November 26, 2008

Movie Review: Unknown


Director: Chi Chi LaRue.
Cast: Blake Riley, Tommy Blade, Vinnie D’Angelo, Nash Lawler, Dominik Rider, Trystian Sweet, Jackson Wild, Chad Hunt, Coby Mitchell.

Unknown finds director Chi Chi LaRue tackling a rare story film that casts exclusive Blake Riley in a touching tale of love lost and found. In a sweet script by Eddie Stone, Riley meets his boyfriend (Trystan Sweet) after standing up blind date Vinnie D’Angelo. But a year later, Riley finds himself receiving mysterious text messages that attempt to bring the lost lovers together. But first, we get to experience the many joys of Riley and Sweet when they are a twosome. The opening sex scene of Unknown is a stunner as the couple get together in a gorgeous shower. There is lots of great kissing and sucking, and both models stay rock-hard throughout. Riley gets his hairy hole eaten before Sweet pounds him. Both guys have great bodies and their connection is palable—which only makes Riley’s loss all the sadder as he mopes around after Sweet is gone.

While selling their house, Riley leaves interested buyers Tommy Blade and Coby Mitchell alone in the kitchen and, of course, they end up screwing on the countertops. Blade is a pro and he puts newcomer Mitchell through his paces nicely. Riley’s bud Chad Hunt calls and invites him to a fourgy but Riley begs off, so Hunt shares his big cock with Jackson Wild, Dominik Rider and Nash Lawler instead. Wild is the first of the studs to go crazy on Hunt’s dick, performing a deep, wet suck. The guy practically impales his head on the thing! But that is only the start. Hunt eats out Lawler’s ass, then Lawler tops Rider and Hunt rams Wild, who screams and emotes in a very real way that is rarely seen in porn.

Star-crossed lovers Riley and D’Angelo finally meet when their texts match up, exchanging smiles at a restaurant that is always oddly deserted. This leads to a bedroom scene, where the manly D’Angelo is paired with the boyish Riley. They both perform admirably, with Riley working D’Angelo’s big nips and D’Angelo manipulating Riley’s butt with expertise. Blake rides Vinnie in two positions and even delivers not one but two cum shots. Riley has won several awards this year, including Best Newcomer at the GAYVNs, and with Unknown he achieves true star status and fulfills his promise. He is fantastic to look at and fully committed to his scenes and partners. We know a superstar when we see one, and Blake Riley is it! (Channel 1 Releasing)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

November 25, 2008

News: RJ Danvers Stays With Raging Stallion

Furry teenager RJ Danvers is coming back for more! Raging Stallion has announced that the 19-year-old porn star has re-signed with the San Francisco–based studio following his successful first year. Danvers debuted in the award-winning Grunts and has gone on to star in some of Raging Stallion’s top films, including Hotter Than Hell, The Drifter and the upcoming sure-to-be-epic To the Last Man.

“The last year with Raging Stallion has been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had,” Danvers says, “so of course I couldn’t pass up the chance to re-sign with them. When [RSS president] Chris Ward offered me a two-year deal, I was ecstatic. The guys at the studio are practically a second family to me now.”

Ward is happy to keep the hairy young stud working and hints at what lies ahead for him. “After shooting RJ for all of 2008, we simply could not let him go!” Ward says. “He is a top Raging Stallion performer and all of us at the studio love him. He has a very large fan base—I think because he is not just another cookie-cutter star. We have big plans for this little sex pig, including featuring him in some hard-core fisting films!”

Of his new endeavors, Danvers adds, “I’m excited about branching out and getting into the fetish side of Stallion, and doing things on film that I already love to do off camera. I’m looking forward to the next two years and what they have in store for me, and I can’t wait to get started.”

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November 24, 2008

Short Takes: A Very Lukas XXXmas…and More

Planning a blue Christmas? Bel Ami superstars Lukas Ridgeston (above) and Johan Paulik will be there to help fans who are celebrating the holidays in Florida. Fabscout Entertainment has announced that the screen studs are scheduled to headline a week of performances and meet-and-greets at Boardwalk Bar in Ft. Lauderdale. They will appear nightly from Friday, December 26, through Sunday, January 4. And for two vets who have been knocking around the jizz biz for ages, these guys still look good!…Pacific Sun Entertainment has landed an exclusive distribution contract with England’s Tacklebox Productions in a deal brokered by Pumpkin Media. This will introduce movies such as Dreams Can Cum True, Masters & Servants and Dirty Professions to the U.S. market. “We are glad to welcome Tacklebox Productions and Pumpkin Media to our family of producers,” says Pritam Sinha, CEO of Pacific Sun.…Last week, Jet Set Men debuted its new Straight Edge site. Now, the North Hollywood–based studio is showing off a brand-new logo on all its DVDs, starting with this month’s release, Muscle Mountain (starring Derec Stone and directed by John Tegan), to be followed by the Blu-ray version of the October release Slide (directed by Chris Steele). The new logo (below), which replaces the blue globe, features a silver-hued, all-caps font set against a fire-engine red background. For more information, visit

November 21, 2008

Movie Review: Magic Mirror


Director: Cristian Ferrero.
Cast: Caio Barcellos, Luke, Yuri Prado, Tiago, Denis, Marcio Costa, Cristian Torquato, Thiago Dutra.

A bit of street cruising leads cute Caio Barcellos on an erotic journey that starts with the discovery of the titular Magic Mirror, which allows him to see sexual encounters when he looks into it. The twink follows muscular Luke into a deserted building where he goes through the looking glass to have a hot encounter with Tiago. Sure, they are actually on a tacky set consisting of loud leopard prints draped everywhere, but their sex is good enough to get Barcellos worked up. He walks around the mirror again and again but can’t seem to break the glass. Then Denis enters and goes to the other side for some hot oral with a hooded Cristian Torquato, who gets his mouth stuffed with uncut cock in some intense close-ups. Eventually, Marcio Costa shows up in a bizarre toga outfit and takes mercy on the newbie, feeding him his fat dick and banging him from behind. Barcellos never figures out the mystery, but at least he gets off. There’s some sluggish editing here and the droning soundtrack will make viewers want to hit the mute button, but the foreign cast manages to make this Mirror shine. (Arena Entertainment)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

November 20, 2008

New Release: Inside Out

COLT Studio Group and director John Rutherford are back with their latest release, Inside Out. Four great scenes shot in the great outdoors feature porn star and sometime musician Mitch Branson, Tom Chase, Ricky Parks, cover model Eric Valentin, Jasper Van Dean, Darin Hawk, Sky Thompson and the retiring Luke Garrett. These manly men even drag a huge sleigh bed out into the middle of a field so they can get it on in comfort. Hawt! For more information, visit

November 19, 2008

News: The Jarics Trade Places for Falcon Flick

Falcon Studios has announced that exclusive couple (that means they only have sex with each other on-camera) Aden and Jordan Jaric will be appearing in a scene in the upcoming movie Malibu Heat in which Aden tops Jordan. Previously, the duo has appeared in four Falcon films (including their debut, Endless Crush, and Best Men), all of which feature Jordan topping Aden. “Ever since the launch of our blog,” the couple says, “we have received more requests than we can count for us to change positions. We always intended on switching—and possibly doing some other things—but wanted to space it all out through the term of our contract so fans would always have something to look forward to.” The “Aden Tops Jordan” scene will be available online starting today and on DVD December 9. For more information, visit, and the guys’ blog can be found at

November 18, 2008

News: C1R Signs New Exclusive Jeremy Bilding

Channel 1 Releasing has announced the signing of Jeremy Bilding to an exclusive contract. The tall, dark and handsome stud with Mediterranean good looks has an athletic body and an 8.5-inch dick that is always rock-hard. Bilding replied to an online ad for Chi Chi LaRue’s Live and Raw, and C1R producers brought him in for an appearance on the XXX live show. The 27-year-old’s debut got such an overwhelming response that he was quickly cast in C1R’s upcoming productions Fuckin Around and Blake Riley’s Movin In.

“I’m stoked to be the next C1R exclusive,” says Bilding, who joins a roster of models including Johnny Hazzard, Blake Riley, Benjamin Bradley, Vance Winter, Josh Vaughn and Cameron Marshall. “It truly is an honor, and it’s a little surreal to have such a big company take me on when I’m still so new. But it feels right, and I’m looking forward to a long future with Channel 1.”

“The normal guy–ness of Jeremy Bilding is so attractive,” says C1R partner/director LaRue. “It makes him a very unexpected star. I mean, he’s just this superhot man’s man, like you would expect him to be watching football or fixing cars. I’m ecstatic that he chose to sign with us!”

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November 17, 2008

Short Takes: Bruno Snags Two Studs…and More

The New York Daily News picked up on our story last week about talent manager David Forest, but it named names. (Actually, we knew the names that Rush and Molloy named in their gossip column, but we weren’t allowed to reveal them…yet.) Now it can be known that the two models Forest landed parts for in a mainstream project are Tony Capucci (above) and Tyler Saint. Both porn stars will be appearing in the new movie from actor-writer Sacha Baron Cohen titled Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Male in which he plays a flamboyant fashion journalist. They performed in an orgy scene that was filmed at the Aramano Hotel in Burbank. Forest similarly got the former Stonie (now known as Brittany Coxxx) the part of Cohen’s son in the megahit Borat. If Bruno does half of what Borat did, Capucci and Saint will be widely seen next summer.…Retired porn star (and current CEO of his own production company) Collin O’Neal also flirted with the mainstream last week when a video he shot in Paris was chosen as a featured story by’s user-generated Hairy hunk O’Neal writes that the vid featured “my commentary on how different Europeans and especially the French have been treating Americans abroad since the election of Barack Obama.” To hear Collin’s views and see him rocking a funky mohawk, click here.…We’re hearing that COLT man Luke Garrett (below) is retiring from the big biz. The shaved-headed muscle stud has appeared in numerous movies, including Hawaii and Wide Strokes, and will also be featured in the latest COLT release from director John Rutherford, Inside Out. Wonder whether that will be his swan song.

November 16, 2008

News: Reese Rideout Nabs Man of Year Title

Our friends at Men magazine named their Man of the Year this weekend, and the lucky recipient of the annual honor is Randy Blue exclusive Reese Rideout. The announcement was made on Friday night by Dustin Tyner, publisher of the Regent Media publications Men, Freshmen and Unzipped, at a weekly L.A. club night at MJ’s in Silver Lake. From what we hear, the bar was packed and numerous Randy Blue models were on hand to celebrate with sexy Rideout, who danced the night away and posed with his Man of the Year cover. He follows in the, er, oversize footsteps of last year’s winner, Johnny Castle. For more information, visit

November 13, 2008

Event: Nationwide Protest Against CA’s Prop 8

In case you guys have been too busy watching gay porn to notice, the hateful Prop 8 passed last week in California. Over the past nine days, tens of thousands of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and their supporters have taken to the streets of Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego to show their outrage with the outcome of the vote, which provides for a Constitutional Amendment to prohibit same-sex marriage rights (sadly, similar amendments and propositions were passed in both Arizona and Florida). But according to the No on 8 Campaign, the fight is not over. On Saturday, November 15, the LGBT community and their supporters will show their numbers in what could be the largest organized protest since the Civil Rights Movement. To date, more than 250,000 individuals have pledged to take part in the nationwide event, in which they will descend upon the city halls and state capitols in their states and on the nation’s Capitol to make their voices heard. The protest is scheduled to take place in all 50 states and the District of Columbia at the same time: 1:30 pm ET, 12:30 pm CT, 11:30 am MT and 10:30 am PT this Saturday, November 15. Those interested in attending this historic event may find their local protest location by visiting or clicking here. The organizers of this nationwide event have stressed that it, like the protests that have taken place over the past week, will also be a peaceful demonstration. The message is simple yet loud: Equal rights for all! So whether you’re gay or straight, black or white, porn fan or not, now is the time to stand up and be counted. See you there!

November 12, 2008

News: Jet Set Launches New Straight Edge Site

Jet Set Men is debuting a new Web site today that will place the emphasis on straight men. Straight Edge will feature solo and duo scenes, many of which will be directed by GAYVN Hall of Fame winner (and veteran porn star) Chad Donovan (left). This content will be available free to current Web site members.

“Straight Edge will be a terrific addition to an already sizzling site built by Chris Steele and his team, which I am thrilled to be joining,” Donovan says. “We have sought out and found some of the hottest straight guys around the country and let them strut their stuff alone or dared them to cross that line with another guy. And they have!”

Jet Set’s marketing director John Tegan adds, “The emphasis on straight and edgy guys strutting their stuff solo for the camera or taking the leap into fucking around with another guy, combined with the skills of award-winning director like Donovan at the helm, will separate the content from other Web sites. While others have tried the straight-guy angle, we’re going to take it up a notch in production quality and star quality that fans now know they can only get from Jet Set.”

And it won’t be at any additional expense to members. “If you’re already a member,” Jet Set head Chris Steele says, “you get it all right away—new Web videos with hot new guys and access to newly released DVDs directly online, including a library of the best videos, action and porn star photos that Jet Set has to offer.”

For more information, visit

November 11, 2008

New Release: Chainsaw

Veteran director Joe Gage takes us back to the sticks—this time, West Virginia’s Blue Mountains for the two-disc Chainsaw. When TitanMen exclusive Tony Buff finds fellow logger Braxton Bond napping instead of working, he’s got a great idea: work naked. But when they both pop boners, the only kind of work they can do is on each other’s cocks and asses. Meanwhile, Ranger Allen Silver finds his sons (Riley Burke and Brandon Cole) having a contest to see who can shoot their load the farthest. He happily joins in the competition. Sebastian Rivers is a door-to-door salesman doing a pitch for CJ Madison, who’s more interested in getting his uncut cock sucked. Over at the roadhouse, Ludovic Canot and Bigg Pete catch Ken Mack spying on them in the parking lot. He tells them he’s a model scout, but before long he’s on his knees “scouting” their cocks with his hungry mouth. At the company picnic, TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn offers Allen Silver’s big cock to their new boss Dillon Buck. Before long, Burke and Cole join in and soon all five are sucking, fucking and pissing all over one another. For the finale, Ludovic Canot, Bigg Pete and Ken Mack show up to find Flynn and Buck still naked, hard and ready for another round of dick sucking and ass fucking with plenty of watersports to boot. For more information, visit

November 10, 2008

Short Takes: Barrett Long Blogs…and More

Porn star Barrett Long (above) has launched his own page, page and real-time blog on Blogger. “It’s a great way to stay in touch with my fans,” Long says, “and keep them up on what’s going on with me and my site, and to introduce myself to ones I haven’t met yet.” The superhung superstar, who has starred in films such as The Porne Ultimatum and Beach House Diaries, promises something for everyone at his new site. You can find his official profile pages and blog at, and…There is new news about the case of jailed porn star Nickolay Petrov. The Web site is reporting that the onetime Jet Set exclusive has entered a plea in the murder plot he was involved in earlier this year. Under his real name, Edmon Vardanyan, Petrov has pleaded guilty to conspiracy and aiding and abetting in three vicious attacks on an elderly couple in both Sarasota, Florida, and in Brooklyn, New York. He faces a maximum of five years in prison for the conspiracy charge and a max of 20 years for the aiding and abetting charge.…People are always asking us, “Hey, whatever became of [fill in the name of some obscure porn star no one has seen or heard from in years]? Well, the good guys at the MenofPorn blog have dug up hot and hairy ’90s porn star Gianfranco (below), and he is looking all grown-up and better than ever. The Israeli model, who starred in films such as Family Secrets and Trying It On for Size, is 33 now and working as a chiropractor in West Hollywood. He and his hunky partner had a profile on Big Muscle for a bit, but alas, it’s gone now and once again it seems so is Gianfranco.

November 7, 2008

News: David Forest Returns With New Ventures

David Forest is on the phone. Fresh out of rehab, the flamboyant talent manager sounds happy and healthy after spending the past three months in a facility near Palmdale, California. “I’m glad I endured prison years ago,” the almost-60-year-old laughs, referring to his incarceration in the ’90s on pandering charges. “It got me used to living the institutionalized life!”

Forest, who sold his business in a highly publicized deal with FabScout Entertainment last July, was supposed to be in for four months but was released after three following a judge’s decision. He is now back at home in Van Nuys—with a bit of extra weight, he admits—and ready to start the next chapter of his life. “I learned that drugs and alcohol are for the birds,” Forest says. “I think, 35 years of partying, what a waste of a lot of money! Sobering up, I can see everything clearly now. I can see the shit of this smut business.”

That’s the biz that has kept Forest working with porn superstars such as Ryan Idol, Ken Ryker and Billy Herrington for the past 27 years. And even though he’s been out of action, his clients were still in the spotlight, thanks to deals he set up before selling his company. Superstar Zeb Atlas, currently making a splash in Falcon Studios’ Best Men, had Forest negotiate for both his oral and topping scenes earlier this year. “Zeb’s movie is a tremendous hit and he is a tremendous star,” Forest boasts. “I got him a lot of money for those two scenes. Now, he’s done it all. What else does he want to do? He may want to produce his own movies. Who knows?”

Another Forest favorite is bodybuilder Mark Dalton, who is still in prison in Texas. Forest says he is likely to return to the industry soon. “Mark gets out on February 16. He’s doing all right. He knows he fucked up and will hopefully be ready to get back to work. We’ll see.” In the meantime, Forest has launched Forest Meetings, a new incarnation of his private-meeting program, where he initiates introductions between stars and their, er, fans. “I love connecting men to the models,” Forest says. “And I’ve got some great new guys, including Brent Diggs, who has done work for the Randy Blue Web site; Rocky Sanoma; Adam Killian, who co-stars with Zeb in his big Best Men scene; and adorable Jonathan Lowe. Of course, I still have Zeb Atlas, Johnny Castle, Tony Capucci and Billy Brandt, who is living in Denver and returning to private work.”

Forest, who worked in the music industry for many years pre-porn managing artists such as ZZ Top, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, is also planning a return to the mainstream. He has created Forest Casting, a company that will book gay porn talent in mainstream movie, TV and Internet projects. “Who better to do full frontal or simulated gay sex in major projects than guys who do it for real in porn?” Forest asks. He says he has gotten two top models work in an upcoming motion picture in which they use their real names in the credits. But he promises they will be recognizable to porn fans. “I’ll be doing casting for nonadult mainstream productions only,” he says. “I won’t be representing talent. I’m no longer in the gay XXX management business and will not in any way compete with the folks who bought my former company.”

And he says he will also stay on the path of clean-and-sober living. “I have no interest in drugs and alcohol now,” Forest says. “I have lived 60 years, and I want to live another 60.” And he hints, he might even have time now to work on that long-awaited book about his life. “I just keep living and adding chapters!” he says.

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November 6, 2008

New Release: Jock Itch 2: Balls to the Wall

In the original Jock Itch, Jake Deckard loses the game and pays the price. The rule is “You throw the game, you get fucked.” In the sequel, Jock Itch 2: Balls to the Wall, it’s the same deal. First, Aitor Crash and Damian Rios make out in the dugout. Crash finds convenient access to Rios’s ass through a zipper in the back of his pants. Next, humpy Jon Matthews jacks and shoots into his jockstrap. Hairy Steve Cruz and model Cory Koons are two street punks who mess around in the locker room after the big game. Crash (who is a trained fighter in real life) returns for a wrestling match with Tober Brandt. After a few rounds, the sweaty studs get down to some heavy-duty fucking. (We hear that during filming these two were so into each other they couldn’t be pried apart.) Director Deckard shows up in the final scene with Dominic Sol, who finds the team captain laid out on the locker room floor with a black eye and a full-on boner. Sol gives it up for the team—or at least for Captain Deckard. For more information, visit

November 5, 2008

Rewind: At Large/Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!

The two discs of ManPlay Double Pack: At Large and Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell! bring together horny prisoners and beefy marines for four hours of raunchy, sweaty mansex. In At Large, guard Matt Bradshaw (top photo) gags prisoner Steve O’Donnell with his meaty cock then bends him over and fucks the hell out of him. Sexy Scott Davis and beefy Brady Martin facefuck hard-bodied Patrick Allen in his cell until all three splatter the floor with spunk. Cellmate studs Damian Ford and Jon Galt spear each other’s throats with their fat cocks then fuck until they’re dripping with sweat and cum. Hunky prison guard Steve Cassidy gets his due when a bunch of horned-up prisoners handcuff him to a bench and gang fuck him to within an inch of his life.

In Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!, a bunch of tough men in uniform do a lot of ass pumping and throat fucking. These guys are packing some seriously deadly artillery, and they know how to use it! Big-dicked Thom Barron fucks ripped Tuck Johnson’s eager throat in the shower and dares him to tell anybody about it. Matt Bradshaw and horsehung Chad Johnson bang Blake Harper and then drench his hairy pecs in giant wads of sperm. Logan Reed and Jason Branch fuck Steve Cassidy senseless before the guys all gather in a bar for a hot orgy featuring Michael Brandon and his massive monster as the star attraction. For more information, visit

November 4, 2008

Seen: Newlyweds Lucas and Winger in Weho

People magazine wanted it, but we got it! Here is the first official wedding photo of porn superstar Michael Lucas and his longtime partner Richard Winger. The couple is pictured in front of the West Hollywood City Hall last week immediately after they signed the official documents pronouncing them groom and groom in California. Former Weho mayor John Duran facilitated the ceremony, which was attended by family, friends and porn industry bigwigs, at a private house in the Hollywood Hills. Lucas and Winger are also planning a celebration when they return to their home in New York City. Congratulations, guys!

November 3, 2008

Short Takes: Vote NO on Prop 8…and More

Readers who live in California have an important vote to cast tomorrow (besides the obvious one). Celebrities such as Cher, Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Pitt and others have come out in favor of voting NO on Prop 8, which is an anti-marriage amendment to the California state constitution that would impinge on the basic human rights of gay people. Now fitness director Sam Page (left, who in a former life was Sam Tyson, a porn star we interviewed) has posted a video on his Peace Love Lunges Web site that makes the choice a no-brainer. Amen, Sam. Click here to watch.…The director of Deep Throat has died. Gerard Damiano passed away last week at age 80 in a hospital in Fort Myers, Florida, after suffering a stroke in September. His groundbreaking 1972 film, which starred Linda Lovelace and Harry Reems, made history as the first porn movie to go mainstream and earned an estimated $600 million. Lovelace, who died in 2002, was recently the subject of a musical in Los Angeles.…Porn veteran Will Clark wants you to jerk off, or at least tell him your hottest j/o stories in the comments section at his site, Share by Wednesday, November 5, and then Will will write a steamy blog entry describing his own favorite beat-off session. “After all this election and economy mania,” Clark says, “I can’t think of anything the country needs more than to shoot a big, fat, white globby load to relieve the pressure.”