January 6, 2004

Movie Review: Joe Gage Sex Files, Vol. 3: Kegger


Director: Joe Gage.
Cast: Danny Hunter, David, Luke, Joe Sarge, Aaron Heights, Dave Young, Josh Kole, Pavel, Alex Berlin, Damian, Tag Adams.

Director Joe Gage brings his trademark style to another in the popular Sex Files series. This time, a group of horny frat boys prepares for a party in a bizarrely frilly frat house. But viewers won’t be looking at the unlikely set when they get a gander at this cast. Hung Danny Hunter and hairy David open the video with a standard “lemme see how big your cock is” scenario, but this scene is anything but standard. Danny and David are both mesmerized by Hunter’s gorgeous piece, and we watch with anticipation as it grows to supersize. No one builds sexual tension like Gage, and he draws out this scene beautifully, as Hunter proceeds to take David to his pubes and then self-sucks. Together, they worship his worthy endowment. Hunter also delivers a juicy, slow-motion cum shot that boasts both distance and volume. Gage makes it last with his classic editing technique of showing the orgasm from multiple angles. All are good! The rest of the movie is basically one long scene with a few different setups. In one, Professor Josman (Joe Sarge, whose ridiculous haircut makes him look like an old-school rap reject) visits the frat house and molests several of the students, including a sleeping Luke, who awakens with hilarious effect only when he is cumming! Lithe Aaron Heights and twink Dave Young enjoy the show and start stroking too. Next, Coach Lockwood (Josh Kole) shows up and joins the fun. Heights sucks him and—good news travels fast—soon all the students gather around to watch and jerk. Though there is some murky lighting and questionable camera work throughout, this sequence remains vibrant and exciting. Things only get better when the Keg Man (ripped box-cover model Tag Adams) delivers the beer for the bash and gets drawn in. Adams gets pounded by three of the youngsters and good-naturedly takes an eyeful of cum. Let’s hear it for the boy! The coach orders the rest of the frats to shoot, and they gladly obey his command. So many young cuties, so much hot sex…and the party hasn’t even started yet! Gage and MSR score again. This is one Kegger worth attending. Drink up! (MSR Video)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2004)

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