August 28, 1999

Porn Star Interview: Scott Matthews


Scott Matthews enjoys being a porn star, and he’s the first person to admit it. This Southern stud—who was born in Mobile, Alabama, grew up in Atlanta and attended college in North Carolina—has taken the business by storm in the past year with his wholesome good looks and mouthwatering endowment. At age 29, he has made ten films (including Night Riders, Iron Will and Another Man’s Hand), but he never actually planned on getting into the porn industry. Matthews originally came to New York City to pursue a career in musical theater. So how did he end up making a living off the nine-inch wonder that resides in his trousers? We met up with him recently and posed that and many other questions. He showed up for lunch on a broiling August day dressed in a tank top and denim shorts, but it wasn’t the bulge in his pants that impressed us, it was his sparkling aqua-blue eyes.

Are those your real eyes?
Yes, they are (laughs). People always think that they’re contacts but they’re real.
I’ve never seen eyes that color before.
Oh, thanks. They all mine.
So how did you get started in the porn industry?
I was always interested in porn. I have a huge collection of it. I think most porn stars do. And people had always told me I was very well-endowed. A friend of mine knew a director in New Jersey named Robert Prion, and I went to one of his parties. He offered me a film, and we came up with a name for me. That was my first agreed-upon movie (Shameless). At the same time, my friend also introduced me to Michael Lucas, and we shot that movie (Homebodies) first. At the same time, I was e-mailing Alec Powers and Chris Rock, and I sent them pictures over the Internet. They sent them to the agent Peter Scott, and he wanted to represent me. So from that, I made a couple of trips to L.A. and met Chi Chi LaRue and a lot of other people, including the Falcon people and that’s how I got that film (Iron Will).
Now, you were 28 or 29 years old. Was this something you consciously decided to do?
No, it just happened. I think I look younger than I am. I don’t think I would have been ready for it when I was younger. I came from a very conservative, religious household in Georgia. Mentally, I don’t think I could have handled it sooner.
Does your family know you are in the industry?
No, they don’t know. I don’t think it’s very important. They have their own lives, and they are not in an area where they might be subjected to it. It’s no big deal.
Do they know you’re gay?
Oh, yeah.
What was it like doing that first movie?
Before the movies, I had done some dancing in a small club in New York to get rid of my self-consciousness. It was easy money, too. That made me more comfortable being naked in front of people. So it wasn’t that hard for me to get naked and get hard the first time on a movie set.
When did you first know you were so well-endowed?
My first lover, actually. I was 20. It was when I first came out. I had lived a very sheltered life before. We started having sex together and he told me. And I was, like, “Oh, really?” Where I grew up we didn’t really have gym class where you could compare. But I eventually found out.
How did you first discover jerking off?
The movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High! There’s a scene where Phoebe Cates is getting out of the pool and Judge Reinhold is jerking off in the bathroom. And that is what prompted me to learn about it. I did what I thought he was doing, and it happened.
What is the hottest scene you’ve done and with whom?
The movie I did for Paul Barresi (Marine Father, Navy Son). I have a scene with Alex Wilcox, and he’s straight. He only has gay sex on film. I play a sailor and he’s a Marine. And we were in a little bathroom and I bottomed for him. It was a really hot scene. We did everything. I think it’s the whole idea of him being straight that turned me on so much.
How do you feel about topping versus bottoming?
I want to be as good as a bottom as I am as a top. I think my top abilities are still better because I’m not that experienced as a bottom. But I think I do very well. In real life, I don’t really have a preference. If I am dating someone, he has to be versatile or I get bored!
Have you ever had a problem fucking a guy because of your dick size?
Oh, yeah. There have been a couple of guys in the industry who are bottoms who had trouble taking it. But they get used to it and are fine. One young guy just couldn’t take it. We had to work around it.
Are there any sexual fantasies that you have lived out on film?
I am still waiting for some to come true. I’m still pretty new to the industry.
Are there any porn stars you’d like to work with?
I’ve always wanted to work with Tom Katt. I’ve wanted to top him in a scene so bad. I like topping big muscular men. I have a thing for South American guys, Brazilians, bodybuilder types. I did a scene with Eric Evans in Gino Colbert’s new movie, Porn Fiction. He’s a big, hairy boy, and it was hot.
Have you always been attracted to that?
Yeah, but it’s not necessarily the best thing for me long-term or relationship-wise.
Are you in a relationship now?
Yeah, I’m currently involved with someone I care about immensely. It’s been about three or four months. Not that long, but for me, that’s good (laughs). I’m very happy. We have a lot in common and enjoy spending a lot of time together.
Would you say you’re an exhibitionist?
It depends. I keep my porn life and my real life totally separate. Scott is an exhibitionist when he is working, on the set or at a publicity event. He likes being looked at, but in real life, when I’m at the gym, I’m very private. I don’t walk around naked. I don’t shower there. Being Scott Matthews is like an acting role for me.
What is your ultimate fantasy scene?
Well, I’ve always had a daddy fantasy. I’m the son, of course. But I wind up fucking the daddy in the end. Kind of like a Zak Spears daddy type—very muscular and hairy. I’ve always wanted to top a top.
Your image is so wholesome and boy-next-door. Have you ever gotten into anything kinky, like fisting?
Well, I love giving it. I’ve fisted, not on video but in real life. I have fisted about three guys. It’s hot. One time I went to this little private party in New York, and I had fisted this friend of mine before. And there was this younger guy—really hot, great face, nice body, cute—and my hand went in and then I was doing double-fisting action. I hit his bladder and he peed all over himself! I thought it was really hot.
Anything else?
Well, I used to go to sex clubs. I loved to go to sex clubs and have anonymous sex. I’m a big voyeur. Sometimes, I like watching sex more than I like doing it. I love to watch, then get involved. People don’t always pay attention to me until they see my dick. Once they see my dick, they’re all over me.
When you meet a guy, is dick size important to you?
I’m not a size queen. As long as it works. I’m a face guy. I like gorgeous, handsome men. He doesn’t have to have a muscular body. It can be toned, proportioned. I’m attracted to someone for their face and personality.
Do you ever watch your own movies?
Once. After I get the movie, I’ll watch it once to see what it’s like. But I would never jerk off to myself. That’s gross (laughs).
What do you see for the future?
I want to take this as far as I can take it. I want to have a prolonged career. I just want to see how long I can do it. And that means not being overexposed.
Ever get any strange requests from your fans?
I sold a pair of socks to somebody in Sweden once (laughs). I wore them for the whole day and to the gym, so they were nice and smelly and I put them in a bag and sent them to Sweden.
How much did he pay?
I think it was $30, including postage! It was fun.
Just how big is your dick?
Oh, it’s 9 x 8. Nine inches long, and eight inches around. For real. I have measured it. I’m known for my thickness more than my length.
Your fans know a lot about you. What don’t they know?
That I’m very insecure sometimes and don’t always consider myself attractive. But I’m trying to change that.
What would you like your fans to know about you?
That I’m a really down-to-earth person, and if they ever see me on the street, come up and say hello because I’m not a very stuck-up person. I’m very shy, but if they want to say hello, I’m very friendly. I don’t consider myself a major porn star or anything!

Reprinted from All-Man magazine (1999)