August 28, 2008

Web Watch: Cybersocket Awards

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August 27, 2008

News: Steve Cruz to Direct for Mustang

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Guy Candy: Fratman Cal

We recently wrote about wrestlers Nash and Cal, the Fratmen who got bounced from their team at the University of Nebraska for posing naked on the gay site. We already featured Nash in our Guy Candy post. Now for everyone who wanted to see his fellow wrestler and best bud Cal, here you go. He’s just as cute and built, though he might not be the smartest guy in his class. For more of Nash and Cal, visit

August 26, 2008

News: Falcon Studios Signs Up Ty Colt

Falcon Studios has announced the signing of Ty Colt to an exclusive contract. The 20-year-old model from the Midwest was recently discovered when he responded to a casting call for the company’s site. Colt will be the first Falcon exclusive performer to initially appear on the Falcon Str8men site and then make the transition to DVDs for Falcon Studios.

“This guy has all the makings of a porn superstar,” says Leif Gobo, Falcon’s director of videography. “His cock was rock-hard from the minute his pants hit the floor until I called ‘that’s a wrap.’ He’s a natural and loves showing off for the camera. This is a very talented young man.”

Colt’s debut scene will be available online starting this Friday, August 29. For more information, visit at

August 25, 2008

Short Takes: Zeb Atlas on Top…and More

Porn star Zeb Atlas has finally taken the plunge and fucked another guy for the cameras. The musclebound hunk filmed his topping debut last week for Falcon Studio’s upcoming Best Man, Part 1: The Bachelor Party. Big whoop, right? More interesting was who ended up on the bottom. Fellow bodybuilder Matthew Rush had been scheduled to do the honors, but after his drama-filled oral-only scene with Atlas went awry, Playgirl model Adam Killian got the gig instead…Is Michael Lucas planning a return to the beach? A little birdie (and a seashell we received in the mail) tells us that the New York–based director is resurrecting his popular Fire Island Cruising series, which was discontinued a few years back when local queens were less than supportive of Lucas and his crew filming on the gay island paradise…Funny lady Joan Rivers has been announced as a special guest at the 25th Annual Folsom Street Fair Formal Gala on Saturday, September 20, in San Francisco. The invitation calls for formal dress, dress leather or kink attire. Hmmm, we wonder who Joanie will be wearing…Former porn stars (and current Jet Set directors) Chris Steele and Chad Donovan will be featured on the new season of Webdreams, a Canadian cable TV series that focuses on the world of Internet porn.

August 22, 2008

Event: Aaron James’s Weekend Shows in Florida

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August 19, 2008

Event: Will Clark to Host Final Bingo at Bistro

Will Clark’s Porno Bingo is losing its home. Party promoter and veteran porn star Will Clark has announced that his popular night at 9th Ave. Bistro (693 Ninth Avenue at W. 48th Street) in New York City will call its last number at the Bistro tonight following a successful four-year run. The weekly fund-raising event, which has earned more than $65,000 for local LGBT charities, will be changing location due to the closing this weekend of the bar where it has been housed. Clark says that details on the future home of Will Clark’s Porno Bingo are still being worked out.

Tonight, Wednesday, August 20, Clark and his Bingo boys will send off the Bistro in style with a special all-evening Porno Bingo event starting at 8 pm and going until “we’ve had enough.” There’s no cover and 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of bingo cards as well as raffle tickets will benefit Braking the Cycle. In addition, a full slate of musical guests will perform, including JC and Sinn of Nekked, Baron, Roger Kuhn, Morry Campbell and Dan Manjovi. (And, on a personal note, it was at this very event that we first announced the launch of less than two years ago. Sniffle.) For more information, visit

August 18, 2008

August 15, 2008

Movie Review: Fleet Week


Director: John Bruno.
Cast: Jude Collin, Barrett Long, Josh Weston, Erik Rhodes, Jose Enrique, Kyle Pierce, TJ Hawke, Tristan Jaxx, Colby McNight, Dylan Saunders.

You can always tell when Fleet Week arrives in New York City. Hordes of clueless youths in uniform wander around Times Square looking for…lord knows what. Falcon Studios’ Fleet Week capitalizes on the potential for homoerotic fantasy there, casting porn star (and sometime blogger) Erik Rhodes as a horny sailor on shore leave with two friends. The trio and their shipmates get into all sorts of trouble when they dock in San Francisco. First, TJ Hawke goes on a nature walk and discovers beefy photographer Colby McNight snapping the wild life. Soon, the two cuties are getting wild in a hotel room. Hawke looks a bit on the young side to be enlisted, and his cocksucking technique gives him away as a novice, but when he starts with the nasty talk, using his little-girl voice, the scene goes from serious to laughable. But Hawke does know how to fuck, and he pounds the juice right out of McNight.

Next, pillow-lipped Tristan Jaxx checks out the talent at a local porn palace (the renowned Nob Hill Theatre, which we haven’t seen in years and is aging very nicely, thank you. If those walls could talk!). A ripped Josh Weston returns to the Falcon fold as a dancer who gets Jaxx’s attention. Audience member Kyle Pierce also takes notice, and the three guys suck and fuck right on the stage. Weston even takes a nightstick up the butt! Jaxx tops and delivers a faceful of cream to Weston (direct hit to the eyes—ouch!). Meanwhile, buddies Barrett Long and Jose Enrique check out the local SF club scene, where bartender Dylan Saunders (below) caters to their manly needs. First, he blows them (Enrique is hung extra thick and Long is, well, long!) then goes bottoms up for both in a very verbal way. Saunders also gets a facial. Do we sense a theme here?

For the final scene, we’re back to Rhodes, who has a clandestine meeting with fellow sailor Jude Collin. The secret lovers have been waiting for this leave for a while and make good use of their time together. First, they do 69 in a chair, then Rhodes’ massive body is on the bed, where he bottoms in several positions. Falcon recently announced that the company is changing its policy regarding oral cum shots (following the recent departure of president Todd Montgomery—but that’s another post), so if you want to see Rhodes take a mouthful of jizz, this is the movie for you. Overall, production values are high and the cast is top-rate. This Fleet Week delivers on the promise of seamen and semen. (Falcon Studios)

August 14, 2008

Guy Candy: Fratman Nash

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August 13, 2008

Press: Freshmen September Issue Preview

Freshmen magazine’s September issue features Dylan McLovin (cute name!) on the cover. Yes, he’s young, smooth and built—this is Freshmen! Also in the issue, you’ll find Vincent Lambert’s review of TitanMen Fresh’s Open House, a trendy tale of hot real estate and the men who buy it. Here’s an excerpt:

Perfect couple Jakub Kostas and Thomas Winter check out the kitchen, where they are haunted by visions of threeways (sort of like that weird kid in The Sixth Sense, only they see horny people!). These ghostly figures seem to be having a hell of a good time as they begin with some daisy-chain sucking, which leads to an initial round of orgasms before the fucking starts in earnest. Andre Lopes, Eric Tomfor and Leo Cooper take turns here, first chowing down on dick and then eating ass. (It is the kitchen, after all.) Eric dives deep into Andre’s hole, getting it soaked and ready for what comes next…

To read the full review, pick up the September issue of Freshmen.

August 12, 2008

News: Here! Network to Air Gay Porn TV Series

The here! gay cable-TV network, home to homo-friendly shows such as The Lair and Dante’s Cove, has announced the production of a new series that will focus on the gay porn industry. Titled Everything You Wanted to Know About Gay Porn Stars (but were afraid to ask), the show will consist of six 30-minute episodes and a one-hour special, and is set to air next winter.

Everything You Wanted to Know… will give a behind-the-scenes look at the gay side of the porn business and focus on the lives of those who work in it. Some of the models scheduled to be featured on the series include Johnny Hazzard, Jason Ridge, Nick Capra, Jason Hawke, Nick Piston and Brad Benton.

“I interviewed 16 men who perform in gay porn [for the show] and asked them what makes them tick,” director John Roecker says. “This is their forum and their voice. When I spoke to these men, I wanted to know what their parents thought, how they got into the industry and what their ultimate goals were. I found them incredibly bright, sensitive and inspiring.”

Well, that doesn’t sound exactly groundbreaking, but it is TV exposure. Cable TV exposure. If you feel like paying extra for it. For more information, visit

August 11, 2008

News: AMG Releases Bob Mizer Wrestling Tapes

Athletic Model Guild has announced the release of two new DVDs that pay homage to Bob Mizer’s 1980s wrestling tapes. Titled Wrestling Live 23 and Wrestling Live 25, the movies feature four hours of fully nude matches between more than 50 hard bodies from the last decade of Mizer’s career.

“The last years of Bob’s career [after 1985 and up until his death in 1992] aren’t very well known,” AMG president Dennis Bell says. “Physique Pictorial was no longer being produced regularly, so those years weren’t being advertised. He continued to shoot every day that he could up until his death. This footage is gritty, intensely sexual and entirely void of the innocence that marked Mizer’s early career.”

AMG promotion manager Christopher Trout adds, “The ’80s are back in a big way, and these DVDs are so ’80s. Even after the models shed the striped gym socks and short shorts, they’ve got those shaggy haircuts and mustaches that made the men of that era so hot. They are truly masculine and when they start wrestling, you can almost smell the testosterone seeping from their pores.”

Along with 480 minutes of skin-on-skin wrestling, each DVD includes more than 100 photo session stills and expanded model galleries of AMG favorites such as Jerry Suter, Tory Bell, Brian Diaz and Stavlos Aeokomas. For more information, visit

August 8, 2008

Movie Review: Chosen


Director: Doug Jeffries.
Cast: Tommy Blade, Blake Riley, Eddie Diaz, Jude Collin, David Daniels, Guy Parker, TJ Young, Kayden Pierce, Enrique Currero, Jason Michaels.

All Worlds exclusives Tommy Blade, Blake Riley and Eddie Diaz are invited to join a members-only sex club. In four scenes in Chosen, they and others check in and act out their wildest sexual desires. First, Jude Collin does a bit of self-sucking before Tommy Blade saves him from having to finish the job. But when Blade spins around and plants his butt in Collin’s face, the handsome model looks like he doesn’t know what to do. Sure, Collin kisses, licks and smacks it, but that’s as far as it goes. (He does no sucking either.) Oh well, he makes up for it by pounding Blade hard. This no-mercy ramming is a highlight of the movie. Next, unlikely top TJ Young takes on newcomer Jason Michaels, an 18-year-old from Ohio making his debut. Young and Michaels make out and TJ rips off the newbie’s tank top, but that’s all Michaels exposes until the very end of the scene. He blows Young and eats his ass while wearing his jockstrap and even keeps it on as Young throws him a listless fuck. Eventually, he gets hard and jacks. Still, the kid shows promise—he just needs to stop shaving his chest. All that stubble is gross!

Eddie Diaz starts his scene tied up while Enrique Currero and David Daniels perform oral. This doesn’t last though, and Diaz ends up bottoming for Currero in a sling while Daniels watches and jerks. His blank expression doesn’t give away much, but Daniels winds up in the sling next, taking Currero’s meat as well. The final scene starts with boys dancing in cages (Guy Parker and Kayden Pierce) until Blake Riley enters and sets them free. Soon, he and Parker are sharing Pierce’s cock. Pierce tops Parker and bottoms for Riley. They all jack in the end, with Riley winning the long-shot contest (and despite his bland porn name, Riley brings lots of ethnic hotness to this trio. We’d swear he’s Italian!).

Overall, Chosen is tightly edited and has great picture quality. The winning cast is shot with swirling smoke and moody (flattering) lighting. Fans will also enjoy the long behind-the-scenes extra, but they might want to watch it after viewing the movie because seeing the models get their eyebrows tweezed and Blade prance around in a red bra might be a hard-on killer. (All Worlds Video)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

August 7, 2008

Guy Candy: Tom Chase

Director John Rutherford wrote this week to say hello and tell us about his latest movie. The COLT Studio Group head spent last weekend shooting a new film starring veteran porn star Tom Chase and Darin Hawk. It’s titled Inside Out, and we must say that Chase is looking er, bigger and better (and hairier) than ever! Who can forget FULLfilled and all those classic Falcon movies he did in the ’90s? (Hey, wasn’t he a lifetime exclusive or something?) Especially that one, California Kings, in which he…faithful fans knows the rest. You can read more about Tom’s new project (and see more hot pics of him) at

August 6, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Big Dick Society

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August 5, 2008

News: Tommy Defendi Signs With Suite 703 has signed model Tommy Defendi to an exclusive contract. Defendi, who hails from Illinois, got his start in porn on the College Dudes 24/7 Web site but came to the attention of Suite 703 executives at this year’s Grabby Awards in Chicago.

“Honestly, [director] Jim Steel and everybody on set gave me one of the best experiences that I really had,” Defendi says. “They made it really easy for me. It was a very fun work environment.”

Porn veteran Steel is clearly a fan of Defendi’s. “Tommy is a natural-born peformer,” he says. “The way he kisses another man makes me remember being 16 and out on a first date. While his sweetness always shines through, when he moves into sex mode, look out! He has a nasty streak that jumps off of the screen.”

Defendi has already shot scenes for all three of the Suite 703 Web sites (, and, and he will make his first appearance as a exclusive this Wednesday, August 6, at Jason Sechrest’s weekly Porn Star of the Week event at Here Lounge in West Hollywood from 10 pm to 1 am. Defendi will sign autographs, give away T-shirts and DVDs, and go-go dance.

August 4, 2008

August 2, 2008

News: Cole Ryder Dead at 36

Porn star Cole Ryder died this week. At first it was thought that the Rascal Video exclusive had passed away due to a staph infection, but the cause of death is now pending until the results of an autopsy are known. The hairy, ultra-masculine Ryder, who was 36, had been under contract to Rascal since 2006 and performed in nine movies, including When Bears Attack, Link: The Evolution, Rush and Black Meat White Heat. He appeared on the cover of Unzipped magazine, and his Cole Ryder Cock dildo was released through Channel 1.

Director Chi Chi LaRue made the following statement: “Cole Ryder was a beautiful person on the inside and the outside! He had such a great manly appeal and the heart of a gentle giant. Cole was always such a pleasure to work with, and I’m deeply saddened by his passing. I can only wish now that he is in peace, and he will always have a special place in my heart and the C1R Family.”

August 1, 2008

Movie Review: Borstal Boy


Simon Booth.
Cast: Will Jamieson, Ashley Ryder, Anthony Flamand, Steven Prior, Billy Brent, John Aston, Anthony Turner, Aaron Burns, Rio Francisco, Titch Jones, Anthony Thomas, Steve Masters, Ben Taylor, Darren Robbins, Ricky Jackson, Charles Webber, Harry Williams.

Eurocreme returns with another in its upscale Boy series. This time it’s Borstal Boy, centering on Andy (Will Jamieson), a tattooed youth who is sent to reform school for being a troublemaker. Once inside, he deals with a bully named Gary (Ben Taylor), makes a new friend (Ricky Jackson as the sweet James) and even finds love. Along the way, a group of smooth, uncut twinks do their best to perform manual labor while being roughed up by the help. Jamieson gets the sex going with a passable shower jack. Then the guards (Darren Robbins and Steve Masters) order the inmates around, demanding that they suck and fuck. Poor things! Robbins even has a threeway in which he and another lad perform a respectable double penetration. Andy gets caught in a power play with Gary but brains him with some billiard balls, which allows our hero to take over as head thug. The cute cast is uniformly thin and pale (hey, they’re British!) with the exception of hairy guard Masters. Taylor is nicely hung, as is one scrawny model named Steven Prior, who is gifted beyond his years. Overall, the sex scenes are focused and tight, and the production, shot in and around London, has class and style (the Widescreen format adds a nice touch). Viewers will get caught up in the story line and even share Andy’s happiness when he see his new love waiting for him upon his release. Let’s hear it for the Borstal Boy! (Eurocreme)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2008)