December 14, 2000

Movie Review: Fire Island Cruising


Director: Michael Lucas
Cast: Chad Hunt, Enrico Vega, Anthony Ferrat, Kyle Krystoff, Phillipe Siren, Michael Rock, Nico Arroyo, Mitch Ryder, Michael Lucas

The seventh release from Lucas Entertainment goes behind the sand dunes of New York’s mythic gay summer resort. Former Falcon exclusive Michael Lucas has reinvented himself as a prolific producer/director, and Fire Island Cruising is his latest offering. He also serves as narrator—linking the plotlines together with his heavily accented voice-over—and appears in a solo jerk-off scene.

In the opening, we learn that the handsome Russian native has taken a job on a boat that ferries fags out to Fire Island. While cruising the beach, Lucas happens upon superstar discovery Chad Hunt, who sports an amazing Jeff Stryker look-alike cock. Hunt invites Lucas to a poolside orgy, but Lucas leaves before the fun begins. Luckily beefy Enrico Vega, hunky Michael Rock, and several others hang out long enough to get off.

However, Lucas saves the best for last: Hunt and Anthony Ferrat’s strenuous outdoor encounter, which includes a golden shower with a beer-enema chaser (mail-order version only). Newcomer Hunt is hung huge and fucks like a dream. In fact, the entire cast is a nice mix of multiracial, tattooed, pierced, uncut hotties. These sexy boys of summer will have you thinking about getting wild on the beach regardless of the season. (Lucas Entertainment)

Reprinted from
Unzipped magazine (2000)

December 8, 2000

Movie Review: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!


Directors: Tony Alizzi and Jack Francis.
Cast: Cole Tucker, Jason Branch, Steve Cassidy, Thom Barron, Blake Harper, Chad Johnson, Tuck Johnson, Logan Reed, Matt Bradshaw, Anthony DeAngelo, Cameron Cruise.

MSR’s new release Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell! tackles the big issue of gays in the military from the perspective of an insider. Cole Tucker (pictured, top) plays a colonel who is called before a grand jury to determine the effectiveness of President Clinton’s inane “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. In the course of the proceedings, Tucker reveals his personal experiences and, in a dramatic high point, is ultimately outed on the stand by attorney Jason Branch.

But the thrilling courtroom theatrics are nothing compared to the stunning sex scenes that play out as Tucker testifies. In flashbacks, we see buff Tuck Johnson performing a major knob job on the major knob of Thom Barron. Then there’s the amazing tearoom trio of veteran Chad Johnson (still beautifully hairy and built to last), Matt Bradshaw (also back and a bit beefier than before) and the cock-hungry Blake Harper. But this isn’t the only hot threeway. Branch’s own dirty deeds are exposed in a surprise video that Tucker screens in the courtroom. It it, Branch does his duty with Logan Reed and Steve Cassidy. All of which leads up to an epic barroom orgy, with Tucker in full glory, puffing on his cigar and talking trash as only he can. This is an eight-man free-for-all that is the perfect capper to an exceptional film that mixes the political and the personal to great effect.

From its gripping script by Tony Alizzi to the top-notch direction by Alizzi and Jack Francis, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell! is about as good as gay porn gets. (MSR Video)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2000)

Porn Star Interview: Eric Hanson


It is the weekend of the GAYVN Awards in Los Angeles, and Eric Hanson is running late. He turns up at the West Hollywood studio of photographer Dean Keefer a bit behind schedule after getting lost on the way. But it’s no big deal for the easygoing, soft-spoken star of such films as French Connections, California Kings and Summer Reunion. He is in town to serve as a presenter at the awards and to shoot scenes for his first film in more than a year, Studio 2000’s The Size of It. As he digs into his breakfast (two protein bars), Hanson strips off his T-shirt and settles his 5-foot-11, 175-pound frame into a chair to be prepped for the photo shoot. For the 26-year-old Gemini, who was a Falcon exclusive for two years, the world of porn is more a hobby than anything else. And even though he has left Falcon, the studio recently issued the Eric Hanson Supercock dildo so the entire world can enjoy his ample gifts. As Hanson gossips about the awards and his adventures in L.A., his buff body and Italian good looks make it clear why he is still one of porn’s few new superstars.

So, is this your big comeback?

No, it’s not a comeback. It didn’t even seem like any time passed. It was only a year.
So, what have you been up to?

Just working. Getting caught up in my life and where I live. I didn’t even think about porn.
How did you get started in the industry in the first place?
A talent scout came to a club, the Copa, in Fort Lauderdale.
Is that where you are from? Florida?
Yeah. I was there hanging out at this club. Someone came up and said, “Hey, wanna be a model?” I was like, “Okay.” They didn’t tell me what it was for. I was with a friend of mine, and they wanted both of us. We both flew out to L.A. the next weekend.
Who was the friend?

I can’t even think of his porn name. He only did one movie.
And so they asked you to do a movie?
Yeah, and then Falcon signed me as an exclusive for a couple of years.
Did you have any qualms about doing gay porn?
I was a little nervous, but to me it was no big deal.
Were you gay? Are you gay?
I would say more bi, but now more gay.
How old were you?
I was 23.
And what was the first movie?
The Freshmen.
What do you remember about your first scene?
I remember a big black cock that was coming at me (laughs), and I ran for the hills.
And who was it attached to?
Jack Simmons. And they said, “This is what you are getting fucked by.” And if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have done it. It took like three hours just to get the head in! (laughs) They don’t train you or teach you or show you what to do. You are just flown to L.A., taken to a set, and they say, “Okay, get a hard-on and have sex.” And if you’re the bottom, it’s even worse. They just tell you to bend over.
And that was your only bottoming experience onscreen?
Yeah, all that douching is just too much work. (laughs)
What is your favorite thing to do onscreen?
Um, giving head. Like in the new movie, The Size of It, my scene with Jeremy Tucker went really well.
Is he your type?
I like tall, dark and handsome—Italians, Latins—and hairy. I like very natural men. I don’t like all that clipped hair you see in South Beach. I like a guy who’s a guy. I like dominant guys, real men.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Well, I have someone special in my life. No one really knows, but we’ve been together a long time.
Really? How long have you been together?
Two days. (laughs) Hey, you’re talking gay relationships here. Two days is a long time; a whole 48 hours to put up with someone’s shit. (laughs) No, I am very happy.
So, how many movies have you done?
About six or seven.
Do you have a favorite?
I would say French Connections because of the traveling and being in Paris and the guy I worked with [Antonio Romano]. Plus, out of the whole month I was there, I only worked about three days. It was like a complete vacation. And I had never been out of the country before, so it was great.
Do you have a favorite scene partner?
Kurt Stefano was really good to work with in Summer Reunion. That was a really hot scene.
Do you remember the first time you jerked off?
Yeah, I was watching my best friend take a shower in his house. I was 15. He had one of those clear shower curtains, and I could see through a crack in the door. He was beating off in the shower, and I was beating off outside and he didn’t know.
Did you think you were gay then?
No, I was just being sexual. I didn’t even know the term “gay” or “lesbian.” I was just turned on.
Did you jerk off a lot as a teenager?
I remember jerking off three or four times a day.
Did you use any special technique? Any lubricant?
No, I did it dry ’cause I have loose foreskin. That was my natural lube.
Do you still do it?
Oh yeah, of course. When someone is not around to help out.
Does your family know about your work?
I’m close to my mom. She’s knows everything. She’s not stupid. My mom figures me out like anybody’s mother knows their son. They can read your eyes, your emotions. They know when you lie. I told her about the magazines and she said, “Go for it. Can I show my friends?” I said, “Ma!” And she said, “Well, I’ve seen it all before.” And I said, “Yeah, when I was two years old. It’s a little bigger now!” (laughs)
So, how big is it now?
It’s nine by six.
And now there is the Eric Hanson dildo.
I know. Isn’t that weird? I did [the mold] a while ago, but it is just coming out now.
Do you watch your own movies?
Do you watch any porn?
Actually, I watch straight porn. I don’t get off on gay porn.
Is there anyone special you’d like to work with?
Yeah, I want to work with Mason Jarr and Marco Rossi. They’re hot.
So, do you consider this a career?
No, I sell real estate in Florida for a living. If anyone needs a house… (laughs)
Do you get recognized a lot?
No one ever approaches me in Miami, maybe because there are so many people there who do porn. It’s strange, but I get noticed more in L.A.
Do guys who hit on you know who you are?
The guys I go after, it’s a world they’re not interested in. But I do tell them eventually.
And do they ever have a problem with it?
No. Actually, I tried to get rid of a few people that way! (laughs) But it didn’t work. I was waiting for them to grab their keys and run, and they didn’t. And I’m like, “Shit, what else can I say?” (laughs)
What would you like to do onscreen that you haven’t done already?
They wanted me to bottom again, and I wasn’t ready. I am still a top. I would bottom again with the right costar.
Is there any special fantasy you’d like to act out?
I would love to be gang-banged by an entire football team—right there on the field, right during half-time. And televised! (laughs) That would be hot. They could shoot their loads all over me—totally flood me.
Would you say you’re an exhibitionist?
But you said on TV!
You said fantasy! (laughs) In real life, I am very shy.
What is the best sex you’ve ever had?
There’s a big cable company near where I live, and I got fucked in a huge satellite dish. It was hot. And the whole thing was covered with lube, and we couldn’t get out because we kept slipping. It was really funny. We kept sliding back to the center. (laughs)
What are your plans for the future?
Just to do what I am doing now. Having a happy, quiet life.
And what is a happy life for Eric Hanson?
Very simple—being in love, being comfortable, having the things I want, helping my family, supporting a local charity. That’s happiness.

Reprinted from All-Man magazine (2000)

September 7, 2000

Movie Review: Head Coach


Brad Austin.
Cast: Jake Summers, Tuck Johnson, Erik York, Sam Burton, Lee Hassalo, Hans Ebson, Kirk Van Buren, Scott Spears, Graham.

It seems like anyone can be a porn star nowadays. Short, overweight and balding Jake Summers is the unlikely star of Head Coach, Catalina’s latest tale of sex, jockstraps and videotape. Summers plays a horny coach who fools around with his students. When they catch him in the act, the “kids” decide to videotape it and show the evidence to his also horny assistant (Erik York), who happens to lust after the coach himself. While most of the shaved and plucked cast looks old enough to be teachers at this school instead of students, supercuties Tuck Johnson and Hans Ebson almost make up for it as a couple of frustrated wrestlers. But their oral-only pairing is marred by low energy and uninspired performances. Much like the rest of this sorry crew. Only the bad elevator music is worse than the acting and casting. (Catalina)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2000)

July 4, 2000

Porn Star Interview: Bobby Blake and Flex-Deon Blake


When beefy Bobby Blake met his lover, Flex-Deon Blake, a couple of years ago, he had already starred in a number of films, bringing his own special brand of he-man sexuality to the screen. But after the two studs dated for a while, sexy Flex also ended up sharing his manhood with the world in movies. Clearly, this was a match made in porn heaven. Originally from Memphis, 43-year-old Bobby is 236 pounds of solid muscle. Standing tall at 6-foot-2, he delivers the word of God as a minister when he isn’t busy making fuck films. Flex, 38, hails from Miami and served a 13-year stint in the Air Force. The 5-foot-11, 215-pound hunk currently works a nine-to-five job and is also a musician. Together, they have performed in numerous films, including Black Ballers, Blatino Party 2, Black Tie Affair and their favorite, Get Hooked on This. The buffed couple spoke to us from their home in Miami.

Tell us how you guys got together.
Flex-Deon Blake: We met in L.A. at a club on Wilshire Boulevard. I was dancing as a guest male stripper, and Bobby was there hosting a party that weekend.
And when was that?
FDB: Almost two years ago.
Bobby, what do you remember about that night?
Bobby Blake: I was doing promotion for a Blatino sex party. I was on my way out the door, and I saw Flex. I thought he was a beautiful man. I believe we spoke.
Flex, did you know who he was?
FDB: I had no idea. I had heard of the Blatino parties and the guy who hosted them. I didn’t know he had done movies, though.
So who called who first?
BB: We made the connection in L.A., then I was in Washington, D.C., hosting a party and I saw him. He gave me his number, but I didn’t call. But during the party, I looked at him and said, “You know, you’re going to be my lover.”
FDB: And that drew a lot of attention. It was three months later, and I had done some homework. Now I knew he was a porn star. I got a little shy.
Bobby, what made you say that to Flex?
BB: I just knew. I just felt it inside.
FDB: But he still didn’t call! (laughs)
BB: We never exchanged calls. It wasn’t until a couple of months later that a mutual friend reintroduced us. That is when the communication began.
Now, Bobby, you had been making movies for a couple of years already.
BB: Yes, I started in 1998 and have done about 100 movies.
Was it something you had always wanted to do?
BB: Yes, it was something I wanted to experience, and in doing my first movies, like Ebony Night with Gene Lamar, I enjoyed it.
Were you always a top?
BB: Of course.
And in real life?
BB: There are some things we like to keep private. What goes on in our bedroom is private.
And Flex, you weren’t involved in porn at all?
FDB: No, I had been a stripper for several years. When I was younger, I saw porn videos and I was always attracted to it. I thought I might like to try it. Then when I met Bobby, I expressed my desires to him and he said he would help. I jumped at the opportunity.
Bobby, did you think Flex had the potential to be a porn star?
BB: Of course. I knew he had the body and the dick. I think you have to allow a person to do what he wants.
What was the first movie you did together?
FDB: It was called Black Power.
Bobby, what was it like working with your lover?
BB: It was just like working with someone else. When I am on the set, my mind is focused on what I have to do.
Flex, was it intimidating to do a scene with him?
FDB: Well, Bobby inspired me in the beginning to do porn. He has his own style, and I don’t want to copy him. We try to maintain our own personalities on and off film. I didn’t want people to get the wrong impression that I was competing with him. When we work we are attuned to our own thing. We are enjoying the moment.
BB: I am a very physical, dominant, in-control individual. I’ve been asked how I created this character, but people don’t realize that this is me. This is what turns me on. A lot of people love that—they like to be manhandled. I’ve been on sets where I scare the hell out of people, and I have to warn them. I fucked someone once until he almost passed out.
Flex, what is it that turns you on?
FDB: I like a masculine guy who is in shape, not necessarily all muscles, but someone who is not inhibited and is free.
BB: My turn-on is looking strong and powerful and evil and the most finest, and then looking a guy in the face and making him my bitch. Saying, “You are at my feet and you will do what I want you to do.” Plus, I love ass. (laughs)
So how big are you guys—in the dick department?
BB: About 10 and a half to 11 and thick.
FDB: About 10 medium, and I’ve got a Prince Albert.
When did you get that?
FDB: Oh, about two or three years ago.
And your tattoos?
FDB: About 10 years ago. I like body art.
Bobby, are you into that?
BB: When I accepted him, I accepted the whole package—piercings, tattoos and all. I was in love with the person, not the accessories. It didn’t bother me.
Is that why you now have pierced nipples and tattoos?
BB: No, not because of Flex. I always wanted to get tattooed, but I never had the nerve to do it. Flex gave me the courage to do it.
Okay, let’s get back to sex. How about jerking off? Do you guys do a lot of that?
BB: I have to, sometimes five or six times a day. I could have sex all day. (laughs) I just think about what I’ve done and I get turned-on.
FDB: I do it a lot too. Since I’ve been in the industry, I’ve cum a lot.
Do you ever watch your own movies?
BB: I glance through them to check the quality. That’s it, and never again.
FDB: I critique them at first, then every once in a while I’ll watch one, but not to get off. I don’t get off on my own movies.
Is there any fantasy you’ve yet to act out onscreen?
BB: My desire is to go into more hard-core scenes: more leather, more fisting, just being able to be myself without limitations.
FDB: I want to do some straight movies. I’d like to try that.
Bobby, how do you feel about that?
FDB: I support him in whatever he wants to do.
So where do you see this going?
BB: Well, I was saying I was going to retire, but there are some things I want to do before that. I want to reveal the best of Bobby Blake to the public. I’m also involved in the political arena, getting minorities in the industry the attention they deserve.
FDB: I want to experience all that I can in the industry. Learn about all of it. Go as far as I can go, and create an avenue for young black models. I want to be able to give something back, and there are a lot of things we can contribute as gay men. People will listen to a hero before an ordinary person. As a porn star, people listen to me more. I want to use that as a tool to educate.
And personally?
BB: I love Flex to death, and I can say I love him more than anyone I’ve been with. Of course, we’ve had ups and downs like any couple, but I am grateful he’s been there for me. I look forward to having him in my life until I die. And our two dogs, too. (laughs)
FDB: I want to have a good relationship and live life and be happy. We enjoy life together.
Do you ever feel the pressure of being role models in the black community or the gay community?
FDB: In some areas, people do look up to us, and as a black couple, a lot of guys write and say, “You don’t find too many brothers in successful relationships.” So yeah, young African-Americans look up to us. That we have careers and are doing well. We have a responsibility to bring something positive.
BB: There’s no pressure, though. I’ve always been in leadership roles as a child and as a minister. So I’m used to it.
Bobby, let’s talk about your work as a minister.
BB: Well, I was reared in the Christian Methodist Episcopal church. I’ve worked in hospitals as a chaplain with AIDS patients. I have a personal relationship with God, and that is who I answer to. I want to do more of that work.
FDB: We both believe that everyone should be proud of who God made them. Don’t let no one take that away from you. Respect yourself.
Any message you’d like to send out to your fans?
FDB: “Cum and get hooked on my dick!” (laughs) That’s what I always say.
BB: “Bow down, bitch.” They know what’s next.

Reprinted from Black Inches magazine (2000)

June 4, 2000

Movie Review: The Shaman


Directors: Andre Adair and Fay Dubois.
Cast: Carlos Casino, Vince Bandero, Max Grand, Mike Cesar, Xavier, J.V., Valentino Rey, Danny Pacheco, Harley, D’Angelo

As the desert winds swirl around him, the Shaman (Valentino Rey) does a freaky little dance for unseen spirits. Only moments into this arty new release from L.A. Brown Productions, we hear the sexy Shaman tell blondie Carlos Casino that he will have “five experiences in five moons,” and that only one can save him. So begins Casino’s journey of sexual exploration. And what a journey it is. First, he wanders around the house, nursing a hard-on and circling a black divan. While we don’t see anything much happening, Casino, like that kid in The Sixth Sense, sees people. But instead of dead people, he sees two gorgeous studs (Vince Bandero and Mike Cesar) sucking and fucking through dreamy gauze material. As Casino pulls on his own thick, beautifully veined cock from the sidelines, Cesar blows Bandero before being fucked by him. Bandero provides some hot sex talk in this scene, coaxing a major orgasm out of Cesar by asking, “Can I pump the cum out of you?” Anytime, Vince.

Next, Casino is lolling in the tub, thinking about superstud Max Grand, who also does a little dance in the desert with a black scarf. Before you can say “Ay, Carumba,” Grand is in the bathroom, offering a helping hand to our hero. But that’s not all he offers. Max feeds Casino his grand manmeat then returns the favor. Casino bends Grand over the tub and gives him a good pounding. Grand shows his appreciation by splashing water all over his glorious hairy chest and arms. Casino adds to the waterworks by delivering an amazing cum shot. This sizzling scene could wake the dead!

It’s too bad the same can’t be said for the following encounter, a threeway with Casino and newcomers Danny Pacheco and Harley. Casino again provides a tasty boner, but the three lack chemistry, and Harley’s plucked eyebrows are enough to turn off any potential lover.

Casino keeps having his visions, including a jerk-off sequence featuring D’Angelo (no, not the muscular R&B stud, unfortunately) and a campfire fuck between J.V. and Xavier. The Shaman even gets to blow a load on the desert sand, leaving poor Carlos high and dry with that damn black scarf!

We won’t give away the surprise ending, but know this: The Shaman is one of the most beautifully photographed porn films we have ever seen. Directors Andre Adair and Fay Dubois expertly build the erotic tension with flawless editing. The action is consistently hot, especially the first two scenes, and the cast will have Latin lovers drooling all over the place. The Shaman is an erotic adventure worth taking. (L.A. Brown Productions)

Reprinted from Latin Inches magazine (2000)

May 21, 2000

Movie Review: Caesar’s Hardhat Gang Bang


Director: Chi Chi LaRue.
Cast: Caesar, Ryan Block, Mason Flynt, Jeremy Tucker, Dave Casino, Stonie, Richard Bangs, Shahan, Allan Sunn.

Buffed and beautiful Caesar has no idea what’s in store when his car breaks down near a construction site in Caesar’s Hardhat Gang Bang. As eight hot and horny men of flavor toil away, Caesar asks to use the phone. But pretty soon more than their hats are hard. Caesar doesn’t realize that he is interrupting the initiation of supercute Stonie into the stud club. Musclebound Mason Flynt forces his cock down Stonie’s throat while the other workers cheer him on. And for a supposed first-timer, Stonie does a helluva job on Flynt’s flute. But when the time comes for some up-the-butt action, gang leader Flynt decides he’d rather take stranded motorist Caesar for a ride, and he brings the blond bottom to his knees. For the next 20 minutes, Caesar proceeds to suck every one of the hard workers, taking their uncut pieces in his mouth, working their hairy balls, turning to and fro, shucking and jiving as he delivers a stunning performance of the cock-hungry variety.

But sucking isn’t all he does. The construction crew strips Caesar—exposing his own perfect physique and perky prick—and invades his butthole. Sexy Jeremy Tucker is the first to taste Caesar’s ass, but he’s not the last. One by one the guys probe him with tongues and hands, licking and fingering his chiseled bottom. But that isn’t enough for Caesar. He demands, “Fuck my ass!” And the men oblige. Tattooed Stonie steps up to the plate first, and he gives an intense pounding (another first?), showing off his smooth body and gorgeous ass in the process. Caesar takes the first of many dicks with ease, and he even eggs the boys on to greater heights. Tucker, Flynt, Dave Casino and Ryan Block all hammer Caesar to great effect. It’s no wonder that after the others shoot on him, Caesar jerks his impressive meat and explodes in an awesome climax of his own.

Caesar’s Hardhat Gang Bang is one film that’ll have you working overtime. Director Chi Chi LaRue has chosen a fine cast of ethnic performers and given them ample room to shine. The group action never droops, along with the impressive uncut cock, and the sex stays hot over the course of more than an hour. But it is white-hot Caesar who deserves major props. He joins the pantheon of porn superstars with his raw and raunchy performance, as he takes on this bevy of hot men and emerges as the hottest of them all. Hail Caesar! (Men of Odyssey)

Reprinted from Latin Inches magazine (2000)

May 14, 2000

Movie Review: Shooting Porn


Director: Ronnie Larsen.
Cast: Blue Blake, Adam Rom, Adam Wilde, B.J. Slater, Blade Thompson, Bryan Kidd, Chi Chi LaRue, Chris Green, Gino Colbert,Hunter Scott, J.T. Sloan, Jim Bentley, Joey Stefano, Johnny Rey, Jordan Young, Joshua Sterling, Mickey Skee, Ren Adams, Rip Stone.

Making movies is never as glamorous as it seems—and that includes gay porn. Filmmaker Ronnie Larsen has turned the tables on the adult industry and gone behind the scenes with his documentary, Shooting Porn. Larsen took his film crew onto the porn sets of famed directors Gino Colbert and Chi Chi LaRue, and he captured all the things viewers never get to see. Hairy Hunter Scott shows how all good bottoms prepare for their close-up by demonstrating his douching techniques; beefy Blue Blake waxes poetic on the art of filming an enema scene; and journalist Mickey Skee gives new meaning to the term “Hitler’s mustache.”

“I wanted to make a movie about how porn is created and marketed,” says Larsen (pictured top with Blake). “I wanted audiences to have their eyes opened and their misconceptions broken. Being in porn movies is rarely fun, and the money isn’t always good. No one can make a living just being in porn movies, yet these guys jump at the chance because they think…actually I don’t know what they think. Some of them don’t think. My movie should be required viewing for all porn-star wanna-bes.”

So whether you’re a screen-stud-in-waiting or just a fan who’s yearning to fluff, Shooting Porn offers an original and seldom seen look at what really happens before, during and after the cameras roll. For more information, visit

Reprinted from All-Man magazine (2000)

May 1, 2000

Movie Review: Down Austin Lane


Chi Chi LaRue.
Cast: Lane Fuller, Austin, Nino Bacci, Clint Cooper, Alex Wilcox, Tom Adams, Luke Savage, Luke Sabre, Dean Phoenix, Chad Savage, Dillon Pierce, Shane Rockford, David.

Austin isn’t the first gay man to need therapy, and he surely won’t be the last. But in Down Austin Lane, the blue-eyed cutie is dealing with all sorts of issues related to his repressed sexual thoughts and desires. And for some reason, he’s convinced they are related to his forgotten past lives. That’s why he seeks out the help of Dr. Nino (Bacci). When he tells Nino that he wants to have a “normal life”—you know, a wife, kids and a house—the studly shrink decides to attempt regression therapy. This process forces Austin to dig deep within himself, and somehow he winds up as Lane Fuller giving head in a San Diego peep show!

The doppelgänger that is Austin/Lane begins in this first sex scene and continues throughout the movie, right down to the title. (Get it?) And while it may not make a whole lot of sense, when the guy you’re sucking off is Clint Cooper, who cares? Fluffy Fuller and big daddy Cooper go at it, and they even manage to draw a crowd, enticing a fine selection of gay stereotypes from their booths. There’s a sailor (Luke Savage), a businessman (Luke Sabre) and what appears to be a Latino migrant worker (David). And together, they provide a memorable fiveway. Fuller mostly sucks Cooper’s cock while the others jack off. Then Cooper flips him over and eats his lovely butt before fucking it. The Village People rejects shoot appreciatively on Fuller’s back, then he and Cooper jerk off together. Cooper’s cum shot is explosive, to say the least.

But where does this leave poor, psychotic Austin? He is still having those “odd feelings,” which lead him to a video store where he purchases a gay-porn tape (bearing, in a bit of tacky self-promotion, the All Worlds logo). Back at home, he pops in the tape and proceeds to fall asleep. Once again he turns into Fuller, who this time is blowing Alex Wilcox. (Hey, no fair! Austin’s former self gets to have all the fun.) Wilcox feeds Fuller his large cock, then he fucks him in numerous positions on a tasteful beige couch. (Guess Lane likes to keep things all in the family; in Falcon’s recent FULLFilled, his lover, Kevin Williams, was also fucked by Wilcox—and a large dildo at the same time.) Eventually, Wilcox shoots on Fuller’s pretty face while the blond beauty does it himself.

At this point, we learn that Dr. Nino is having some problems of his own. He confesses to his boyfriend (newcomer Dillon Pierce) that he feels sexually and emotionally connected to Austin. Dillon tries to be supportive, but he’s too busy rushing Nino out of the house to really care. He is waiting to indulge in a fiveway of his own. The action quickly cuts to Pierce blowing Shane Rockford, which turns into an all-out orgy in the yard. Tom Adams plays with himself seductively in the pool, while All Worlds exclusive Dean Phoenix (pictured, top) gets busy with Chad Savage. Pretty soon, Phoenix has his legs in the air and, in the scene’s highlight, all the guys take turns eating his perfect ass. Then, they pound Pierce and cum on him. This is another group scene that gets high marks. Two hot fiveways in one film is really an embarrassment of riches.

Finally, we get back to Austin, who is about to embark on the next stage of treatment with Dr. Nino when he realizes that he is looking for answers to “an unsolvable riddle.” He decides that his gay tendencies are normal after all and Bacci’s balls are what he needed all along. Throwing his professionalism to the wind, the good doctor proceeds to give Austin a good fucking. And the blond smoothie returns the favor, playing flip-flop in this sensual scene that is probably one of Austin’s best. In the past, although he boasts a chiseled face and a gorgeous body, Austin hasn’t always been the most exciting performer, but in his sole sex scene in Austin Lane, he is actually quite animated. It’s too bad the same can’t be said for his acting; his speaking voice is flatter than a board, and his performance rarely rises above wooden. But you can’t have everything. When he and Bacci shoot simultaneously, they are sweaty and exuberant, and in a porn movie, that is what counts.

Down Austin Lane comes complete with a surprise ending, which we won’t spoil. Well, actually, we wouldn’t mind spoiling it, if only we could figure it out. No matter, director Chi Chi LaRue has delivered another fine fuck flick. There is just enough story to keep our interest, and more than enough hot men and steamy sex to get us going. Austin Lane is one street we wouldn’t mind cruising down. (All Worlds Video)

Reprinted from Unzipped magazine (2000)

March 10, 2000

Movie Review: Stryker


Few performers are so well known that they can get away with using just one name. Sure, Cher, Madonna and Prince have passed into that elite club, but they are the exception that proves the rule. And in the adult industry, such a feat is even more uncommon. But there is one gay-porn star who is worthy of such recognition, which is why Jeff Stryker’s new video is simply titled Stryker. Is there any other? After more than a decade in the business, the superhung superstar is still going strong, touring with his play, Jeff Stryker Does Hard Time, and making personal appearances throughout the United States and Europe. But in his latest release, Stryker does something he has never done before—he tackles a dual role. First, there is Furry Jeff, sporting a full beard, stroking in his jail cell and talking trash as only he can. He shows off the muscles he developed in prison, not to mention his hairy pits and rippling chest. This manly man rubs himself with oil and promises to “fuck you like an animal.” But after pleasuring himself, Furry Jeff is joined by Smooth Jeff, a clean-shaven stud who humps the bed and also pumps out a hefty load. So, lucky viewers get two Jeffs for the price of one. To double yor pleasure with Stryker, visit

Reprinted from All-Man magazine (2000)

March 4, 2000

Porn Star Interview: Jay Black


The newest release from Titan Media, Fallen Angel III—Initiation, promises “masculine men living out their erotic dreams.” And one of these masculine men is sexy newcomer Jay Black. For the 28-year-old New York native, the film is the realization of a lifelong dream, not to mention a sexual fantasy come to life. The diminutive star, who weighs in at 145 pounds, studied dance at college, which may explain his lithe and well-muscled body. After many years as a porn fan, Black took the plunge last year and did his first (and so far only) sex scene in the third installment of Titan Media’s popular leather series. Now he takes another plunge and gives his first interview, discussing his favorite sex acts and what really turns him on in a guy. “I have a strong sexual appetite,” Black admits. And take one look at his hot and horny warehouse orgy scene, and you’ll see what he means. This is one dreamy angel whose star is on the rise.

So, tell us how you ended up in that dark and scary warehouse in Fallen Angel III.
(Laughs) Well, I had seen the first Fallen Angel movie, and it blew me away. I hadn’t really been introduced to the leather scene yet. A friend gave me a copy of the movie, and it had all these hot older guys.
Do you like older guys?
My age and a little older.
And did you know what you would be doing in the scene?
Nope. I was just told that it was an orgy scene.
And what happened when you got there?
Well, it was me and Ric Hunter, Austin Masters, Mike Roberts and a couple of other guys. I got paired off with Ric Hunter, but everyone there was so hot.
And you were turned-on?
(Laughs) I had a hard-on from the moment I walked in until we wrapped two days later!
Had you always wanted to do porn?
I’ve always had a thing for porn since I was a teenager.
Did you jerk off to porn when you were younger?
Definitely. I loved porn, and I loved hot guys.
Do you jerk off a lot now?
I do, normally about once a day. Sometimes I wait a few days to build up the sexual tension.
Do you use any special technique?
No, although I am right-handed, but I use my left hand.
Did you have a favorite porn movie as a teenager?
Well, I liked ’70s porn, movies like Sailor in the Wild. I always liked to see real guys doing their thing.
Any favorite porn stars?
I liked guys like Rick Donovan, Joey Stefano, Bill Henson—guys who were having fun and enjoying what they were doing.
And that was what you wanted to do?
I always thought about doing it. It was always a fantasy, but I knew it was a tough business, so I waited until I was a little older.
Did you think you had what it took to make it?
I always worked out, did gymnastics and kept in shape, so I would be ready when the time came.
So when was the time finally right?
In the summer of ’99, I met [porn star] Jack Simmons at my health club. We became friends, and he told me about Titan Media and what a good experience he had had working with them. Then I met [porn star] Tony Zerega and he said the same thing, how Titan takes care of their models and does quality product. So in September of that year, I went to the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. That’s a leather event where Titan had a booth.
And you marched right up and said, “I want to be a porn star”?
Well, I was wearing skintight black jeans, two leather wristbrands and a hard-on! (laughs) They took notice and asked if I’d be interested in doing a movie. I tried to act coy, but I was thrilled.
What happened next?
They asked me to come in for an interview. They asked me some questions about my likes and dislikes, and of course, the obligatory measurements.
Speaking of which, how big is your dick?
Eight inches long, five inches thick.
And that interview led to your first movie?
Well, they said they were shooting an orgy that weekend and asked if I’d like to be in it.
That was fast. Was it a tough decision?
Not really. I had already made up my mind. Also, I had danced at the Nob Hill Theatre in San Francisco, which sort of broke me in.
What was that like?
It was great. I don’t mind guys looking at me or touching me. I’m an exhibitionist, and I like to perform. I like to get people to drop their inhibitions. Some gay men can still be a bit reserved, and I like to break them out of it.
Does your family know you’re gay?
Yes, I came out when I was 18.
Was that when you had your first sexual experience?
That was when I was 19, with a really cute guy who was a dancer. He had great legs and a great ass.
What turns you on in a guy?
I like masculine guys who are confident and sure of themselves, aggressive but responsible.
And physically?
I like athletic, muscular, hot guys. If they got it goin’ on, I’m there. (laughs)
Is dick size important to you?
Well, it doesn’t have to be extremely big, just aesthetically pleasing—you know, a nice head, a nice sack. I know a good dick when I see one. (laughs)
What was your favorite thing about the scene you did in Fallen Angel III?
When the six of us were together doing the orgy. I was getting blown, the guy blowing me was getting fucked and I was getting fucked by another guy—all at the same time. That was really hot for me. That was a first!
What is the hottest thing you’ve done offscreen?
One of my favorite things is to fuck a guy and blow him at the same time.
Is that difficult?
Well, if the guy has a really big dick, it helps. (laughs)
Are you a top or a bottom?
I do both, but I think I’m an oral bottom and an anal top. I love sucking dick, especially two dicks at once.
Have you watched Fallen Angel III?
I have, and every time I watch it, it reminds me how much fun it was. It was a fantasy come to life.
So, what do you see for the future?
Well, I’m not a porn star yet, but I’m kinda waiting to see the reaction to this movie and I’ll take it from there. If people like it, I’ll do more. But basically, this is for fun, not a career.
So, you have a full-time job?
I do have a day job.
Do you want to say what it is?
Well, it requires me to wear a uniform, and that’s all I’ll say. Your readers can use their imaginations. (laughs)
Is there anyone special you’d like to work with?
I’m a fan of J.C. Carter, he’s hot, and Billy Herrington. He’s got an amazing body. I would bend him over and eat his ass for days.
What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?
Oh, a group of guys, all different kinds of guys together, and everyone having a great time. And I’d make sure everyone was happy. (laughs)

Reprinted from Black Inches magazine (2000)

February 28, 2000

Movie Review: FULLFilled


Director: John Rutherford
Cast: Kevin Williams, Lane Fuller, Tom Chase, Travis Wade, Drew Damon, Matt Skyler, Luc Jarrett, Billy Kincaid, Dominic Russio, Michel Mattel, Ivan Talman, Alex Wilcox

Kevin Williams is looking for a man, and not just any man. As the blond superbottom pores over the pages of the personal ads—and a copy of Unzipped—in the opening moments of Falcon’s latest, FULLFilled, it soon becomes apparent that he is looking for a very special kind of man, “a hung top,” to be specific. And soon enough, he is working the phones, seeking out a “masseur” who can fit the bill.

Williams is interrupted by his nerdy neighbor (Lane Fuller), who is hand-delivering a piece of mail that went to him by mistake (oddly enough, a gay porn magazine). But cutie Kevin can’t be bothered with the bespectacled geek. He’s in search of big dick, and it’s about to arrive in the form of Unzipped discovery Ivan Talman. Yes, the smoldering Latin hunk who graced the cover of Unzipped last year has taken his act to the small screen. And with his dark good looks, wavy hair and sexy goatee, Talman is the perfect complement to Williams, a porn veteran who still personifies the clean-cut, all-American boy. This perfect pair doesn’t waste any time. They mumble some unintelligible dialogue and then Talman begins feeding Williams his big uncut piece. Williams seems to enjoy the ample foreskin and is soon bending over so Talman can probe him with an oversize dildo. The look of pleasure/pain on Williams’ face and the shared intimacy between him and Talman provide some of the film’s most sensual and intense moments.

After this rousing first scene, Fuller appears on Williams’ doorstep once again, this time to borrow a cup of sugar. The adorable dork is baking cookies and he’s fresh out. Williams obliges, but visiting friend Tom Chase (who is now a lifetime Falcon exclusive—whatever that means) decides to have some fun with the shy guy. He follows Fuller to the bathroom and forces him to undress. But when Chase gets a gander at what lurks beneath Fuller’s shirt and tie, he whips out his huge cock and Fuller chows down. The action moves to the bedroom, where Chase alternately fucks and eats Fuller’s ass. And then, once again, a huge dildo is produced, and Fuller sits on it as Chase lovingly nibbles on his knee. (Hmmm, wonder whether it’s a Tom Chase dildo.) Although the fucking tends to go on for a bit too long in this scene, both Chase and Fuller deliver stirring performances and hefty loads.

As Chase leaves, he tells Williams that Fuller is hot stuff and he really should give him a try sometime. But Williams still isn’t interested; he has another “appointment” scheduled. This time newcomer Alex Wilcox gets the enviable task of massaging Williams perfect ass. After some run-of-the-mill cocksucking and armpit-eating, Wilcox pulls out—you guessed it—yet another dildo, and Williams takes it up the butt. Wilcox then fucks him at the same time. Although this double-penetration shot is somewhat of a novelty, the scene lacks any real spark.

All this dildo play tires out Williams, because he never shows up at the party he’s been invited to by Travis Wade. Not that he’s missed. Wade and six of his big-dicked friends make due on their own with some steamy group sex in what looks like a basement. Guess these boys aren’t into party decorations—but they are into fucking and sucking. We get several different combinations of guys (including Billy Kincaid, Luc Jarrett and Michel Mattel) getting down and dirty as Wade and a very verbal Drew Damon dominate the proceedings. All of which leads up to the highlight of the scene: Wade, Damon and Dominic Russio taking turns fucking the daylights out of bottom boy Matt Skyler. At least no one uses a dildo. Ain’t nothing like the real thing, if you ask us.

In the final scene, Williams finally comes to his senses. After spying a shirtless Fuller jogging down the street, he just can’t ignore the boy next door. He knocks on Fuller’s door and is, of course, invited in. Unlike the viewers, on whom Williams closes the door with a sly grin. Surprisingly, these real-life lovers like to keep some things private—at least for now. We can’t help but wonder whether a sequel is in the works, and considering the fine videography, top-notch production values and hunky performers, you can sign us up. Next time, just leave the dildos at home. (Falcon Studios)

Reprinted from Unzipped magazine (2000)

February 27, 2000

Porn Star Interview: Caesar

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February 13, 2000

Porn Star Interview: Enrico Vega


Sultry Enrico Vega is the latest Latin stud to heat up the screen. The 28-year-old New York native has made seven movies in less than two years, working both the New York and Los Angeles porn scenes with such major releases as Hip-hop Body Shop, I was a Teenage Hustler, Bang and Voyager. And the horny Puerto Rican with the dark probing eyes and manly goatee has more films—and hot raunchy sex—in store. We recently caught up with Vega at his home on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where he talked about his big uncut pinga, his need to penetrate and what really turns him on in a guy.

So, how did a nice New York City boy get into the world of L.A. porn?
Well, I’ve worked in both places actually. See, I was on the Internet one day and I saw an ad that was looking for black and Latin models. I answered the ad, not thinking they would hire me. The interview was on a Monday. I went in and they asked what I liked to do sexually and they took a picture of me. Then, on that Thursday, they sent me an e-mail saying that they wanted to use me. I couldn’t believe it.
Had you always been interested in porn?
I think everyone is interested in porn (laughs). I had been heavy at one time and I had lost a lot of weight, so I thought I would give it a shot.
Were you nervous about doing that first film? Any fears that you might not be able to perform?
Nervous and excited. I was a bit nervous about performing until I saw the other models (laughs). They were hot! One was Panamanian, and the other was a good-looking Puerto Rican. I had no problem getting it up.
Is that your type?
I don’t really have a type. If you have a totally ripped body, it helps, but if someone can make me laugh, that is what really turns me on.
So, what was the title of that first movie?
It was called Rican Reform School.
And what did you do in your scene?
I played a teacher, and I had to discipline my two students. I took out my dick and they both sucked me off, taking turns. Then I fucked both of them.
Did you watch a lot of porn when you were growing up?
Not really. It didn’t turn me on. Of course, if I came across a video, I’d jerk off to it. But even today, I don’t watch it that much.
Did you jerk off a lot as a teenager?
I jerk off a lot now (laughs)—every day, two times a day sometimes! When I get home from work, I have one hand on the door and one hand on my zipper (laughs).
Do you use any special technique?
No, I don’t even use lube. See, I was blessed; I have foreskin (laughs)—natural lubricant. There was a time when I was embarrassed about having foreskin, but so many people are into it now. I love people who love my foreskin.
So, how big is your dick?
Eight inches, uncut, six around. But dick size isn’t all that matters in this business—if you aren’t an easy person to work with, you won’t get called back.
How many movies have you done here in New York?
Well, after Rican Reform School, I moved on to the Latino Fan Club, which is where I got my confidence and experience. [Director] Brian Brennan gave me a chance and helped me excel. I did Hip-hop Body Shop and I was a Teenage Hustler for him, and some more are coming, so I’ve done a few.
What is your favorite thing to do onscreen?
So, you are a top?
I’m a top who loves sucking dick. I’ve tried getting penetrated, but I’m just not good at it. But I like a guy who can take it.
What is the hottest thing you’ve ever done onscreen?
One of my favorite scenes was in Teenage Hustler. I worked with G.Q., and when I penetrated him, he could really take it. The scene took about an hour to shoot, and after a while, they had enough footage and they told me, “Whenever you are ready to cum, you can cum.” But I was having too good of a time (laughs). I didn’t want to cum yet, so I kept going. I really pounded him.
Is there anything you haven’t done yet that you’d still like to do?
I’d like to play the role of a doctor checking out a patient, giving a physical, and then seducing him. You know, putting on a glove and checking out his butthole, his prostate, using my own tool to probe him (laughs). That is a fantasy based on something that actually happened to me.
Anything else?
I also like raunchy group sex. Oh, and whenever I do a scene, I always request to do a docking scene, which is when you take your foreskin and cover another guy’s dick head with it. That is so hot!
Tell us about some of the movies you’ve done in L.A.
Well, I did Bang with [director] Chi Chi LaRue.
How did you meet Chi Chi?
Well, I got her e-mail address, and I sent her some pictures of me. She e-mailed me back and said, “I can use you.” I sat in front of my computer in shock. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, she is a big-time director.
What came next?
Then I did Voyager for Catalina, which was filmed on the Pillage & Plunder cruise to Key West, Florida. That was great. Again, I couldn’t believe it. I was working with the top guns of the industry: Steve Rambo, Ray Harley, Tuck Johnson. After that, I did Bad Behavior for Falcon.
What did you do in that one?
It was a raunchy group scene—a lot of ass-eating, spitting. I’m a pig (laughs). And I got to suck Scott Matthews’ dick, which is unbelievable. It’s huge! Then back in New York, I did Cruising for Bruising with [director] Michel Lucas. For that one, I did a scene with four guys in a hotel down in Greenwich Village.
Since you’ve worked in both places, how do you compare the New York and L.A. porn scenes?
Well, on the West Coast, there is more work and they pay more.
Do you ever watch your own movies?
I do (laughs). My favorite thing to do is to bring home a trick and pop in one of my videos. We start getting busy, then all of a sudden I’m onscreen and they rub their eyes. They can’t believe it’s me.
Does your family know about your work?
Oh yeah, I have a big supportive family. I tell them some of my lines in the movies and we laugh. They want to see my movies, but I don’t think I can do that. I mean, these people changed my diapers! (laughs)
Do you have a boyfriend?
No, and I probably won’t get one because of my work. But I don’t think I want one anyway. I’m too busy. But I do have a lot of sex buddies (laughs).
Do you plan to continue in the porn industry?
Yeah, but I don’t plan on making a career of this. I’ll just do it until they get sick of me (laughs). It’s a part-time career. I’m not gonna quit my day job or anything, but it’s a good side job. I mean, what better thing is there than to make money for doing something you enjoy?
How would you define your image?
I’m just a regular guy next door who happens to do porn! (laughs)

Reprinted from Latin Inches magazine (2000)