April 30, 2007

Seen: Colton Ford at Play


Former porn star Colton Ford was spotted on Saturday night taking in a performance of the off-Broadway musical Naked Boys Singing! The onetime star of such films as Aftershock and Gangbang Café recently relocated to New York from Los Angeles. Could there be any truth to the rumor that the still hunky stud—who was the subject of the documentary Naked Fame (with ex-lover Blake Harper) and is a fledging recording artist (Signed, Sealed, Delivered with Pepper Mashay)—is considering a role in the play? (Rehabbing porn star Spencer Quest did a Singing stint last year.) Only time will tell. We’re sure that the cast of any show, especially a relic nudie revue, would be happy to welcome a star of Ford’s magnitude—or so one would think…

New Release: Big Boat

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April 27, 2007

Should Do Porn: Eric Close

Actor Eric Close first came to our attention when he starred in a TV series called Now and Again in 1999. It was a sort of sci-fi romantic-comedy drama that CBS canceled after one cliff-hanging season. We still wonder what happened to those characters! We do know that Close got beat up and took off his shirt a lot on the show. Then, a couple of years later, he landed on another series on CBS, this time a big hit called Without a Trace. At nearly 40, he still looks good shirtless, and even though he’s married with two kids, we can’t help but think: Should Do Porn!

April 25, 2007

Movie Review: Pillow Talk 3


Directors: George Duroy and Marty Stevens.
Cast: Luke Hamill, Alex Orioli, Sebastian Bonnet, Ethan Clarke, Pierre Delon, Kurt Diesel, Andre Pagnol, Matt Phillipe, Manuel Rios.

The five adorable couples in the third installment of Pillow Talk sure know how to speak the language of love. English, however, is another story! But when the models are this young, hung and appealing, who cares? Producer George Duroy (along with codirector Marty Stevens) knows how to put together a movie like almost no one else in the jizz biz. The lavish sets and locations and the sheer beauty of the guys can take your breath away. Duroy creates a world that is so perfect—not to mention hot and sexy—that viewers will want to crawl right through the screen. Kurt Diesel and Manuel Rios start the fun as a pair of shopping buddies who get serious in the sack. Matt Phillipe and Ethan Clarke also shop for sunglasses but end up sucking and fucking. Super-young newbies Andre Pagnol and Pierre Delon give a brief interview (no subtitles) then compare their big cocks before flip-flopping to great effect. Naked bartender Alex Orioli serves blondie Luke Hamill some cock and tail. But the final scene, between Sebastian Bonnet and Phillipe, is the real standout here. The handsome duo take a relaxing drive in the country in a convertible. They arrive at a lovely bucolic location where they sip champagne in an outdoor tub. The romantic atmosphere builds as they retire to an outdoor bed, where they wrestle and romp. The chemistry between the uncut cuties is palpable as they blow each other then take turns sipping bubbly out of each other’s foreskins. Yum! These two seem to have an endless supply of horniness as they move on to intense anal action (with Bonnet taking top honors) in numerous positions that are best not tried at home! The picture quality is excellent throughout (though the first scene is overly bright and tends to wash out), and the sets are alive with Bel Ami’s trademark vivid colors. Even the music has a sweet, homey ring to it. If only real life had a soundtrack—and studs—like this! (Bel Ami)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2007)

April 23, 2007

New Release: Gaytanamo

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April 20, 2007

Should Do Porn: Steve Sandvoss

He made a splash as a Mormon missionary who goes gay in Latter Days (a movie so laughably bad that the audience we saw it with was cackling so loud during the supposed climax that we couldn’t hear the dialogue) then went mainstream with a small role in a Jennifer Aniston movie (the Rob Reiner bomb Rumor Has It). And who can forget his guest-starring TV roles on Cold Case and Dr. Vegas? Now, gorgeous Steve Sandvoss has a couple of small indie films on the way. His career might not have taken off just yet, but we think that this 26-year-old New York native has the talent, brains (he’s a Harvard grad) and bod to make it big. However, in the meantime: Should Do Porn!

April 18, 2007

Movie Review: Fratmen Damon Up Close


Director: Uncredited.
Cast: Damon.

Jock frat boy Damon snoozes in the sun, and we get to watch. Then he drops his swimsuit, and we are there. This smooth, built stud is the latest subject in Pavlov’s Dog Presents solo series. His all-American good looks and youthful charm are obvious as he lounges by the pool and begins to stroke. In three different setups, Damon plays with himself and shows off for the camera. His spiky haircut and sinewy muscles are a sight that will surely please twink fans and solo fans alike. Picture quality is great and production values are high, especially when Damon humps the bed in vivid close-up. Perhaps the only thing that isn’t perfect about this perfect guy is the lack of expression on his handsome face—even when he shoots his load! Makes one wonder whether the Stepford Wives might have given birth to a hunky but chilly son. (Pavlov’s Dog Presents)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

April 17, 2007

Porn Star Interview: Johnny Hanson


Johnny Hanson is early. When I arrive at Lucas Entertainment’s New York office at six o’clock sharp, the 1990s porn superstar is already seated on a couch in the lobby. Casually dressed in a beige DKNY sweater, jeans and a cap, Hanson is waiting to give the first interview of his big comeback. His 10-year absence from the porn scene is evident in his more mature look and husky build (he admits to gaining 20 pounds), but at age 41, Hanson is still every bit the screen stud who captivated the industry when he signed as a Falcon exclusive in 1995.

Fresh from filming his first scene in more than a decade for Lucas Entertainment’s The Bigger, the Better, Hanson smiles and says in his familiar New Yawk accent, “It’s good to be back. Sure, I was nervous to come back. I was very hyper on the set when we filmed the scene, but once we got naked, it was very easy. I realized, hey, I’m not shy anymore! I felt comfortable with myself and what I was doing. I even ended up rimming the guy!”

The guy in question is Lucas exclusive Steven Ponce, and the man who lured Hanson back to the business was none other than New York porn mogul Michael Lucas. “When I first moved to America in 1997,” Lucas recalls, “Johnny Hanson was on the cover of every magazine. I never saw his movies, but from pictures I thought that he looked absolutely stunning. I found him five years later when my company was still very young and Johnny was…let’s say, a bit difficult, so we couldn’t come to an agreement. But then I ran into him on the street in New York recently, and he was very friendly and enthusiastic.”

This time the men struck a deal. But Lucas had one condition: “Johnny had to agree to do more than just fuck. I wanted to show him as the all-around sex machine that he is, so I wanted him to rim and suck cock too, and he was great at it! I am glad that the fans of Johnny Hanson will be able to see him fucking, eating ass, sucking cock and enjoying himself the whole time.”

Hanson adds his side of the story: “I met Michael Lucas through an ex-boyfriend. Michael was always trying to get me to do a scene. He wanted me to suck cock because I had never done it on-screen before. I always had the image of a straight guy—I would get sucked then fuck. He wanted to change that, and eventually he convinced me to do it. It took six years, but he did it!”

If he was going to return to porn, Hanson agreed that his limited sexual repertoire in the ’90 had to change. “I kind of felt like I had left the fans hanging,” he says. “People would write or ask me when I was coming back. Michael convinced me that there was demand to see me suck a dick…and more. I wanted to give that to the fans. I guess you could say that I’m a people pleaser.”

But the road to a comeback had taken many years for the hunky star. Born to an Italian family in Queens, New York, Hanson was one of six children, and he always dreamed of becoming an actor. He was studying at the Sanford Meisner Center, tending bar and go-go dancing while he waited for his big break. One day, all that changed when director Chi Chi LaRue spotted him dancing atop a box and asked whether he wanted to be in the movies. Hanson, who had never really entertained the notion, agreed and signed with Falcon Studios. The collaboration produced such porn classics as The Other Side of Aspen III and IV and Download. He went on to appear in Hot Firemen (Centaur) and Trying It On for Size (Studio 2000).

“It was a learning experience,” Hanson says of his initial brush with porn and stardom. “I was very shy and self-conscious, but I did it.” After a while, movies weren’t enough for Hanson, who decided to use his nightlife connections to make a dance record. “I wanted another way to promote myself,” he says, “so I thought that having a song out would help that.” Hanson wrote the lyrics and performed the song “Mr. Fantasy,” which was released on Eightball Records. The single, which was remixed by superstar DJ Junior Vasquez, was positively reviewed in Billboard and received club play.

On a roll, Hanson posed for Playgirl and made his off-Broadway acting debut as the lead in Ronnie Larsen’s Making Porn. But when the spotlight got too hot, Hanson decided to walk away. “It was kind of overwhelming,” he says. “I never wanted the fame. I wanted the money.” So he dropped out, moved to Miami and went back to school, studying math and liberal arts. But after a couple of years, he returned to New York, where he began auditioning for commercials and other nonporn acting gigs. “I wanted to go legitimate,” Hanson says. “I wanted to be taken seriously. I wanted to be known for more than having a fat dick, but it never happened.”

When acting gigs didn’t materialize, Hanson admits to being “disappointed and depressed.” This led to some recreational drug use and hard partying. Although Hanson denies that he was ever a heavy drinker, he does admit to being a “weekend user” at the time. He also denies rumors that he was homeless and living on the streets of New York. Following a breakup with a boyfriend, he says that he was left without an apartment, but that only led to high hotel bills until he relocated to New York’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.

Now, more than 10 years after his first big splash, Hanson is back and ready to work. “I have no agenda,” he says. “I am just playing it by ear.” In the years that he has been out of the business, he says that he has not really followed it, but he is aware of the many changes, including the advent of the Internet, DVDs and Viagra. “I wish we had Viagra in my day!” Hanson jokes. There is also the rising popularity of bareback movies. “I think that is just stupid,” he says. “It’s not too smart and way too risky.”

But Hanson says that his time away has taught him some valuable lessons. “I can cope better now,” he says. “I know the industry. I know to be careful, that you can’t really trust anyone. The years have been hard, but today I am drug-free and now I know that I’m an intelligent person, that I am more than a fat dick—that’s for damn sure!”

While he fields offers and decides his next career move, Hanson seems to be at peace with where the years have taken him. “Maybe this is what I was meant to be,” he says. “I’ve accepted it.” Then he pauses and adds with a grin, “And who knows? Maybe I’ll come back in another 10 years to bottom!”

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2007)

April 16, 2007

Book Review: Bisexual’s Guide to Universe


The Bisexual’s Guide to the Universe: Quips, Tips, and Lists for Those Who Go Both Ways
by Nicole Kristal and Mike Szymanski

According to a 2002 study in The Advocate, about 40 percent of gay men at some point identify as bisexual. This well-written new book from co-authors Nicole Kristal and Mike Szymanski (pictured, above) addresses the wants, needs and desires of these guys, not to mention the many women who deal with the same feelings. In a series of entertaining anecdotes, quizzes, statistics, lists and fun facts, The Bisexual’s Guide to the Universe will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about those who never limit their options—or their chances of getting a date on Saturday night. Kristal reveals how she came out as bi in high school, while Szymanski (aka veteran porn journalist Mickey Skee) shares the story of “the House That Bisexuality Built.” There are great quotes from the likes of famous bi’s Tallulah Bankhead, Sandra Bernhard and Andy Dick, along with asexual anthropologist Margaret Mead. And just when you were wondering which of your favorite cartoon characters goes both ways (Bugs Bunny!) or which animals are known to fence-sit (oysters!), this enjoyable and informative read will provide you with an exhaustive list. And if you’re considering having a threeway with that hot married couple from the gym, Kristal and Szymanski offer clever tips for being the “guest star” in bed. So take notes, guys, because if the Kinsey Scale is right, there just might be a raging bisexual lurking inside you! (Alyson Books)

April 13, 2007

New Release: Auditions 16

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Should Do Porn: Ricky Martin

Okay, so his singing career’s not exactly what it used to be. And the way he deals with sexual orientation (his own and others) in the press is pure bullshit, but you gotta give it to this hunk of Latin man. He’s lost the weight and isn’t afraid to do yoga in the near nude while the paparazzi hide in the bushes. His obvious exhibitionist streak and dedication to body waxing make us think one thing: Should Do Porn!

April 12, 2007

Event: Will Clark’s Porno Bingo


Tonight at Will Clark’s Porno Bingo at the Ninth Avenue Bistro, we raised almost $500 for the Gotham Knights gay rugby team. We also dished some porn dirt about VincentLambert.com, along with www.joemygod.blogspot.com blogger Joe (who broke the Matt Sanchez story). Will revealed that this year’s Bad Boys Pool Party will take place Saturday, August 4, on Fire Island. Seen: porn star Enrico Vega, photographers Chuck and Brucilla X, and Dawn. Thanks, Will!

April 10, 2007

New Release: Workload

Moving can be a bitch. In director Andrew Rosen’s Workload, new tenant Eddie Stone (pictured, top) discovers this firsthand when phone man Nick Capra, who is tired of being hit on by gay customers, restrains him and hangs him in the closet and then takes off. Muscular cable guy Jordan Vaughn and sexy Beaux Banner arrive at the apartment to do their work. Finding the door ajar, the guys make the most of the empty space, sucking and fucking the day away. Meanwhile, in the laundry room, Capra is still pissed off about the attention he is receiving, so he takes it out on Alan Gregory’s hole. This scene is a standout, and Capra’s performance is stunning in its power and brutality. Next door, neighbors Logan Robbins and Kevin Armstrong are getting busy in their apartment. By the final scene, Tyler Saint finds Stone all tied up and sets him free, only to pound him back into submission. This is one horny building—it must be in West Hollywood!

Starring Eddie Stone, Tyler Saint, Nick Capra, Alan Gregory, Jordan Vaughn, Beaux Banner, Logan Robbins and Kevin Armstrong. For more information, visit www.JetSetMen.com.

April 7, 2007

News: Marina Pacific to Distribute Atlas Titles


It was announced this week that a deal has been signed making Marina Pacific the worldwide distributor for the first three films from Zeb Atlas Productions, including Mark Meets Zeb: The Texas Two-Step (featuring muscle hunks Atlas and Mark Dalton, pictured) and Zeb Atlas: A God in Paradise. A third movie will feature Atlas and Tennessee bodybuilder Giovanni.

The agreement also gives Marina Pacific the “first right of negotiation” for a much-sought-after ”hard-core” film from Atlas, should he decide to finally “go for the gusto,” according to longtime Atlas manager, David Forest, who put together the deal with Nick Boyias, owner of Marina Pacific Distribution (both pictured above with Atlas).

April 6, 2007

Should Do Porn: Jamie Bamber

So we think this guy is on Battlestar Galactica and he might even be British, but we’re not really sure. We do know that every time we see him he’s shirtless and he looks hot. So hot in fact that he gets our vote: Should Do Porn!