March 10, 2000

Movie Review: Stryker


Few performers are so well known that they can get away with using just one name. Sure, Cher, Madonna and Prince have passed into that elite club, but they are the exception that proves the rule. And in the adult industry, such a feat is even more uncommon. But there is one gay-porn star who is worthy of such recognition, which is why Jeff Stryker’s new video is simply titled Stryker. Is there any other? After more than a decade in the business, the superhung superstar is still going strong, touring with his play, Jeff Stryker Does Hard Time, and making personal appearances throughout the United States and Europe. But in his latest release, Stryker does something he has never done before—he tackles a dual role. First, there is Furry Jeff, sporting a full beard, stroking in his jail cell and talking trash as only he can. He shows off the muscles he developed in prison, not to mention his hairy pits and rippling chest. This manly man rubs himself with oil and promises to “fuck you like an animal.” But after pleasuring himself, Furry Jeff is joined by Smooth Jeff, a clean-shaven stud who humps the bed and also pumps out a hefty load. So, lucky viewers get two Jeffs for the price of one. To double yor pleasure with Stryker, visit

Reprinted from All-Man magazine (2000)

March 4, 2000

Porn Star Interview: Jay Black


The newest release from Titan Media, Fallen Angel III—Initiation, promises “masculine men living out their erotic dreams.” And one of these masculine men is sexy newcomer Jay Black. For the 28-year-old New York native, the film is the realization of a lifelong dream, not to mention a sexual fantasy come to life. The diminutive star, who weighs in at 145 pounds, studied dance at college, which may explain his lithe and well-muscled body. After many years as a porn fan, Black took the plunge last year and did his first (and so far only) sex scene in the third installment of Titan Media’s popular leather series. Now he takes another plunge and gives his first interview, discussing his favorite sex acts and what really turns him on in a guy. “I have a strong sexual appetite,” Black admits. And take one look at his hot and horny warehouse orgy scene, and you’ll see what he means. This is one dreamy angel whose star is on the rise.

So, tell us how you ended up in that dark and scary warehouse in Fallen Angel III.
(Laughs) Well, I had seen the first Fallen Angel movie, and it blew me away. I hadn’t really been introduced to the leather scene yet. A friend gave me a copy of the movie, and it had all these hot older guys.
Do you like older guys?
My age and a little older.
And did you know what you would be doing in the scene?
Nope. I was just told that it was an orgy scene.
And what happened when you got there?
Well, it was me and Ric Hunter, Austin Masters, Mike Roberts and a couple of other guys. I got paired off with Ric Hunter, but everyone there was so hot.
And you were turned-on?
(Laughs) I had a hard-on from the moment I walked in until we wrapped two days later!
Had you always wanted to do porn?
I’ve always had a thing for porn since I was a teenager.
Did you jerk off to porn when you were younger?
Definitely. I loved porn, and I loved hot guys.
Do you jerk off a lot now?
I do, normally about once a day. Sometimes I wait a few days to build up the sexual tension.
Do you use any special technique?
No, although I am right-handed, but I use my left hand.
Did you have a favorite porn movie as a teenager?
Well, I liked ’70s porn, movies like Sailor in the Wild. I always liked to see real guys doing their thing.
Any favorite porn stars?
I liked guys like Rick Donovan, Joey Stefano, Bill Henson—guys who were having fun and enjoying what they were doing.
And that was what you wanted to do?
I always thought about doing it. It was always a fantasy, but I knew it was a tough business, so I waited until I was a little older.
Did you think you had what it took to make it?
I always worked out, did gymnastics and kept in shape, so I would be ready when the time came.
So when was the time finally right?
In the summer of ’99, I met [porn star] Jack Simmons at my health club. We became friends, and he told me about Titan Media and what a good experience he had had working with them. Then I met [porn star] Tony Zerega and he said the same thing, how Titan takes care of their models and does quality product. So in September of that year, I went to the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. That’s a leather event where Titan had a booth.
And you marched right up and said, “I want to be a porn star”?
Well, I was wearing skintight black jeans, two leather wristbrands and a hard-on! (laughs) They took notice and asked if I’d be interested in doing a movie. I tried to act coy, but I was thrilled.
What happened next?
They asked me to come in for an interview. They asked me some questions about my likes and dislikes, and of course, the obligatory measurements.
Speaking of which, how big is your dick?
Eight inches long, five inches thick.
And that interview led to your first movie?
Well, they said they were shooting an orgy that weekend and asked if I’d like to be in it.
That was fast. Was it a tough decision?
Not really. I had already made up my mind. Also, I had danced at the Nob Hill Theatre in San Francisco, which sort of broke me in.
What was that like?
It was great. I don’t mind guys looking at me or touching me. I’m an exhibitionist, and I like to perform. I like to get people to drop their inhibitions. Some gay men can still be a bit reserved, and I like to break them out of it.
Does your family know you’re gay?
Yes, I came out when I was 18.
Was that when you had your first sexual experience?
That was when I was 19, with a really cute guy who was a dancer. He had great legs and a great ass.
What turns you on in a guy?
I like masculine guys who are confident and sure of themselves, aggressive but responsible.
And physically?
I like athletic, muscular, hot guys. If they got it goin’ on, I’m there. (laughs)
Is dick size important to you?
Well, it doesn’t have to be extremely big, just aesthetically pleasing—you know, a nice head, a nice sack. I know a good dick when I see one. (laughs)
What was your favorite thing about the scene you did in Fallen Angel III?
When the six of us were together doing the orgy. I was getting blown, the guy blowing me was getting fucked and I was getting fucked by another guy—all at the same time. That was really hot for me. That was a first!
What is the hottest thing you’ve done offscreen?
One of my favorite things is to fuck a guy and blow him at the same time.
Is that difficult?
Well, if the guy has a really big dick, it helps. (laughs)
Are you a top or a bottom?
I do both, but I think I’m an oral bottom and an anal top. I love sucking dick, especially two dicks at once.
Have you watched Fallen Angel III?
I have, and every time I watch it, it reminds me how much fun it was. It was a fantasy come to life.
So, what do you see for the future?
Well, I’m not a porn star yet, but I’m kinda waiting to see the reaction to this movie and I’ll take it from there. If people like it, I’ll do more. But basically, this is for fun, not a career.
So, you have a full-time job?
I do have a day job.
Do you want to say what it is?
Well, it requires me to wear a uniform, and that’s all I’ll say. Your readers can use their imaginations. (laughs)
Is there anyone special you’d like to work with?
I’m a fan of J.C. Carter, he’s hot, and Billy Herrington. He’s got an amazing body. I would bend him over and eat his ass for days.
What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?
Oh, a group of guys, all different kinds of guys together, and everyone having a great time. And I’d make sure everyone was happy. (laughs)

Reprinted from Black Inches magazine (2000)