February 1, 2004

Movie Review: Construction Island


Director: Csaba Borbély.
Cast: Lucio Maverick, Kevin Cage, Adriano Lazzari, Fredy Costa, Philippe Collier, Rod Stevens, Sylvio Panthera, Gerardo Cortez, Julien Salieri, Julian Vincenzo, Hans Brooks.

Talk about a fantasy island! The men of Construction Island are each more gorgeous than the next. Director Csaba Borbély has assembled an amazing cast for this long video set in a wonderfully scenic locale. Studly Lucio Maverick and sidekick Kevin Cage ride up in a boat wearing supergay color-coordinated hard hats and jumpsuits. Soon, they are walking around inspecting a waterside construction site inhabited by some near perfect specimens of masculinity. Hairy Rod Stevens gets his furry butt plowed while other workers pass by. Handsome Gerardo Cortez and sexy Fredy Costa jack off with another laborer. Tattooed Julian Vincenzo takes part in some hardcore fucking. Two other hunks get together for a rooftop sequence with some ambitious aerial photography. In the fifth and final scene, Maverick and Cage finally doff their silly outfits and partake of the island’s pleasures with a steamy threeway. This scene sizzles, and Maverick gets to display his big cock, so all’s well that ends well. Lovely lighting and tight editing showcase this winning cast. Though at times the sex tends toward the generic, our major complaint is that too much time is spent showing the guys endlessly walking around! True, the scenery is stunning but viewers will find themselves leaning heavily on the fast-forward button to get to the stunning bodies. Sometimes length matters. (All Worlds Video)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2004)

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