May 28, 2010

May 27, 2010

News Exclusive: Robert Van Damme’s Statement to Police


As we reported yesterday, porn superstar Robert Van Damme is currently jailed in Orange County, California, on charges of domestic violence and contempt of court. Now, has exclusively obtained a copy of the statement that Van Damme gave to police following his arrest earlier this year. In the statement, Van Damme recounts how he returned from a business trip to Chicago at the end of March. After having his nose broken in a hockey game, the Czech Republic native was in pain and tired from his travels. When an argument broke out between his wife and one of her daughters (Van Damme is not the father), he attempted to intervene and he claims that his wife responded by hitting him.

“My wife started beating me on the back and shoulders and head to get me to leave the room,” Van Damme told police. “She was pushing me out of the room while hitting me and yelling and screaming at me to leave.” Van Damme alleges that his wife grabbed a lamp and hit him in his broken nose. “The intense pain was immediate and I reacted by trying to get her away from me. My right hand hit behind me and the edge of my fingertips hit the corner of her mouth. I did not mean to hit her. I was in such pain that I simply reacted and tried to stop her from hitting me.”

Van Damme says that he left their house but then returned to get his cell phone and some money. He says his wife had his phone and proceeded to smash it in front of him. “When I walked back out of the house to leave,” he recounted, “the police were there and they arrested me. They put me in the back of the police car with handcuffs on. While sitting there I could read the monitor and saw that the screen said the 911 call came from the same number of her daughter’s phone.”

At this time, Van Damme was jailed in Huntington Beach, California. He was eventually released on bail and returned to his family until his arrest last week for missing a court appearance related to these charges. Van Damme, who started his own RVD Films last year with his wife, alleges that she has since conspired to take the company from him, denied him access to the business and shut him out of all their accounts. She has also revoked her support of his immigration status, leaving him vulnerable to deportation. Subsequently, a restraining order has been issued to keep Van Damme away from his wife and her daughters, and his wife has filed for divorce.

In his closing remarks, Van Damme admitted his wrongs. “I made a mistake that I regret,” he said. “There is no excuse for ever hitting someone, much less a woman. However now I feel that I am the victim of a terrible plot to steal my money and company.”

Van Damme will face a judge later today regarding these charges, pretrial hearing and bail. Then he will address his immigration status. We’ll have more on this developing story…

May 26, 2010

News: Robert Van Damme Jailed and Facing Deportation


Porn superstar and director Robert Van Damme has been arrested and charged with domestic violence and contempt of court. Earlier today, was contacted by an attorney representing Van Damme, who says that the star of films such as The Hunted, Dirty Muscle and the Private Party series is “being detained in Orange County, California, and is working hard to avoid deportation and criminal charges.” His bond is set at $100,000, and he’s scheduled to appear at a court hearing on May 27. Van Damme has pleaded not guilty to the charges. The former hockey player from the Czech Republic started his own RVD Films with his wife last year after working for Hot House, Mustang and other major studios. More details on this story as they develop…

May 21, 2010

News: Will Clark Appears in Off-Broadway Play

Veteran porn stars don’t all fade away. Last week, we had news about Colton Ford hosting a new event in NYC. Now comes word that Will Clark has gone legit and is appearing in an off-Broadway play. Of course, Clark has never strayed too far from the industry. Since starring in numerous movies in the ’90s (including faves such as Man Watch, Night Walk and Island Guardian), he’s been doing charity work for the gays and hosting benefits and events like this and this. But now Will is returning to his first love (acting) and is performing live onstage in a new play titled When Joey Married Bobby.

There he is in the back row on the left in the pic above. Cleans up nice, right? He actually plays a homeless guy in the show. Next to him is hunky former Detroit Tiger pitcher Matthew Pender. He plays Joey, one of the grooms in the title. Former Village People cowboy Randy Jones is also in the show (pictured below with Clark in character), along with local dragster Lady Clover Honey. Now that’s an eclectic cast, to say the least! We actually saw an earlier incarnation of the play (when it featured Lady Bunny in a hilarious turn as a wedding guest) and it does keep the LOLs coming. The show runs at the Roy Arias Theatre in the Times Square Arts Center (300 West 43rd Street) at least through May 29 (you never know with theater). For more information, visit Btw, readers can use the code WCBingo for a special discount on tickets.

In other Clark news, Will tells us that his popular Porno Bingo night at Pieces in the Village is now in its sixth year and has raised more than $120,000 for local LBGT charities. He’ll be traveling to L.A. to MC the Second Brevity Fest at El Cid in Silver Lake on June 3. Back on local ground, he’ll do a reading at an event called In the Flesh at Happy Endings Lounge (302 Broome Street) on June 17. And finally, despite reports to the contrary, the wet-and-wild Bad Boys on the Hudson cruise will sail once again on July 11 with porn superstar Michael Brandon and other top models on board. The full lineup will be announced at on June 1. See how busy some “retired” porn stars are!?

May 20, 2010

Scene Stealer: Ettore Tosi and Philippe Delvaux

Italian auteur Lucas Kazan has two hotties steaming up his site. Veteran star Ettore Tosi and newbie Philippe Delvaux are featured in a sexy new scene, and director Kazan recalled some specifics for us: “I picked up Philippe at the Brindisi airport,” he says. “One look at the Belgian 19-year-old and manly Ettore and I knew their scene would be a breeze—if they didn’t get their hands on each other the night before! Luckily, the sexual energy and hot flip-flop were spared for the camera.” Whew, close call, Luca! Porn fans are the winners here. For more information, visit

May 14, 2010

Book Review: Rising Starz

For all those porn fans out there who like to read books (come back! don’t click away!), author Owen Keehnen has penned Rising Starz. The latest installment in this interview series takes you behind the scenes and into the lives of some of your favorite porn stars. Among those featured in this edition are Bruno Bond, Kirk Cummings, Lucky Daniels, RJ Danvers, Mike Dreyden, Conner Habib, David Taylor and Austin Wilde. The studs talk about their careers, goals and turn-ons. They also discuss their lives off-camera and how they got started in porn.

Keehnen has penned three other books in this series, Starz, More Starz and Ultimate Starz, and he recently told in an exclusive interview what makes this edition special. “I wanted to focus more on the up-and-cummers (so to speak) of the jizz biz,” Keehnen says. “The 45 XXX stars in this volume were truly a great group of men. I love this edition of the series because the conversations frequently took such unexpected turns. I learned a lot and think that readers will as well. I hope it is half as much fun to read as it was to research.”

Owen went on to share a few of his favorite subjects: “Conner Habib got me hard by uttering the magic words ‘I used to teach English at two universities and now I do porn.’ Tony Buff is simply one of the hottest and most charismatic guys ever to do porn. Cover guy Logan McCree is one of the most sexual beings I have ever met. It’s animal magnetism to the extreme, and the fact that he’s a DJ makes him that much hotter. Gorgeous Ross Hurston is movie star handsome with a British accent, so I am hereby proclaiming him the Cary Grant of fuck films. Damien Crosse, who is another fantasy man of mine, told me all about how he and his partner, porn legend Francesco D’Macho, like to have water sports fun. RJ Danvers is a honors college student during the week and a porn star on the weekends. Kirk Cummings is a cute little number who auditioned for American Idol. Those are a few, but there are so many others.”

Rising Starz is available through Amazon and at LGBT bookstores worldwide.

May 12, 2010

News: Bel Ami Films Biggest Solo Scene Ever

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May 11, 2010

Guy Candy: James Gates

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May 10, 2010

Short Takes: Titan Ranch for Sale…and More

It’s moving time for Titan Media! The studio is putting one of its prime shooting locations—an 80-acre ranch about an hour outside San Francisco in Pescadero, California—up for sale. The country retreat boasts three bedrooms, two baths and two cabanas. It also has partial views of the Pacific Ocean, a private redwood forest and three streams. The asking price is more than $1.5 million, so if you want to eat breakfast on the counter where Dean Flynn banged Jay Roberts in Toolbox, it’s gonna cost ya! To see more of this amazing property, click here.…Now, we move on to a few techie items. First up, Athletic Model Guild has announced that it’s launching two mobile sites—AMG Classics Mobile and AMG Brasil Mobile—as part of a partnership with Spankmo Mobile. Each features the same content as its corresponding Web site and is formatted for mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and others. The mobile sites will be updated regularly. “Now you can watch your favorite AMG models from anywhere in the world without sacrificing quality,” AMG president Dennis Bell says. “We’ve worked really hard to make sure that our studio remains on the cutting edge of technological innovations, and the mobile platform is no different.” For more information, visit…Next, Male Spectrum, producer of the Desperate Twinks and Straight Guys Take the Bait DVD lines, has started, a new site that is best seen on the iPad. “We’re offering access to an enormous amount of content, all optimized for viewing on the iPad, at a low price,” marketing director Lea Busick says. She added that the start of Male Spectrum’s mobile sites should come as no surprise to those familiar with the gay porn market. “Gay men have a high level of education on average and typically have more disposable income than their straight counterparts,” Busick says. “And they are quick to adopt new technology, media-related technologies in particular.” Yay for the gays!…Finally, Pacific Sun Entertainment has announced that customers can now rent its large catalog of hard-core gay porn DVDs by mail. The company has partnered with Oddesse Inc. to create the Pacific Sun Online Rental Store, which allows viewers to select adult DVDs online (such as the hot UK Naked Men release Are You Being Serviced?) and have them delivered via mail. It’s just like a big faggy Netflix! PacSun promises no late fees, and you can keep a movie as long as you like. Just mail the DVD back in the preaddressed envelope when you’re done and the next smutty pick on your wish list will automatically be sent to you. For more info, visit

May 7, 2010

New Release: Trust Me, I’m a Doctor

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Event: Wakefield Poole Benefit in SF

Titan Media is honoring gay filmmaking pioneer Wakefield Poole (above) with a benefit in San Francisco tonight. Clips from Dirty Poole, an upcoming documentary about the legendary director of Boys in the Sand, Bijou and other seminal ’70s porn classics, will be shown at a fund-raising reception to help raise completion funds on Friday, May 7. It will take place at 7:30 pm in the Rainbow Room at the Chuck M. Holmes Campus of the LGBT Center (1800 Market Street). Poole and Sands producer Marvin Shulman are expected to attend the free event, along with That Man: Peter Berlin producer and Dirty Poole director Jim Tushinski, as well as some of the hunky men of Titan Media (rumor has it that this sexy ginger will be there). Donations are expected. (That’s what the hot models are for!) For more information, visit

May 5, 2010

Event: Colton Ford Hosts DiLF in NYC

People always ask us, “Hey, whatever happened to [fill in obscure porn star name here].” In most instances, we haven’t the foggiest. But in the case of porn superstar Colton Ford, we know exactly what he’s up to and where! After a string of successful films, such as Porn Struck 2 and Bringing Out Brother, Ford didn’t really retire from performing. He just moved on to recording albums and making excellent music (and touring and appearing in music videos with Cyndi Lauper). Now the studly stud is taking on club promotions by hosting a night with his equally humpy boyfriend. The night is called DiLF (or Daddy I’d Like to Fuck), and it’s a new weekly event at G Lounge in Chelsea (where else?). Every Wednesday starting at 10 pm, Ford and BF Angelo Peterson welcome NYC’s hottest daddies and their admirers. There’s a roster of rotating DJs, including David Marc, Johnny Mack and Ted Nieves, and the bar states that “whether you’re a boy looking to be a toy, a daddy looking to mingle with a more mature crowd or simply on an LTR mission, this party promises to satiate even the crankiest of your midweek meltdowns.”

Ford himself recently told NEXT magazine, “It doesn’t really take being in your forties to be a daddy. I think a daddy is someone who carries himself in a certain way. They have a strong sense of self, are confident in who they are authentically and don’t have to put on airs. As opposed to ‘acting’ like a man, they just are.”

And this silver fox just is! For more info, visit

May 4, 2010

News: Rob Romoni Lands New Gig With Jet Set

Rob Romoni’s plate just got a bit fuller. Jet Set Men has announced that the award-winning porn superstar (and Twitter fanatic) is joining the studio as director of casting and marketing. Romoni, who has appeared in more than 30 films since 2002 and recently made a return to performing in movies such as Adrenaline, Dirty Muscle and Bad Cop Diaries, will continue to work as a model and do personal appearances in addition to his new position.

“I am blessed and excited to be working with Jet Set Men,” Romoni says. “This incredible opportunity doesn’t come very often where I can seek out fresh new talent, cultivate my business education and continue to do feature films and live appearances. The best is yet to come.”

Jet Set head Chris Steele says, “I am very proud to have Rob Romoni bring his expertise, creativity and industry knowledge as both a producer and a model to Jet Set Men. Rob is fun, he’s got a great personality and he knows this business inside and out. I’m very happy to be working alongside him again.”

Romoni will be on hand at the 2010 Grabby Awards in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend, where he will capture all the shenanigans for a video titled Romoni Does Chicago. We just hope all this work doesn’t affect his Tweeting schedule! You can follow Rob on Twitter @RobRomoni (follow us @VinceLambertNYC) and on his new Web site, For more information, visit

May 3, 2010

Short Takes: Brent Corrigan Films Safer-Sex PSA…and More

Porn superstar Brent Corrigan is riding the safer-sex train by filming a series of public-service announcements for DC FUK!T. The Washington, D.C. advocacy group notes that Corrigan’s “ability to learn from his professional mistakes years ago and change his behavior” were reasons that he is the right porn star at the right time to spread the word. They are obviously referring to some not-so-safe activities that Corrigan took part in early in his controversial career. “Brent has long since become an advocate for safer sex and has very publicly apologized for his past appearances in films depicting high-risk and unsafe sexual practices,” DC FUK!T founder Terry Gerace says. The first PSA shows Corrigan demonstrating how to use a condom. Two other videos dealing with sexual health have been filmed and will be released this summer. Veteran porn stars Matthew Rush and Will Clark have also done spots for the group. To view Brent’s ad, click here.…While the Grabbys will unspool later this month in Chicago, some porn fans are already looking ahead to when the 2010 GAYVN Awards will be presented on September 24. Well, now we know where they will be handed out. AVN Media Network has secured San Francisco’s historic Castro Theatre for the 12th edition of the show, which has taken place there twice before (once famously with Kathy Griffin as host). The awards gala will be part of four days of events in conjunction with the Folsom Street Fair. Web categories are included in this year’s GAYVN lineup, as well as a new special Personality of the Year award.…Just because a company produces gay porn doesn’t mean that’s all it can do. British production company Eurocreme has gone and signed a boy band creatively named Boy Banned. The pop group features four European model types. The cuties have already recorded a single titled “One World” (available soon on iTunes) and will be making their debut at Berlin Pride on June 19. Gee, you think they’re being marketed to a gay audience or something?! “Boy Banned has enormous talent and is a fantastic edition to our portfolio,” says Eurocreme founder Max Lincoln, who has also directed films such as this and this. “I was really impressed with their songs and boundless energy.” For more information, visit