January 31, 2008

News: Gay Porn Pig Site Says No to Bareback

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Movie Review: Auditions, Volume 19


Director: Michael Lucas.
Cast: Michael Lucas, Christian Cruz, Jimmy, Trent Alexander, Danny B., Brian Bodine, Blu Kennedy, Nick Rider, Jason Ridge, Manuel Torres.

The latest entry in the Auditions series finds director Michael Lucas hosting a few big-name porn stars (Jason Ridge, Manuel Torres, Blu Kennedy) and a bunch of hopeful wannabes. When he’s not skewering the newbies for plucking their eyebrows, Lucas introduces a new bedroom set for the series. (Think 1970s paneled basement, or that Calvin Klein ad campaign that got banned for looking like kiddie porn!) The latest studs-in-training go through their paces in five tight scenes. Pale redhead Kennedy provides a lovely study in contrasts with black stud Brian Bodine. By the time these two flip-flop fuck, the sweat is dripping. New lovers Danny B. and Nick Rider (together for two whole weeks!) reveal to Lucas that they met online. When Lucas discovers that Rider is a ballet dancer, he makes him do a split in the nude. New Lucas exclusive Christian Cruz (currently making a splash in the big-budget sex comedy The Intern) debuts here, sucking off a sullen Jimmy. Sure, Jimmy is hung, but would it kill him to smile? The bubbly Cruz is a workhorse, providing excellent oral and shooting with abandon. Lucas steps before the cameras for a scene with Trent Alexander, a beefy stud from Atlanta with a shy grin and a penchant for being spanked. Lucas complies, and sucks his toes, too. He also performs his infamous “helicopter” move (look it up!), which drives Alexander wild. Porn vets Jason Ridge and Manuel Torres close out the movie by interviewing each other (sans Lucas) and then performing like the pros they are. Torres shows off his great hairy chest and Ridge displays his perfect butt, which is greatly appreciated by Torres. Eventually, both shoot big loads on Ridge. The Audition films aren’t known for their high production values (Lucas saves those for a few big-budget movies per year), but the no-frills approach (harsh lighting, traffic noise in the background) only adds to the charm. Viewers will feel lucky to have wandered into this retro basement. (Lucas Entertainment)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

January 30, 2008

January 29, 2008

January 28, 2008

News: Vincent Lambert to Pen New XBIZ Column

VincentLambert.com site owner and operator Vincent Lambert is pleased to announce that, starting this month, he will be writing a new column for XBIZ magazine. The monthly column will be titled Dueling Divas With Spencer and Lambert and will be co-written with Jeremy Spencer, a longtime associate of Lambert’s and the new GLBT editor for XBIZ. Lambert, who has written extensively about the porn industry since 1996, has contributed to GAYVN, Unzipped and Manshots, among numerous other publications, and served as a judge for the GAYVN Awards for 10 years. Spencer worked as the gay editor for GAYVN magazine for four years and co-founded Adonis Pictures in 2004. He was also inducted to Gay Chicago’s prestigious Grabby Wall of Fame in 2005. Together, they will review new releases on a monthly basis in a freewheeling style reminiscent of renowned movie critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert.

“I’ve been reviewing movies for so long,” Lambert says, “that it will be fun and different to write with my old friend Jeremy and for us to bounce our thoughts and opinions off each other.” Spencer adds, “I’ve been wanting to do a column like this for a while, so when I landed my new position at XBIZ, it seemed like the perfect time and Vince seemed like the perfect person to write it with. So far, we’ve been all sunshine and lollipops with our reviews, but I can’t wait until we start going for each other’s jugulars!” “That’s right,” Lambert says, “readers will have to check out which of us draws first blood!”

XBIZ is a monthly magazine and daily news site that caters to the business side of the adult entertainment industry. The first installment of Dueling Divas With Spencer and Lambert will spotlight Men of Odyssey’s Beach House Diaries. Jerry Douglas’ Brotherhood will follow in February, and Jet Set Men’s Chris Steele/Chad Donovan extravaganza On Fire! will get the treatment in March.

January 25, 2008

Movie Review: Sleaze


Diredtor: John Bruno.
Cast: Dak Ramsey, Andrew Justice, Alexy Tyler, Justin Riddick, Derrick Hanson, Marco Paris, Marc Williams, Vin Nolan, Kamrun Assher, Ryann Wood.

Mustang Studios takes a walk on the sleazy side with its latest release. Four scenes run the gamut as an assortment of Mustang studs check into a seedy motel. Businessman Ryann Wood transforms from a suit guy to a collared leather daddy who first fucks himself with a big dildo then gets pounded by cowboy Andrew Justice. Marc Williams brings latest boy toy Derrick Hanson to a room for the enjoyment of pimp Vin Nolan. They all end up having a threeway in which Hanson takes on both men. Kamrun Assher is blackmailing a major action star (Marco Paris) with compromising photos in the next scene. Paris offers payment by sucking cock and topping the black stud. But the best scene doesn’t take place in a tacky room. Mustang exclusive Dak Ramsey (pictured, above) works the front desk as the tattooed night clerk. When hotties Alexy Tyler and Justin Riddick can’t afford a room, Ramsey allows them to take over the lobby for their tryst. Tyler sucks with glee and gets Ramsey so turned on that he starts to jack. Soon the hairy muscle hunk, who has a very sexy real-man quality, is topping Tyler himself (after Riddick cums and goes, that is). This scene and Ramsey—along with Hanson’s standout performance in his threeway—are highlights of Sleaze. Picture quality is fine, although lighting is harsh at times. One caveat: The final scene reloops at least two pieces of footage, leading us to believe that it might not have been as much sleazy fun as it looks. (Mustang Studios)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

January 24, 2008

Guy Candy: Fratmen Payne and Max

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January 23, 2008

Event: On Fire! Release Party Tonight in Weho

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Event: Will Clark Celebrates 150th Porno Bingo

Tonight’s the night, and Will Clark and his Porno Bingo crew have been prepping for months. It’s the 150th edition of his successful Porno Bingo night at Ninth Avenue Bistro (693 Ninth Avenue, between 47th and 48th streets), and Clark is bringing out one of New York’s biggest porn stars to help with the festivities. Titan Men exclusive Diesel Washington returns for some fun, along with large-and-in-charge drag diva Flotilla DeBarge and Code of Conduct author Rich Merritt, plus special guests HRH Titania and Lucitania Buttocks. The night’s proceeds benefit the Empire City Men's Chorus, and giveaways include Titan Media DVDs starring Diesel, ID Lube and tickets to Flotilla’s show at the Cutting Room and to the musical Celia at the New World Stages. For more information, visit www.willclarkworld.com.

January 22, 2008

January 19, 2008

News: COLT Refutes Masi/Champ Statement

A few days ago we reported that porn stars Carlo Masi and Adam Champ would not be renewing their contracts with COLT Studio Group. This information was based on a press release the couple sent out themselves. Now, CEO John Rutherford and COLT are calling that into question with their own release. “We are in ‘normal’ negotiations with both Carlo and Adam,” it reads, “and we never officially received any press release from them, but others have sent it to us. Both Carlo and Adam’s contracts have not expired as of yet and both have a few months remaining. No matter the turnout, COLT has been around for over 40 years and expects to be around for another 40 years and beyond. COLT is a brand, a lifestyle and does not rely on any one person’s image or persona to make it iconic. History and the production of all the COLT Men over time keeps the name COLT as the most trusted name in erotic products.” Rutherford added, “If there’s one thing that is consistent in this business, it’s the inconsistency of this business.” Guess that means the buff bodybuilders aren’t as free to share their hot bods as they thought. Stay tuned!

News: Gladiator Militia Signs Endorsement Deal

We recently wrote about Alex “Militia” Castro, who currently appears on NBC’s hit show American Gladiators and has previously posed for COLT photographer Jim French using the name Elian Cortez. Now, The New York Post’s Page Six is reporting that the muscle hunk with the smooth dome has landed an endorsement deal. He is allegedly being paid $35,000 by HeadBlade to be the spokesperson for the company that produces head-care and men’s products. “Militia will play an important role enhancing our lifestyle brand across multiple media platforms as he continues to redefine the modern-era gladiator competition,” says HeadBlade president Todd Greene. Yup, bald is beautiful, baby!

January 18, 2008

Seen: Roman Heart, the Jarics and Shane at AEE

The pictures keep coming in from the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas last week. Porn actress Shane was signing across from the booth of www.sunshinedvd.com (the official site for the Men of Odyssey titles, including Beach House Diaries), and the queen of gonzo just couldn’t resist the gorgeous gay porn stars surrounding her. Among the studs she posed with: Falcon’s Roman Heart (um, what color is she?) and Aden and Jorden Jaric (above), Titan Media’s Dean Flynn and Diesel Washington, and Raging Stallion’s Jake Deckard. “This show was a blast!” Shane said. “I mean these guys were so hot, how could I stay away? If I do another one of these shows, I hope our booth is near the gay section. They’re way more fun than straight guys!”

Should Do Porn: Alan Ritchson

Who is this guy? He’s gorgeous, right? His name is Alan Ritchson, and he’s probably best known for playing Aquaman on the TV show Smallville. He started out as an Abercrombie & Fitch model. Can you tell? Alan is also a singer and appeared on Season 3 of American Idol, where he did some sort of striptease in a lame attempt to woo koo-koo judge Paula Abdul. But we’ll forgive him that, and all Alan has to do is one little thing: Should Do Porn!

January 17, 2008

News: Sam Dixon to Retire From Porn Industry


Former porn star Sam Dixon has announced that he is leaving the industry. Dixon, who is the founder and owner of Boiling Point Productions, Tipo Sesso, 1 Distribution and Carnaval Films, will also sell off his porn assets. In a press release, Dixon stated that “my business partner [former porn star Austin, pictured above with Dixon in 1998] and I have agreed that the time has come for us to go our separate ways and explore other ventures on our own outside of the adult industry.”

Dixon started as a model in the mid-’90s, after leaving his career as a police officer in his hometown in Maine. He appeared in such films as Four Men, Plugged In and No Way Out. He also dated porn star Jordan Young. In 1998, Dixon formed Boiling Point and started producing films, including Young Men on the Pleasure Trail.

Dixon assures fans that “there will be no variance in the day-to-day operations of any of these companies while seeking a suitable buyer. Customers can continue to be assured of the same high-quality service they have come to expect.”

January 16, 2008

News: Masi and Champ to Leave COLT Studios

Porn stars Carlo Masi and Adam Champ announced today that they would not be renewing their contracts with COLT Studio Group. In an e-mail sent out to press, the bodybuilder couple, who have appeared in such COLT productions as Hawaii and Waterbucks 2, said that the main reason for the split was that they “couldn’t find a money agreement that made both parties happy.” They also wanted more control over their images, blogs and Web sites. Masi and Champ say they made the decision only a few days ago, so they were still reviewing their options and setting up future work. They have already scheduled a number of events in Spain, Italy and Argentina for January and February. After that, Masi says, “The future for both Adam and me is a big book of empty pages, all waiting to be filled with new and exciting adventures.“ Their new Web sites will be www.Carlo-Masi.com and www.Adam-Champ.com.

Guy Candy: New COLT Man Ricky Parks

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January 15, 2008

January 14, 2008

January 12, 2008

Movie Review: Afternoon Delights


Ben Leon.
Cast: RC Ryan, Mario Cruz, Marcos Pirelli, Marc LaSalle, Brendan Austen, Luc Bonay, Fred Faurtin, Dominic Pacifico.

San Francisco is the setting for the latest release from hometown studio, Raging Stallion. A group of their standard-issue manly men get together for a series of daytime trysts, which begin with all-American jock RC Ryan gazing provocatively at Mario Cruz from across a rooftop. Soon, they are making time on a plush couch. Cruz sucks Ryan, Ryan sucks Cruz, Ryan tops Cruz, which leads to Cruz receiving a mouthful of cum. Sound hot? It should be, but the lack of chemistry disappoints as Ryan and Cruz seem almost robotic in their mechanical moves. Ryan fares better on his own, in a solo shower/jack scene. Watching this big beautiful man milk his sweet stiffie is much more entertaining and exciting. Maybe he just plays better alone? Marcos Pirelli and Marc LaSalle do a better job of creating some duo heat in their pairing. With the SF skyline behind them, they kiss passionately before Pirelli rams deep (some great videography by director Ben Leon here). Next, Brendan Austen spies Luc Bonay from his window and decides to take a break from painting his apartment to show off his juicy pecs and to top Bonay with his uncut piece. In the final scene, Fred Faurtin is lifting weights at the gym when he spots Dominic Pacifico. Before you know it, they’re sharing a midday cardio session. Again, there are superior shots of the anal action and excellent picture quality, as there is throughout. Afternoon Delights offers (mostly) hot sex and top-notch production values. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon. (Raging Stallion Studios)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

January 11, 2008

Event: Vargas to Headline at Hustlaball Tonight

Lucas Entertainment has announced that exclusive model Jonathan Vargas will dance at the Hustlaball in Las Vegas this Friday, January 11. The event—which will feature more than a dozen of gay porn’s hottest performers, including Benjamin Bradley, RJ Danvers, Dak Ramsey, Diesel Washington and Barrett Long—will be held at Krave nightclub.

“I love dancing and meeting new people,” Vargas says, “so I am excited about getting to be a part of one of the biggest parties of the year. It’s an honor. I can't wait to get on stage!”

The 22-year-old model, who has appeared in films such as Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita, The Intern and Welcome to Paradise, was recently named to Next Magazine’s Who’s Next 2008 list. He also had a scary encounter with a home intruder, which you can read all about on his official blog, www.jvargasxxx.blogspot.com.

For more information on Hustlaball, visit www.hustlaball.com. For more on Vargas, go to www.lucasentertainment.com.

January 10, 2008

News: Porn Star Stonie Makes a Switch

It’s not often that you’ll see tits on VincentLambert.com…well, female ones anyway. But just for today, we’ll make an exception so we can report that porn star Stonie has undergone partial gender-reassignment surgery. According to talent manager David Forest, Stonie, who has worked in gay porn since 1998 and appeared in more than 60 films, including Caesar’s Hardhat Gang Bang, Cadets in Arms and Tall Tails, has been involved in the “sex-change process” over the past year. He was renowned in the industry for his amazing posterior, and he became even more famous in the mainstream world for his cameo in the film Borat (in which he played Borat’s well-hung son). Now, using the name Brittany Coxxx, Stonie plans to continue to do porn and will be Forest’s first male-to-female client. (Forest already reps female-to-male performer Buck Angel.)

“I’m excited to begin working as Brittany Coxxx in adult films,” says the porn star formerly known as Stonie. “I think it will be even hotter than before.”

Forest adds: “I think Brittany will be a huge hit in the straight XXX business, even more so than she was as Stonie in the gay world.”

Time will tell, but from the looks of the photo above, Brit-Brit will be offering fans the best of both worlds!

News: GAYVN Award Nominees Announced

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Event: On Fire! Stars to Appear at GAYVN Expo

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January 9, 2008

New Release: Man Island

Black Scorpion Entertainment continues its new-release schedule with Man Island, once again bringing together two of gay porn’s most desirable studs: Black Scorpion exclusive D.O. and Brazilian superstud Rafael Alencar.

Debuting on the heels of Hunger, Man Island is a shipwreck fantasy that was shot entirely on location on a secluded island in the Mexican Gulf. The film features eight handsome men enjoying erotic adventures. And the casting of D.O. and Alencar is sure to pique the interest of porn aficionados.

“There’s a fierce sexual chemistry that ignites a film when D.O. and Rafael are involved in the same movie,” says James Ian, Black Scorpion executive. “They both enjoy sex with such passion—the energy’s contagious and transfers from one scene to the next.”

Man Island comes as a deluxe two-disc package. The first features five sex scenes, including a climactic orgy. The second includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, including a tour of the secret island and a deleted scene.

Starring Black Scorpion exclusive D.O., Rafael Alencar, Marko Hansome, Tim Kruger, Mario Perez, Romario, Rocko and Marco Paris. Directed by Rafael Alencar. For more information, visit www.blackscorpionvideo.com.

Event: Tré Xavier at Porno Bingo Tonight!

Will Clark kicks off another year of his popular Porno Bingo event tonight with a special four-hour extravaganza. Porn star and blogger Tré Xavier (www.tre-x.com) will be the guest star. Xavier is the first winner of Clark’s Porn Idol contest and the star of such films as Oh Boy Escorts 2, The Booth & the Interview and 69 Fuck Street. The night’s charity beneficiary will be SWISH (Straight Women in Support of Homos). The only-in-NYC fun starts early this week at 7 pm with a birthday celebration for New York “Queen Hag” Sue Sena, then it’s Porno Bingo with Tré from 9–11 pm, all at Ninth Avenue Bistro (693 Ninth Avenue, between 47th and 48th streets). For more information, visit www.willclarkworld.com.

January 7, 2008

New Release: Gunnery Sgt. McCool

Studly Vinnie D’Angelo plays the title role in Titan Media’s new Gunnery Sgt. McCool. Director Joe Gage recruits 14 rugged military men in this tale of the horniest and most twisted sergeant on the base. Tony Masala and Andrew Justice discover this firsthand when McCool orders a full servicing. Then Tyler Saint convinces Jason Ridge to jack off for him and his video camera. Off the base, two old military buddies (Scott Tanner and Brandon Monroe) share some drinks and more when Tanner’s college-age son (Justin Burkshire) can’t resist Monroe’s cock. (Hey, did anyone notice that Brandon Monroe (below) looks exactly like former Lucas exclusive Jack MacCarthy? That’s because it’s him. And we would know—we directed him in a scene!) The seven-man orgy finale starts with cover model Dean Flynn at a lab giving a urine sample and ends at a sperm bank. This extended sequence must be seen to be believed! Starring TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn, Vinnie D’Angelo, Andrew Justice, Scott Tanner, Tyler Saint, Kai Grant, Tyler Kane, Jean Paul Roccard, Erik Hall, Jason Reynolds, Tony Masala, Brandon Monroe, Justin Burkshire and Jason Ridge. For more information, visit www.titanmen.com.