March 27, 2006

Porn Star Interview: Johnny Hazzard


Porn star Johnny Hazzard had a good time at this year’s GAYVN Awards. “I couldn’t believe it!” exclaimed the Rascal exclusive and winner of three awards. Speaking a week later from his home in Palm Springs, the 28-year-old Cleveland native seemed to still be letting it all sink in. His rise to the upper echelon of porn hadn’t really taken that long.

It was only three years ago that Hazzard was living in Boston and spending his summers in Provincetown. The way he tells it, one day he woke up and decided, Hey, I could do porn! And it was as simple as that. The tattooed cutie called old pal Doug Jeffries, who put him in touch with director Chi Chi LaRue. She liked his pictures and flew him out to Los Angeles to do a scene in Detention. Since then he has made more than 10 movies, including Bolt and What Men Do, and become one of Rascal’s rising stars.

But last year, Wrong Side of the Tracks 1-2 put Hazzard into a different class of porn stardom. The film, which received 12 GAYVN nominations and won seven awards, was built around Hazzard and his edgy bad boy persona. But Hazzard claims his character is not based on him. “It mirrors an element of my personality,” he says, “but it’s not me.”

Tracks took almost a month to shoot and pushed Hazzard in many new directions. “I worked every day,” he says. “I was always doing something—B-roll, sex scenes, whatever.” And it required him to do more acting than ever before. “That was fun,” he says. “At first I didn’t take it seriously, but I got into it. It was something different and new. I realized that I possess this skill.”

Which explains why his Best Actor trophy means the most to Hazzard. “I really wanted that one,” he says. “I mean, to be named actor of the year—it was just too much. When I won, I felt like, You like me, you really like me!”

Of his award for Best Sex Scene (Duo) with Tyler Riggz, Hazzard says, “It was a fucking amazing scene. We really were in the back of an old van, jammed in there with [videographer] Hue Wilde and his camera. Chi Chi was communicating with us via baby monitor. It took about two hours to shoot. As soon as the scene was done, we were like, ‘That’s it! Best sex scene!’ We just knew!”

His third award was for Best Solo Performance. “I didn’t even really remember the scene,” Hazzard admits. “Solo scenes are usually where you just sit on camera and play with yourself. It’s pretty easy.”

With his awards tucked away on a shelf in his bedroom, Hazzard is pondering his next move. “Chi Chi has been the brainchild behind the movies,” he says, “but we have been throwing a couple ideas around. I think there will be a scene in an upcoming movie where I shave my head.”

In the meantime, Hazzard will be making personal appearances and working on his Web site, which features his blog (where his mom posts too!). He has landed a few writing assignments, including for Frontiers magazine, and in the future hopes to create a clothing line. “Fashion and design are two things I am passionate about,” Hazzard says. “And I even like to sew!”

Next stop, Project Runway?

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2006)

March 24, 2006

March 20, 2006

Movie Review: Fratboy Sam


Director: Uncredited.
Cast: Sam.

There oughta be a law! Gorgeous young Sam, the leading man of Fratboy Sam, is so unbearably cute and his body so unbearably perfect, that…well, there oughta be a law! The latest in this series from Pavlov’s Dog is a solo movie for guys who are not into solo movies. This handsome and alluring twink makes even the most mundane moves (such as throwing off the covers, dropping his drawers and jacking his large cock) into pure art. The excellent picture quality and luxurious sets also help, but it is Sam’s star power that fuels this one through the roof. In three separate setups (bed, shower and couch), this college cutie shows off his smooth hard pecs, his stunningly round butt and his unbelievably sculpted form. Sam also has the whitest teeth and brightest smile you’re likely to see in a dirty business like porn. Although the running time isn’t exactly long (40 minutes), superstar Sam makes every second count. (Pavlov’s Dog)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2006)

March 10, 2006

Event: Michael Lucas’ Birthday Party


On March 10, 2006, the day after the eighth annual GAYVN Awards, porn impresario Michael Lucas had more to celebrate than his five trophies (including a tie for Best Picture for Dangerous Liaisons). The New York-based producer/director also marked his 34th birthday with a last-minute gathering at a luxurious house in the Hollywood Hills. “I didn’t get to invite everyone I wanted to in the industry,” Lucas lamented. “But next year I will do better.”

As a diverse group of mainstream showbiz folk and A-list porn stars arrived, Lucas greeted his guests in a plush suit by designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua. Hollywood agents mingled with reality stars (Dan Renzi and Norman Korpi from The Real World, Marcellas Reynolds of Big Brother 3), and writers (Ben Patrick Johnson, bearing Tiffany boxes) rubbed elbows with models (Chad Hunt, Bruce Beckham, Derrick Hanson, Enrico Vega). They all enjoyed a lavish catered buffet and open bar. Porn journalists Mickey Skee, J.C. Adams and Fleshbot’s Jonno compared notes on the previous night’s awards, and funny man Bruce Vilanch compared notes with director Gino Colbert on his favorite porn boys. Former West Hollywood mayor John Duran showed up with partner Kurt Young, while guests marveled at the gorgeous home (pop stud Justin Timberlake is a neighbor) of businessman Jack Corwin, a longtime friend of Lucas.

“Great things are coming this year,” Lucas told the partygoers. “My next movie, La Dolce Vita, is going to be bigger than Dangerous Liaisons! My life is my work, and it’s gonna be great.”

Amid all the food, drink and glamour, one thing was missing: birthday cake! “Sorry,” the youthful entrepreneur explained, “no sweets, darling!”

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2006)