September 16, 2008

News: Ricky Sinz Signs Deal of a Lifetime

Raging Stallion Studios has announced that porn star Ricky Sinz has been signed to a lifetime contract to perform in films, print media and Web markets, as well as to develop new projects. Sinz recently completed his first year as a Raging Stallion exclusive, earning three GAYVN Awards and three Grabby Awards for his performance as a drill sergeant in Grunts. He also recently filmed the leading role in To the Last Man, Raging Stallion’s big-budget Western epic, which is scheduled for a Thanksgiving weekend release.

“We have enjoyed working with Ricky over the past year, and his performance in Grunts helped make the film the classic that it has become,” RSS president Chris Ward says. “His performance in To the Last Man is over-the-top—the man really should be in Hollywood! He is a real talent and we at Raging Stallion are thrilled that he will be part of the studio for the long haul.”

Sinz, who is originally from Chicago and has served in the U.S. Army and been a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, adds: “When it came time for me to re-sign with the studio, Chris Ward, Kent Taylor and I were all on the same page with where I wanted my career to go and where they wanted me to go. I know a lifetime exclusive is a rarity these days, so I was honored when I was offered this opportunity.”

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Anonymous said...

He may indeed be a nice man; but his looks and porn skills are in my view soooo overrated RS can have him for ever and ever. Their loss

Anonymous said...

I love his work he is a very nice man in person
I dont think he's overrated but I know his work sells better than most films on the market
I wish him the best
he has earned it