March 10, 2006

Event: Michael Lucas’ Birthday Party


On March 10, 2006, the day after the eighth annual GAYVN Awards, porn impresario Michael Lucas had more to celebrate than his five trophies (including a tie for Best Picture for Dangerous Liaisons). The New York-based producer/director also marked his 34th birthday with a last-minute gathering at a luxurious house in the Hollywood Hills. “I didn’t get to invite everyone I wanted to in the industry,” Lucas lamented. “But next year I will do better.”

As a diverse group of mainstream showbiz folk and A-list porn stars arrived, Lucas greeted his guests in a plush suit by designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua. Hollywood agents mingled with reality stars (Dan Renzi and Norman Korpi from The Real World, Marcellas Reynolds of Big Brother 3), and writers (Ben Patrick Johnson, bearing Tiffany boxes) rubbed elbows with models (Chad Hunt, Bruce Beckham, Derrick Hanson, Enrico Vega). They all enjoyed a lavish catered buffet and open bar. Porn journalists Mickey Skee, J.C. Adams and Fleshbot’s Jonno compared notes on the previous night’s awards, and funny man Bruce Vilanch compared notes with director Gino Colbert on his favorite porn boys. Former West Hollywood mayor John Duran showed up with partner Kurt Young, while guests marveled at the gorgeous home (pop stud Justin Timberlake is a neighbor) of businessman Jack Corwin, a longtime friend of Lucas.

“Great things are coming this year,” Lucas told the partygoers. “My next movie, La Dolce Vita, is going to be bigger than Dangerous Liaisons! My life is my work, and it’s gonna be great.”

Amid all the food, drink and glamour, one thing was missing: birthday cake! “Sorry,” the youthful entrepreneur explained, “no sweets, darling!”

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2006)

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