September 4, 2008

Movie Review: Bros Before Hoes


Directors: Doug and Jay.
Cast: Doug, Jay, Diesel, Max, Brock, Skyler, Tom, Bosco, Kai, Spence, David, Peter.

More straight guys are on display in Bros Before Hoes. In five amateur scenes, we see a couple of typical scenarios and at least one innovative one. First, Max surprises supercute Diesel with a good-morning blowjob. Diesel stretches and yawns and slowly wakes up to deliver a nice load. The buds shower together and Max is left to his own (solo) devices after Diesel heads off to work. Brock and Skyler supposedly have crushes on each other, but their bland fuck (with Brock on top watching TV for inspiration) doesn’t bear that out. Easygoing Tom is back, and directors Doug and Jay are sure happy to see the smooth twink. They compliment him and catch up on all the older chicks he’s been banging, then they pop in a movie and he gets to some serious jacking. Eventually Jay jumps in for sucking and an oral cum shot. But Bosco, Kai and Spence have the most fun in an original scene in which the studs compete with one another in feats of strength (arm wrestling, leg wrestling, thumb wrestling!). The loser has to remove a piece of clothing and perform a sexual act on the other (teabagging, foot licking, cock licking!). As the competitions get more difficult to judge (hardest hard-on!) and the stakes get higher (blowjobs!), the good times increase. It helps that the guys are all down-to-earth and good-natured in their attitudes. By the time they all squirt on a mat, this long scene comes to a satisfying conclusion. There are pixelation, lighting and sound problems in a couple of spots, but the amateur feel makes them forgivable. (Amateur Straight Guys/The French Connection)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2008)

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