March 31, 2009

March 29, 2009

Seen: Bel Ami Models at GAYVN Awards in SF

Bel Ami models Luke Hamill, Josh Elliot and Dolph Lambert made the trip to San Francisco for the GAYVN Awards this weekend, where won Best Twink Web Site and Ralph Woods took Best Actor-Foreign Release for the studio’s French Kiss. And no, we are not related to Dolph, although the resemblance is striking!

News Update: Lucas Speaks Out About Attack

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News: To the Last Man Sweeps at GAYVNs

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March 28, 2009

Seen: Vince Ferelli at The Lookout in SF

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March 27, 2009

Event: GAYVN Awards Weekend in SF

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Movie Review: Snowtrip, Volume 05: Big Bear


Director: Peter Romero.
Cast: Shane Frost, JT Ross, Marcus Adams, Danny Arnez, Zane Jacobs, Shawn Romano.

Falcon Studios’ Jocks line has been repositioned as a reality brand for the young and hung. In this latest release, six twinkish models—most sporting piercings and tattooes—spend some quality time at a rustic ski lodge. When they’re not on the slopes boarding and having snowball fights, they’re by the fireside sucking and fucking. First up, Shane Frost and JT Ross are interviewed briefly then launch into some hot oral. Ross sips a beer while Frost goes to town on his big dick and beefy ass. Frost does most of the work here until Ross finally strips to reveal a pale, pasty body (he looks better with his clothes on), but the stud does know how to fuck. And Frost knows how to take an oral pop shot on his pierced tongue.

Next, Zane Jacobs and Shawn Romano are caught in the act by a roving cameraman, so they decide to keep at it. After trading blowjobs, the guys get into some assplay and Romano uses a dildo to get Jacobs off. Frost and Jacobs return for the next scene in which they play drinking games with Marcus Adams and Danny Arnez. It starts with beer and quarters but ends with the two pairs sucking and then Frost loudly bottoming for both Adams and Jacobs. Frost also opens wide for three loads. The next scene matches up Adams and Arnez again and feels like a replay of the previous scene. Better sequencing would have helped here. But overall, the picture quality is superb and the action inspired. Falcon’s bid for the youth/fratboy market continues to grow. (Jocks/Falcon Studios)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

March 26, 2009

New Release: Muscle Mountain

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March 25, 2009

News: CGI Gay Porn on the Way

CGI gay porn? What will they think of next!? Adult Source Media has announced the release of Pirate’s Booty, the first full-length fantasy-based computer-generated gay porn movie. It focuses on the legend of Captain Jack Swallows, who sails on rough seas with his hot crew and encounters dirty, hard-core sex along the way.

“I believe that our gay audience more than most appreciate what they sexually desire or just fantasies in general,” says Wendy Crawford, ASM president. “Who better to make a full fantasy-based adult CGI movie for? We have now bridged the gap between the gay market and animated market. Fans of our gay titles have asked and Pirate’s Booty delivers.”

The movie features five full sex scenes and hits stores on May 12. For more information, visit (to see more images and trailers) and

News: Visconti Triplets Make American Debut

The triplets are coming! The triplets are coming! Elite Male has announced that popular porn star brothers the Visconti triplets will be making their first visit to the United States this week. Joey, Jimmy and Jason, the three 20-year-old identical siblings, will meet and greet at a press conference at the Westin Hotel in San Francisco on Saturday, March 28, which just happens to be the same day as this year’s GAYVN Awards. The trio, who signed an exclusive deal with Elite Male a year ago, will also be attending the awards show, where they are nominated for their debut movie, Brotherhood Secrets, and Shameless Boy Toys. We’re hearing from Elite Male producer Andrew T. that his company, along with Fleshjack, will make a “big announcement” at the press conference. Gee, we wonder what that could be about. The bros will also appear at Oilcan Harry’s in Austin, Texas, while they’re here. Yee-haw!

March 23, 2009

Sneak Peek: Beau Breedlove’s Unzipped Cover

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Short Takes: Porn Star Leads to Gold…and More

We’re still in awe of Dustin Lance Black (above) and his moving acceptance speech at last month’s Academy Awards. The winner of Best Original Screenplay for Milk, Black was smart, eloquent and supercute, but did you know that the current A-Lister once worked with a gay porn star? In 2002, Black directed a documentary titled On the Bus, which was like an on-the-road reality show but only for the movies. And one of its subjects was twink porn star Dean O’Connor, who made a brief but major splash in the biz a few years back with films such as Technical Ecstasy and Young Men on Pleasure Trail. From what we knew of O’Connor, he was probably a bigger diva to work with than Milk star (and Oscar winner) Sean Penn.…Did anyone hear Barrett Long’s controversial appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show last week? The Long One is getting all sorts of bad press for speaking honestly about his heterosexual ways. We’re not big on radio—Sirius or otherwise—but we did hear bits of the interview and thought it was great…if you like listening to stupid straight homophobes sharing their juvenile views on sexuality and porn—and that was just Barrett! Okay, we know that the whole gay-for-pay thing is a totally marketable niche in porn these days, but do the alleged straightsters have to show such disdain for the fags they’re banging to earn a living? Condescension is never a turn-on.…For readers who’ve been wondering how porn star Nickolay Petrov (below) is faring now that he has been sentenced to 20 years in prison, sources at Fabscout in Florida tell us that they have been in touch with the onetime Jet Set exclusive and he is “very lonely” and hasn’t “gotten laid” in two years. Talk about a crime! Petrov still contends that he “didn’t do any of it” and is taking college courses and lifting weights (what else does one do in prison?). He would love to hear from his fans, and we’ve got his mailing address if anyone is interested in having an isolated but muscular pen pal.

March 20, 2009

Rewind: Mr. Wonderful


Director: Toby Ross.
Cast: Tom Law, Carl Loomis, Kevin Gladstone, Everett Storm, Red Ryder, James O’Brian, Steve Philips, Dennis Reilly, Dennis Anderson, Monroe Perry, Tom James, Brad Richardson, Matt Houston.

Tom Law plays a wide-eyed Kansas guy who moves to New York City in this reissue of director Toby Ross’s 1987 classic Mr. Wonderful. The plot unfolds in vignettes in which Law works a day job (sadly, in the World Trade Center), rides the graffiti-covered subway and cruises for his ideal man. In a racy voice-over, Law describes how he places a personal ad in the paper to meet guys who pose for him as a photographer. There’s the married trucker who won’t show his face (Tom James) and the kinky brothers (Everett Storm and Monroe Perry) who wear black leather and whip each other. But Law only has eyes for his co-worker (Carl Loomis), whom he lands in the final scene.

The transfer here is truly awful—with fuzzy and grainy picture quality and muffled sound—but the moody photography and gritty realism of late-’80s NYC are beautifully captured. And Law, in his oversize Clark Kent glasses, is a real charmer, working the camera in close-up and making us feel like we’re part of his adventure as he wanders through the Ramble in Central Park. There’s a great, natural quality to the models, and Ross shoots them using different film stocks and creative camera angles, making this an arty trip back in time. (Bijou Video)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

March 19, 2009

Event: An Evening With Tré Xavier

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Web Watch: Matthew Rush Blogs for New Film

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March 18, 2009

Guy Candy: Jamie Bamber Poses for PETA

We’ve been saying this guy Should Do Porn for a couple of years, and now Jamie Bamber, of Battlestar Galactica fame, has doffed his shirt once again (to great effect, we might add) for a new PETA ad to help save black bears. The British actor, who played Apollo for four seasons on the popular Sci Fi Channel series, is currently filming a new U.K. version of Law and Order in London. Speaking of bears, Jamie’s looking pretty furry himself these days. Grrrrrr!

News: Paul Wagner Signs With Hot House

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March 17, 2009

Guy Candy: Manuel and Francesco

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News: GAYVN Awards Announce Hall of Famers

GAYVN has announced its inductees into the 2009 GAYVN Hall of Fame. Veteran director and Hall of Fame member Gino Colbert will once again present the honorees with their awards during the GAYVN Awards on Saturday, March 28, at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. This year’s inductees are:

Dean Phoenix (above) made his debut in 1998 and went on to become a GAYVN Award winner and an icon in the industry. Despite retiring in 2000, he made a triumphant return in the 2004 Buckshot classic BuckleRoos and has continued his hot streak with films such as Brotherhood, Forever Young and On Fire!

Michael Lucas (below) has won numerous GAYVN Awards for his many films, including Dangerous Liaisons, La Dolce Vita, The Intern and Gigolo, and has cemented his stature as an A-list director and performer with both his own studio, New York–based Lucas Entertainment, and his own distribution company, Lucas Distribution.

Chris Steele started his career as a performer for many studios before turning to writing, producing and directing (Big Dick Society). He’s a GAYVN and Grabby Award winner and is currently head honcho at Jet Set Men.

Dink Flamingo
is a pioneer in amateur Web site content, filming men from nearby military bases for In 2007, he branched out with a new video line, Dirty Bird Pictures (The Porn Ultimatum), and recently helped Brent Corrigan launch his own studio, Prodigy Pictures (Summit).

Jack Simmons was the first African-American model to work for major studios, including Falcon (The Freshmen), Titan Media (Naked Escape) and All Worlds (Animus).

Phil St. John
was the first to shoot a double-penetration scene in gay porn, the first to shoot gay porn focused on skate culture and the first to include a behind-the-scenes extra for a DVD. He is best-known for Skateboard Sliders, Getting It at the Rave, Taggers and Double Delights.

TJ Paris is a San Francisco native who got started in the biz in 1985 and discovered stars such as Paul Morgan and Rob Steele.

Colbert will also present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Roger Earl, who co-founded (with Terry LeGrand) Marathon Films and edited, wrote and directed 16 mm films before forming the Gay Producers Association of America (also with LeGrand), which presented the first gay porn awards. He worked at the Tom of Finland Foundation until he retired in 2007.

For more information, visit

March 16, 2009

Short Takes: Wolf Hudson Co-hosts…and More

Porn star Wolf Hudson (above) has been announced as the third and final co-host of the upcoming Grabby Awards in Chicago. Hudson, who made news when he campaigned for the spot by saying he would tea-bag anyone who voted for him online, will share porn star co-hosting duties with cuties Blake Riley and Brent Corrigan (Chi Chi LaRue and Honey West are the main hosts). The show will take place Saturday, May 23. In other Hudson news, the Bronx-born stud has signed an exclusive contract with Hudson says that he had been considering a move to the straight side of the industry but filming a scene for the Web site was “so positive and chill” that he made the decision to stay “gay” and sign with them exclusively.…Speaking of the Grabbys, Gay Chicago Magazine has decided to drop its porn coverage. The magazine, which has a new publisher, is Chicago’s oldest GLBT publication and has been affiliated with the Grabby Awards for many years. Besides movie reviews, the weekly column of our colleague JC Adams will no longer run in the mag. Come on, people, we need more gay porn, not less! The Grabbys will not be affected by the change and will continue as a separate entity.…Porn star Antonio Biaggi (below) has taken to his blog to say that his eco-friendly store in San Francisco will close in September. The Raging Stallion exclusive blames the poor economy for his struggling business, not to mention some run-ins with the police, who allegedly threatened to incarcerate him because he never switched his driver’s license when he moved to California. Biaggi says that Eco Boutique, which opened last October in the Castro district, will continue as an online store. For more information, visit

March 13, 2009

News: Jury Reaches Verdict in Cuadra Trial

Last week we wrote about twink porn star Brent Corrigan testifying at the murder trial of Cobra Video owner Bryan Kocis in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Now, the jury in the case has reached a unanimous verdict and found escort and Web enterpreneur Harlow Cuadra (left) guilty of first-degree homicide. The eight men and four women on the jury deliberated for more than three hours and also found Cuadra, 27, guilty on 11 other felcony counts, including theft, arson and abuse of a corpse. Cuadra and his former partner Joseph Kerekes, 34, were arrested in May 2007 for killing porn rival Kocis and setting his house on fire. Kerekes was sentenced to life in prison without parole after pleading guilty to second-degree murder. Because of the guilty verdict, Cuadra now faces the death penalty. His fate will be decided today. Stay tuned for more on this tragic case.

UPDATE: On Monday, March 16, Harlow Cuadra was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of producer Bryan Kocis. The jury deliberated for more than five hours before returning to the courtroom and sparing Cuadra the death penalty.

March 12, 2009

Event: Mike Dreyden Birthday Bash in NYC

Porn star Mike Dreyden is turning 40 and fabulous. Actually, the hairy hunk has always been pretty fab! Now, the star of films such as Return to Fire Island and All Out Assault is inviting his New York friends and fans to join him as he turns the big 4-0. The party takes place this Saturday, March 14, at HK Lounge (Ninth Avenue at West 39th Street) at 10 pm. Mike promises porn stars, guest performers and hot go-go dancers. Well, besides himself! For more, visit Mike’s Facebook and MySpace pages.

March 11, 2009

Short Takes: Alex Castro Returns to TV

Militia is back for another fight. Former American Gladiator star (and onetime COLT model) Alex Castro is returning to TV (and now billed as Alexander) as the star of a new eight-part series on History Channel titled Battles BC. The show features ancient warriors (Castro plays Rome’s nemesis Hannibal) and re-creates some of the most brutal battles in history. It mixes animation, graphics and live action to produce a graphic novel–style that brings to mind the hit movie 300. From the clips we’ve seen, the muscle hunk still knows how to swing his sword! Battles BC airs Mondays at 9 pm ET on History Channel and repeats throughout the week.

Web Watch: Kurt Wild Starts New Blog for Fans

Porn star Kurt Wild has launched a new blog in order to keep in touch with his many fans. The supercute model (and supposed straight father of three) has starred in numerous films, including Gigolo and My Brother’s Hot Friend, appeared on The Tyra Banks Show with Jet Set Men exclusive Aaron James and now will be directing and shooting for the Web site. In a new video blog, a very nervous Wild also says that he will be starting the site soon and gives a shout-out to his Yahoo group. This guy has certainly got his online bases covered. For more information, visit

March 10, 2009