September 30, 2009

News: RSS Cuts Distro Deal With Stag Homme

Raging Stallion Studios has announced the release of Stag Fight, the first film from Stag Homme Studios, a new company founded and owned by porn star couple Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho. It will be released under Raging Stallion Releasing, the San Francisco–based studio’s new independent producer distribution division. “When I saw the work these guys were producing, I immediately offered to help them establish themselves in the industry,” RSS president Chris Ward says. “ They are producing something I have not seen before—it’s exciting and very, very sexy. This DVD is spectacular."

Stag Homme, which operates out of Madrid, issued this statement: “We couldn’t be happier to have the industry’s leading porn powerhouse, Raging Stallion Studios, distributing our first DVD, Stag Fight. We both felt very honored when RSS President Chris Ward showed interest in our product.”

Ward adds, “Raging Stallion Releasing gives smaller producers a chance to get thorough distribution. We are very selective on who we choose to add to the RSR schedule—each of these films comes with the Raging Stallion stamp of approval—which includes our money-back guarantee on all films.” RSR currently distributes Screaming Eagle, High Octane, and Bang Bang Boys.

Stag Fight is a collection of some of the best scenes from It contains scenes with reality sex situations using both POV shots and hidden cameras, as well as dark, plot-driven scenes that tap into violence and aggression. The film stars Manuel Lopez, Dennis De Nello, Pedro Andreas, Aitor Crash, Alain Lamas, as well as Crosse and D’Macho. For more information, visit

Seen: Mark Dalton at Micky’s in Weho

The Forest Men month at Cocktails With the Stars at Micky’s in West Hollywood ended with a bang last week when Mark Dalton made an appearance. Above is a pic from the event, showing the porn superstar (who gave us an exclusive interview this summer) in all his buff, blond, tattooed glory (and rocking an, er, interesting hairdo). Suite 703 exclusive Dempsey Stearns, newcomer Todd Martin and AVN Hall of Fame lady Sharon Kane were also on hand. Talent manager David Forest was there too, and is now promising a 2010 edition of the popular month in late spring.

In the meantime, Cocktails host Scotty B. has announced that the all-new bar is seeking an all-new face to grace its print and online advertising from November through April. The gig is unpaid, but Scotty B. points out that the previous model, Jet Set Men exclusive Marcus Steele, increased his profile during his run. “Porn stars are always one-stop promotion machines,” Scotty B. says, “so I can’t wait to see who wins this contest.” Sponsors, Micky’s and Odyssey magazine will be accepting nominations at until today, September 30, so hurry! Entrants should include performer’s name, a brief bio and a photo. Once nominations close, the public will be asked to vote for a favorite. The winner will be announced October 29. For more information, visit

September 29, 2009

News: RSS Names Two New Men of the Year

Raging Stallion Studios has announced its annual Man of the Year—and it’s a tie! Porn stars David Taylor (above) and Austin Wilde (below) will jointly serve as the 2010 Raging Stallion Men of the Year. The announcement was made at the annual Raging Stallion Folsom Street Fair party at Mighty in San Francisco. This position has previously been held by porn superstars such as Michael Brandon, Steve Cruz, Jake Deckard, Roman Ragazzi, Shane Rollins, Ricky Sinz and Tom Vacarro.

RRS president Chris Ward says that he selected Taylor and Wilde, who both appear in Tony Dimarco’s The Visitor, to be the studio’s representatives based on their sexual energy and good looks. “Both of these men are superstars,” Ward says, “and both represent what Raging Stallion is all about: hot masculine men who enjoy life to the fullest. David and Austin are top talents, and we at Raging Stallion are proud to have them in our stable of stars.”

Taylor, who stars in the upcoming Focus/Refocus with Cole Streets and Scott Tanner, was thrilled to share the top prize. “Wow! What an honor it is to be named Man of the Year along with Austin Wilde,” he says. “It has been such an amazing experience to work with Raging Stallion and all the wonderful and talented people they have. I am honored to be in the stable with Raging Stallion.”

Wilde, who recently finished filming of the sequel to Arabesque, was also excited. “I am so honored and surprised to be named Raging Stallion Studios Man of the Year in my first breakout year in this business,” he says. “Raging has become my home in the short time I have been here, and Chris, Kent [Taylor] and their team have made me feel like family. I am looking forward to exploring all the sides of me that I am sure they will bring out, and to all the exciting things in the year ahead.”

For more information on both studs, visit

September 28, 2009

Short Takes: Tom of Finland Contest…and More

We’re gonna get all arty on your asses to start the week. The Tom of Finland Foundation has announced the 2009 Emerging Erotic Artist Contest, which encourages artists to share their erotic work and elevates the field of erotic art by rewarding some of the best examples. The competition hopes to nurture developing artists, and many of today’s popular erotic artists got their start by submitting work to the contest. (One of the winning works from the 2005 competition, Rodrigo Zuniga’s Boys at Play oil painting, is pictured above.) There are four categories for entry, and three prizes for each category. The grand prize is an original work by famed artist Tom of Finland. For more info, visit…Titan Media has gone green. The studio wrote last week to say that in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, it would no longer be shipping hard product DVD or Blu-ray copies to reviewers. Instead, it will give them access to new releases online, which will cut down on shipments and materials. Titan has also recently installed a 13-kilowatt solar panel on its building in San Francisco, so it is now the world’s only solar-powered gay adult company. In addition, more than half its staff utilizes a company-paid stipend to take public transportation to get to work, helping to cut back on carbon emissions. Hmmm, wonder whether director Tony Buff took the bus to the set of his new film in Titan’s Rough line, Bound and Beaten.…Porn star Tré Xavier (below) has made it official and announced his retirement. The outspoken and often controversial blogger writes, “I have often said how easy it should be to bow out of this industry because ‘it’s only porn,’ and now I am practicing what I preach.” Xavier, who broke into the business after winning Will Clark’s now-defunct Porn Idol competition, made numerous movies, including All Out Assault. He has been vocal about racism in gay porn and poor treatment of models by agents and studios. “Looking at the porn industry as a whole,” Xavier says, “I realized the undeniable fact that…the American gay porn industry is eroding, and I am getting out before it erodes me with it.” He adds that he has been working on several project that will put him in front of the camera in a more mainstream way. Xavier will continue sharing his uncensored views on his blog. For more, visit

September 25, 2009

Movie Review: Countryside


Director: Richie Oldmann.
Cast: Nick Daniels, Thomas Dexter, Paul Dubliner, Simon Dusek, Michael Getlin, Jakub Kostas, Chris Kral, Dion Philips.

The foreign cuties are back, and they’re wandering around in the woods in Countryside. The TitanMen Fresh line has found another idyllic location in Prague and brought together its latest finds to frolic in the great outdoors. Michael Getlin and Jakub Kostes are out for a stroll when they happen upon Chris Khal raking in the garden. He soon puts aside his work to have a steamy threeway in the lovely locale. There is lighthearted sucking and pop shots all around before the guys retire indoors for some serious fucking. All three models are young, smooth and uncut. And their passion for one another only intensifies as both Kostes and Khal top Getlin, who purrs like a kitten when they spew on him—or is that the fake dubbed moaning we always find so offensive? Probably the latter! Scene two has more moaning, but it also has adorable Nick Daniels and Dion Philips making out under a tree. These two also work the oral in the shade then move inside for a sweet fireside fuck. They go at it for so long that by the time they’re done, the fire has gone out!

Next, Thomas Dexter and Paul Dubliner are joined in the yard by Simon Dusek, and they all get busy blowing one another. But when Dexter drops his pants, Countryside has found its true star! Dexter is boyish, lean and lithe, but he’s got the cock of several full-grown men! Hung far and wide, he steals the show—and that’s in spite of his badly dyed blond hair. Somehow young Dubliner manages to bottom for Dexter then Dusek (also the victim of a funky dye job), and he seems to be in his glory receiving the loads at the end of this highly charged scene. It’s a fitting end for a movie short on dialogue (no subtitles) and plot but long on rustic charm and scenic beauty. (Titan Media/TitanMen Fresh)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

September 24, 2009

Seen: Zeb Atlas and Caesar at Micky’s in Weho

As L.A. readers know, it’s been a month of Forest Men at Micky’s in West Hollywood. Veteran talent manager David Forest has trotted out his best stars of the past and present for the revitalized Cocktails With the Stars event. The first week it was fan favorites Johnny Castle, Tony Capucci and Adam Campbell. Last week it was superstars Zeb Atlas (above) and Caesar (below) making the scene. Both were interviewed by host Scotty B, and Forest tells us that Atlas says he’s 38 but looks 28, which is always nice. “I’ve produced dozens of Cocktails shows over the past 13 years,” Forest says, “but this was one of the very best.” Atlas showed off his smooth chest, signed autographs and gave away copies of this hit movie. And our old buddy Caesar was no slouch either. “Caesar was fantastic,” Forest enthuses. “He was totally charming, witty and gorgeous. And he was ripped, tan, totally hot.” Also good. Caesar handed out freebies of this classic film. Also seen: previous guests and sexy bfs Chad Donovan and Antonio Madiera; Adam Killian (who presented Zeb with a Grabby Award for their scene in Falcon Studio’s Best Men); Chi Chi LaRue; Ross Cannon; Wolf Hudson; Vance Winter; Cameron Marshall; Jason Sechrest; and Chris Green.

But the fun’s not over yet, kids. Tonight superstar Mark Dalton returns to L.A. for the first time in three years. Taking a break from his Busting Out All Over comeback tour, Dalton will close out the Forest Men month at Micky’s. We all know where Mark has been, and we’re all glad he’s back. We’re hearing he will do a one-hour appearance starting at 8 pm that will feature a live on-stage chat with Scotty B. There will also be video giveaways and a special live erotic show followed by an autograph session. Suite 703 exclusive Dempsey Stearns, newbie Todd Martin and AVN Hall of Famer Sharon Kane will open the night. Oh, and Miss Forest will serve as special guest host. Have fun, guys!

September 23, 2009

News: Robert Van Damme Makes Dual Deals

For the first full day of fall, we bring you a hot pic of Robert Van Damme on the beach at Fire Island and news about two exciting new developments for the screen stud. First, we have learned that the porn superstar, producer and director has added distributor to his long list of accomplishments. Yes, RVD will be now be distributing movies produced by his own RVD Films. This will start with the soon-to-be-released Cocks in Paradise, which stars Van Damme and Matthew Rush and was co-directed by Van Damme and vet Gino Colbert in Florida. It is the sixth film from the company, following the Private Party trilogy (in which Van Damme bottomed for the first and last time, he says), Butt Bouncers and Anal Intruder. “Although we were never contractually exclusive with Marina Pacific Distributors,” Van Damme says, “we acted as though we were. We’ve never, until now, sold our titles directly to stores or other distributors. Of course, like most producers, we have always sold DVDs to individuals directly through our Web site at In these economically challenging times, we are going to try for a more personally direct and economical approach to marketing and sales. So far, we’ve received a good response.”

In other Van Damme news, the Czech hunk has also announced a partnership between his company and 3-D Web site that will result in several joint projects. The first is a DVD featuring Van Damme in a scene with bodybuilder Skye Woods (below), which both Van Damme and Ford co-directed and was shot this month on Fire Island. The extended scene has been released in both 2-D and 3-D versions at It will be available on Van Damme’s site soon as well, and a DVD that contains both 2-D and 3-D versions (and comes with Ford’s special 3-D glasses) will be distributed later this year along with behind-the-scenes footage. The team is also collaborating on a Harry Potter parody titled Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls. In it, Van Damme plays a guard protecting the Sorcerer’s Balls. For more information, visit and

September 22, 2009

News: Jet Set Men Signs Hayden Stephens

Jet Set Men has announced the signing of Hayden Stephens to an exclusive contract. The 24-year-old stud recently completed a string of successful appearances on Jet Set’s Straight Edge Web site, including one in which he tops superstar Dean Phoenix (something that has happened only once before on-screen). Stephens, who first caught our eye a year ago in Falcon Studios’ Overtime, has worked for several porn studios under at least one other name before hooking up with Jet Set to film online content. Next he will star in the upcoming film CarJackers, co-directed by Chris Steele and John Tegan, in a duo with Landon Mycles. Stephens’ Web scenes are also available on the newly released Straight Edge, Volume Three. “Hayden is the real deal,” says Jet Set head honcho Steele. “He’s got a big, thick cock and he rams it home on command, and then rolls over and takes an equally big cock in his ass with no problem.” Which is a good quality for a porn star to have! CarJackers will be released next month. For more information, visit

September 21, 2009

Short Takes: Rob Romoni Returns…and More

The wait is almost over for Rob Romoni fans! The beefy bodybuilder announced last week that he has signed with Jason Sechrest’s DV8 Casting and will be reentering the big biz. Romoni, who says he has taken a hiatus from the industry for the past two years but never really left, made more than 40 films from 2002 to 2006. And though he may not have shot a movie recently, his status as the unofficial gay porn king of Twitter has certainly helped the award-winning model remain in the public eye. Seriously, this guy’s hysterical tweets rival those of Ellen DeGeneres! Romoni recently wrapped his comeback role, starring in Massive Studios’ Bad Cop Diaries in a scene with Tristan Jaxx directed by John Bruno. As part of the deal, Romoni will also appear on the cover of a companion book to the film. Next he will appear in two scenes for RVD Films, including one with superstar Robert Van Damme himself. “I’m so glad to be making movies again and humbled that people are still interested in me,” Romoni says. “I’ve taken enough time off that I really get excited about doing these shoots again! With my body now too, I think the timing is right. I just want to bring happiness into the world and if this is one of the ways I can do it, I’m going to do it the best that I can.”… continues its campaign for safer sex, and porn star and director Steve Cruz is joining in. Together, they’re debuting a new line of high-end designer condoms named How I Roll. The new product was recently launched at the Up Your Alley street festival in San Francisco and NakedSword plans on distributing it at all its upcoming events. Also, if fans order a DVD through Raging, they get a free sample with their order. “Filthy desires can co-exist with healthy choices,” NakedSword’s Tim Valenti says. How true! For more info, visit…Athletic Model Guild, home to the historic archives of photographer Bob Mizer, recently made news with its new iPhone apps. Well, last week the company was notified by Apple that its update to the studio’s second app, AMG Beefcake! 1.1, is in violation of the company’s service agreement on the grounds of objectionable content. Two images (you can see one below) were deemed “obscene, pornographic or defamatory” and resulted in the barring of the update from the iTunes store. WTF?! AMG’s Christopher Trout says, “It’s one thing to deny nudity in the content that you make available to the public, but when you start censoring images that could very well pop up in a Diet Coke commercial, there’s something going seriously wrong.” AMG president Dennis Bell notes that there are plenty of apps for sale in the iTunes store that feature scantily clad women. “I’m not going to cry homophobia or sexism here, but it’s clear that Apple needs to be careful about the message they are sending,” Bell says. Amen to that!

September 19, 2009

News: Cybersocket Awards Noms Ending

Time keeps ticking, guys, and the nomination period for the 10th-annual Cybersocket Web Awards is about close. Online nominations for both the surfer and Webmaster divisions will end this Thursday, September 24. Surfers are invited to nominate their favorite Web sites for consideration. (Ahem.) “We feel that it is essential to honor these individuals and companies as being technological entrepreneurs, important agents of free expression and cultural change,” Cybersocket co-founder Morgan Sommer says. So, if you enjoy on a daily basis, please take a moment and nominate us for Best Adult Blog by clicking here. Cheers, thanks a lot! For more, visit

September 18, 2009

New Release: Curious

COLT Studio Group is taking a break from it muscle-as-usual crowd to attract a more youthful audience. Director Kristofer Weston offers up a heaping helping of fresh young meat with the studio’s latest, Curious. Weston uses the Buckshot models to show just how fun and playful sex with other guys can be. Curious features young and hung men discovering what gets them hot and what gets them off. Among the four scenes, Jesse Jordan proves his flexibility and acrobatic moves as he gives cute Rob Ryder the ride of his life. Jason Pitt and Nash Lawler (above) define passion in a hot display of mutual attraction and intense sex. Hunky Hugo Alexander and buddy Luke Cassidy indulge in some poolside cocksucking and fucking. And for the ultimate climax, Benjamin Bradley and (newly signed Jet Set Men exclusive) Hayden Stephens (below) finally break their long building sexual tension with Bradley going bottoms up. COLT has also released a Buckshot men calendar for 2010. Curious yet? For more information, visit

September 17, 2009

Press: Unzipped October Issue Preview

The October issue of Unzipped magazine has hit the streets and it’s a theme issue, kids! Loves it! The Recession Issue features sexy Men at Play model Miro (aka Patrik) on the cover and inside shares numerous money-saving tips (kink on a budget! homemade sex toys!). Award-winning director Tony Dimarco is also interviewed and talks about how making “cinematic” porn is one of his primary goals. Plus there’s a review by Vincent Lambert of Tony’s latest hit film for Raging Stallion, Menace. Here’s an excerpt:

Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond (below) start the action with an intense makeout session. The real-life couple perches atop a massive stereo speaker as they swap spit. They begin working up a sweat with their hot kissing, then Steve gets into a major groove while eating Bruno’s hairy pit. Bruno claws at Steve’s green gym shorts, exposing the jockstrap underneath, along with the tight hairy hole it clings to. Once the shorts go flying, Steve fucks Bruno’s stubbly face, gyrating provocatively before he returns the favor by slobbering all over Bruno’s crotch and knob. As the guys move on to the penetration portion of the scene, Steve rides Bruno with ease, moaning as Bruno’s thick cock pistons in and out of his ass, his heavy balls flopping with the movement. Then, without missing a beat, Bruno pulls out, spreads his own cheeks and mounts Steve for a stunning flip-flop. Then he switches back to being a top. Versatility rules! Steve is doing the fucking when Bruno jizzes all over his own fur, then Steve empties all over his lover’s chest. (In DVD extra interviews, the sexy duo talks about how they met online and reveal that this scene is the first time they “went all the way.” Don’t you just love exhibitionists?)

To read the full review, pick up the October issue of Unzipped.

September 16, 2009

Web Watch: Bel Ami Gets Newsy With New Site

BelAmiOnline has announced the launch of, a new site that will act as the BelAmi blog and will feature stories, photos, exclusive behind-the-scenes info and more. The blog started as the newsletter for, where company founder George Deroy could communicate directly with BelAmi customers. “What we’ve seen in the past few months since the launch of the newsletter is a tremendous interest in its content,” says company COO Stuart Davis, “so we felt it was necessary to create a stand-alone blog.”

The blog will focus mainly on the happenings at BelAmi and provide fans with the latest news and upcoming features, funny stories, on-set anecdotes and a look into the lives of the young models. “We feel positively that this blog will be entertaining for both BelAmi fans and porn fans alike,” Davis adds. “There is something for everyone—from gossip to intimate interviews to content update notices for In addition, we will be periodically running promotions and contests on the blog for fans to take part in.” To check it out, visit

September 15, 2009

News: Dominic Ford Films 3-D Potter Parody


Harry Potter fans, hold on to your spectacles! Dominic Ford Features, the movie arm of, has just finished shooting its first full-length 3-D feature and it’s a spoof of the first Harry Potter movie. In the film, titled Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Balls, Whorrey Potter must find the Sorcerer’s Balls before they fall into the hands of the evil Valdemorecock. Big-name stars in the cast include muscle stud Robert Van Damme (above) as a protector of the Sorcerer’s Balls, superstar Matthew Rush as Valdemorecock, Eddie Diaz as Ron Weasy and Cameron Adams as Himmione Grainghim. Newcomer Luke Marcum makes his movie debut in the title role.

“We are very excited about this project,” director Dominic Ford says, “and are filming the entire movie in 3-D, including our background footage in Europe. Our cast is amazing, and the script is really smart and funny. We think it will be a great mix of silly, fun parody and really hot sex.”

Hunky Robert Van Damme checked in with following his scene last week. “The shoot was amazing, fantastic and unbelievable,” he told us exclusively. “We did some filming on the beach at Fire Island, then I did a great scene with Sky Woods. We fucked in three positions. He is in the best shape of his life! Dominic and I are both exited about this mutual project.”

Ford added that his favorite moment was the “floating dick” scene in which Eddie Diaz was completely wrapped in green screen except for his cock. “Matthew Rush pushed him around set on a push cart because the wrapping was so tight that Eddie couldn’t walk!” Ford says. Sounds like fun!

Scenic photography and video for the Potter parody have been shot in Budapest, Sweden and other countries in Europe. Principal photography was completed last weekend on Fire Island, and the movie will be released this winter as a double-DVD set in both 2-D and 3-D. Selected scenes will also be available to members of the company’s subscription Web site. For more information, visit

September 14, 2009

Short Takes: Focus/Refocus Preview…and More

Summer’s over and you know what that means—holiday movie releases are on the way! One of the films that is sure to get the lion’s share of attention (and if recent years are any indicator, awards) this season is Raging Stallion’s Focus/Refocus. Principal photography has been completed on the San Francisco–based studio’s film noir epic, and Tony Dimarco (who co-directs with Chris Ward and Ben Leon) checked in with for an exclusive update. “The shoot went really well,” Dimarco told us. “The movie has 10 sex scenes and will most likely be more controversial than To the Last Man. I can’t say how just yet, but I’m sure we’ll get lots of flack for it.” (For those who forgot, Last Man featured loads of violence and dead porn stars.) The movie’s last sex scene is a big orgy scene with Steve Cruz (above), Francesco D’Macho, Damien Cross, Angelo Marconi and Wilfried Knight. Hot combo! Dimarco also revealed that Focus is more plot-driven than Last Man and that they are filming an R-rated version concurrently, and one of the gay cable networks (there are only two, so use your imagination) has shown interest in it. Nowadays porn companies are always looking for new ways to expand their audience, and that could be an effective one. We’ll have more Focus dish and photos soon.…Jet Set Men is also looking for new ways to entice viewers. Its Web site has just introduced Quick Jack, which is a basic membership (for only $9.95 a month) that allows members to choose from five hard-core sex scenes each week. The feature will be updated every Wednesday with picks from Jet Set’s numerous titles and studios, including Latin Heat, Dolphin Entertainment, Raw Entry Club and Jet Set Straight Edge. Subscribers can load their choices into a Quick Jack page, which will then instantly stream to their computer. For more information, visit…The times they are a’changin’, kids. Unzipped Media announced last week that two of our favorite mags, Men and Freshmen, will move to new formats as expanded quarterly print editions after the November issues of both hit the stands later this fall. However, the good news is that daily, weekly and monthly content for both magazines will be available online via and If you are a subscriber, fear not. You will receive Unzipped in your mailbox instead, and the company is promising a heftier page count on that also excellent title. (Full disclosure: Vince has written for all three mags.) will also continue to entertain and inform (and most likely feature Lucky Daniels) on a daily basis, so keep clicking.

September 10, 2009

Seen: Forest Men at Cocktails in Weho

The men of Forest Meetings kicked off their month of Thursdays at Micky’s in West Hollywood last week. Cocktails With the Stars host Scotty B. welcomed superstar Johnny Castle, Jet Set Men exclusive Adam Campbell (who you can also see peering out from the cover of Odyssey magazine this week) and screen stud Tony Capucci. According to talent manager David Forest, “the guys did great business and put on a hot show.” Well, just look at them! Next up, veteran stars Chad Conners, Chad Donovan and boyfriend Antonio Madiera will be the guests tonight along with GAYVN Hall of Fame director Phil St. John. For more info, visit

September 9, 2009

News: RSS Joins Forces With Twinks Site

Raging Stallion Studios has announced the launch of a new video line. With the release of Private Resort: Boys in the Sun, the San Francisco–based studio will focus on courting a younger market. The film features a cast of cute hung studs, including RSS exclusive Ryan Raz (above), who tops Tommy Defendi in one scene, and Cody Springs (below). “We are very excited to be expanding into the young male marketplace,” says company president Chris Ward. “After we acquired the Web site (part of the growing GunzBlazing affiliate network), we knew we wanted to start producing our own content. This is an excellent film, and we are proud to add this new line to our regular release schedule.”

The new line is directed by Gio Caruso, who recently joined Ward, Ben Leon, Tony Dimarco and Andrew Rosen on the RSS directing staff. Caruso works out of Miami and shoots all the videos in South Florida. “I am beyond thrilled to be working with Raging Stallion Studios and directing this new line of films for them and,” Caruso says. “When Chris Ward reached out to me to direct for him, I was truly grateful and could not think of a better studio to direct for. The twink genre truly spans a wide range of model types and for this line of films we are focusing on casting more athletic young men.” For more information, visit

September 8, 2009

Short Takes: Porn Couple Sets Sail…and More

A high-profile gay porn couple is about to hit the high seas. COLT men Adam Champ and Carlo Masi are booked to set sail on REvuelta, the very first GLBT Italian cruise. The ship leaves on September 19 from Rome and navigates the Mediterranean to Barcelona through September 22. Sounds like a wild ride for porn fans! For more information, visit… is celebrating its biggest release of the year, Duro, by giving away more than $800 in prizes, including memberships to its Web site, DVDs of the new movie and a Vergenza luxury sex toy. To enter the Twitter-only contest, which runs until September 11, contestants must follow AMGstudio on Twitter. A new winner will be picked daily. The full set of rules can be found at Duro arrives in stores September 29.…Jet Set Men is jumping on the Blu-ray bandwagon. Following in the footsteps of Titan Media, Raging Stallion and Falcon studios, Jet Set has announced the release of Big Dick Society II: Dicktimized on Blu-ray. The Chris Steele–helmed hit is the second high-definition disc (following Slide) that the studio has released in the new format. Jet Set has also said that it will be pricing all Blu-ray DVDs at the same price as its regular DVDs. “While it costs more to release our movies on Blu-ray,” Steele says, “we think our customers are worth the investment and will be thrilled when they see the action pop right off the screen as if you were watching it live in your bedroom!” Screwed and Five Easy Ways to Fuck a Straight Guy, both directed by Steele and written by John Tegan, are the next DVDs to come out on Blu-ray later this month. Jet Set’s new release, Tackle, will be issued on Blu-ray this fall. For more information, visit

September 4, 2009

Guy Candy: Ricoh in 3-D

We leave you this long Labor Day weekend with a tidbit from the master of all things 3-D. Director Dominic Ford wrote from Hungary last week to share his latest find. Ricoh is a new model who has never been filmed before. “We met him in Sweden, while we were en route to Hungary,” Dom says. “We didn’t even have our lights with us yet, but he was too hot to pass up.” Duh! See above. For more, visit And Happy Labor Day, people!

September 3, 2009

Event: Cocktails With Stars at Micky’s in Weho


Micky’s in West Hollywood is back and going strong. We visited the club—newly rebuilt following a devastating fire a couple of years ago—earlier this summer for the ever-popular Cocktails With the Stars. We got to hang out with gracious host Scotty B. and guest star Spencer Reed. When he wasn’t busy sharing the story of how he joined the Mile High Club, good old Spence was getting tied up by Scotty. Who knew that this Washington, D.C., hottie, who has appeared in more than 30 movies and recently graced the cover of Men magazine, was into light bondage!? Okay, so it took a while to post these, but here are a few pics from our recent trip to Micky’s. Seen (from top): Scotty B. and Spencer Reed; Spencer strips down for the crowd; porn star couple Alessandro del Toro and Troy Nelson (hey, whatever became of Troy’s exclusive deal with Channel 1 Releasing? Just asking!); random muscled go-go guy.

And this month, Cocktails With the Stars is turning up the heat on Thursdays from 6 to 9 pm. Every Thursday in September, talent manager David Forest has booked some of his big-name clients (past and present) and industry vets to appear. To kick things off, tonight, September 3, porn stars Johnny Castle, Tony Capucci and Jet Set exclusive Adam Campbell with be joined by GAYVN Hall of Famer director Jim Steel. On September 10, old-timers Chad Conners and Adam Hart will be joined by director Phil St. John. Next, on September 17, bodybuilders Zeb Atlas and Caesar will appear along with director Paul Baressi. Miss Forest himself will take the stage on September 24, introducing pornformers Todd Daniels and Dempsey Stearns. Legendary star Sharon Kane is also scheduled to be on hand. (WTF? No Mark Dalton? No Rod Barry? Oh well, scheduling conflicts suck!) Each night the stars will mingle with fans, sign autographs and pose for photos. Just like back in the days of Hollywood glam. For more information, visit

September 1, 2009

Event: Vince Live On Derek and Romaine Tonite!

Today’s the day! Journalist Vincent Lambert is making his radio debut on The Derek and Romaine Show, the megapopular afternoon-drive talk show that The Washington Post calls “frisky and freewheeling.” Hosted by Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson, the show has featured numerous celebrity guests including Samuel L. Jackson, Rosie O’Donnell, Meredith Vieira and Gold medalist Shaun White. And tonight, Vince will be dishing the gay porn dirt live at 7 pm ET on Sirius OutQ109 and XM Channel 98. So dear readers, feel free to tune in to hear all the latest gay news, gossip and info that you read here on a daily basis. And porn fans can call in with their comments and questions (866-305-6887) and Vince will do his best to answer them. Hmmm, wonder which Twitter-addicted porn stars and big-time studios he will mention on-air!

News: C1R Signs New Exclusive Mitchell Rock

Another week, another exclusive! Channel 1 Releasing has announced the signing of Mitchell Rock to an exclusive contract. Rock is a competition bodybuilder and fitness model. Prior to signing with the studio, Mitchell appeared in Chi Chi LaRue’s new film, Taken: To the Lowest Level. The directix was so impressed with Rock’s performance that she offered him an exclusive contract.

“I nearly started jumping up and down when Mitchell told me he wanted to sign with us,” LaRue says. “He’s got such a different look from all my other exclusives. I just knew that he would round out the group perfectly. I nearly melt every time I see those muscles.”

Mitchell was introduced to C1R by fellow performer Adam Killian, who brought him to the set of a recent production. “I’m really looking forward to my future with Channel 1,” Rock says. “Everyone there has been so great to me, and I have a lot of fun on set. I’m really thankful that Adam introduced me to such a reputable company, and I know we’re going to make some really hot movies!”

Among them: Grid Iron Gang Bang, in which Rock stars with fellow exclusives Vance Winter (whom we hear is the recipient of the titular gang bang), Johnny Hazzard, Jeremy Bilding and Cameron Marshall. Then he is slated for Playing With Fire: Four Alarm and Mitchell Rock’s Workin’ It Out. For more information, visit

Oh, and is it just us or is Rock’s promotional photo heavily influenced by the cover of Cher’s 1979 album Prisoner? Just asking!