September 30, 2008

September 29, 2008

Short Takes: Best Men on the Way…and More

Falcon Studios has announced the release date of its major fall movie, the two-part Best Men. Falcon exclusive Tony Capucci stars as a groom in Part 1: The Bachelor Party, which was filmed in Las Vegas. Directed by John Bruno, the film features the now infamous oral-only scene between Zeb Atlas (left) and Matthew Rush. Part 2: The Wedding Party picks up in Los Angeles the night before Tony’s wedding day and includes the first-ever hard-core sex scene between Atlas and Adam Killian, which was prereleased online at on September 26. The full film will be available online October 14 and on DVD October 28.…Porn star Steve Cruz has reported on his blog that the set of his directing debut for Mustang, Blue Movie, was raided by LAPD detectives last week and the studio was issued a citation for not having the proper permits. Production has since moved to San Francisco. “I look forward to resuming under more favorable conditions,” Cruz writes. “This movie has far exceeded my expectations already.”… has announced the signing of newcomer Daniele Montana (below) to an exclusive contract. His feature-film debut will be in Kazan’s Italians and Other Strangers, due in October. “Daniele is openly and refreshingly gay,” says producer Lucas Kazan of the 25-year-old model. “He has no hang-ups about sexual roles at all. In fact, he has a voracious appetite for all things sexual.” Sounds like a keeper to us!

September 26, 2008

Movie Review: Sausage Fest


Directors: Doug and Jay.
Cast: Doug, Jay, Axe, James, Kai, Marcus, Spence, David, Brock, Dirk, Chris, Giovanni, Ty, Guzzo, Vince, Grant.

The Amateur Straight Guys are back, bringing their ample meat to Sausage Fest. It’s business as usual as the studs hang out with directors Doug and Jay and dare one another to perform sexy stunts. First, Axe, Marcus, Kai and James decide to strip and run through the house naked in order to freak out the maid. These silly pranks set a lighthearted mood that is maintained when the tattooed crew hits the sofa to pull their puds. As usual, the straight porn is going on the tube and the guys play a game in which they have to lick each other’s nips and balls. Eventually, some sucking goes on and the dudes who want to earn more cash take the loads on their chests.

The easygoing good times continue in the next scene as Giovanni, Vince, Guzzo, Ty and Chris start a circle jerk that ends with all of them shooting on a glass table. That poor maid! A fake pussy also comes into play, and newcomer Chris overcomes his shyness to take a sex toy up the butt. Next, chunky model Brock, clearly a favorite of the directors, is cajoled into shooting a scene, although he doesn’t realize that he will be bottoming for hunky Dirk and blowing cutie David. This trio maintains the positive energy and realistic vibe, right down to Brock’s proclaiming at the end, “My butt hurts!”

Axe returns for the final scene, in which he sucks both Grant and Spence, proving that for a straight guy, he sure knows how to give a good blowjob. Production values are fine for an amateur flick, but it’s the natural-looking cast and relaxed feel of a bunch of straight dudes hanging and playing that will entertain viewers. (Amateur Straight Guys/The French Connection)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

September 25, 2008

New Release: Testosterone

Raging Stallion Studios presents the sexy men of in Testosterone. Directed and filmed by Gavin Lowe, the movie features a bevy of hot Latin guys doing what comes naturally. Here’s director Lowe on one especially hot scene: “I don’t usually do a story line in my vids, but Yuri had this fantasy that he wanted to play out on camera. We started with Andre sleeping on a chair and Yuri just helps himself to that nice dick. Then Andre gets his way with him and fucks his ass hard. I think it’s a pretty hot video, and seeing Yuri ride Andre’s big dick made me want to put the camera down, join in, and fuck Yuri double-penetration style! But I guess that will be another movie for another time.” Starring Marcio Pitbull, Adriano Moraes, Adriano Rodrigues, Andre Gaucho, Andre Santos, Carlos Montenegro, Felix Stuhlbach, Gabriel, Thomas, Vitor and Yuri. For more information, visit

September 24, 2008

Event: Jet Set Web Show Live From FL Tonight

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September 23, 2008

Dueling Divas: Brent Corrigan’s Summit

The latest movie reviewed in our “Dueling Divas” column, co-written by Vince with old cohort Jeremy Spencer, is up now on the XBIZ Web site. This month we take on supertwink Brent Corrigan, who invited a bunch of his frat buddies to Lake Tahoe and let nature take its course as the cameras rolled. Summit is the first release for Corrigan’s Prodigy Pictures through Dirty Bird Pictures, and Brent wrote, directed and starred. It also features some of the cream of the crop of Dink Flamingo’s Active Duty models. To read the review, click here. Are you a Brent lover or hater? Let us know in the comments section. And stay tuned for some exciting news about the Dueling Divas very soon!

September 22, 2008

Short Takes: Chad Hunt Bottoms Out…and More

Rumor has it that a major industry top man is about to take a fall—or at least go bottoms up. Word spread last week from the set of director Jett Blakk’s pricey new production Endgame that hung superstar Chad Hunt (left) was bottoming for the first time (on-screen). Some blurry camera phone pictures were leaked online, and Blakk posted a response on his blog saying it was “nonsense.” But then a couple of days later, he ran pics of Hunt with the simple headline, “Okay, It’s True” and identified Phenix Saint, Cort Donovan and Nash Lawler as the models who deflowered him. Endgame will be released by Dink Flamingo’s Dirty Bird Pictures later this year. Expect big things from this scene, fans.…Falcon Entertainment has announced that photographer Joe Oppedisano will shoot all still photography for Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo’s upcoming Mustang film, Blue Movie. Oppedisano’s work has appeared in numerous publications including The New York Times, Esquire and Playboy. “I’m completely excited to work with Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo,“ Oppedisano says. “These guys share my passion and vision for what male sexuality is all about. I feel a great synergy with them.”…Amateur Web site will release its first full-length movie for the DVD market. The Best of Lucas: Vol. 1 will feature five scenes starring popular model Lucas (below). “Our members have long been asking for us to offer DVDs they can collect and physically own,” CorbinFisher VP of Operations Brian Dunlap told XBIZ. “We’re thrilled with the release of the first DVD in a series featuring our most popular models and scenes.” Two more DVD titles are expected within the next few months.

September 19, 2008

Movie Review: Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon


Porn fans never seem to tire of peeking behind the scenes of the industry. A new documentary about the life and career of ’70s porn superstar Jack Wrangler offers an honest and unblinking look. Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon, which has played the gay film festival circuit and in a few major U.S. cities, tells the story of the buff blond who appeared in more than 85 movies—both gay and straight—for almost a decade. In that time, he honed the image of an iconic hypermasculine Marlboro man, but his real life and self-image were very different.

Born to a producer dad and a model mom, Wrangler grew up as Jack Stillman in a strict Presbyterian home in Beverly Hills. He had early aspirations to sing, dance and act, and landed on a religious TV show as a kid. He did guest spots on Medical Center and The Mod Squad and even won on The Dating Game. But when his legit career didn’t take off, Wrangler found himself feeling unattractive, inadequate and fighting his desires to be with men. He went on the road to direct dinner theater with old-time stars such as Betty Hutton and Gale Storm, but it wasn’t until he started working as a stripper that he found his true calling.

Wrangler’s rugged good looks and worked-out body got him lots of attention, and he ended up on the cover of numerous gay magazines of the day. Director Joe Gage took notice and cast him in his seminal film Kansas City Trucking Company. From there, Wrangler went on to appear in numerous movies, including classics such as Wanted (with Al Parker), A Night at the Adonis (the first gay film to use the steadicam, according to Wrangler) and the 3-D epic Heavy Equipment. He also toured extensively with his live show. Along the way, he invented a character that became the idol of gay men. In an effort to expand his audience, Wrangler moved to the straight side and was equally successful in films such as Jack ’n Jill, Roommates and China Sisters.

Wrangler’s career path is narrated in the documentary by a slew of big-name porn talking heads, including directors Gino Colbert, Joe Gage, Chi Chi LaRue and Jerry Douglas, among others. In numerous sound bites, they all praise Wrangler’s professionalism and skills as a screen stud, not to mention his hammy acting style. Director Jeffrey Schwarz includes many campy clips and interesting tidbits (Wrangler got his last name from a denim work shirt, which became an integral part of his onstage persona), and the theme song Wrangler writes and sings for one of his films, titled “Smoggy City,” is a scream! But the experts are quick to point out that he was also a shrewd businessman and was the first porn star to realize the potential of marketing and branding himself.

The movie takes a turn for the personal when Wrangler starts dating song stylist Margaret Whiting (20 years his senior…and a woman!) and eventually marries her. Whiting’s daughter, Debbi, gives some of the most humorous and revealing quotes about her relationship to the gay porn star who moved in on and with her mother. Wrangler is honest about his romantic feelings for Whiting and recounts how she told him, “Jack, you’re only gay around the edges.” In the end, one gets the feeling that sex had little do with his decision to spend the rest of his years with his soul mate, who turned out to be a woman.

Wrangler himself is also interviewed and is eager to share anecdotes from his life; now a distinguished but still handsome senior, he comes across as a good-natured dork who just happens to have done porn in a previous life. He is a likable, funny, nice guy. But the movie is best when it gets serious and places his story in the context of the times. It doesn’t shy away from addressing the larger issues, such as homophobia, how the advent of AIDS changed the industry and how Hollywood’s ideal of masculinity, reflected in stars such as Rock Hudson and Tab Hunter (who were also gay but closeted), helped shape Wrangler and his generation. The film also serves as a concise primer on the history of gay porn. All in all, Wrangler is a flattering portrait of a timeless star who says his main goal was “to be lusted after.” Mission accomplished, Jack. (Automat Pictures)

September 18, 2008

Press: Bear Magazine Roars Back to Stands

The bears are back in print! Following a six-year layoff, Bear magazine will soon resume publication. New owner Bear Omnimedia LLC has announced it will produce 40,000 copies that will be circulated worldwide. The revived issue 65 is free and will be distributed at bear and gay events and in adult bookstores.

Launched in 1984, Bear represented a growing community of gay men who were beefy, ├╝bermasculine and unapologetically hairy. Now, the new version will reflect an emerging contemporary bear movement with erotic photography and provocative fiction blended with humor and information that is of interest to bears and the gay mainstream. The new magazine will be published quarterly starting in February 2009.

September 17, 2008

Guy Candy: Fratman Dave

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September 16, 2008

News: Ricky Sinz Signs Deal of a Lifetime

Raging Stallion Studios has announced that porn star Ricky Sinz has been signed to a lifetime contract to perform in films, print media and Web markets, as well as to develop new projects. Sinz recently completed his first year as a Raging Stallion exclusive, earning three GAYVN Awards and three Grabby Awards for his performance as a drill sergeant in Grunts. He also recently filmed the leading role in To the Last Man, Raging Stallion’s big-budget Western epic, which is scheduled for a Thanksgiving weekend release.

“We have enjoyed working with Ricky over the past year, and his performance in Grunts helped make the film the classic that it has become,” RSS president Chris Ward says. “His performance in To the Last Man is over-the-top—the man really should be in Hollywood! He is a real talent and we at Raging Stallion are thrilled that he will be part of the studio for the long haul.”

Sinz, who is originally from Chicago and has served in the U.S. Army and been a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, adds: “When it came time for me to re-sign with the studio, Chris Ward, Kent Taylor and I were all on the same page with where I wanted my career to go and where they wanted me to go. I know a lifetime exclusive is a rarity these days, so I was honored when I was offered this opportunity.”

For more information, visit

September 13, 2008

Movie Review: Pounding the Pavement


Michael Lucas.
Cast: Michael Lucas, Erik Grant, Claudio Martin, Rafael Alencar, Derrick Hanson, Wolf Hudson, Blu Kennedy, Arpad Miklos, Jake Starr, Costas Tinopolis, Jimmy Trips, Kurt Wild.

Lucas Entertainment is back with Pounding the Pavement, a group of New York stories that are similar in theme to the company’s Encounters series. In this version, guys meet on the streets, hook up on top of buildings, you get the idea. Not exactly groundbreaking, but it works. First, straight stud Wolf Hudson admits to stalking Jimmy Trips until they finally get together—and what great chemistry they have. Right from the start they are kissing, touching and licking each other from head to toe. Actually, the licking goes on for a bit too long, as does the scene in general, but the sucking and teabagging are high points, as are the simultaneous cum shots that wrap it up. Then Derrick Hanson and Blu Kennedy are a couple who experience love on a rooftop with big-dicked Rafael Alencar. This verbal trio gets down and dirty, sucking in all combinations and fucking one another too. There’s even a nice bit of docking, and as sirens wail in the background, everyone shoots on Kennedy’s perfect bod. That’s NYC for ya!

The next scene is much quieter as a beefy Arpad Miklos mixes it up with Costas Tinopolis. There’s a mellow vibe as the two do oral and anal, but Miklos ramps it up at the end with a nice facial for Tinopolis. Director Michael Lucas makes an appearance in the next scene, and his lips have never looked poutier as he explains in tight close-up that he and his movie lover Claudio Martin have picked up a twink (Kurt Wild) and plan to work him over. And that’s exactly what they do. Again, there is sucking and fucking in every possible combination, but Wild really does most of the heavy lifting. He takes a pounding from both Lucas and Claudio and keeps on ticking, eventually taking two oral pop shots and then jacking his own sweet meat. Give the guy an award already! This extended scene could also have benefited from a tighter edit, but when the action is this explosive, why not give fans more than less?

The final pairing takes place when Erik Grant and Jake Starr meet in a porn bookstore and retire to a nearby apartment where they can play. There are mutual blowjobs, and Starr ends up on top. There’s also shrimping, as there is in several of the scenes, and plenty of nasty dirty talk. Clocking in at almost three hours, Pavement offers lots of bang for its buck. The models meet Lucas’s usual high standards, and the New York exterior shots add a nice local flavor, although some of the sets have a cheesy quality that looks more like Minnesota than Manhattan. (Lucas Entertainment)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

September 12, 2008

Movie Review: Czech Tales, Part 1


Director: Rolf Hammerschmidt.
Cast: Boris Sacharov, Enzo Bloom, Jerry Harris, Ben Eastboy, Rusty Smith, Denis Reed, Dominik Trojan, Dario Dolce, Marcio Gonzales, Tibor Cernan, Nicolas Santos.

Czech Tales, Part 1
offers a dreamy take on numerous erotic scenarios taking place in Eastern Europe. From the opening sequence, in which lovers Boris Sacharov and Jerry Harris kiss in a bathtub, the tone is set with pastel colors and fuzzy soft-focus photography in letterbox format. For some reason (no subtitles), Sacharov takes to the road and ends up in an airport, then he naps on a park bench and some pervy guy in the bushes makes suggestive comments to him. And judging by the looks of Sacharov (tall, tanned, muscular and gorgeous), who wouldn’t? Back at the hotel, the hunk spies on his horny neighbor (Denis Reed), who is acting out a bondage scene with two fellow twinks made up with fake wounds. This keyhole device gets tiresome as Sacharov spies and jacks. And the fact that the guys are tied up in a pink room while a hideous European rap song plays in the background certainly doesn’t add to the sexy factor.

Sacharov continues to fantasize about Harris in gauzy flashbacks and search for him in the countryside after taking a train outside the city. In between, we get the story of Dario Dolce and Ben Eastboy, who decide to eat cock and cum along with their breakfast. This scene uses a gimmicky three-camera split screen that gets annoying. The guys and action are hot enough; we don’t need to see it from all those angles!

The final scene, titled “The Bottle of Red Wine,” finds Sacharov in a bar where a hot couple have sex in front of the patrons. The bartender (Dominik Trojan) gets so turned-on that he jumps over the counter and fucks both of them! The other customers jerk off, including Marcio Gonzales, who delivers a stunning geyser cum shot. The rest of Czech Tales is filled with numerous oral pop shots that might entice viewers, and Sacharov is certainly a handsome leading man (and a good sport as he takes an eyeful of jizz in one scene), but the mostly standard sex sometimes gets lost amid the art direction. (Falcon International)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

September 11, 2008

Web Watch: Pierre Fitch Online

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September 10, 2008

News: Steve Cruz Produces Safer-Sex Spot

Porn star Steve Cruz, who recently signed with Mustang to direct his first film, has produced a safer-sex public-service announcement. The 90-second spot, which is part of Cruz’s self-funded “How I Roll” campaign, features some of the top names in gay porn talking about safe sex, barebacking, AIDs testing and condom use. Featured stars include Johnny Hazzard, Blake Riley, Jason Ridge, Matthew Rush and many others. To see the clip, click here, and for more information on the campaign, visit

New Release: P.O.V., Disc 1 and 2

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September 9, 2008

News: Director Csaba Borbely Back in the Sun

Pacific Sun Entertainment has announced that Csaba Borbely, one of its best-selling directors, is returning to the company. Much of the Pacific Sun library is built on the rock-hard muscles of Borbely’s hot Hungarian bodybuilder models. With handsome faces and sculpted bodies, they never fail to get a rise out of viewers. Borbely’s previous movies include Rich Kid, The Diamond Mine 2 and Construction Island. Upcoming titles from Pacific Sun include Hung Vacation starring Manuel Martinez (above) from the Blue Lagoon line and Longhorn Roundup on the Diamond Pictures label. More films will follow soon. For more information, visit

September 8, 2008

Short Takes: Jet Set Wraps New Film…and More

Jet Set Men has wrapped production on Muscle Mountain, a new movie starring Lucky Daniels (left) and exclusive Derec Stone. Producer John Tegan is making his directorial debut with this story of dueling ranchers and their hunky hands. “I was thrilled to sit in the director’s chair for the first time,” Tegan says. “While I was confident of my abilities, I was also happy to have Chris Steele’s guidance and a terrific cast and crew, all of whom helped make it go smoothly.” The film will be released in November…Model Kurt Wild has issued a statement saying that he has been fired from his job at a Subway store near St. Louis because a customer recognized him from his gay porn work and complained to a manager of the sandwich chain. Hey, isn’t that illegal (the firing part)? “I should have the right to work anywhere I can and it isn’t right or fair that people can keep me from working simply because of a ‘gay’ issue,” Wild writes. Ironically, the 22-year-old cutie is supposedly married with three kids. Who knew?…Porn superstar Michael Lucas (below) has announced the launch of Lucas Fashion, a new blog dedicated to his long-standing passion for style. “There is nothing I would rather do than to take dazzling clothes off a great body,” the Russian director says. The blog will feature tips on apparel, travel, shopping, accessories, culture and personal care. Maybe Lucas will even share some of his makeup tips! For more information, visit

September 4, 2008

Movie Review: Bros Before Hoes


Directors: Doug and Jay.
Cast: Doug, Jay, Diesel, Max, Brock, Skyler, Tom, Bosco, Kai, Spence, David, Peter.

More straight guys are on display in Bros Before Hoes. In five amateur scenes, we see a couple of typical scenarios and at least one innovative one. First, Max surprises supercute Diesel with a good-morning blowjob. Diesel stretches and yawns and slowly wakes up to deliver a nice load. The buds shower together and Max is left to his own (solo) devices after Diesel heads off to work. Brock and Skyler supposedly have crushes on each other, but their bland fuck (with Brock on top watching TV for inspiration) doesn’t bear that out. Easygoing Tom is back, and directors Doug and Jay are sure happy to see the smooth twink. They compliment him and catch up on all the older chicks he’s been banging, then they pop in a movie and he gets to some serious jacking. Eventually Jay jumps in for sucking and an oral cum shot. But Bosco, Kai and Spence have the most fun in an original scene in which the studs compete with one another in feats of strength (arm wrestling, leg wrestling, thumb wrestling!). The loser has to remove a piece of clothing and perform a sexual act on the other (teabagging, foot licking, cock licking!). As the competitions get more difficult to judge (hardest hard-on!) and the stakes get higher (blowjobs!), the good times increase. It helps that the guys are all down-to-earth and good-natured in their attitudes. By the time they all squirt on a mat, this long scene comes to a satisfying conclusion. There are pixelation, lighting and sound problems in a couple of spots, but the amateur feel makes them forgivable. (Amateur Straight Guys/The French Connection)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2008)

News: Derec Stone Signs With Jet Set Men

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September 3, 2008

New Release: The Chad Hunt Collection

Superhung superstar Chad Hunt started his career in 2000 with Lucas Entertainment. After appearing in numerous scenes and movies (and giving us one of his first-ever interviews), Hunt is still going strong. So Lucas Entertainment has decided to take a look back at his prolific career with The Chad Hunt Collection, a two-disc package that includes scenes from several of Hunt’s hit films, including Fire Island Cruising 7 (with Kent Larson), Encounters 4: On the Job (with Brad Star), Auditions 9 (with Mario Cruz), Lost (an orgy scene featuring Wilfred Knight), Encounters 3: Flash Point (with Ben Andrews and Sal) and The Bigger The Better (with Tommy Deluca). There is also a never-before-released scene with Mateo, and the extended Director’s Version features Hunt pissing all over Mario Cruz. For more information, visit

September 2, 2008

Short Takes: Name That Rat…and More

Black Scorpion Video has announced the launch of its new all-sex video line with a contest. Black Rat Video will have a cartoon mascot (left) and porn fans are invited to help give him a name. The winner will receive a prize pack of seven Black Scorpion and Black Rat DVDs. The deadline is September 30, and suggestions can be sent to…After more than 30 years of hot naked guys, Playgirl Magazine will cease publication. The editor of the women’s title (yeah, right) says that the January/February 2009 issue will be the last in print, but the brand will continue as a Web site, which has become increasingly gay-friendly by featuring porn models such as Blu Kennedy, Johnny Castle and Zeb AtlasSeal Productions is joining the Pacific Sun Entertainment family to produce mainstream, fetish, twink and specialty material. British director Adam Bailey will focus on hard-edged films that feature down-and-dirty “real” sex. “There is too much fake sex about,” Bailey says. We hear ya, babe!…Former porn star and Ginch Gonch underwear model Benjamin Bradley (below) is making a comeback with Rascal Video and Channel 1 Releasing. “When I got Ben’s call saying he wanted to return, my face lit up!” says director/C1R partner Chi Chi LaRue. Bradley, who last appeared in LaRue’s 2006 film Sized Up, will shoot a new scene at the end of this month. Details and title coming soon.