April 11, 1999

Movie Review: Prague Buddies


Director: William Higgins.
Cast: Pavel Korsakov, Mylan Forman, Jirka Kalvoda, Vilem (Bill) Zeman, Zdenek Romany, Karel Pisek, Michael Holub, Martin Pravda, Janusz Dickovsky, Pavel Dubcek and Tomas (Tommy) Novatny.

Acclaimed director William Higgins is back with his first feature in more than a decade. And Prague Buddies finds one of gay porn’s best-selling auteurs leaving behind the sunny glare of Los Angeles beaches and California boys for the brooding, atmospheric environs of the Czech Republic. The opening credits reveal that the action takes place at an “abandoned collective farm,” not far from Prague. It is in this crumbling old building that an underground athletic fraternity meets to initiate new members and have hot sex. When these sporty lads aren’t hard at play (we see them fencing, lifting weights, pole-vaulting and tossing a football), they’re busy soaping each other up in the shower.

Following an arty, black-and-white opening sequence that depicts half-naked studs passing an Olympic torch, Higgins plunges right into steamy manplay tinged with a European flavor. The scenes unfold at a languid pace, and Higgins takes time to build eroticism, often using candles and torches for soft romantic lighting. And he has certainly assembled a fine cast of smooth and gorgeous men to photograph. Who cares if they all have unpronounceable names? You’ll find more uncut meat here than in a sausage factory. Cover model Pavel Korsakov bears a striking resemblance to Derek Cameron, and he gives him a run for his money as hottest bottom. Beefy Mylan Forman is so lovingly photographed that viewers will want to lick every square inch of his luscious, lightly haired chest.

A scene near the end reveals that two of these guys really are too good to be true; besides being jocks, they’re also altar boys and are nice enough to take their hunky priest out for drinks after mass. As the young studs do Gatorade shots and the good father lights up a cigarette, we are told that the story will resume in Prague Buddies 2 (Verboten Liebe). A return visit is definitely in order. (Paladin Video)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (1999)