calling on his deep pool of talents, I volunteered to help. So I sat on the rock where the pair had been and started to bind myself while masturbating. It was working, so I kept going. The binding kept getting more and more intricate as I sat there in my boots, stroking, on a huge warm boulder in the middle of the desert in Palm Springs. My buddy made sure that I knew how much this was working and blasted a huge load for the cameras. Just before he shot, I glanced over my shoulder and noticed the crew. They were transfixed, grinning and stroking. A documentary was also being shot on the making of Raiders, and I saw that the cameraman was also documenting my autoeroticism. Well, I was a bit embarrassed that I had gotten as carried away as I had, and that it was all caught on Candid Porn Camera, but it worked! (laughs)
Do you have a favorite co-star? Director?
I have many favorite co-stars, but only two favorite directors, Daddy Zeus and Chris Ward.
May I ask your sexual orientation?
Gay—come on, Vince! (laughs)
Are you single?
Not at the moment. I’ve been swept off my feet by a big, muscular, Nordic type whose nickname is Thor because of his appearance and huge hammer.
Is he in the industry?
He isn’t in the industry and really doesn’t want to be. It’s enough to have one porn star in the family! The whole process fascinates him though, and several directors have offered him contracts on the spot when we’ve gone to industry functions together, but he prefers his day job as an MD.
Do you plan on staying in the business?
That depends on the business. One should never overstay one’s welcome. (laughs)

Reprinted from (2001)

December 8, 2001

Movie Review: Boys on Fire: Fire Island Cruising


Director: Michael Lucas.
Cast: Michael Lucas, Richie Fine, Chad Hunt, Chris Bolt, Erik Martens, Alfanso Vega, Mitch Ryder, Christopher Young, Raul Tasco, Daniel Estevez, Lucas Preor, Aaron Tanner.

Multi-hyphenate Michael Lucas returns to Fire Island with a new set of East Coast cuties. This time around, Richie Fine is out to land “the great porn star Michael Lucas” (guess who wrote the script) and buddy Chris Bolt wants to get fucked by the biggest dick on the island. Together, these two crazy kids set out to make their dreams come true, but first they stop for a rooftop fourgy with Mitch Ryder and Aaron Tanner. Then Fine checks out a poolside orgy where he hopes to meet his idol. Housemate Alfanso Vega and lover Christopher Young get nasty with a beer bottle. And Bolt realizes his goal when he meets Chad Hunt, who steals the show with his massive cock and expert fucking. Fine doesn’t get so lucky when he finally hooks up with Lucas. Their scene starts well enough but soon devolves into a simulated rape, with Fine whimpering, crying and begging for mercy as Lucas steps out of character (himself) and begins directing the action. Only then does Boys on Fire stop being a first-rate film with excellent videography and editing (both by Michael Clift) and becomes a harrowing outtake of a scene gone terribly wrong. Clift should have edited this one right out of the movie. (Lucas Entertainment)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2001)