July 31, 2008

Seen: COLT Men at Toronto Pride

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July 30, 2008

News: Jet Set Men Signs David Dakota

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July 29, 2008

July 28, 2008

News: RC Ryan Set to Bottom for Cockyboys

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July 25, 2008

Seen: Chad Hunt at Big Penis Book Party in L.A.

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July 24, 2008

News: Alex Baresi Becomes a Work of Art

Titan Media has announced that hot and hairy TitanMan Alex Baresi has inspired a new painting by Australian artist Ross Watson. In the untitled work, the award-winning porn star, who has starred in films such as Breakers and Telescope, appears in front of Caravaggio’s 1600 painting John the Baptist (Youth with a Ram). Watson’s art is collected by major museums, including the National Gallery of Australia, and distinguished private collectors, including Elton John. His last major painting featured Scissor Sisters front man Jake Shears. Sounds like this guy’s got good taste in men! Limited-edition prints of the Baresi piece are available, and each giclée-edition print is numbered and hand-signed by the artist on archival museum-quality papers. Ten percent of each sale will be donated to Alex’s favorite charity, Münchner Aids-Hilfe. For more information, visit www.rosswatson.com.

July 23, 2008

Guy Candy: Jessie From Big Brother 10?

Are any of you gay porn fans also closet followers of that mindless summer favorite Big Brother like us? That’s the addictive reality show on which a bunch of trashy people hang out in a house for three months and the person who can hang out the longest wins half a million dollars. Every cast has its share of hotties (anyone remember Josh from Season 1?), and the ninth installment (rushed on unexpectedly last winter due to the writers’ strike) even featured an overbearing homo and a crazy bisexual porn star (the latter unbeknownst to the rest of the cast and the female houseguest he was banging). The new season has brought an array of freaks (New Orleans lady Renny), fags (gay rodeo cowboy Steven) and old farts (75-year-old Jerry). And then there’s Jessie, the smug 22-year-old bodybuilder from Iowa who has never met a mirror he didn’t like. This immature blockhead pumps and preens for the other houseguests while performing his head-of-household duties with hands akimbo. So when we happened upon the above photo, which looks suspiciously like Jessie, we weren’t exactly surprised. You think little sister’s got a big brother in those Calvins?

July 21, 2008

Event: Will Clark’s Bad Boys Set Sail Again


Will Clark and his Bad Boys on the Hudson set sail for the fifth time this Sunday, July 20, aboard the popular Sea Tea cruise. Among the porn star guests this year were Ty Hudson, Mike Dreyden (NYC go-go god and star of Knight Stick Films premier release, All Out Assault), Tré Xavier, Duke Rivers, Vin Nolan and Torez. DJ Randy Bettis spun, drag queen Amanda Takehometomother kept the fun flowing, and the whole deal benefited Team Eagle. Seen: (from top) Will with Tré, Duke and Mike; Torez and Ty; Mike and surprise porn star guest Enrico Vega; Torez and Mike get sweaty onstage; Tré and Ty give the snap-happy crowd its money’s worth; hot cruiser who said his boyfriend had no idea he was onboard and we better not use his picture. Well, at least we didn’t show his face! Click here to see pics from last year’s cruise. For more info, visit www.willclarkworld.com.

News: Collin O’Neal to Retire From Performing

Porn star and director Collin O’Neal has announced that he will no longer appear in his films. The hot and hairy model, who founded his own World of Men and Collin O’Neal Productions, will continue to produce, direct and work behind the scenes of the gay porn industry.

“I just think now is the time to focus on working behind the camera,” O’Neal says, “since I feel I created a porn aficionado base that is not focused on me being in front of the camera but rather the hot new guys I find to perform for me from all around the world. Over the past year I have invested a great deal of time managing my business and learning to work the video camera and less time at the gym. I just do not feel so good about my body—in addition to meeting a special person that is not comfortable with me performing—so I made the decision to retire.”

O’Neal started in porn in 2003 as an exclusive for Hot House Entertainment before moving on to work for Falcon Studios, Channel 1 Releasing/Rascal Video, Raging Stallion, Titan Media and others. In 2005, he founded Collin O’Neal Productions in Miami and joined forces with Chris Ward and Raging Stallion Studios for a distribution deal. O’Neal conceived the idea for World of Men and traveled the world to shoot films in such far-flung locations as London, Spain and Serbia. His Lebanon film won a GAYVN Award for Best Pro-Am Release earlier this year.

“I may change my mind in the future,” O’Neal adds, “but if I decide to perform again the scene will only be featured on my Web site. I feel more like a businessman now and less like a porn star with an ego like others in the industry that keep performing in their own movies.”

July 18, 2008

Movie Review: Auditions 18, Florida, Part 1


Michael Lucas.
Cast: Jonathan Vargas, Ray Star, Albert Long, Jorden Michaels, Cole Daniels, Derek Scott, Mario Perez, Francesco Giovanelly, TJ, Miguel, Todd Welch.

Eighteen might be enough. Director Michael Lucas is back with a disappointing installment of his Auditions series. This time, he heads to Florida to check out the local talent, most of whom seem to be right from some trashy trailer park. Luckily he brings along exclusives (and porn pros) Jonathan Vargas and Ray Star to save the day. Their scenes are the only reason to take this trip south. Vargas shares a hot threeway with Mario Perez and Francesco Giovanelly (who mysteriously disappears halfway through, leaving Vargas and Perez to 69 and fuck on their own—not that they miss him). This trio finally brings some heat to the movie, which is sorely lacking in the first two scenes, with their inspired cocksucking. There is also a great daisy-chain ass-eating shot as the three studs go to town on one another’s butt holes. Star has an intense encounter with Todd Welch, pounding his meaty cheeks only after both guys bury their faces deep in each other’s asses. As for the newcomers, it’s hard to stomach chunky Albert Long in a gay sex scene after he goes on and on in an interview about his wife, kid and how “straight” he is. No wonder he has zero chemistry with Jorden Michaels in their awkward pairing. Cole Daniels and yellow-haired Derek Scott (who is a dead ringer for chubby gossip blogger Perez Hilton, which should tell you a lot about his porn-star potential) are both thick around the middle and not up to Lucas standards. Only real-life couple TJ and Miguel show any promise in their playful romp. Lucas also pushes boundaries a bit here with more oral/facial cum shots and cum eating than usual. Too bad the faces aren’t better. Extras include a brief pissing scene with a few cast members. (Lucas Entertainment)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

July 17, 2008

News: Design Star Contestant Has Porn Past

Another reality-show star has been exposed as a onetime pornster. First, it was Alex Castro from American Gladiators and then Crazy James from Big Brother 9. Now, the guys at GayPornBlog have revealed that handsome Mikey Verdugo—a contestant on this season’s edition of HGTV’s Design Star who was eliminated last night—appeared in a kink video for director Tom “Ropes” McGurk in 1996. The film, titled Rope Rituals, shows Verdugo (who used the porn name Jeremy Wess) servicing another model while he is tied up. We’re sure this video is in our collection somewhere and are searching the VincentLambert.com vaults as we type, but in the meantime, fans of interior decorating can check out a clip at http://tinyurl.com/5plvn9. Upon leaving the show, Verdugo said he would return to his job as a police officer in Florida. Now, if only some naughty footage of Season 1 winner David Bromstad (below), who stars in Color Splash on the same network, would surface. He’s another hot tattooed man we wouldn’t mind seeing tied up.

UPDATE: Local Hollywood, Florida, news outlets are reporting that Mikey Verdugo has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of a fact-finding internal-affairs investigation. Reporters from the local station tried to contact the recently ousted Design Star contestant with a porn past at his home, but he offered no comment. Verdugo’s attorney said in a statement, “My client has done nothing wrong. He has served the community of Hollywood with honor and distinction for over 10 years. The only reason someone would criticize my client is that he publicly has a different lifestyle.” The Hollywood police department said they would not comment until the investigation is complete.

News: Roman Ragazzi Comes Out on Top

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July 16, 2008

New Release: Freshmen Shots

Ten of Dolphin Entertainment’s hottest collegiate guys pair off in five scenes in Freshmen Shots. The words hard and easy and their various meanings come to mind watching the experienced young Russian cast. They know what they’re doing and love doing it. Director Alex Clark paces both the music and the action slowly and sensually to make it all very hot and sexy. Starring Tolik, Vlad, Him, Martin, Nick, Jakub, Eveniy T, Alexander, Ludas and Zden. For more information, visit GayRussia.com.

July 15, 2008

News: Mike Roberts Takes the Plunge for Cruise

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July 14, 2008

Seen: Erik Rhodes in Drag on Fire Island

As faithful readers of his controversial blog know, porn star Erik Rhodes loses his shit almost on a daily basis. Now, among the nonstop drinking, drugging and all-around whoring, the musclebound Falcon exclusive has taken up dragging. On a recent Fire Island jaunt, Rhodes dressed up as a steroid-enhanced Bea Arthur look-alike. He writes at www.erikrhodes.blogspot.com, “I’m not sure what it is, but I seem to get a kick out of dressing like an ugly bitch when I’m sober.“ This is what Rhodes does when he’s sober? Well, personally, we find the look hawt! Who doesn’t like a man who can embrace his feminine side? Especially when his tits are bigger than Dorothy Zbornak’s!

News: Jesse Santana Makes Cocky Move

In a surprise move, rising porn star Jesse Santana has decided to continue his award-winning work only online. Cockyboys.com has announced that the supercute model, who signed with the Web site in May 2007 while also doing exclusive film work for Jet Set Men, will exit DVD production and appear just on Cockyboys.com.

“All of my DVD options were requiring me to give up my Web deal,” Santana says, “so I really gave it a lot of thought. The real turning point for me was a discussion with a bunch of my friends over what to do. A friend of mine said, ‘When’s the last time anyone of our generation bought a DVD?’ ”

Out of the mouths of babes…

“I’m speechless,” says Kyle Majors, who founded Cockyboys less than a year ago. “Jesse is a major star and a truly wonderful person. He was under a lot of pressure from a lot of different angles. He chose Cockyboys. In my opinion, it’s the single most important endorsement we’ve received. To have Jesse shooting only for us says a lot about how we treat our models and where we are headed.”

In an e-mail sent to VincentLambert.com, Jet Set head Chris Steele confirmed that Santana had fulfilled his contractual obligations to the studio last month. “In general, Jet Set prefers not to keep models under contract for longer than one year,” Steele wrote. “We rarely re-sign an exclusive beyond that. We do so because we like to find new faces to keep our movies fresh and to have a varied array of hot guys in each of them. Jesse Santana is a true professional, an excellent performer and Jet Set wishes him the best in all his future endeavors!”

In the past year, Santana has appeared in the Jet Set films On Fire!, Just Add Water, Jet Set Fraternity Gang Bang 2, The F Word and Ass Cruisin’ With Aaron James. He has also done numerous personal appearances for the studio, including the 2007 Venus Show in Berlin, the 2008 AVN Expo in Las Vegas and the Grabby Awards in Chicago. He also won a GAYVN Award in February. Steele also revealed that Santana has already filmed an upcoming Canadian cable series titled Webdreams, a reality show that follows the production of On Fire!

Santana is the first major model to choose between a film studio and an Internet company, and industry insiders are saying that it signals the start of an important shift. “They are the future of the online porn,” Santana says of Cockyboys. “From the way they shoot to the way they treat their models, and the way they brand the site, anyone who works with us comments on how unique and different Cockyboys is. There is nothing typical about the way we do things and that’s part of what’s great about it. They also have a bunch of new ideas and new ways of doing things. It just feels right—it feels like my future professional home.”

Majors obviously agrees. “We are thrilled that Jesse is putting his career in our hands. We will undoubtedly take his career to the next level by continually growing his fan base and he will do the same for us as an anchor star on Cockyboys.com.”

July 10, 2008

Movie Review: Neighborhood Buddies, Volume 7


Director: Uncredited.
Cast: Sicilian K, Adrian, Brock, Anthony, Tyson, Dominic, Matt Ryder, J.C.

The Buddies are back in the ’hood with eight mostly hot guys in seven standard scenes (six solos, one duo). Cover model Sicilian K strips to his Calvins, displaying a smooth muscular bod to die for, but he seems more interested in watching TV while wanking than in relating to the camera. Luckily, supercute Adrian seems fully committed as he struts into the kitchen in his ripped jeans and bright orange shirt. He doesn’t remain dressed for long, as he stretches and flexes seductively. Adrian’s sweet treasure trail will capture the attention of viewers, as the boyish model moves on to the bathroom and then the bedroom, where he humps the bed and spews a major load from his uncut meat. Nice work! For those with more manly taste, hairy-chested Brock overcomes his initial awkwardness to hit the shower and eventually produce a decent money shot. Other models don’t fare as well: Bland blond Anthony and gawky Tyson, who sports hoop earrings and shaved pubes, both fail to produce any real heat. But enough about the solos—the last scene has J.C. receiving oral service from Matt Ryder, who is supposedly there for an audition but can’t resist a quick suck. This sequence is a nice change of pace but tends to drag on as the guys attempt to cum. The oral pop shot might be worth the wait for some. Good production values and camera work capture the amateur feel with style and class, but the annoying and tacky ads between each scene plugging the Next Door Male Web site remedy that. (Next Door Male)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2008)

July 9, 2008

News: Hermes Films to Debut Midline Product

Hermes Films is joining the already crowded gay market with its premier release. Launching this month, the new studio will focus on bisexual, black and athletic-type product. “We’re not here to compete with COLT, Hot House or Channel 1, nor do we expect to overtake those specializing in foreign-shot or black features,” says a spokesperson for Hermes. “But we found that there is a shortage of mid-market product, especially bisexual, and we hope to fill that gap. With the wholesale price of DVDs for the gay market getting out of control, retailers of all types are beginning to feel the pinch. Our product is designed to retail under $40 and as such should address a forgotten market segment.”

The first movie from Hermes Films is titled Together Bi Chance and is due in July. We presume the stud pictured above stars in the movie…or is at least bicurious. For more information, contact sales@hermesfilms.com.

Behind the Scenes: Lady Bunny Visits Lucas Set

When she’s not busy working it as a drag superstar and DJ extraordinare, New York’s own Lady Bunny has been known to steal a scene or two. Recently, the Lady in question dropped by the set of Lucas Entertainment’s new film, Brothers’ Reunion, which marks the return of Wilfred Knight to the world of XXX action. We hear that Bunyon played Aunt Judy in a nonsexual (whew!) cameo in a scene with cuties Jason Crew and Jackson Wild. From the looks of these behind-the-scenes pics, she really got into her role as a horny Mrs. Roper look-alike. Director Lucas seems to be enjoying himself as well. Look for the movie later this year.

July 8, 2008

July 7, 2008

News Update: David Forest Enters Rehab

It was just last week that veteran talent agent David Forest announced his retirement and the sale of his companies to Florida-based FabScout Entertainment. Now, via e-mail, the 59-year-old manager has revealed that he is entering rehab for a drug problem that has plagued him for most of his long career. In the statement, Forest says: “Everyone makes changes in life based on one’s needs. I decided that I needed to move beyond the XXX business. My business has been acquired by Howard Andrew/FabScout. I also decided that I needed to drop the drug habit that I’ve had for 35 years.” Forest, who has represented some of the biggest names in the porn industry for the past three decades, goes on to say that he is entering a four-month rehabilitation program at a facility outside of Los Angeles. He will return in early November and consider his options, both in and out of the porn industry. On a personal note, we wish Forest the best and know that, like cockroaches and Cher, he will survive and return, most likely wearing one of his trademark Hawaiian shirts.

Should Do Porn: Graham Bunn

Okay, so it was just a couple of weeks ago that dark-haired temptress DeAnna Pappas kicked him to the curb on The Bachelorette, but what does that reality whore know? Scruffy former pro basketball player Graham Bunn sure won us over with his hard, rockin’ bod and strong, silent-type persona. But the Southern hunk has a heart, too. After an injury put an end to his career in sports, Graham worked with various charities and even started his own clothing line to benefit disadvantaged youth. See? That bland beotch, who makes her final choice tonight on ABC, doesn’t know what she’s missing—plus he’s got hot, hairy pits (see below)! So now that Graham is off the court and the show, there’s only one logical option: Should Do Porn!

July 3, 2008

Book Review: The Great Cock Hunt


The Great Cock Hunt
by Alex

Does anyone read books anymore? And does anyone, in this age of easily accessible Internet porn, read them to get off? The editors at Kensington Books sure hope so as they went to the trouble of tracking down popular sex blogger Alex and signing him to a book deal. The result, The Great Cock Hunt, has just been published, and fans of the down-and-dirty blog of the same name won’t be disappointed. Alex started his blog, which grew out of a series of e-mails that he and his friends exchanged divulging their sexual exploits, in 2005. His vivid descriptions of his sex life soon found a wider audience when he decided to share them online. Now, for his first book, the 30-year-old New Yorker takes his explicit experiences and places them in a narrative that is often entertaining and fun.

Cock Hunt starts off as Alex and his best friends Lizzie (the Grace to his Will) and Tommy head to their college reunion. Along the way, Alex encounters numerous guys he’s slept with and one he’s even been in love with. The drama builds as the weekend goes on, with Alex sucking and fucking, drinking and drugging his way through. The writing has a certain blog-like quality with short chapters and Alex often interrupting the action to add pithy commentary. Sure, his analogies are trite (“Tommy’s a total slut with barely any morals and the ethics of an Enron executive”), but the whole thing has a wonderfully gossipy feel. It’s as if someone turned Us Weekly into a novel and all the celebrities were actually gay, or if you just happened upon a gaggle of queens on Fire Island dishing the dirt and they let you listen in. Among the hot hookups and twisted relationships, there are sex scenes—lots of sex scenes (there’s even a straight coupling!). So, again: Does anyone read books for porn these days? Maybe not, but the scenarios Alex dreams up are boner-inducing all the same.

As a lead character, Alex comes across as a tad on the shallow side, a superficial stud with the body of a Chelsea boy and the ego to match, but his experiences in love (and lust) are ones that most gay guys will identify with. He’s an Everyfag for the Manhunt crowd—although it’s hard to believe that anyone out of his teens could be this horny. As a writer, it’s too bad he doesn’t have more faith in his story line; after a while the sex sequences start intruding on the plot and have a tacked-on feeling. And the abrupt ending (the story doesn’t so much end as it just stops) leaves the reader hanging, but it does give the impression that there are more tales to tell. Hopefully, as long as Alex is having sex (and it seems like he’s just getting warmed up), he’ll be compelled to write about it. And who wouldn’t want to eavesdrop on that? (Kensington Books)

July 2, 2008

New Release: Telescope, Parts 1 and 2

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