August 15, 2008

Movie Review: Fleet Week


Director: John Bruno.
Cast: Jude Collin, Barrett Long, Josh Weston, Erik Rhodes, Jose Enrique, Kyle Pierce, TJ Hawke, Tristan Jaxx, Colby McNight, Dylan Saunders.

You can always tell when Fleet Week arrives in New York City. Hordes of clueless youths in uniform wander around Times Square looking for…lord knows what. Falcon Studios’ Fleet Week capitalizes on the potential for homoerotic fantasy there, casting porn star (and sometime blogger) Erik Rhodes as a horny sailor on shore leave with two friends. The trio and their shipmates get into all sorts of trouble when they dock in San Francisco. First, TJ Hawke goes on a nature walk and discovers beefy photographer Colby McNight snapping the wild life. Soon, the two cuties are getting wild in a hotel room. Hawke looks a bit on the young side to be enlisted, and his cocksucking technique gives him away as a novice, but when he starts with the nasty talk, using his little-girl voice, the scene goes from serious to laughable. But Hawke does know how to fuck, and he pounds the juice right out of McNight.

Next, pillow-lipped Tristan Jaxx checks out the talent at a local porn palace (the renowned Nob Hill Theatre, which we haven’t seen in years and is aging very nicely, thank you. If those walls could talk!). A ripped Josh Weston returns to the Falcon fold as a dancer who gets Jaxx’s attention. Audience member Kyle Pierce also takes notice, and the three guys suck and fuck right on the stage. Weston even takes a nightstick up the butt! Jaxx tops and delivers a faceful of cream to Weston (direct hit to the eyes—ouch!). Meanwhile, buddies Barrett Long and Jose Enrique check out the local SF club scene, where bartender Dylan Saunders (below) caters to their manly needs. First, he blows them (Enrique is hung extra thick and Long is, well, long!) then goes bottoms up for both in a very verbal way. Saunders also gets a facial. Do we sense a theme here?

For the final scene, we’re back to Rhodes, who has a clandestine meeting with fellow sailor Jude Collin. The secret lovers have been waiting for this leave for a while and make good use of their time together. First, they do 69 in a chair, then Rhodes’ massive body is on the bed, where he bottoms in several positions. Falcon recently announced that the company is changing its policy regarding oral cum shots (following the recent departure of president Todd Montgomery—but that’s another post), so if you want to see Rhodes take a mouthful of jizz, this is the movie for you. Overall, production values are high and the cast is top-rate. This Fleet Week delivers on the promise of seamen and semen. (Falcon Studios)


Anonymous said...

the bottom picture is downright GORGEOUS

Anonymous said...

yeah, want that ass too, reason to get me the flix