December 9, 2004

Movie Review: Ranch Hand Rehab

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Movie Review: Bang of Brothers


Director: Tom Bradford.
Adam Gervay, Attila Rajnay, Norbert Somlay, Frantisek Dvorak, Arpad Majoros, Roberto Giorgio, Ivan Rasilov, Pavel Nemec, Massimo Ferzetti, Daniel Kilmer, Rick Bauer.

Some newbie soldiers are frantically hunting for a house in the woods. Is this a gay-porn version of The Blair Witch Project? Actually, Bang of Brothers, a stylish thriller from director Tom Bradford, plays out more like a limp-wristed homage to The Amazing Race. Among five middling sex scenes, the warriors in training compete to win drills made up by their hard-edged (and hard-cocked) commander. Clocking in at more than two hours, Bang has too many action sequences that go on for too long. Who wants to watch a bunch of clothed foreigners playing games when Fear Factor is just a flip of the dial away? In the muddled plot, newcomer Adam Gervay is training to become a soldier, but his shyness and orphan past are holding him back. His mates try to be supportive, when they aren’t busy sucking and fucking. Three of the scenes are standard threeways among the other soldiers and officers. In the last scene, the commander takes Gervay under his wing and into his bed. The sex throughout tends toward the mechanical. And while most of the models are smooth and buff with plenty of uncut meat, hairy Norbert Somlay deserves a medal for his thick piece and versatility. Twink Gervay is cute, though he doesn’t have much to do besides look vacant and upset. Picture quality lacks crispness. The colors are overly saturated, and skin tones tend to look too yellow. Maybe these babes should have stayed lost in the woods. (Pacific Sun Entertainment)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2004)

December 6, 2004

Movie Review: The Big Catch


Cast: Marcelo Lagoas, Ken Masters, Marcelo Garcia, Ramon Gonzales, Guilherme Maia, Alan Bueno, Igor Santos, Marcelo Toniette, Jonathan Kawã, Marcelo Moura.

Messenger boy Marcelo Lagoas stumbles onto a secret sex society in The Big Catch. Lucky for us, he decides to join. In this by-the-book orgy flick, 10 Brazilian studs give their all in one extended scene. The adorable Lagoas, after trying to deliver a package to a mysterious warehouse, is initiated into this club by two hunks wearing masks and capes. These guys are gayer than Batman and Robin! In an overly drawn-out setup, the superheroes strip him and give him a white bow tie to wear (they have a bizarre bow tie color system that is sort of like a hankie code). Then they walk him down some very long hallways until they finally arrive at the orgy room. Soon, Lagoas is sucking numerous cocks and ultimately getting fucked. From the attractive uncut group, top man Ramon Gonzalez stands out (for his amazing body), as does Guilherme Maia (for his prodigious pop shot). The action tends to get old over the hour that this scene lasts, although director Pietro spices things up with a double penetration sequence (courtesy bottom Marcelo Moura). Eventually, Lagoas takes the cum shots with grace and is hungry for another initiation even though he has been accepted to the club! Good videography and picture quality as marred by some hot lighting and pixelation. Also, the annoying music that loops over and over is thoroughly maddening. Most members would quit after being subjected to this droning noise. Turn off the volume—or enter at your own risk. (Video 10/Pau Brasil)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2004)

November 15, 2004

On the Set Report: Junito’s Wet Dreamz of Genie


The PATH train from Manhattan goes directly to Jersey City, New Jersey, where native New Yorker Junito runs Liquid Dreamz Entertainment. The 30-year-old Puerto Rican/Italian started producing porn three years ago, after studying acting and voice at HB Studios and the Neighborhood Playhouse, performing in theater, editing industrial films, working as a graphic designer and running an escort agency. All of which prepared him for his current gig.

The director of Freaky Thugz (2003 GayVN nominee) and Honor Thy Brother greets me at the train and leads the way to his penthouse apartment, where an elaborate set has been built for his current epic, Wet Dreamz of Genie. Junito says the film—which will feature 10 sex scenes and has a 66-page shooting script—is a combination of ’60s TV faves I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched with the story of Aladdin, all with “a gay twist from my own sick mind.”

As an autographed photo of original Jeannie Barbara Eden smiles down, Junito goes to his computer to preview a scene that was shot earlier in the week. It will show off some of the impressive special effects Junito has planned for the film, including extensive green screen work. In the scene, Junito and sexy co-star Dimitri Santiago make like Larry Hagman and Bill Daily at the office as they attempt to keep a pint-sized genie, played by newcomer Anthony Cruz, at bay as he materializes on top of their desks. The scene is entertaining, ambitious and shows a light touch. Junito watches his performance and laughs along.

Today’s shoot will include many pages of dialogue but will also feature a duo with Cruz and porn star Enrico Vega, who arrives bearing chocolate chip cookies he baked himself. Junito is eager to have him try on his costume. Dressed in white harem pants and vest, Vega looks the part of Prince Jabbaar-Ali. However, the turban that Junito had designed for him doesn’t fit. So the director grabs his needle and thread and sets to work. It’s been a long night for Junito. “I was up until 4am putting together the set,” he says as he sews. Vega paces until Santiago pops in. He is in the film playing Junito’s sidekick but is also acting as assistant director and today will be doing camera along with Junito.

Next, Vega’s costar Cruz shows up—late but ready to film his first scene. The 25-year-old student heads straight for the shower. When he emerges in a towel, Junito inspects him and his many tattoos. “His character is from 2,000 years ago,” Junito explains, “so all the tattoos have to be covered.” The jack-of-all-trades director grabs his makeup bag and gets busy. The models chat as Cruz gets his makeup done. Santiago starts to massage Cruz’s legs to relax him. Then it’s time to tuck his braids under a do-rag and put shackles on wrists. After all, he is playing a slave.

With the prep work done, the cast and crew head to the living room where the inside of an Arabian tent has been meticulously re-created by Junito. There are curtains and scarves, swords and pillows all over. Grapes are on a table with two goblets. The models start to kiss and get comfortable with each other. Junito positions himself behind a camera on a tripod and puts on headphones. Santiago grabs a handheld camera and slates the scene. Junito lights a cigarette and begins directing. “Okay, Anthony, feed Enrico a grape,” he says. “Then lay him back and kiss down his body. Take some time when you get to his feet.” Junito had earlier noted a lack of footplay in porn, especially in movies of the Latin variety. It is obvious that he enjoys this fetish and hopes to change all that.

After he is done with Vega’s feet, Cruz begins performing oral. Junito instructs Vega to “look regal!” He steps away from the tripod to grab the models’ discarded clothes. Junito folds the costumes carefully and goes back to the camera. Meanwhile, Santiago roams the set, capturing various angles and adapting to the models’ positions. After about 10 minutes of being sucked, Vega calls for a break. “Can we stop for a second?” he asks. “I have a piece of grape stuck in my tooth and it’s driving me crazy!” Everyone cracks up, and they stop to regroup.

After a brief rest, they move on to the fucking. Vega is handed some condoms and lube, and being a veteran of more than 30 videos, he is ready in moments. Cruz looks nervous but seems to be enjoying himself. Junito and Santiago jockey around each other with their cameras, communicating with a word or a silent nod as the action plays out. Without much prompting, Vega moves through three positions. At one point he complains of a leg cramp, but, being a trooper, shakes it off, changes the condom and goes back to work on Cruz’s perfect ass. After about 20 minutes, Vega cums, hitting Cruz on his handsome face. Cruz soon follows with his first pop shot, and the scene is done in less than an hour.

“Whew! I need a cigarette,” jokes Santiago as the models towel off. Junito, clearly pleased, tells them, “That was the hottest scene yet!” Vega lights up, and Cruz again hits the shower. They still need to shoot the dialogue that will follow the sex. As Junito prepares, he runs lines with Vega. The director and Santiago, another thespian in his nonporn hours, act out certain parts and coach Vega on his readings. When Cruz returns, his makeup needs a touch-up, and then it’s on to the dialogue. This takes longer than the sex scene as the novice actors attempt to wrap their mouths around the intricate dialogue. After about an hour, Junito calls for a wrap. The multitasking director’s work for today is done.

Later in the week, Junito calls and admits that the dialogue was tough, but “it went better than I expected.” Considering all his various duties, I ask him, What is the hardest part of making a movie? “The human factor,” he says. “Getting the guys to show up and perform.” Then without missing a beat, he asks, “Hey, did I tell you I did a remix of the song ‘Dream Weaver’ for the soundtrack?” Yes, he sings too!

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2004)

November 2, 2004

Movie Review: [2] for the Taking


Director: Chi Chi LaRue.
Cast: Brandon Lee, Jacob Slader, Sergio Anthony, Kyle Lewis, Antonio Montez, Arpad Miklos, Marco Paris, Cade Devlin.

The suburban key parties of the ’70s get a twist in [2] for the Taking. Four couples toss their keys in the bowl and swap more than mates. Director Chi Chi LaRue and Unzipped Video have fun with this gay play on a classic scenario. Four excellent scenes with an outstanding cast follow. A very grown-up Brandon Lee (on loan from Rascal Video) is the instigator of this party game. Hunky Sergio Anthony protests at first, but partner Kyle Lewis is willing, so he relents and viewers reap the rewards. The pairing of Anthony and Jacob Slader is sheer heaven. After beckoning Slader to fuck him, Anthony is taken for the ride of his life. This bedroom scene is primarily focused on ass eating and fucking, and Slader does an amazing job at both. He also steals the scene with his earthshaking money shot. Next, host Lee retires to the bathroom with cute Cade Devlin. Lee has matured into a tasty young man, complete with an elaborate back tattoo. He tops Devlin’s sweet bottom and receives a nice facial from him. Guilty guest Lewis eventually ends up with manly Arpad Miklos in the living room. The sexual tension between these two studs slowly builds into passionate lovemaking. Miklos has a beautiful physique and uncut cock, and he tops Lewis in a first-rate duo. Reluctant Marco Paris gives in to insistent Antonio Montez, and they finish off the movie with a flip-flop scene. High-quality production values—expert lighting, editing and sets (who owns this gorgeous house?)—add to the content. Picture quality is crisp and clear, though we spotted an occasional moire in the third scene. Watch for this one at awards season. (Unzipped Video)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2004)

August 9, 2004

Movie Review: Countdown


Director: Sven Jungbluth.
Cast: Thom Barron, Franko Potente, Christoph Scharff, Wolff, Tim Vinzent, Will Ride, Karl Johnson, Timmi, Josh Ford, John Hawk, Lupus, Willi Wonder, Wade, Jake Corwin, Damion, Felix Groth, Ben, Eduardo Cortez, Max Schneider, Anthony Spell, Darius Akin.

When Thom Barron calls, people answer—especially cute young twinks like Franko Potente. In the opening moments of Countdown, he is contacted by the hunky veteran, who invites him to hook up. But Barron only has a limited amount of time, so Potente has to haul ass or be replaced by the next guy on the call list. What ensues is a truly amazing race, as for the next 90 minutes Potente rushes around Berlin in order to get to his man. Along the way, he encounters many interesting characters and stimulating situations. One thing is for sure: Director Sven Jungbluth has no shortage of creativity and innovative ideas. First, Potente’s cell phone is swiped by a pierced, tattooed street tough. Potente follows him home and spies as the guy engages in oral, anal, footplay and bootlicking with a similar type. Potente retrieves his phone but then gets drawn into a beauty salon, where a leather man lures a hairdresser away as he is in the midst of pounding a female customer. The poor gal uses a hairbrush to ease her loss but soon gives up and leaves the guys to their fucking. Next, a hairy dude lures Potente into a burger joint, where he again watches as the counter boy pleasures himself right into the salad dressing. Yum! At a nightclub, a gaggle of go-go boys abuse one lucky stud as Potente looks on. Then, in an odd twist, he is taken hostage and tied up while his abductor jacks off and tops another captive in stirrups. The weirdness only gets weirder when Potente stumbles into an art gallery where two models suck and fuck as part of the exhibition. The patrons even applaud when they shoot! The action then cuts to a video booth, where an unexpected threeway takes place. Back on the street and still on the run, Potente gets hit by a cab, where two hotties happen to be going at it in the backseat. This doesn’t unnerve them or the driver. They just throw Potente in the trunk and keep going until they get off. By the time Potente finally finds Barron in a tearoom, time has run out…or has it? It takes a long while to get to this moment, and interestingly, the obligatory fuck between Barron and Potente, which the entire movie has been building toward, ends up being a threeway. In the scene, Barron is as beautiful and hung as ever. His massively veined cock is photographed with great care and love, leading to lust from both Potente and Christoph Scharff. Ultimately, there is a sweet surprise ending that brings the story full circle. Jam-packed with action (and 21 models!), Countdown has nine scenes, most of which are consistently good and tight. The editing and camera work fit the breakneck pace, and the picture quality is high. Despite strong performances—especially from Potente, who carries this baby on his slim, small shoulders—the only quibble is that superstar Barron appears in just the last few minutes of the film. When you’ve got a lead who is this hot, and is such a welcome sight after being away, why not use him? We’d take Barron’s call anytime. (Centaur Films)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2004)

June 11, 2004

Movie Review: Packers


Directors: Brian Mills and Harold Creg.
Cast: Marcos David, Rick Randy, PJ Dixon, Joey Russo, Mario Ortiz, Erik Campbell, Nick Costes, Andy Dill, Troy Banner, Brad Benton, Tyler Boots, Asoka.

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Titan Media? Well, if the four scenes in Packers are any indication, the mail room is the place to be! Directors Brian Mills and Harold Creg have assembled the usual assortment of hot and horny Titan men and placed them in a masculine warehouse setting where they can jack, suck and fuck freely. Titan exclusive Marcos David leads the action with an impressive threeway featuring sexy Mario Ortiz and boyish Brad Benton. This trio gets together in every possible combination! Their scene is long but the sexual tension never flags, especially when David and Ortiz put together their gorgeous uncut pieces. Next, PJ Dixon and Asoka nicely illustrate the joys of muscle worship. In the third scene, hirsute studs Rick Randy and Andy Dill unpack a shipment of lube, which keeps them occupied for a good while. Randy delivers an especially tantalizing pop shot, and Dill bottoms loudly and shoots dramatically. Good work from this hairy team! Finally, a five-man orgy caps the fun, as Joey Russo, Erik Campbell, Nick Costes, Troy Banner and Tyler Boots share lots of cock, ass and multiple cum shots among the shipping materials. In all, Packers features the usual high-quality work we have come to expect from Titan Media. The transfer is also first-rate, and the many extras include a bonus cum shot from Marcos David, behind-the-scenes footage and a look at the photo shoots in which Brian Mills creates his excellent still work. There are also interviews with most of the cast, including the orgy models giving a tour of their tattoos. These guys can pack our bags anytime! (Titan Media)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2004)

June 6, 2004

Movie Review: Bad Boys Club


Directors: Doug Jeffries, Derek Kent, John Travis.
Cast: Trevor Knight, Ryan Alexander, Rafael Alencar, Matt Van Dorn, Tommy Brant, Cody Cash, Luciano Haas, Chip Knoll.

Three of Studio 2000’s top directors (Doug Jeffries, Derek Kent and John Travis) contribute four scenes with the inexplicable title Bad Boys Club. Sure, the cast sucks and fucks, but does that make them bad boys? And what constitutes a club? Who knows? All that viewers will care about is that five hot Studio 2000 exclusives (Trevor Knight, Ryan Alexander, Rafael Alencar, Matt Van Dorn and Tommy Brant) showed up to join this engaging gang. First, beautiful Brazilian Rafael Alencar seduces supposedly straight Chip Knoll (back in the jizz biz after a layoff) in a locker room. This coupling is a study in contrasts, as Alencar’s dark good looks and manly physique are nicely juxtaposed with Knoll’s pale, still boyish frame and cock. Together, they get wet in the shower, with Knoll swallowing Alencar’s many uncut inches. Rafael reciprocates by initiating Knoll into the joys of butt fucking, pounding a nice load out of him before delivering a juicy one of his own. Next, Luciano Haas takes a piss in an alley, where he is accosted by unruly Trevor Knight. This is another mismatched couple, as the gangly Hass towers over the diminutive Knight, who ends up as an unlikely top. He tries his best, but this scene is instantly forgettable. Inconsistent lighting also mars the action. The next scene is a highlight, as perfectly paired cuties Ryan Alexander and Tommy Brant go at each other in their dorm room. Alexander claims to be straight, but in a fit of horniness agrees to blow Brant. And for a supposed hetero, Ryan sure sucks cock like a pro! This kid knows how to use his tongue with expert effect. Fucking soon follows, and Alexander and Brant show how they earned their exclusive contracts. Finally, Matt Van Dorn jacks off at his window for an appreciative audience, including a cop (Cody Cash) who decides to take matters in his own hands. This sequence is like a battle of bad accents as Van Dorn’s prissy South African inflection clashes with Cash’s self-conscious Bawstin tawk. Things improve a bit when they get to the sex. Van Dorn is as smooth and nubile as ever, but newcomer Cash is average at best (face, body, dick—and, no, he is not an exclusive). He does flip-flop nicely though and displays a good sense of humor on the extra bloopers reel. On the whole, Bad Boys Club is serviceable porn but doesn’t quite meet the usual high standards of Studio 2000—even with all these directors and exclusive talents. Picture quality is great for the most part, and every vein on Alencar’s luscious cock is clearly visible to prove it. Now that’s something most real-life bad boys will appreciate. (Studio 2000)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2004)

April 6, 2004

Movie Review: The Fuk Club


Director: Dylan Ryan.
Cast: Buck McCall, Cutter Weston, Sean West, Brett Larson, Connor Banks, Lorenzo Vargas, Alan Gregory, Seth Hollister.

Jet Set Sport weighs in with an obvious bid to cash in on Brad Pitt’s Fight Club. Hey, guys, what took you so long? No matter, there are five solid scenes here, including a nice sweaty solo. A narrator introduces each scene, starting with a hot fuck from Brett Larson, who gives his scene partner a good pounding before delivering an amazing cum shot. Pierced Latin stud Lorenzo Vargas get his beautifully veined cock worked in the next scene. The oral is the highlight of this sequence, which culminates with Vargas’s partner taking his copious load in the mouth. (Jet Set may be breaking some ground with this scene, but it will surely appeal to a certain segment of the audience.) The final two scenes include a run-of-the-mill duo and a steamy threeway in which our narrator gets to work his magic in the ring and show off his amazing ass. This scene, like the others, is well photographed and nicely lit. The models are all up to Jet Set’s usual standards and bring lots of good energy and eroticism. The Fuk Club packs a punch. (Jet Set Men)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2004)

April 5, 2004

Movie Review: Signature Series: Zeb Atlas


Director: Ron Lloyd.
Cast: Zeb Atlas.

Massive muscle hunk Zeb Atlas steps into the spotlight with a new solo feature from Body Image Productions. Divided into three segments (plus a slide show), the short (42 minutes) DVD showcases the stunning bodybuilder in all his glory. In “Take One,” he flexes, strikes poses and teases the viewer with his amazing physique. The lighting in this scene makes his eight-pack look even more pronounced and downright lickable. Next, while digging in the garden, Atlas doffs his shirt and takes a moment to cool down. What a lovely sight, watching this gorgeous stud touch himself in the sun. He jacks for a while on a bench, exposing his sizable (considering the rest of his measurements!) cock before moving inside. By the fire, again with great lighting, he plays with himself and wanks to a creamy climax. The picture clarity here is impressive as the goo gushes in sensual slow-motion. These two scenes make up the bulk of the DVD (about 30 minutes), but there is also a third segment, an interview with Atlas, who turns out to be a seemingly soft-spoken, down-to-earth kinda guy. He good-naturedly talks about being a skinny kid who played golf and started lifting weights at a young age. The discipline of bodybuilding made a difference in his life, he says. And we get to enjoy the results. Atlas also divulges that he recently let his body hair grow in for the first time in a long time. And for that, we are grateful! This episode in the Signature Series is a strong effort from both Atlas and director Ron Lloyd, but it only whets the appetite and serves as a first course for what we’d like to see this manly man eventually do. (Body Image Productions)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2004)

February 1, 2004

Movie Review: Construction Island


Director: Csaba Borbély.
Cast: Lucio Maverick, Kevin Cage, Adriano Lazzari, Fredy Costa, Philippe Collier, Rod Stevens, Sylvio Panthera, Gerardo Cortez, Julien Salieri, Julian Vincenzo, Hans Brooks.

Talk about a fantasy island! The men of Construction Island are each more gorgeous than the next. Director Csaba Borbély has assembled an amazing cast for this long video set in a wonderfully scenic locale. Studly Lucio Maverick and sidekick Kevin Cage ride up in a boat wearing supergay color-coordinated hard hats and jumpsuits. Soon, they are walking around inspecting a waterside construction site inhabited by some near perfect specimens of masculinity. Hairy Rod Stevens gets his furry butt plowed while other workers pass by. Handsome Gerardo Cortez and sexy Fredy Costa jack off with another laborer. Tattooed Julian Vincenzo takes part in some hardcore fucking. Two other hunks get together for a rooftop sequence with some ambitious aerial photography. In the fifth and final scene, Maverick and Cage finally doff their silly outfits and partake of the island’s pleasures with a steamy threeway. This scene sizzles, and Maverick gets to display his big cock, so all’s well that ends well. Lovely lighting and tight editing showcase this winning cast. Though at times the sex tends toward the generic, our major complaint is that too much time is spent showing the guys endlessly walking around! True, the scenery is stunning but viewers will find themselves leaning heavily on the fast-forward button to get to the stunning bodies. Sometimes length matters. (All Worlds Video)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2004)

January 6, 2004

Movie Review: Joe Gage Sex Files, Vol. 3: Kegger


Director: Joe Gage.
Cast: Danny Hunter, David, Luke, Joe Sarge, Aaron Heights, Dave Young, Josh Kole, Pavel, Alex Berlin, Damian, Tag Adams.

Director Joe Gage brings his trademark style to another in the popular Sex Files series. This time, a group of horny frat boys prepares for a party in a bizarrely frilly frat house. But viewers won’t be looking at the unlikely set when they get a gander at this cast. Hung Danny Hunter and hairy David open the video with a standard “lemme see how big your cock is” scenario, but this scene is anything but standard. Danny and David are both mesmerized by Hunter’s gorgeous piece, and we watch with anticipation as it grows to supersize. No one builds sexual tension like Gage, and he draws out this scene beautifully, as Hunter proceeds to take David to his pubes and then self-sucks. Together, they worship his worthy endowment. Hunter also delivers a juicy, slow-motion cum shot that boasts both distance and volume. Gage makes it last with his classic editing technique of showing the orgasm from multiple angles. All are good! The rest of the movie is basically one long scene with a few different setups. In one, Professor Josman (Joe Sarge, whose ridiculous haircut makes him look like an old-school rap reject) visits the frat house and molests several of the students, including a sleeping Luke, who awakens with hilarious effect only when he is cumming! Lithe Aaron Heights and twink Dave Young enjoy the show and start stroking too. Next, Coach Lockwood (Josh Kole) shows up and joins the fun. Heights sucks him and—good news travels fast—soon all the students gather around to watch and jerk. Though there is some murky lighting and questionable camera work throughout, this sequence remains vibrant and exciting. Things only get better when the Keg Man (ripped box-cover model Tag Adams) delivers the beer for the bash and gets drawn in. Adams gets pounded by three of the youngsters and good-naturedly takes an eyeful of cum. Let’s hear it for the boy! The coach orders the rest of the frats to shoot, and they gladly obey his command. So many young cuties, so much hot sex…and the party hasn’t even started yet! Gage and MSR score again. This is one Kegger worth attending. Drink up! (MSR Video)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2004)